World Cup Soccer (Bally, 1994)

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on World Cup Soccer
20,561,550,770 2014-08-02 home 3 #1
“Solid hour of game play, 4 world cup matches almost a 5th”
on World Cup Soccer
13,143,746,110 2015-03-23 home 3 #2
“5 Final Draws, 3 Trips to LA. Got screwed on one Germany victory when all the balls got stuck behind the goalie and were not cleared until time ran out so it didn't give me credit for any of those goals.”
on World Cup Soccer
11,695,523,110 2014-12-09 home 3 #3
“Andrew scored 28 goals, lost a final. Powered up, scored 3bil on ball 1, did 2 hours of homework, returned and finished, so he was cold twice. ??!?”
on World Cup Soccer
9,917,982,890 2015-12-10 home 3 #4
“2 world cups and about 6 multi balls Awesome game!”
on World Cup Soccer
8,941,137,330 2014-03-02 location 3 #5
“At Blairalley in Eugene, Oregon. Great playing condition. EBs on. ”
on World Cup Soccer
8,890,113,360 2015-08-13 home 3 #6
“39 goals, 2 finals, 5 multi balls ”
on World Cup Soccer
7,927,000,000 2014-06-16 home 3 #7
“5 extra balls, 2 World Cup Finals (both victories--set to medium difficulty for Finals). More or less factory settings, but need to hit Striker to get extra balls.”
on World Cup Soccer
7,890,467,320 2011-07-09 home 3 #8
on World Cup Soccer
7,820,090,160 2010-10-15 location 3 #9
on World Cup Soccer
7,802,478,060 2017-01-26 home 3 #10
“Incredible game! Played Germany in Fianls twice (4-0 L and 7-6 W, with 2 goals scored in final second for victory). Also played Germany twice in the regular series with multiple victory laps both times. What a rush!!!”
on World Cup Soccer
7,758,411,410 2017-01-14 location 3 #11
on World Cup Soccer
6,992,379,970 2015-10-10 home 3 #14
on World Cup Soccer
6,450,090,180 2013-04-29 home 3 #16
on World Cup Soccer
5,835,464,310 2015-05-02 home 3 ??? #21
“20 minutes or so 4 pints deep on two hearted... at pyramid scheme”
on World Cup Soccer
5,673,291,510 2018-04-23 home 3 #23
on World Cup Soccer
5,612,368,400 2016-12-22 home 6 #24
“Used initials DAD instead of CLA”
on World Cup Soccer
5,575,993,510 2017-01-19 home 3 #25
on World Cup Soccer
5,421,483,210 2010-12-02 home 3 #26
on World Cup Soccer
5,286,754,690 2017-12-13 home 4 #27
on World Cup Soccer
5,246,768,800 2016-05-09 home 3 #28
“Made it to two World Cup finals, won the first 7-5 and lost the second 6-7. Smashed my previous GC score. Can't see myself topping this. ”
on World Cup Soccer
5,102,332,080 2015-08-12 location 3 #29
on World Cup Soccer
5,045,674,520 2018-03-24 home 3 #30
on World Cup Soccer
4,939,698,650 2014-06-12 home 3 #31
on World Cup Soccer
4,829,758,420 2016-12-14 home 3 #33
“LOST TO GERMANY TWICE!! Made it to Germany twice, but couldn't muster a victory. So no victory laps. Game could have been much more epic. I thought it was going to be mediocre with just one ball left after the first Germany visit, but some how strong together a bunch of cities and got another extra ball and doubled my score.”
on World Cup Soccer
4,702,153,650 2018-05-29 home 3 #36
on World Cup Soccer
4,693,122,140 2014-01-03 home 3 #37
“beat zeee germans”
on World Cup Soccer
4,645,834,980 2016-01-08 location 3 #39
on World Cup Soccer
4,626,744,510 2014-11-09 home 3 #41
on World Cup Soccer
4,582,574,540 2013-07-01 home 6 LX2 #42
“3 buy-ins. Beat Germany during regular multiball, then advanced to the WC final via cities to beat Germany 7-4 in the Final. A lot of fun and actually had kind of a crummy first 3 balls at 1.4 billion. Really racked it up on the last 3 balls. ”
on World Cup Soccer
4,505,835,060 2015-12-18 home 3 #45
“This game went on for at least 20 minutes. I beat Germany at least twice before even getting to the World Cup Finals (then beat them there too), and I lit the Special. It even offered me the Victory Lap, but I'm pretty sure the ball drained both times before I could get it! >-( Nevertheless, I've walloped my previous high score (set while drunk :-P) by almost 1B now.”
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