World Cup Soccer

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Found 251 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 251 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 years ago
Very, very fun game. The spinning soccer ball on the playfield is a bit useless (and generally broken if you're playing this outside of a friend's collection) - and the backglass is lame as hell (mostly that's Striker, the official mascot of the 1994 World Cup).

Loads of fun to play, easy to learn, semi-hard to master. Beating the game (winning the World Cup) is immensely satisfying.
8 years ago
this was my first pinball machine, liked the sounds and the lighting is good w/ some nice smooth ramp shots but that's not enough to save it, if you want a machine that starts off fun but quickly becomes booring this one here just might be your GOALLLLL!!!
8 years ago
To be fair, I despise soccer. That being said, game was fun to play with my kids at the Ohio show. Would not want one in my collection, I have already given up enough theme wise for the kids.
8 years ago
It's John P.'s best game. He has never been my favorite pinball designer, but this is the one I like of this the most. The goal shot is awesome and has really good ramp shots. Also doesn't have annoying stuff in it like the ones in Circus Voltaire. Funny that his best machine is based around soccer (football).
8 years ago
Im not a soccer fan but this machines flow & game play sucks me in. I enjoy it. Would I own it, if the deal was right, yeah..
8 years ago
A fun game specially if you enjoy soccer. A quick buzz every time you score a goal against the moving goalie.
8 years ago
What a awesome game. As a college student in the mid-90's, I played this 2x a week at least. A true classic, ramps, goals, and more goals. LOVE IT!
8 years ago
Its a fun games and good theme. A good game to play once in a while but not a keeper. Scoroing a goal is good for a while but gets boring. Spinning ball takes up space. If you like soccer its fun, if you dont probably worth a miss
9 years ago
World Cup Soccer is the only other game besides CV that I like from John Pop. It's not his table designs (they flow like water)... it's the rules. One thing that WCS has going for it is a relatively simple rule set that builds towards the game against Germany in the wizard mode.

The Pros:
Good flow and shot selection. The skillshot requires a different kind of plunging and bumping. Scoring a goal always feels satisfying and the soccer ball is a good randomizer. I have never seen a kickout hole that you can control used to score major points on a table before. The build lock, extra ball, soccer dog shot is a challenge to hit all the way at the top of the pf. The orbit/exit on the righthand side of the PF can be BRUTAL! So you'd better activate your spidey-sense and play like you should. The left outlane needs to be relit asap when collected requiring ramp/vuk shot to the right inlane and then a tricky shot to the standup on the lower left hand side of the pf. This game is unusual in the fact that it can be kid-friendly or papa nasty with just a few adjustments. The wizard mode is not a gimme, you gotta score some goals against the teutons.

The Cons:
Kickback needs to be lit at all times or an impending drain is on the way to the lefty. Missing the final mode shot often results in an deflected ball heading to the left outlane. It has been a long time since we have seen a game with a player controlled magna-save. Unfortunately the implementation of this feature is very limited. I have never, never, never ever... used the magna-save until I bought the game and started to play around with it for the slow meandering drains around the flippers. However... this is a JPop game, so it has to have magnets. The free kick target is a lot of risk for minimal reward.

The Takeaway:
A bit of a throwback for some people who like deep rules on DMD games (and I certainly do!), but with this table the simpler rules are fine with me. Larry DeMar did a great job with the code on this table. The game may seem simple, but this deck is rarely easy when set up to play hard. A great pinball game for the price. The theme is friendly and while this is not the best KO'C BG (the soccer players look weird to me), for the most part this game looks great all around. I hear people complain about the theme and they just can't get into soccer. Well, this isn't really a soccer game. It's a pinball game. So quitcher' complainin' and play some pinball! I just got one and when I set the game up PAPA nasty, am thoroughly enjoying playing it, in fact, I can't stop playing it. The sign of a great pinball design. This deck is perfect to practice for your PAPA tourneys (it's been in one of the A/B/C lineups every year for at least the past 6-7 years? And yes, they know more about quality competitive pinball than you or I ever will) and you'll have a heck of a lot of fun in the meantime. Now I gotta get me some lightning flipper bats...

The more I play this game, the more respect it. Some people have disparaged this game (even for it's time) as a "dumbening" down of the rules in pinball. While the ruleset is less complex than Addams family or other titles, Larry DeMar did a brilliant job of "getting the balance right" in terms of risk/reward and using the game to it's fullest. Most of the shots on this game are open and easy to access. The right hand side of the PF... not as much. If you can work the right ramp and the final draw shot, you will rule this deck. Many times I'll reflect a shot from the right flipper to the relight kickback standup area to get the ball into the final draw to start multiball, which is king for this table! So, a very straightforward game that is very flexible in how it plays. It is also simple enough that I feel that you really don't "luck" into too many points. You have to play the game well and earn the points you make. A true player!

Update v2:
This game just keeps on giving. When properly setup (which is at the discretion of the owner), this table always challenges and the Final Draw shot will make or break your ability to win a game. There are so many subtle yet well balanced that these details do not show themselves until many hours of play on what many consider to be a more "shallow" game. An exercise in "less is more". A game that is well balanced between the playfield, features and rules. Those who say this game is too easy aren't trying too hard to make it a tougher game. Seriously, this game is Addams Family flexible on how easy/tough it can be set up. I'd love to find another copy and give it a home.

Update V3:
The details of this game start to really show themselves after a lot of play. This game has legs. Back on the want list for sure!
9 years ago
Extremely fun to play with some great sounds and music. Rather easy at times, good for anyone new to pinball.
9 years ago
Got this game because my family is soccer crazy.....AND my wife and I actually attended several games during the 1994 World Cup. That being said this is a really fun game regardless if you like the theme or not. Great family game and a really good one for casual players and enthusiasts. Very even scoring also makes it a great tournament pin. Not real deep but it doesn't need to's just plain fun.
9 years ago
Really well done game. Something for everyone, beginnings and pin-masters alike. Never gets old playing it.
9 years ago
Another great jpop game. Very unique layout, soccer ball toy really works with the theme. The goal is also amazing. A real steal for the price. If theme and artwork were better it would be a top 20 pin.
9 years ago
Fun but very easy game at the location I played. Put in quite a few games over a couple of months before the machine was switched out -- I'm not a soccer fan, but it was still a great time scoring goals.
9 years ago
WCS is a little easy for a better player. However this is a fun pin. The rules aren't that tough and you can beat the machine probably 1 in 5 tries. The lighting is great though and the ramps are SO SMOOTH. Again, not a fan of the gold habit-trails and the miami vice colors. But that can easily be changed to make it a little more modern.

It's a fun game no doubt... and easily one of the best sports themed pins made.
9 years ago
Lots of fun.
A bit on the easy side, makes me think kids would really love it. very family friendly.
You get a good feeling when you are doing well and the game is cheering you on. ;)
9 years ago
I am a fan of football the WCS and the pinball machine which I wished to have in my collection.
9 years ago
Great game, good flow. Simple rules but not and easy game if you set it up hard!
9 years ago
Sucked !!!!! I was on my 2nd game and wanted to Quit on the 2nd ball.... Boring ......
9 years ago
This table is much more fun than it looks. It's often underrated because of it's family-friendly theme, and the cute dog. It's not a "get your blood pumping" kind of table, it's meant to be a fun game in the back of a sports bar, or in your family room. This pin was in the arcade at my college and I played it more than any other machine there. What kept me coming back was how natural the game feels. The flow is so natural that it's relaxing to play. I never got irritated that something was obstructing a ramp, or that any of the toys were in the way. It's a great beginner table as well, since it's not especially difficult. I never did figure out how to really advance the "game", but I consistently scored a ton of points and played for a long long time. The toys are also a big selling point. The giant spinning soccer ball in the middle is really cute, and surprisingly doesn't detract from anything. The coolest element here is the goal net at the top center, with a little goalie who moves back and forth in front of it to block your shot. There's also an assist hole to the side that you can hit the ball into, then time your shot into the goal. That never stops being satisfying. Maybe the more "hardcore" pinball players won't like World Cup Soccer, but that won't stop me.
9 years ago
Goal!!! What a great game!!!
9 years ago
Get this game before the masses realize what a jem this pin is. You don't have to be a sports buff to appreciate this game's fun factor. Great game, but what's with the ugly chick on the playfield? I keep hearing Mike Myers crying out "that's a man, baby".
9 years ago
Nothing like scoring a goal and the spinning ball does crazy things with the balls. Not the best looking game but if I find a nice one may consider it as it is fun and good bang for buck.
9 years ago
I owned this game for 3 weeks and stopped playing it after 2. Ramps are fun but not enough to do here. The goofy dog kills the looks of the game . He seems to be everywhere . Scoring goals was fun for 1 week.
9 years ago
Just a sweet game. great flow. If it was an original theme it would be in the top ten or very close.
Sold it, I'm a sucker for original themes and had to bump one out. was feeling nostalgic for early williams sounds and picked up sorcerer.
There are 251 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 8 of 11.

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