World Cup Soccer

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Other Aspects: 8.183

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Found 236 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 236 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 years ago
JPOP always make a fun pinball . Fun
5 years ago
This is a game I didn't really like at first, but the more I play it the more fun it becomes. At this point its a game I play every chance I get. Good ruleset that's relatively easy to pick up on & the game never ceases to be a fun play.
5 years ago
I really like this game. It's a Popadiuk that can be had for a shade over 2 grand.

The shots are fantastic, the ramp kick butt, and the whole theme just plain works. This feels like a perfect marriage of current technology with a fun theme. I love the way the multiball racks up with the magnet on the left side, I love to score goals on the goalie with the assist shot, totally dig the idea of progressing from the 1st game all the way to the World Cup, and the sound package is hilarious. It's just fun, and watching someone else play it on video doesn't do the game justice. Looks great w LEDs but looks quite "yellow" otherwise.

The downsides: pretty "meh" artwork. The playfield is kind of boring to look at compared to a CV or TOTAN. Good luck finding one that doesn't have cab fade (edit: somehow I managed this feat!). The ball save feature could have been implemented better IMO (say like Goldeneye). The spinning soccer ball takes up a lot of real estate and doesn't add much.

Other than that, great game! I'd buy one for the right price (and did).
5 years ago
Not a bad game, kind of an odd theme but it works surprisingly well. One I usually play on location.
5 years ago
Fun family game. Don't care much for the backglass. A lot of unique things that other games don't have. Cool game!
6 years ago
I'd like a bit more depth from this one.

UPDATE: now we have one at work I have put some decent time into it and I like it. There are a couple of different approaches you can take, the artwork is colourful and classy (although I don't like the mascot). The game is extremely popular with beginners, they love shooting goals, but it is also a great challenge for good players. I am increasing my rating on this one.
6 years ago
You know, I just didn't find this game to be all that. Some cool animation and shots but the spinning soccer ball? I'm just not feeling it. It's an ok game to drop 5 bucks I at an arcade, but not one that I would care to add to my home collection. I know people love this game. I just didn't feel it.
6 years ago
I played this at a bar. I think this would serve better in a family home with kids.
6 years ago
Of the 17 games I've owned this is squarely in the top 3. This is also the game that guests who are not pinheads will gravitate to even over the almost perfect TZ I have. Now I'm not saying this is a better game than TZ but there are many times when I prefer to play this game as it's a much lighter, more optimistic and just plain fun game than TZ (or most other games). It's not a ball drainer. I've beaten the German team! OK, only once but I've had TZ for over 10 years and I've yet to do better than the 300M in lost in zone - and even getting to the zone only happens in a very blue moon - impossibly hard.

The game play is deep but not complicated. It makes sense. Two shots to collect tickets than hit the spinner to travel to the next city. Get into multiball, beat the teams by kicking a goal, then hit a ramp to go to the next team. Just goal after goal doesn't do much you have to do goal, ramp, goal, ramp, etc without losing the multiball. And the announcer calls are best I've heard in a game. Realistic, but excited, and yet not annoying no matter how many times you hear him. Even fireworks - very exciting. It's impossible to play this game and not have a great time, even if the ball isn't cooperating.

I love this game. I can't for the life of me understand why this isn't way higher in the rankings. This has got to be one of the best bang for the buck games out there.

Caveat: There are some tricky gadgets on this game that typically wear and are hard to find (goalie, spinning soccer ball). Those have to be right before you judge the game. Also, this one really needs LED lighting as you really need the inserts to guide the game play and incandescents really don't cut it here. This is particularly true on the rollovers to enable the goal shot.
6 years ago
Not a great game all around with art/theme but the fun factor while playing is pretty solid.
6 years ago
Fun for the whole family.
6 years ago
Fun game with very high scores. It seems like a game that would be fun to play for a little while or very now and then but that could get very repetitive with the main target being the goal feature. The game is overall very easy too. Besides the replay ability problem, it's excellent and designed for lots of fun. The goal feature is fun and the spinning soccer ball is creative. The other features are necessary for gameplay but could be highlighted a bit more.
6 years ago
Why had I never even looked in to playing this machine before? I HATE soccer! Almost as much as bees. But having had to play this in competition, I would LOVE to have one in my basement in the nearest of futures! What a GREAT machine!!!
6 years ago
Rating this after only owning it for two days. Normally I wait about a month but the sheer amount of time my family and I have been playing this pin, I have to say, it's absolutely fantastic. The theme is ok with us as a soccer family but even if this pin was rethemed, the playfield and flow is incredible. Rules are perfect.

I don't like the magnasave but it's a cool feature, just not very useable. It's also not the best looking pin but I don't care, I'm not an art collector.

If you want to step up to a pinball with rules and flow deep enough to keep you coming back for more...or thinking about it if you're not playing it...then this game might be for you!
6 years ago
I hate soccer, yet I loved this game! Tons of fun, shots all over the board. Themed perfectly, love the goalie shot. Easy to understand ruleset even after one game. Want to own one now!
6 years ago
I've owned 2 World Cup pins over the years because my family is into soccer. Scoring on the goal is very entertaining, the assist saucer is a nice feature, and the ramps are well done. The multi-ball and wizard modes are also enjoyable. The flow is decent but I still prefer a faster and more challenging game along with a deeper rule set. Great game for the family - one of my kids favorite along with Monster Bash and No Good Gofers.
6 years ago
very average
6 years ago
Just added this one because I wanted a Jpop pin (SWEP1 doesn't count), and think the others are just outrageous in price these days.

It's a machine with good flow and decent long ramp shots (the ramps are HUGE). The goalie is super fun, and everyone knows what to do as soon as they see it. The spinning ball is a cool feature, and a fresh soccer ball really gets that pinball zipping around the field.

The magnasave is cool, but a lot harder to use than the way it has previously been implemented.

The skillshot mech is pure jpop.. How many other games made in the Williams DMD era have a plunger? Not many...

Things I don't care for too much, but might get used to:

The rules are pretty simple and aren't mode based pin and as a result the game is quite linear.

The outer loop when opened is clunky at the end. I would have much rather had a design that sent the ball to the flipper, rather the slingshot.

It's a good game, but I'm not sure yet if it is a great game. I'll give it the winter and see. :)
6 years ago
The backglass killed it for me. Can be a fun game.
6 years ago
This game is very good. JP designed and it shows. My son and nephew had a riot playing it for the first time. It made the decisions easy to buy. It's not the most difficult game on factory settings, but its extremely fun and exciting to play for all skill levels.
6 years ago
Very fun. This pinball machine is probably the only time I actually enjoyed the game of soccer.
6 years ago
This game is very fun. I got it for my 12 year old daughters but they have to fight me to play it now. The playfield has a nice flow(it is Jpop) and the ramp aesthetic reminds me of CV. The backglass is lame though.
not sure how often ill use the magnet save..seems to be just a gimmick.
6 years ago
Soccer! That's the reason this game was once a dog to many and has slowly worked its way up to being seen as a great pin. I am not a soccer fan, but after playing a handful of games on this machine, you really get into it. I have learned to really enjoy playing this I was first turned off by the theme. Now that I have played many games and examples, I won't mind having one in my collection.

Some say it's the best JPOP game. The flowy ramps are nice, the right being deadly if not nailed. Hello SDTM drain! The ruleset is not complicated, but a challenge to work through.

The wizard mode, trying to defect Germany, is awesome....having to continually plunge the balls from the shooter lane manually adds to the hysteria.

This one was under the radar for a while, but collectors have found it and these have been increasing price because of the fact it is a solid player.
6 years ago
This is a really great pin. I've owned it for a few weeks now and it's up there with my favorites. The goal is a really fun feature but there is so much to this machine that I wouldn't know where to start. Definitely one I'll keep in my collection!
6 years ago
A pretty neat game with easy to pick up rules. Looks great with LEDs. It has some neat features (goalie & magnets) and a cool looking play field. I am not much of a soccer fan but the theme is still cool.
There are 236 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 6 of 10.

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