World Cup Soccer

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Game Design: 8.34

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Other Aspects: 8.262

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Found 251 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 251 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 years ago
Really like WCS 96, it keeps me coming back for more and more, i thought i'll get bored easily but keeps me going back for more, overall ill love to have one in my collection one day..
5 years ago
By far, John Popadiuk's best design and most challenging game. His other games are prettier, but this one gives the most pop for the price and demands the most from the player. There are still a few of Jpop's “party tricks”--magnets, big spinning baubles—but they are integrated well and serve the overall theme. The game runs the spectrum: it can be set up super-challenging or easy for beginners, much more so than other games of the era. Its a hit with kids and newbies alike. The art package is so-so. Love the soccer theme, don't really care for the dated World Cup USA integration. I guess you couldn't avoid putting that big stupid dog mascot all over it. The animations on the DMD are some of the best the 90s had to offer. The game has long been considered THE bang-for-buck game, and its only a matter of time before it becomes a bucks-for-bucks situation...
5 years ago
This is always the most popular game amongst people who haven't played many pins. It was one of the first games I really liked. Rules are simple and the goal is easy to get and rewarding.
5 years ago
There really are no "Achilles heels" on this particular title.
Good flow, fun ramps, balanced scoring.
Artwork, music, and sound is above average.
The two "toys" (soccer ball and goalie) are not highly prone to problems once properly serviced.
Taking the time to make the "little adjustments" counts on this machine.
If you do not do it, the game can feel like a Peterbilt truck.
Service and repair really comes down to the motor assemblies and they have been reproduced now.
It is a game were a COMPLETE plastic protector set is a REQUIREMENT, if you want to protect your game.
The soccer ball causes all sorts of flying air balls, leading to things breaking.
Even if you do not like soccer, you will still enjoy the game.
You do not need to be a "Captain Obvious" here, because you will be surprised at the fun you will have scoring goals.
Overall a very solid title.
If I had a chance to buy a collector quality example, I would own the game again.
5 years ago
Really liking this game, a lot more then I thought I would. Prior owner (shout out to Jabbles) really did a good job of tuning it for short brutal games. Really exciting to play and has that "just one more game" appeal. I am not a soccer fan and the theme doesn't do anything for me, but this is currently the most played pin in my collection.
5 years ago
A fantastic theme integration. Fun shots and great gameplay. Sound package is surprisingly good. Striker the World Cup Pup is cheesy, but not a deal breaker. Ramps have JPOP feel. The whole package.
5 years ago
Owned this game less then a month and its already on the way out. Mostly because I need to make room for another purchase but then its not going to be missed.

There are some real issues with the game and to me the Theme or Artwork are not the problem. The real issues is how one sided the game feels in relation to the Left Ramp and Stricker Hole / Goal are just way to dominate. The right ramp/spinners/Tv mode hole are such dangerous shots and give almost no reward so why even bother.

The game has flow no doubt and the multi ball is a lot of fun but the rest meh. Its a Bally from the 90's so yeah its good really good when put up against 90% of other pins out there. Top 50 maybe but there are a lot of others that rank lower that would eat this table for breakfast.

However I would recommend it as a bang for buck table. Here in Australia you can pickup really nice examples for under $3000 which is $1500 less then say a Creature, Dr Who, White Water etc... for value alone it can provide a lot of entertainment for someone starting out or as a family game. For me I think a table like the Flintstones offers a much better experience for this budget.
5 years ago
Fantastic game. I have owned this machine for a little over a year now and I can't get enough of it. Every time you git a goal it is very satisfying to hear the announcer yell "GGGGGOOOOOOAAAALLLL".
5 years ago
This is a very fun game with good game play and rule set. While the art work is average it is very fun machine and a great value. Two thumbs up!
6 years ago
There are many great things about this game. The 2 things I'm not to into are the spinning ball serving very little purpose other than show and the coin toss how it puts the ball in play at the flippers versus the pop bumpers. The music, call outs, and animations are fantastic. The best thing is it's very accurate as you have to beat the best team in the world at the end. Germany is the all time best average finishing team in WC history.
6 years ago
Have played multiple times, and now an owner. A very good game. Not the deepest title but there is plenty to do. Nice ramps, check. Pops, check. Orbit, check. The game is clearly flaunts that it is made in '94 but in all honesty, if you want to bottle up the energy and feel of any world cup and put it into pinball machine, this is it. The "world cup pup", Striker, is heavily utilized in the animation to amusing ends. The music suits the theme as do the sounds and they sound great thanks to the DCS system. The ramps flow well and feel rewarding to hit and the Popaduik magnetic lock is well featured in the game. Yes there are "better" machines out there but for sheer fun and execution, WCS94 is hard to beat.
6 years ago
The layout is a bit weird, and the machine could use an auto plunger...because this thing is a DRAIN MONSTER.

Great game overall.
6 years ago
World Cup Soccer has several interesting toys and gimmicks, which saves it from being a bit of a annoy-o-tron by screaming GOAL at the player over and over.

The hole in the back of the upper PF is a challenging shot that is usually rewarding - extra balls are easy to come by once that shot is perfected.

The skill shot is unique because it requires three different plunges to complete and delivers the ball to the right flipper for a safe start each time.

I really liked the moving goalie feature and the penalty kick kickout.

Multiballs come easily and are plentiful, and jackpots are decently balanced for a game with crazy score inflation.

I'd recommend this game to anyone, especially soccer fans, and I would at least rotate World Cup Soccer through a personal collection.
6 years ago
Not a soccer fan but the play of this game has some originality.
6 years ago
I got so hooked on playing this game, that I bought one. I was going to buy Fish Tales, but hands down this one I think is way more fun.
6 years ago
I look at this game as a bit of a novelty, the spinning soccer ball on the playfield I would expect it to do more but it's pretty unimpressive. The goalie is a neat feature, but it really is the only decent toy in the machine. The magnasave is a neat addition, but it's often difficult to use practically. I will say that people that don't play pinball often tend to like this machine. For that reason I wouldn't mind having one, but it's not top of my list. I hear plastics are difficult to obtain.
6 years ago
As soon as I played this I knew I had to have one. The announcer, sounds, and music are amazing. I'm not a soccer fan in the slightest but I still love pretty much everything about it, especially the spinning soccer ball and moving goalie. That's a fun shot to make. Goooooooooooooooooooal!!!
6 years ago
Have owned this pin for about a month and enjoy playing it every time. its the most popular pin in the collection ( of 7) which I attribute to the fact that its a "long ball time" game. I expect over time I might tire of this pin and seek something a little tougher, but what an awesome game for the family and friends to bash around on.
6 years ago
nice game,whit a lot off variation
6 years ago
John Popadiuk hit it completely out of the park with his first game somehow, it's one of my favorite DMD games ever. Innovative layout bringing back rollovers, scoops all over, and of course the goal. Rules are very simple to understand and the big ol' goal shot makes this a very easy game to approach and just immediately know what to do. Hopefully the announcer got a bonus for the over the top work he put into this game too.

The theme does nothing for me and the backglass is horrible, which is probably a major reason this game isn't crazy expensive (although it's creeping up in price).
6 years ago
Was a bit disappointed. To much bounce as on ramps and targets. I felt like I was destroying machine rather than playing it. Got ball stuck few times when it bounced on ramps. I walk away after second play.
6 years ago
Fairly attractive machine with good flow and an interesting theme. It's pretty easy, I was scoring goals like it was basketball not football (the sport Americans call soccer).
Controllable kick-out is cool and the goaltender is a neat idea. Yesterday I had the opportunity to play this gem again. Not much of a challenge but it is always fun to score on the goalie. My wife likes it too, so i think I just have to get one of those. In the price to fun ratio this one is hard to beat.
6 years ago
another ace game. what could be more fun than using a pinball to score a goal?

the launch process is fun and original with the three possible exits, the two ramps are both achievable but challenging, the lock mechanism is a joy to watch, and the big spinning football may be pointless but is certainly a good looking feature.

the best way to play this game for points is to ignore everything else except tickets and travel, or whatever they're called. basically use the ramps to light the left loop to advance cities to the top to LA so you can play the Cup Final. but then don't forget you have to manually keep launching the balls in that Wizard mode, as the game won't do it for you.

the most fun way to play it is to ignore the scoreboard and just keep going for goals, or for Striker's hideout (Striker the dog? really? is that like 'out of bounds' instead of a throw in?) and try to get extra balls and even score goals using that easy scoop called the penalty spot right by the goal where goal hangers like Lineker used to wait to press the flipper button.

the central scoop to start multiball is a tricky shot ..... and i bet none of you can ever remember to press the left extra button for the magna save? no, me neither.
6 years ago
I have had this game for about a week. Initially I wasn't so excited about the sports or soccer theme...but after playing it.... It's a keeper for the collection! WOW! Lots of action, love the magna-save, fast ramps, and goalie shot.
6 years ago
Stopped by a bar to have lunch with a friend and the had The Walking Dead, No Fear, and World Cup Soccer. I spent the next 5 hours playing pinball. Started with TWD, since that is new and the toys pulled me. $5 later a had way too many SDTM with it never touching my flippers. Next up was NF ( in its defense, my parent's own it, and I've played close to 500 games of it), and after explaining the scoring to my friend I posted the high score. We spent the next 4 hours and $30 playing WCS.

What can I say it was a blast. The soccer ball puts a great spin on the pinball, scoring goals is infectious, and even after 40 or so games, I wasn't able to make it to the World Cup, but man did I have a ball trying ( that damn tv shot)
There are 251 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 5 of 11.

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