World Cup Soccer

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Game Design: 8.343

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Other Aspects: 8.263

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There are 251 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 years ago
WCS is a fun game. The layout is a little congested, but it is a creative design, which I appreciate. It's far from a typical fan layout. The art is pretty terrible because of the silly dog character. The rules are fairly engaging. The scoop shot is very difficult. The goal is very satisfying. The soccer ball is a creative gimmick. Recommended, but didn't last long in my collection. Overall, it's just too easy.
4 years ago
Simply the greatest Pinballs out there ..So many things to do..So many challenges..So many shots..Great toys..You will never get bored of this Pinball..ever
4 years ago
The good: fun shots, funny animations(my favorite is the find Striker segment which other Bally pinball stars show up), cool sounds( airport lady announcing the city that you arrived at, male announcer saying "yellow card" and "red card" when titling. The bad: the announcing sometimes does not fit well for a soccer theme, there is NO Great Britain world cup soccer team, the magna save doesn't help much( which I guess is a good thng-makes the game harder), the back glass is weak--Bally should have had Striker the WC mascot in action pose rather than standing there. Overall if you like soccer and pinbal, it is a fun game to play and own. I overpaid but I love soccer and the guy was in my area so I had to chance to play for a bit.
4 years ago
I didn't think this game was going to be good. I loved it! Great gameplay and cool execution of the soccer theme. I love the assist feature and the goalie/goal scoring toys. I want to get this one in my collection. The backglass looks terrible with that stupid looking dog, and probably doesnt get rated as good as it should because of it.
4 years ago
One of my favourite DMD games. The playfield layout has so much flow. The goal, the magnasave, the assist kickout, all really great ideas. I wish the TV and Striker modes were randomized, but regardless it's a great game.
4 years ago
I scored really well on this game, but there isn't much to shoot at in the crowded playfield. Score goals is pretty easy, but a cool gimmick. The modes aren't too exciting, but it is a pretty fun game. I would play this a few times on location. My "lastability" is low, but still fun to play for a few games, then move on to the next game.
4 years ago
I just picked up a "Players Condition" WCS 94' and once I got it tuned, WOW... exactly what you want in a Pinball Machine. The build quality compared to what Stern's churns out is night and day difference. All the toys, gimmicks, magnets, and "FUN" factor's of this game make it so great! When lit with LED's, the machine is a whole different animal and one that draws peoples attention from across the room. The bang for your buck game of the year as of 2017 for me. This machine should be rated MUCH higher than it is but due to theme, most collectors shy away from the title. I am not a big fan of soccer either... but it is a dream machine when it come to a Pinball FUN. Pick one up today if you can!
4 years ago
I remember this game from my high school days and always loved it. I bought it about a year ago but wanted to wait to have it in my collection for a while before rating it.

Positives: love the layout and gameplay. Getting to the World Cup is challenging and really fun when you finally get there. While shooting the ball into the goal is pretty easy, there are some difficult shots (final draw, strikers hideout) as well. This is also consistently the favorite of my five pinball machines when I have visitors (both children and adults).

Negatives: I never seem to use the magma save button. I agree with the others about the artwork on the back glass. I actually bought an alternate, but ended up putting the original back because it just didn't feel right.
4 years ago
The playfield seemed crowded. I do not like soccer but this was fun to play. My kids and wife and kids liked it.
4 years ago
Great party game even if it is a really hilarious implementation of soccer, can't help but laughing every time I play it. It's just so far off from the sport you could get really, but fun nonetheless. Great action! Unfortunately it's let down by being way too easy to complete so it does not last at home. But for a party night this is a great pinball machine.
5 years ago
Very solid wpc for the price just shopped mine with LEDs looks like new, put side post to highest, game plays excellent! Theme is a little weak but integrated very well into pinball. That's why this game is 2000-3000$. Definitely recommend.
5 years ago
WCS is a fantastic casual pinball experience. Shooting the lit GOAL! is always satisfying. The ramps flow nicely but the rest of the layout is just so-so. The spinning ball does very little for gameplay. The game is very fun if ultimately a bit shallow and repetitive. The World Cup Final mode is a blast. Call-outs are entertaining and funny. It isn't exactly a looker, but it certainly isn't offensive. Overall a great pin and a perfect first machine.
5 years ago
Very fun game. Never gets boring scoring goals, great sound/music. You never walk away feeling frustrated and always puts a smile on your face.
5 years ago
This game is perfect for having fun. Great layout, interesting toys, plenty to shoot for, just a lot of fun. Rules are fine, dots are fine, everything is fine. Just don't expect deep gameplay and strategy, in my experience. Family friendly and always fun to shoot. Side note: it's a pain to shop.
5 years ago
I was really surprised this game is fun. I dont really like soccer, but I liked this game.
5 years ago
What a fun game! Great ramps and toys. Coin toss for skill shot, soccer ball spinner, shots on the goalie. Would have thought this theme was so-so, but it is just tons of fun. Would love to have this in the collection!
5 years ago
Soccer is a terrible theme on its own. Dogs playing soccer is even worse... otherwise though, it's a good game, and if I could find one at the right price I'd buy it.,
5 years ago
Super fun game.
5 years ago
World Cup Soccer 94 has a great playfield design with many satisfying shots. I can not imagine the theme executed any better. The game has great flow, and is just tons of fun for all skill levels. The call outs match the action in game which is great. The final match against Germany is fun having to manually launch the balls into play & sudden death / tie is a rush. Easter eggs in "Where's Striker" is awesome. This is by far my favorite JPOP game. The few things that bring it down are: the magna save is pretty worthless, the soccer ball is just ok, the art package backglass & cabinet are not great and hearing "Goal" yelled at you can get old. Really wish the TV awards were random / changed with the jets too. This would have made it a better game. Still one of the best bank-for-the-buck games out there.
5 years ago
The theme definitely deserved a fattezza other pinball, hither backglass is poor and also the playfield playable is too small
5 years ago
The theme would be not bad for a pinball machine but the game and especially the design are definitely below expectations
5 years ago
Very nice game, easy to play and feeling the joy of pinball
5 years ago
Did not expect much when i bought this game. Remembered poorly maintained examples when I was younger. After a mini restoration I must say this game is super fun! Without a doubt one of the best B-titels arround. Also one of the best theme translations into pinball. Great right and left ramp shots and of course that nasty goaly giving me a hard time. It's a keeper in my collection. One of the best value machines available.
5 years ago
Bought one to trade. After fixing the mess it was, I couldn't stop playing it. Still can't. I like everything about this pin except the cab & translite art.
5 years ago
Love this machine, my all time favourite. Maybe because I have such wonderful memories of the world cup 94, and I like football. Just a very charming and exciting game I return to every time. Will never have a collection without it.
There are 251 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 4 of 11.

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