World Cup Soccer

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Other Aspects: 8.263

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Found 251 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 251 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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10 years ago
Yuck. Too many gimmicks, not enough fun. Seems to be a popular title, but i just pass on it when I see it now.
10 years ago
Best bang for buck DMD pinball, close second will be Fish Tales.
10 years ago
Amusing, not too difficult, family oriented, fun.

Wouldn't want it as a single pin but in a collection of 4 it provides a nice getaway for some humorous action.

Easier to beat the Germans here than it is on AFM!!
10 years ago
Cool pin to play over and over again. Gameplay is fast and fun.
10 years ago
I think this is a fun pinball machine although soccer is not a sport I follow. The magna-save is awesome and hearing GOOOOOAAAAALLLL never got old for me.
10 years ago
Great game for all the family. Don't need to be an expert to enjoy.
Just really fun game to play with good rules and plenty to shoot at, it's not just about scoring goals, its about winning the world cup.
10 years ago
It's a difficult shooters game if you want to accomplish all the modes, but also can cater to novices who just have fun scoring goals & multiball. Your shots have to be on to advance through the cities and start modes/multiball with the center scoop. The theme is nicely executed shooting goals , the dot animations for the extra ball and multiball are great, and those voice calls - they can't seem to get control of the ball! The original music is good and gets the heart pounding at the right times. The only playfield design I don't care for is the goal save. I find a slap save works better for shots SDTM and generally ignore the magna save.
The cabinet art is lacking, the translite is nice and colorful, as is the playfield art - a little too heavy on the pastel colors but hey it was 1994! I also like the female ref on the playfield- great shorts! - and a little nod back to some earlier Bally games.
The entire package makes for a very nice pin and a great bang for your buck.
10 years ago
Very fun pin from John Popaduik, and one of his better designs. You don't have to be a soccer aficionado to have a blast with WCS. Game is probably an instant home run for soccer fans, as it blows away Stern's Striker Xtreme. Lots of flow, ramps, & very good integration of the soccer theme. WCS implements a spinning soccer ball to deflect shots (its own take on Whirlwind's spinners), and a moving goalie to prevent your goal shots. You will get a rush from the bass pounding crowd cheers after you score a goal. Incredible audio & play-by-play by in-house Midway all-star announcer Tim Kitzrow (of NBA Jam fame). Playfield art is decent (bright teal playfield color is questionable), while the translite is better in comparison. Game has a surprising amount of modes/shots, for a playfield that caters to novices with its simplicity. The best of the sports license pins, and overall, great bang for your buck machine.
10 years ago
Another unique game from the mind of John Popadiuk. This one doesn't get nearly as much respect as CV, TOTAN or TOM, but it's really fun in my opinion. Even if you are not a soccer fan, I beg you to look past the theme and give this one a try. WCS94 has great flow, plays super fast, and does an excellent job of creating the illusion that you are competing against other teams for the World Cup. The final match against Germany is such a rush! The music is also exceptionally good, and will get stuck in your head for days.

Like Monster Bash, the game is relatively easy, but the unique playfield layout and fast action more than compensate for this. In fact, there are few things more satisfying than nailing a goal with a ricochet off the soccer ball. Speaking of the soccer ball, the thing can put some crazy spin on the ball. I also love the cool ball lock. Even the magna-save is well executed on this game. Overall, WCS94 is a phenomenally fun game that's great for the whole family. Considering how cheap you can pick a nice one up, it's also one of the best bang for the buck pins out there!
10 years ago
Typically people say this is a great family pin because it's easy. While a decent player can spend a fair amount of time per game, it's not easy at all due to the TV award hole. This is used to start most of the important (advance) modes. This hole is cockeyed on the play field. You are unable to back hand the ball from the right flipper and from the left flipper it's still a tough shot to hit. Truly has to either be a dead on shot or if you get a lucky bounce. I can typically reach the World Cup using one continue. I've owned this pin for over a year now and still enjoy it very much. Don't see it going any where any time soon. While sports themes typically don't sell well, this truly is a great pin that can usually be had for well under $2K.
10 years ago
From a soccer player Great Game
11 years ago
This is a fun, fun game and something the whole family will enjoy. "Gooooooooal!" "What a save!" "The goalie is a walllllll!!!" Scoring goals is a lot more fun then you'd think and doesn't seem like it would get old over time. The only real criticism of this game is the color scheme -- the pastels are just U-G-L-Y (you ain't got no alibi ...). Other than that, it is a great play and a great game.

EDIT: Finally bought WCS and the whole family loves it. Lots more to the game than just scoring goals, with lots of nice flow and challenging shots -- especially the TV Award / Final Draw scoop. Really enjoy the sounds and music -- the Big Goal Round music is one of my favorites in pinball. "Goaaalllllll" still hasn't gotten old!
11 years ago
WCS94 is easily the strongest "soccer/football" title around. The layout of the playfield and objectives gel with the whole idea of the 1994 World Cup. Shooting the ramps to collect tickets and advance cities, while racking up goals to defeat a variety of countries en route to the final "wizard" mode against the defending champions Germany is great fun. Meanwhile, the "striker" mini-modes like "Big Goal Round" provide some additional objectives and means to rack up points. The artwork is a bit ugly, but lets be honest this machine was geared more towards the European market than American at the time so you have to cut it a little slack. Overall, this game makes a great addition beginners can walk in and understand the basics of the game, and the ruleset is still deep enough to challenge the experienced player. If the soccer theme was swapped out for something else (i.e. American Football) this would certainly be an "A-list" title.
11 years ago
My favorite sports related pinball game. Shooting goals is a blast, and the assist is a nice touch. ramps are plently and the playfield layout is interesting. Not a Soccar fan, but this game kept me coming back for more.
11 years ago
Ugly machine. Loaded with features with magnets / goalie / spinning football but with all this going on just is not much fun. Sound really grates with me after a while.
11 years ago
This is a fun game. I am not a soccer fan, so the theme did not do much for me, I bought it based on game play and have to say, I always liked stepping up to it and trying to beat the world cup challenge. The TV awards are a bit shallow and are always in the same order, so can be hard to get to some of them as you may get tired of the first ones over and over.

But what the hey, how can you not like a game that cheers for you ? The announcer is fun to listen to as well throughout the game. If I had the room, this is one of the few I would add back to my collection.
12 years ago
Fortunately for this pinball the gameplay, playfield layout and rules make it worth playing. First impressions of this machine for me were not good, the theme and artwork is average at best and based on looks this pin was always going to be the last machine to be played(unless of course your a soccer/football fan). So after playing for the first time i was completely surprised and despite the bad points i would definitely play again.
12 years ago
Good fun with a reasonable theme. Not too hard to score and the gameplay is enjoyable enough. Wasn't over-the-moon about this machine but had a fair amount of fun using it. Not really interested in adding it to the wishlist but it will suit certain players.
12 years ago
It is a fun pin to play. Granted it does get very repetitive. It still plays fun and kept me amused just not sure I would like to own one unless I had a pretty big collection.
12 years ago
Love the game, hate the theme. The cabinet is also quite ugly. Solid B to play, tough to look at.
12 years ago
After playing this game several times at various locations, I finally got infront of one that played very close to 100%, and i thought it was a blast. The wizard mode makes it for me. Not overly challenging to get there, but it is really an exciting, fast paced, albeit quick wizard mode. I think this game is great.
12 years ago
Great flow of this game! The moving goalkeeper is GREAT! I love the screeming of "GOAL!"! Excellent game (and cheap as well!)!
12 years ago
This is a fun one, if you can handle the theme. Striker (the dog) seems out of place at first but after awhile you realize it just wouldn't be the same without him. The goalie and the announcer yelling "gggggooooooooaaaaaallllllllll!!!!" gets the kids excited more than any other pin I have owned. Well thought out ruleset to go along with a really good use of a sports theme. I eventually bored of it and traded it out but still feel like WCS94 is deserving of a permanent ranking in the 20-30 range (currently underrated at #46).
12 years ago
This is a fun game...I love the assist shot past the goalie.
13 years ago
This is such a fun game.
There are 251 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 10 of 11.

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