World Cup Soccer

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Other Aspects: 8.228

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Found 243 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 243 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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27 days ago
The best flipper on the soccer
The gimmick are so great
3 months ago
One of my top 5 machines - Great game; love kicking goals, great ramps, and rules and gameplay that be quickly understood. Very entertaining, with some unique features.
4 months ago
a lot of fun, easy and attractive machine, beautifull colours on the playfield and a lot of adrenaline : a very goog pinball ! I love it really !
5 months ago
Great fun game with upbeat Music and call outs. Love the look and colours of the playfield and the spinning ball can fire the ball anywhere. The ramps are great and it’s alway great to score a goal. Will stay in my collection for a long time. Added a colour dmd to mine and it looks great.
5 months ago
Great pin for a home collection, especially if you have kids. Scoring goals is fun and once you figure out the rules and a strategy, the game can be very rewarding. The soccer ball adds crazy spin to the pinball and really speeds things up. There are only about 6 shots but you have to make them all and get good at them if you are to get to wizard mode. I really like playing a dead pass or two when the ball is ejected out of the free kick saucers, and shooting for a goal. It makes me feel like I’m taking a pass and kicking a goal. And It’s a great way to show off when it works!

The soccer ball is loud. At first it will drive you a little nuts but you get used to it. I loosened the two Phillips screws a little underneath the playfield where the motor attaches. I also squirted a little white lithium grease in the gear hole. Those two things quieted it down a bit.

The announcer is the same guy as NBA Fastbreak and NBA Jam video game. The call outs are never boring. A really fun game. Watch out for cracks at the top of the left ramp past the diverter. The color dmd looks great with this game.
6 months ago
Played a handful of games bc it's so we'll talked about.

Got off after that handful of games bc it wasn't worth playing anymore.

Just not as fun as I'd hoped. Goalie is fun but not great. Spinning ball does what exactly? Ramps are fine. Normal ramps. Times goals is a fun mode.

And.... Yep there you have it.
6 months ago
Fun game. I'm not a huge soccer fan but if you were, I'd think this game would be fantastic.

Shooting at the goals is fun, especially using the assist kickout to score - a very clever use of a kickout that never gets old. The spinning soccer ball doesn't add a ton, but when a shot goes flying off it into the goal it's good for a smile. The goalie going back and forth makes you time your shots to it in a manner that is unique to this game and is quite a challenge. Ramps are smooth and flow nicely.

There is a decent ruleset, like playing through the cities, but I'm not sure this game would get a lot of play in a small home collection. It would definitely earn a spot in a larger collection and is worth playing when seeing one on location.
7 months ago
The theme is kinda meh. But this is honestly one of the most fun pins I’ve ever played. GOAL!!
7 months ago
Such a great game; wonderful shots, very curvy/cool ramps, simple but well structured modes and great callouts/music. Kicking goals never gets old and really draws in newbies.

The spinning soccer ball I don't find has much impact on gameplay (although takes up quite a lot of real estate) and I'm still yet to really get the hang of the magnet during gameplay. Otherwise I don't have any negatives. The theme is a turn off for some, but it doesn't faze me, that said, the dog is kinda goofy.

I can see me holding onto this for a while to come. Offers both inexperienced and seasoned players a challenging but enjoyable/fun game. Exactly what pinball should be.
9 months ago
I am a big soccer fan, I really liked playing this game because of the theme. For a soccer themed game it was very fun to play with a family that is like minded around soccer, we watch soccer, we all play competitive soccer. The swirling soccer ball add a very fun random element to the the game.
9 months ago
appeals to new players and competitive players. challenging, and doesn't play too long. always get to flip with ball from plunger on flipper.
10 months ago
This game is fun for about 50 games or so. Seems really repetitive after you get used to the shots. Wizard mode and high scores come easy which kills its Lastability. Great for family play!
10 months ago
I never gave this game a chance. My wife bought one and I all I can say is wow. Very unique and very fun to play. The colors are great on playfield and its not complicated to figure out what to shoot at. I killed a striker machine for a project as that is a horrible soccer themed machine. This one gets it right! Great game.
1 year ago
Owned this for a few months - not a soccer fan, but this machine is very approachable and decent. Very beginner friendly, everybody gets shooting the goal, and the goalie is an amazing feature that incredibly saves soooo many balls!
1 year ago
WCS94 was the first game i ever "beat". Add that with me playing soccer or being a fan for most of my life, its was a given that it was one of my "grail" games. I was able to trade to get the one I currently have, which is in outstanding condition. I dont see it leaving the collection anytime in the near future.
1 year ago
Easy to start with and deeper rules than you would expect for such a childish looking game. Goal call outs becomes boring quickly, good music, nice animations. Good for family friendly location but not for home collection.
1 year ago
I wish I loved soccer because I love this game. It is so much fun and definitely undervalued. If you get a chance to buy one you will not be disappointed in the moderate to low price you will likely have to pay.
1 year ago
One of the funniest pinball every made. Underrated because the theme is too restricted, but a lot of funny. I loved it over all.
1 year ago
a decent Jpop game , the soccer theme with a dog on the back glass is confusing , an ok game to play at a show or on location but not one I would care to own
1 year ago
A very cool gimmick, but the massive ball is a little unnecessary. A fun game that is well worth a couple of quartes, I love shooting the goal even though some aspects make it quite easy.
1 year ago
The rules are simple and all you need to do is get the ball past the goalkeeper 4 times to get multiball
1 year ago
WCS94 is one of the best dollar-for-dollar values in pinball. It's a soccer theme, which had been done before, but this game offers more than the other versions. It features the expected soccer goal and goalie, which is a fun and satisfying shot. But this game offers a lot more than just that. The spinning soccer ball is really a fantastic idea, and it works both visually and physically, causing chaos and unpredictability with your ball. If you ball touches that spinning soccer ball, by the time it reaches your flippers it can have some crazy spin on it. Control is pretty important in this game. The shots are actually pretty varied, but the shots up the middle must be precise, as the middle part of the playfield is narrow. The game includes ALOT of features. It has a kickback, several scoops (including one directly in front of the goal which can be used to shoot goals up close - great idea!) 2 excellent ramps and a magna-save above the left flipper. It also features an upper playfield with a magnet for ball saves. The goalie moves left and right to block your shots, and there are 2 more scoops, one near the goal, a "striker" shot and another for TV modes and mystery awards. For a soccer theme, this game offers a lot of variety and some very fun shots and good flow. The music and callouts are ok, perhaps a bit repetitive, but not bad. The artwork is ok, but the cabinet and translite could have been more interesting. The game looks great with mirror blades. This game features some similar shots as other hits of that era, like Scared Stiff, with 2 flowing ramps and a center toy to shoot. With the magna-save and kickback and upper magnet ball lock, this game arguably offers a lot more than SS, but costs half has much. Great game for any skill level too, as beginners can shoot goals, while seasoned players will be challenged to beat countries and get to the final wizard mode. A really solid entry from a legendary era, this one is a winner.
1 year ago
Played this a ton in college. Recently just played and didn't remember why I liked it so much.
1 year ago
I really love soccer and I love this pin. But the reason my rating is not higher is because the World Cup theme is not implemented to its full potential. The WC mascot is just standing there on backglass, when there’s an exciting soccer game behind him. I do not know what licensing rights that Bally had for this game. But they should have used the official World Cup song somewhere in the game. Also should have used the official WC ball for the spinning soccer ball. But there is a lot of great stuff: 1. Announcer screaming “Goal” 2. The moving goalie shot. 3. Trying to beat Germany in the final. 4. Advancing to the final by beating other teams 5.The animations on dot matrix are fun( Striker’s victory lap, Striker flipping a coin when you plunge the ball, fireworks, and other Bally characters pop up during one of the game modes. There are other fun animated sequences except the Boston Tea Party which has an annoying gulping sound.
1 year ago
Great game for those new to pinball and very family friendly. I think some call outs get repetitive but this pin has a lot going on that keeps you coming back back for more. You can still find these reasonably priced that makes them a great value for what your getting.
There are 243 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 10.

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