World Cup Soccer

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Other Aspects: 8.183

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There are 232 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 day ago
WCS94 is one of the best dollar-for-dollar values in pinball. It's a soccer theme, which had been done before, but this game offers more than the other versions. It features the expected soccer goal and goalie, which is a fun and satisfying shot. But this game offers a lot more than just that. The spinning soccer ball is really a fantastic idea, and it works both visually and physically, causing chaos and unpredictability with your ball. If you ball touches that spinning soccer ball, by the time it reaches your flippers it can have some crazy spin on it. Control is pretty important in this game. The shots are actually pretty varied, but the shots up the middle must be precise, as the middle part of the playfield is narrow. The game includes ALOT of features. It has a kickback, several scoops (including one directly in front of the goal which can be used to shoot goals up close - great idea!) 2 excellent ramps and a magna-save above the left flipper. It also features an upper playfield with a magnet for ball saves. The goalie moves left and right to block your shots, and there are 2 more scoops, one near the goal, a "striker" shot and another for TV modes and mystery awards. For a soccer theme, this game offers a lot of variety and some very fun shots and good flow. The music and callouts are ok, perhaps a bit repetitive, but not bad. The artwork is ok, but the cabinet and translite could have been more interesting. The game looks great with mirror blades. This game features some similar shots as other hits of that era, like Scared Stiff, with 2 flowing ramps and a center toy to shoot. With the magna-save and kickback and upper magnet ball lock, this game arguably offers a lot more than SS, but costs half has much. Great game for any skill level too, as beginners can shoot goals, while seasoned players will be challenged to beat countries and get to the final wizard mode. A really solid entry from a legendary era, this one is a winner.
5 months ago
I really love soccer and I love this pin. But the reason my rating is not higher is because the World Cup theme is not implemented to its full potential. The WC mascot is just standing there on backglass, when there’s an exciting soccer game behind him. I do not know what licensing rights that Bally had for this game. But they should have used the official World Cup song somewhere in the game. Also should have used the official WC ball for the spinning soccer ball. But there is a lot of great stuff: 1. Announcer screaming “Goal” 2. The moving goalie shot. 3. Trying to beat Germany in the final. 4. Advancing to the final by beating other teams 5.The animations on dot matrix are fun( Striker’s victory lap, Striker flipping a coin when you plunge the ball, fireworks, and other Bally characters pop up during one of the game modes. There are other fun animated sequences except the Boston Tea Party which has an annoying gulping sound.
5 months ago
Great game for those new to pinball and very family friendly. I think some call outs get repetitive but this pin has a lot going on that keeps you coming back back for more. You can still find these reasonably priced that makes them a great value for what your getting.
6 months ago
One of my favorite game, a lot of fun. Very fast ,the sound and callouts are really nice. Great light show, this pinball have all to be in the top ten. And for me a beautiful game.
6 months ago
Very fun and addictive game. Easy to understand and fun for all the family. Always a winner for the guest. Fast and good flow, for me,the best Popadiuk game after Cirqus Voltaire. The light show is awsome and beautiful with leds.
6 months ago
My first pin. Fantastic flow. Goalie never gets old. Right ramp is a nice challenge. Not a huge amount of rules, but still lots of fun for a quick game now and again. Underrated. Recommend.
7 months ago
I never thought I'd like a game that has a translite featuring a dog playing soccer. I was was wrong. I actually quite enjoy this game. The shots feel good, and I enjoy the playfield features a lot more than I expect. The game plays smooth. I put several games in on this and I can see myself putting several more in on it the next chance I get.
8 months ago
This is one of those weird occurrences where a game has the toys, the code, the shots, and seems to just hit all the requirements to make a top 10 game but somehow for some unknown reason just doesn’t do it. Not for me anyways.

I mean, the layout and shots are IDENTICAL to Medieval Madness. That is a good thing right?

Anyways, I just don’t know. The dog mascot doesn’t bother me. I think the goalie shot is genius with the 4 rollover targets acting as a reload so you can’t really spam the goalie shot until you hit the rollovers each time.

It is a great game. And to many people it’s one of the best.
9 months ago
A super nice pin for parties and occasional plays among friends. Certainly kid- and familyfriendly.

As a longlasting pinball table for a small collection with enough variety for a player ? Unfortunately not.

This pinball is fast and has a real cool "randomizer" in the shape of a spinning half orbit of a football, which makes missed shots interesting. The main feature is a soccer goal target in the upper playfield which is guarded by a moving goalkeeper.
The rules are not bad or shallow at all. Favourite part is where you go to different cities and build up rewards.

The pin definitively LOOKS like a lot of fun and has some real interesting ramps and layout ideas. Unfortunately the whole
impression of the gameplay is rather.....underwhelming and plain.

One reason why the game felt boring was the fact that I, as a rather average player, could hit most shots with ease. A small part of a good pinball game should be that the game has the potential to beat your ass right from the start- more than one time.

The autoplunger /"Coin Toss"-arrangement, where you shoot the ball into a short loop which like a bagatelle game drops the ball in one of three close "locations" just seemed more weird than fun or innovative.

I cant describe it any better than this. If WCS is standing next to a midcard EM-game, a onedimensional oldie like Silverball Mania or any of the B-list DMD:s like Cue Ball Wizard; sure I will play it.
If its sitting next to Highspeed 2 Getaway or Whitewater, I would not waste my time on it.

It's a shame because the game looks and sounds good. It has some real fast game action to it, but there is no pinball magic with this table.
10 months ago
classic from bally!!
10 months ago
All my reviews are going to follow a simple formula for those reading.
Number of shots to make - Pro's - Con's - Must Have Mods - What To Look For When Buying

Number of shots - 6 - average

* Shooting for goals is great fun particularly for beginners
* Great World Cup final mode
* Spinning soccer ball a nice addition
* Fun multiball with achievable goals
* 1 of only 2 machines Bowen Kerins owns, that has to be a positive

* Not a huge variety in shots
* The 2 bottom scoops aren't worth aiming for
* Magna save though a great idea isn't very useful

Must Have Mods: (Note I will not include things like LED's, Color DMD, Invisiglass or Speaker Upgrades unless it's really badly needed)
* Striker PVC figures at ramp entrances
* Soccer ball shooter
* Soccer ball speaker insert for custom painted balls in speaker

What To Look For When Buying
* Cabinet fading is common
* There is an original topper for the machine though very few seem to have it installed
* Worn out spinning soccer ball
* Planking is common on this machine
* Wear around the scoops
10 months ago
A weird theme that I have no interest in. The mascot dog is a bit goofy -- yet this is a fun game. My son always had fun with this game and so did his cousins, so they had me play and I get it why they like it. The goal and spinning ball are fun. On my purchase list.
10 months ago
Overall great family pin for home use. Endless hours of entertainment. You won't be disappointed to own WCS.
10 months ago
Friendly and approachable for everyone, lively music and trademark Kitzrow callouts. Decent rules for the era but some things feel unfinished. World Cup Final is a blast and a unique pinball experience. Not the most difficult game but there are remedies. Left flipper magnet is kind of a pinball appendix.
1 year ago
Not necessarily a theme I am drawn to but nice shots, fun multi ball, cool ball lock, and a fun wizard mode make this machine one of my favorites.
1 year ago
I always enjoy playing World Cup Soccer. It's fun and has a great theme and sounds. The spinning soccer ball and goalie are great parts to the game. The theme is a little dated being from the mid-90s, but it's still one I'd like in my collection one day.
1 year ago
I wish more games could integrate a “moving goalie” mech into the playfield as great as WCS. There are some layout and rule “flaws” to this game which do drive me crazy at times, but the overall fun factor and soccer theme bump this game way up the leaderboard for me.
1 year ago
The gameplay is slick. The playfield is bright. I enjoy it overall, but i am justnot too interested in the theme. If you are a soccer fan, however, i could imagine this game would be incredible.
1 year ago
My favorite game ever!!
1 year ago
WC94 is a great game that I have had for a few years now. Created on the heals of the United States hosting the Men’s World Cup the game is hands down the best soccer pin available. The game gives you great joy when a ball is rocketed into the net and the announcer cries out GOAL!!! The game is also deep with building the lock, strikers hideout, challenging teams FTW, travel to cities, hurry ups and more. The artwork is fantastic and an LED kit makes the game pop. If I had any negatives to say about the game it would be 1. The final round hole to start multiball is a difficult shot. 2. The right ramp is equally difficult to hit. 3. The penalty shot, although cool, should rocket out of the hole. Instead it limps slowlie past the goalie. If you’re a sports fan, soccer fan or have kids the play soccer this is a no brained!
1 year ago
Easy to pick up and play. The rules are not that deep but can still be challenging. Expect long game times. This machine is perfect for casual play. The sound and DMD animations are outstanding and really draw you into the game. Super fun!
1 year ago
My first pinball.. easy to understand and easy to finish the final. A must for all the family... its not the most beautiful pinball but it is very fun. You cant regret to own it.
1 year ago
World Cup Soccer is a fantastic machine because of it's approachability for new players and rule set for more seasoned players. My 4 and 6 year old like this game and will just try to score goals the whole time. I like the machine and try to actually advance from city to city. The goalie is a great unique toy, and the spinning soccer ball is neat too. The sound on this is awesome with a big speaker underneath and 2 in the backbox. The animations are also very good for it's time. The music can get a little repetitive and the dog on the backglass is a love it or hate it thing. If you want a pin that's approachable to kids and beginners, and has some staying power for a more advanced player, look no farther.

This machine left my house after a couple of months. This is a very fun machine, but is not really deep enough to hold my attention in a one machine collection. I'd buy this and put it on location in a heartbeat, but upon repeated plays there is only so much to do. Light the ball, hit the ramps, make a goal, travel, hit the ramps, make a goal, get to the world cup. I can see this as being a fantastic game to play competitively in a tournament as it is not very random, but if you are looking for a deep game this is not it. The theme is very family friendly and it is a lot of fun, but I'd look at it as a shallow but simple game, kind of like an easy fish tales as far as depth goes. I'm lowering my rating after ending my honeymoon phase with this machine. This was great for the time, but doesn't hold up as well as some other early 90s machines for depth like the Bally's Widebodies.
1 year ago
Now that I've had this in the rotation for a little while, I would comment as follows:

Women, children, and casuals LOVE this machine. It is very approachable, straightforward, loud, and bright! Very "pretty" game when cleaned and tastefully LED'd. Theme is so-so for me, but gets hot every 4 years, haha!

Being a competitive player, it still has its merits; set it up steep, open the out lanes, wax it, and make sure the soccer ball is grippy (or even reversed if you are glutton for punishment!), and you'll have that "one more game" feel down. The ratio to right out lane drain to right in-lane is probably 10-1 when the lanes are opened. Fresh rubber makes it significantly harder to save balls, as the out lane opening is nearly twice that of the in-lane.

Shopping the game out was a pain, but straightforward. Removing the two, ginormous ramps takes some time, and is necessary to clean/wax the orbits and change out a significant portion of the rubber and to access the pops and rollover lanes. This baby has a LOT of bulbs, if swapping to LEDs is your thing, close to 130 #555 and about 40 #44 if memory serves. Setting the correct flipper bat alignment was a little tricky, even using toothpicks in the holes; my example was missing one of the roll pin inserts and I probably had to readjust the flippers 15 times before they were perfect. Make sure the ball-lock release post is adjusted perfect, or it will not want to release a ball when there are multiple balls in the lock (really only multiplayer games).

Watch out for cracked ramps and plastics, and check the mechanical ball kick outs in the 3 saucers for damage, as they are apparently unobtanium (even though a simple mechanical lever could probably be fabbed up easily). I'd recommend adding protectors and ptfe washers during a shopout, as a lot of the areas will otherwise be inaccessible.

Overall, a really fun game that is approachable to most, and can be set up to play fast and mean. Probably not going anywhere soon, but would be easy to move should that time come. Find a clean, well maintained example, and it will bring years of enjoyment. GOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!
1 year ago
Everytime i'll see it, i'll play, that's for sure. Good times!
There are 232 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 10.

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