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4 months ago
The flag flips are a fun component of this game. A great spinner and lively pops make it a fun player as well. Standup targets are ok, I tend to prefer games that have some sort of drops as well.

Not bad for an EM -- it has the feel of a Solid State in terms of speed and action (which is a good thing!).
5 months ago
As a child I remember playing this machine at the Bowling Alley while my mother bowled. It was a great machine and I loved playing it. As an adult I bought the machine for the memories it brought back. Lets just say, I should have kept the memories as memories, the game isn't as grand as I remember. The art work is very good, and the machine has an exciting allure, but the game play is boring and repetitive. The flip over flag design takes up a lot of valuable space that could have been used for other more exciting features.
2 years ago
Great Christensen artwork but really only a fair layout in my opinion. The main issue for me is that there’s really not much to shoot for from the left flipper, so you end up trying to pass the ball from left to right frequently. An iconic game from a cultural sense and for the art, it’s worth having in a larger collection but there are many better games in this era from a playability standpoint.
2 years ago
Wizard! is a game that remains relevant because of theme and artwork alone. At one point I thought I liked the game, and the integration of the "flag flipping" feature, but then I played Bally's Flip Flop, which is twice the game that Wizard is, and is not nearly as canonized as this "Tommy" based pinball machine. Dave Christensen is at his best here in the art department, walking the line between trippy psychedelic and hard-edged rock. Wizard is a watershed game and an important landmark in pinball history, but there were certainly games that played a whole lot better than this one did. Perhaps this was the point where the worm turned--who cares what the game plays like as long as there is a killer theme and a flashy art package.
2 years ago
not much to shot for from the left flipper. another great spinner game.
2 years ago
One of my favorite EM shots. Hit the spinner, into the kick out hole and flip over the 4 flags... Awesome feeling!
2 years ago
The predominant reason this machine holds its value and interest is the artwork and "flip flag" feature.
Last EM game to have the knocker in the lower cabinet.
Pop bumper spacing leads to some interesting trajectories from the left orbit shot.
It is solid EM with a competent ruleset of its day.
However, it certainly is NOT a game you would want to use in the tournament as the game score rolls over way too easily.
High end restorations easily fetch $4500.

I am not sure why people state you have to like "The Who" or "Tommy", as the game stands on its own merits.
If you only like SS, then you won't understand what the game has to offer anyway.
Perfect game partner to Captain Fantastic.
2 years ago
old school but interesting...
2 years ago
A classic. You can't go wrong!
3 years ago
Fun and challenging. Superb backglass. Love to hear the bonus countdown.
3 years ago
Great game! A must have for EM freaks! Backglas is a peace of art history.
3 years ago
This is a great em. Very fun to play.
3 years ago
I like innovative mechs on playfields, so the flip flags on the right pf are the saving grace for what was a rather dull playing experience. And, even though the art is "Tommy-esque", I've seen better. Not a lot to say about Wizard!'s play other than that it plays like a regular ol' run-of-the-mill EM.

If you're a fan of The Who and the rock opera Tommy, then of course you'll want to hit start a few times on this machine just to say that you have. I wouldn't want to let it take up space in a collection where so many other really fun EMs could be.
3 years ago
One of the first em games i owned, and i regret selling it. A fun game, it definately kept me coming back for more. I personally like the artwork on the glass a lot on this one
4 years ago
Wizard is definitely one of the better EMs, and certainly at the top of its era. Asymmetrical layout, lots to do, a great spinner, the flippy flags, very complex for an EM. Double Bonus is very important. I wish the left flipper had a better shot. Your choices are the death target, a second death target, and Flag 4. Once you hit flag 4 you're better off tapping it over to the right every time. I'm not smart enough to think of a way it could be redesigned. Great game regardless. The game never feels unfair.
4 years ago
An EM I want to hold on to. That backglass is just epic. The flag flipping is cool, and there's a variety of shots to make.

I'm a fan of this machine relative to its time and era.
4 years ago
this game has to be in top 50,verry addictif and fun.a piece off art.
after 1 year; its still a favorit and i play it almost every day!!!!!
4 years ago
Popular Science ranked this game as one of the "8 Most Influential Pinball Machines of All-Time"... The first to license film rights ("Tommy") this game, with it's stunning retro-hip Mad Dog artwork is an iconic time capsule of mid-70's pinball. While the game achieves aesthetic perfection, you have to review it against others of that era to appreciate the game itself which is outstanding for an EM. Simple yet compelling. Highly recommend if you can find a good field and glass.
5 years ago
Classic pinball at it's best. Good art work on Pf and BG. Some good skill shots, just an all around fun game to play, can be a bit slow when neglected.
5 years ago
Wizard is an ageless classic. Super sexy 70's Mad Dog art and with mostly engaging features. The flip flags are great making the player earn the bonuses by creating two stages; flip the flags THEN get the roll overs. The upper kick out hole is where the game is won and it takes touch and or bumping to nail it. The down side of the machine is the left flipper doesn't really have much to do except pass to the right flipper . Occasionally the left can hit the spinner lane up to the kick out hole but it's rare. The one target set up for the left is a suckers shot which often results in a drain. All in all this machine is a blast and keeps one coming back! It's a must to turn the tilt way down to allow aggressive bumping to save the ball from the side drains. Awesome sauce!
5 years ago
Gimme one of these with a good spinner and I could play for hours!!
5 years ago
Nice layout and the flag flipping is something I have never seen before...a welcome addition! Like the artwork, especially the backglass.
6 years ago
I think one needs to evaluate this within the context of other EM tables of its type and era. (The same principle would apply to any pinball game.) Overall, and particularly from that standpoint, I think this must be considered at least in the top tier of 1970s EM. Perhaps not one of the very best, but up there, certainly. That Left Alley (Orbit) shot is justifiably famous, trying to keep the ball in the playfield's upper 1/4 and maneuver it back to the kickout hole again does not seem to get old for me. Neither does trying to rack up enough bonus points to light shots for Extra Ball and Special When Lit. Has a couple of hard-to-resist "Sucker" target shots that are very apt to drain on the bounce-back, unless you have a very soft touch or can find the right angle to get them.

Artwork is rather a positive, though not really decisive, either way.

For me, the bar is set pretty high to attain "long-term Keeper" status, but I think this one will probably make it.
6 years ago
This is more a looker than a player. Has always been a curious one for me. I own one, looks and plays great, but is it that good? Not really is my answer. It's iconic with the Mad Dog artwork and vivid colours, but will it last the test of time? Perhaps? It's certainly a tough game and can often be very mean.
6 years ago
Like playing it have 4 others keep coming back love it
There are 32 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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