Wizard of Oz

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Found 411 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 411 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 years ago
I'm torn on this one. I don't really love the theme, but I knew it was one my wife may enjoy. I have had it for about a year now, its overall build quality is good and could be great but the board issues is a problem. I have the 5.5 volt boards and I'm starting to have problems. JJP should have just sent out new boards to all owners. The game is regularly updated which is great, it has gotten better. I will keep it as my wife really likes it but I find the "cheap build" Sterns I enjoy way more, Metallica, AC/DC, Star Trek blow Wizard of Oz game play out of the water at least for me. This game shines on material quality that is play field, cabinet, and the attention to detail on these., just those pesky boards hold it back. However for a first machine JJP did a great job
3 years ago
The cabinet artwork on the LE is top notch. The multicolored LED playfield lighting is beautifully done. The implementation of completing the outlane objective(s) and being able to get your ball back is a nice touch and adds extra fun into the game. Of course the LCD in the backglass is very nice, so much better to look at and get info from than the traditional red dot displays.
3 years ago
Unreal just wish I could afford one
3 years ago
75th LE #137. Awesome game!!
3 years ago
overall this pin is outstanding
don't let the theme turn you off - it is used in thoughtful and creative ways
the fun quotient of this pin is sky high
if I had to pick a criticism - music gets repetitive but
it will go down as one of the greats
3 years ago
I played this game in New York, really is the best modern pinball ever. It has everything, the lights, the music, is fun, great theme. This is definitly one of my top 5!
3 years ago
The LCD is a nifty idea, but it's really for the audience. I've never had time to watch it while I am playing. The theme while well done is not anything I am interested in and so that diminishes the awesome toys and light show a bit for me.
3 years ago
I've owned the game for 1 year now, and still loving it. The rules have come along to a stage where you know what to aim for and when, you can stack your multiballs for huge points (and sounds), and play the side game (horse of a different color) if you choose. I know the theme annoys some, but with 3 little girls and a wife that adore the movie, the theme is well integrated and loved. I have it next to TZ, and I would say both play similarly - wide body, occasional stop start, but a deep rule set. The lights and LCD set this game apart from my other 12 machines, and it will be a keeper for a very long time.
3 years ago
pretty good. had lots of great lights sound and animations.
3 years ago
I unboxed my WOZ 75 just a few days ago and must say I am really impressed. I can't say that the original WOZ movie is one of my favorites but JJP did a fantastic job in converting the theme into a pinball machine. There are a lot of shots . The gameplay is not as fast as some of the recent sterns but it still allows for some combo shots. And a lot of variety! Gamerules are epic. Always is something new happening. The LCD screen is fantastic and they did a great job with the animations. Also love the way that you can use the screen for diagnostics or even reading the manual. I m very impressed about the lighting as well. Every Multiball has it's own unique lighting. One looks like fire others like a rainbow. One of the main themes is obviously "Over the Rainbow". And when the machine lights up in rainbow colors... wow. you kind of forget to play the ball. One downside for me was the factory installed play field protector. There's quite some dust and dirt below it. And you just don't want your new machine look dusty, right? So I am thinking about removing it already. A lot of people complain that the GI on WOZ is too dark. But I don't see that. The LED lighting fits perfectly to what happens during gameplay. So JJP did really a fantastic job on their first table. It will be really hard for TH to keep up with that.
3 years ago
Great game to stand back and just take it all in. Almost mesmerizing. This game just pops out in the line up and says "Start here, I'm bright and shiny with new ideas--these other pins are not like me..." OK, you got me, but start playing and that all becomes secondary. Poorly placed (and dim) GI, confusing monitor animations, cluttered playfield, slow game play, are all negative distractions. Worst distraction--the ball is hidden from view nearly as often as it is visible (either by playfield objects or by lack of lighting). You think a game like CFTBL has the ball hidden too much at the back of the playfield--wait 'til you play this! There is a lot to do--maybe too much to do. You'd have to really like the theme and be willing to spend a lot of time (and money) to really be able to enjoy more than the beauty of it. And by all means this game is beautiful, but the negatives outweigh the positives for me. If I were a fan of the theme, I'm sure I'd rate this higher. Even so, this one just does not interest me to own or to pop quarters into at the arcade.
3 years ago
Easily the best pin I have ever played... Exceptionally high quality feel. My kids loved it! We haven't stopped talking about it and we can't wait to play it again!

My opinion: It's all the high-tech wiz-bang of a modern day Las Vegas video slot machine married to state-of-the-art mechanics of a high-end pinball machine.

It is the best-of-the-best.

The 'only' downside is its price... $8k to $9k USD is way more that I want to spend on a single game.
3 years ago
Love this game. Did not think i would like it based on the theme but it was well executed. Sound and music perfect. So colorful and so much going on i wanted to play it over and over.
3 years ago
Impressed that there is a new pinball company. This machine is one that you might play before you buy, I guess in part because not everyone is a WOZ fan. The theme is classic vs. flash in the pan and that could work for, or against opinions of the machine. Everything felt solid and fairly well constructed. The screen was bright and a little difficult to understand. As far as the play-field, it looks good and has a different design than a lot of the games out today. The ball maybe seems a little slower than ultra-fast games of yore. A different game by a different company, a whole catalog of them will make sense.
3 years ago
I own a WOZ and 'wanted to wait for some time before a review .
so here it is: The quality is the best and the light show awesome. The mini playfields I could do without but they are OK - I'm just saying I personally prefer a cleaner playfield. If I could own only one machine this or another JJP offering would be it. JJP has an attention to quality next to nobody. This is not just another machine but a new platform and as such there were kinks - the Hobbit should go much more smoothly. Personally my only problem was a small screw missing from one of the switches. Getting away from the system 11 type games and going to a computer based pin gives WOZ a quantum leap in what it can do. This games has the potential to become "new" again 10 years from now with simple (for us) code updates. Game play is very complicated and I still have a lot to learn but this keeps the game exciting for me. This music which is annoying if you listen only to Youtube clips is really pretty good in real life. The light show as well. I'm a satisfied owner - JJP delivered more than promised.
3 years ago
When you first play it you're blown away by the quality and "feel". Easy game to get going but very difficult to have any idea whats going on. Lots of variety, but not allot of flow.
4 years ago
highest quality pinball ever nade. A lot of fun to play, latest softwarecode its it out of the pak. Jack did a great job easily better than almost every pinball to date, this game is a must have , amazing work and most of all a lot of fun.
4 years ago
I don’t have a lot of time on this, and don’t like rating games I don’t know well. Ratings on this will, and should change as the rules get better. We know Keefer will make the end result awesome, and it appears at this time they are pretty solid.

I’m not a huge fan of the layout, not awful, but I think the direction they decided for the Hobbit is more indicative of this aspect of an improvement over the WOZ layout.

Lighting was a hard one to rate, extremely poor GI with extremely awesome controlled. Controlled is stunning, and makes it a “good” for me.

I will have one in the future, once all the bugs are worked out and all the code is done.
4 years ago
WOZ is a very good first attempt from JJP. The game is beautiful and has that old Bally / Williams feel to it. The quality of the build of this machine is amazing. The cabinet , play field and sound is top notch. The game is fun to play, I just only wish that Jack would have picked a way more " cooler" theme. I own the game but will probably replace it with one of Jacks other new releases in the future just because of the theme itself. I am just not a fan of the movie.
4 years ago
I thought it was funnier than twilight. Smooth game. Nice upper playfield action
4 years ago
I expected big things, but it was only OK.
4 years ago
Wizard of Oz is a game I wish I liked more. After all, the theme is very tightly integrated into the design, and the game itself breaks a lot of new technological ground. Just looking at WOZ is a treat in and of itself, with the fully animated backglass, the gorgeous gloss of the cabinet and trim, and those color-changing LEDs that are in a completely different league from anything else ever put in a pinball game. When these things are fast cycling through their colors, it looks like the whole playfield is shimmering. If there's one thing to be said about Jersey Jack's first effort, it's that nobody can doubt their ability to design a beautiful game.

Unfortunately, some beauty is only skin-deep, and after you get past the honeymoon with WOZ, it's hard not to notice the flaws in the design that hold this back from being a truly timeless classic in terms of gameplay.

It's not that WOZ is terrible, but there just really isn't a lot of flow, and a lot of the shots seem like dead ends, with no real opportunity for making combos, or an easy way to hit the next logical shot. Examples of this are the RAINBOW targets, which send the ball careening over to the left where they can hit any number of objects that will send the ball on an unpredictable path back down the playfield. The witch hurry-up shot, which is critical to advancing is another one of these problem shots in that the rebound can literally go anywhere. The one real combo option in the game (right ramp to right orbit) is hindered by the fact that a hurry-up is often lit, which catches the ball on the magnet above the rollover lanes instead of letting it loop around to the pop bumpers (and hopefully the haunted scoring collect), meaning that getting a haunted mode started either relies on a biffed left loop shot or an incredibly tight upper flipper shot. The crystal ball modes are also lucrative, but hitting the BALL targets (especially the B) is just asking for trouble since the left outlane is incredibly greedy, and there's really no great way to hit the B from the right flipper, meaning you pretty much have to rely upon a carom from another shot.

That said, the multiballs are clever, though again, the character collects for the Lion and Tin Man are not exactly shots you want to make, because they don't feed the flippers or another shot, so you usually collect them randomly. The music and light shows during multiball are great, though, and are a nice change of pace from the main theme.

The scoring is also fairly unbalanced, even in 4.1. Pretty much every inlane feed will light a hurry-up, but none of them are worth a lot of points. In fact, most shots aren't worth much unless you've got a crystal ball mode running, which again relies on a fair amount of randomness. I can keep a ball alive for 5 minutes and score 50x less than I do with one good shot when I've got Lights On stacked with Multiball.

The ability to rescue your ball from an outlane drain is very novel, and welcome, since the outlanes are very greedy. There's No Place Like Home is fairly difficult, compared to TOTO, and that's a shame, since the left outlane is situated right below the BALL targets and the ball doesn't always hit the pop bumper on its way down. It makes it difficult to want to go for the crystal ball. Another gripe is that the feeds from the autoplunge aren't predictable, and the timer keeps running even when your ball is stuck in the pops.

Aside from the two center shots, nothing is easily backhanded in the game, and the posts are just a little too far out to make a post pass a reasonable option. That leaves you to making shots that you hope will carom to the other flipper, which, combined with the way the ball hangs on a hurry up, really robs the game of flow.

Am I glad I own a WOZ? Yes. For a collector, this is an important part of pinball history, and my guests love playing it. It takes a long time for the casual player to realize the flaws in the design, and despite all of the gripes above, it's still fun to play. Will it be a daily player like AC/DC or Medieval Madness? No. But it's a nice showpiece that will be good for the occasional game.
4 years ago
Love the movie ,, Would've Loved to have nail'd Dorothy back N the day . WOZ EC LE is Such a unique Pin N Every way .. JJP used ( almost ) every brain cell designing this Pin . My only gripe is the continuous music theme that play's over & Over .. It can burn a Hole in yr Think-n Cap !! I'm Outta here ,, B_R
4 years ago
This machine is a game changer for the industry. JJP pulled off something really incredible with WOZ. It's beautiful, and very impressive. It draws in non-pinheads in a way that I've never seen another pin do. I don't think that's JUST about the LCD either. It's just SO bright, and shiny! My only criticism of this game is that there is very little flow to it. Flow shots, and fast combos are very important to me, and this game almost completely lacks that. It's much more clunky. Stop and start kind of action. The depth of the rules is absolutely mind-boggling. Destroying the Witch is an amazing feeling. The entire machine transforms in to a green seething threat... It's really something to experience. It's akin to Kilngon Multiball on the STLE, until you play it for yourself, you have no idea how immersive it actually is. I feel lucky to have this one in my collection, but a don't play it a softie as I thought I would. The speed, and excitement of MET and STLE keep grabbing my attention.
4 years ago
I don't know that I'd want to own one, but this game really changes... well... the game! It's the first release from Jersey Jack, and the first innovative pinball that pushes the technology to a new level since Bally/Williams closed in 1999 and is probably a big part of the reason for the pinball resurgence we're currently experiencing.

My only complaint about the game is that scoring seems really lopsided. You can keep a ball in play for 10 minutes and earn basically no points for it, whereas on the next ball by making a single shot you accrue more points than the previous 10 minute ball.

Stern should learn from this... you can't make the same old thing with bad artwork for decades on end and expect people to remain interested in your product.
There are 411 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 9 of 17.

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