Wizard of Oz

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Found 411 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 411 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 years ago
I believe with the software updates that this pin will be one of the best ever made. Great machine!!
5 years ago
First things first... I only played 2 games on this table, so I kind of fixed my rating to be right in line with the average, because I wanted to comment on it, rather than rate it. It is a beautiful piece of art, quite possibly, the nicest I have seen.

I have 50 years experience playing pins, and YES, I am a Wizard! I play mostly EM'a at the Silverball, and really did not intend to even try this one out. However, the staff down there all know me well, and I was asked to give it a try, and offer my opinion on it. Although I do not like modern games in general, it doesn't bias my view, because they are what they are, and by design, they are not intended for players like me to salivate over.

The first thing I noticed is that the left outlane drain was unforgiving, and downright punishing. The next thing to catch my attention, was when I was told that I had ONE shot to save Toto. I thought that my failure to accomplish this task would just cost me a big juicy one-time bonus score. Imagine my SHOCK, when I didn't make the shot, and I was PUNISHED by the flippers going dead, and the device TAKING the ball from me. I might as well have picked my end up in the air 2 feet and dropped it... same result.

New York kind of had it right, when they declared pins to be gambling devices. Although they don't kick out cash, how much you pay for the time you play is directly related to your skill level. Not to mention that you can sell your games off to some bright-eyed kid, at a serious discount, and still walk away with a few extra quarters in your pocket.

The machines have a list of rules and a summary of how the game is played, which you are welcome to read before you put any money in it. There have been a lot of machines I didn't play over the years, because I was not going to ... ahem... gamble.. under the guidelines that were presented to me. This is one of those cases. ALL pins are designed to PUNISH you through missed opportunities, and ill-advised shots, which will cost you score, and/or a quick drain. However, to have a machine tell me that my failure to make ONE shot, AUTOMATICALLY costs me my ball through the process of disabling my flippers???!!! THAT is a deal breaker! So even though I'm playing a machine that is set on free play, in the back of my mind, I'm always thinking of how much money it would be costing me, if I were pumping it in.

And a deal breaker is just that... A deal breaker! So that will end my review and comment, because I will NEVER play this machine again, regardless of how beautiful it is.

6/22/2013 KAYTROX
5 years ago
Now my fifth time rating this game. I've now had a bunch of time on the title and really feel this is either the best or second best wide body game ever made (TZ is right up there with it). Certainly plays fast with how I have it set up.

I'm not a fan of the theme but the theme integration is some of the best in pinball. The music is not so bad, but could have used more verity...it is repetitive. This is a shooters pin. I highly recommend this game to people who were on the fence due to the theme, it's cool.
5 years ago
Love my ECLEWOZ.
5 years ago
I have never rated a game this high! Outstanding video, playfield lighting, GI , and sound. Great complexity using 4 parameters of sequential challenge displayed on a 26 inch LCD screen imbedded into the back-glass. Video of the 1939 classic film is essential to the total (toto) interactive experience. This is a game changer! The rest of the industry will follow Jersey Jack on this one. I have owned the game 2 years now, it never gets old, I've just grown to appreciate it more as time and software updates go by.
5 years ago
Played the beta version at Nickle City in San Diego.
5 years ago
pinball for the 21st centry
5 years ago
First off this game is built like a tank and you can tell the quality and effort that went into the title. Very cool lighting effects and lots of innovative tech on the game. Guys just changed my rating on this title I urge you to try this game out with the new code because it rocks.
5 years ago
you must play this game. jjp is the future of pinball.
5 years ago
First, I own this game (#62). I have one of the first games delivered. I have had it about a week so this review can't be compete. To be fair, no ones review should be objectively complete at this point. I am very very happy with the game. As with all my reviews, I don't know what score comes out of my ratings util after I type this. :)
I gave the back glass 6/6. It's an LCD and I think it's revolutionary. I can appreciate how others would consider it 1/6. That's why it's called an opinion.
I gave the game rules a 4/6. I like the game, but today the code is not complete. I don't think it would be fair to give higher than 4/6.
Overall, the game is wonderful. It is truly a modern day TZ. It has also been compared to Pin 2k. To me it's better and more in the right direction. I don't care for the video projected over the playfiled in Pin 2K, but I love the enhanced animations of the WOZ platform.
Overall, thumbs way up. I will add/edit this review in a few months.
5 years ago
A great debute from JJP. With a few code updates, this game can be easily considered a top ten pin.
5 years ago
Not sure about the display, much prefer a backglass. To be fair couldn't work out what to do, looks stunning.
5 years ago
Its an early review and I have only played it a few times. The only thing I can really say about this pin is the quality level is unmatched. It is built wonderfully! Other than that its just ok. I wasn't a fan of the theme and I hate the fact that there is no backglass. I think that a huge part of a pinball machine... make the dsiplay smaller and keep a nice backglass. The display is cool in a way but takes away from what pinball really should be. With future code it will improve but it is one that I will probably never own. At least I can honestly say that I have rated this title as fairly as I can to date unlike so many others. This pin does not deserve a 1 and it does not deserve a 10! If you are one of the many that rated it like this you are part of the rating system problem... Shame on you!
5 years ago
(Obviously this review will be changing overtime as more of the code is updated)

I consider myself very lucky that I live close by to a place that does have this game on location and is very much taken care of and run right. (Stangbat, you're one of the greatest!) Because of that, I do think it is very fair I can review this machine, even as the code updates keep coming.

Simply put, JJP hits it out of the park with this one. Gorgeous to look at all around, the LCD is awesome. It is nice to see pinball finally entering the 21st century. Gimmicks are everywhere in this one, 2 mini playfields, spinning house, magnets everywhere, etc. JJP certainly knows how to make an entrance, and they clearly went all out with this one. Gameplay is incredibly deep, maybe a little bit too much. From the looks of things, it will take you at least 30 minutes to reach Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Theme and the call outs are the 2 real negative things I see with WoZ. As a long time Kansan, I've been sick of Oz references for years, and this machine clearly doesn't help that. But I have to admit, Wizard really does make for a good pinball theme, it is a timeless classic movie, lest we forget that.

So at the moment, loving it so far! Here is to hoping that JJP is around for a very long time.
5 years ago
even if the game is being updated ( not really finish) the potential of this pinball is quite terrible !
playfield, ligthing, original gadgets never seen is the fact of this pinball must be a really revolution !
5 years ago
I still don't like the theme. It's to tacky, but what a game it is.
I got this game to see what JJP got. And wanted to sell it shortly after again. Didn't thought it would be a keeper. But I still have it and to play it is more fun then ever.
With 4.0 this game shines like a star! The first few month I thought the witch was placed wrong for a bash toy, now after 4.0 makes it harder to hit her and you have to use the right flipper to do it. Now it's like it should be. Hard but fair.
I don't like miniplayfields, even on AC/DC I think they are boring. That's not the case with the two in WOZ, but it took some time to balance the rules and settings out so that they are difficult but fun to play. Now I realy like how they are.
Yes, I still think the GI is to dark, even after all the updates. But I solved this with a few mods. And the lightshow after 4.0 is the best I have ever seen. Only Metallica comes close to it. It's a new generation of pinball games!! The first JJP game is better than the best STERNs, can't wait for JJPs next games.
5 years ago
Deepest game ever design. Four years of blood sweat and tears went into its development and it shows. This game competes with TZ to be the centerpiece of any collection.
5 years ago
Played several games and only thing missing is deep code.
5 years ago
Until my LE gets here (hopefully soon) I'm rating based on the games I've played at shows. More in depth rating later...
...UPDATE - still waiting but for mine to get here, but from what I've seen, she's looking great. Can't wait to get some real time on mine and give a real solid review.
5 years ago
This is a groundbreaking, truly original game. It kicks my ass, but I love it? When code is done, I will rate again. Thank God for JJ.
5 years ago
Spent 3 hours playing WOZ with version 1.14 software and love where this game is heading. Fantastic layout, unique rules, great art and theme integration. i really think once the software is complete this game could be one of the best pins ever made!
5 years ago
Beautiful machine, super fun to play. A real winner Jack!
5 years ago

OK so the rules have improved tremendously since my first incredibly negative experience with WOZ and now that I have a better understanding of the game, I'm starting to respect it more and more even if I do dislike many of the aspects of the game. The rules are very complicated and in a recent PAPA broadcast the programmer Keith Johnson hinted that you would need to put in a lot of play time to understand the game fully. The display is hinting at the main objectives of the game but, there seems to be so much more it doesn't allude to. This is great for someone who owns the game because you unearth deeper and deeper levels of the game. For casual players or those playing in tournaments it can be frustrating. After one of my friends qualifying games in A division, which was extremely impressive and the second highest score of the weekend, Keith Johnson asked him if he knew the orbit was lit for a 50x jackpot. Of course my friend had no idea and Im not sure how he would have with so much information being thrown at him and the fact that its very difficult to get any sort of pertinent information from the screen especially during multiball. I think this is my biggest gripe with WOZ at this point and sort of the same reason I ended up selling my TSPP. There's just so much going on and so much to do that it becomes extremely difficult to inform the player of everything thats going on and things to shoot at on the playfield. It becomes even more difficult because as a designer what information is more important to a player? How many games have you played where the game is telling you to do one thing but, from a strategic stand point that objective either doesn't make sense or is to risky so you ignore it. I still don't enjoy the music and theme of the game but, I will say this game deserves the praise that it receives.

UPDATE The WOZ debacle continues at Pinballz. The great WOZ returned to the floor with a new upgraded light "board" not board(s) and a disabled crystal ball. So you can't see into the future just yet, but I'm pretty sure I didn't need a crystal ball to predict that more failures were just around the corner.

So this time we were able to play WOZ for maybe three days before a different light board went completely dark. Another issue, which I'm sure doesn't help the light board itself, is that lights will be permanently on until some one notices and power cycles the game. Since, LED lights consume less power and create less heat than normal bulbs its probably not a huge issue in general, but the light boards are defective from the factory so it probably doesn't help either. So currently, the game remains on the floor and turned off. I'm not sure why its turned off because I've played it without most of the yellow brick road inserts, lion and wizard scoop lights and found it to be playable. It's just JJP's way of teaching you to read the LCD display.

UPDATE Pinballz arcade in Austin Tx recently purchased a WOZLE. Finally a chance to really get to understand the games rules and hopefully pass judgement on this machine once and for all or so I thought.

The game was on the floor for about two days before strange issues started popping up. I was only able to play it six or so times on one afternoon before it disappeared from the game floor. On one occasion, I had put my tokens in ($1.25) and the LCD was totally blank as well as the game lights. Somehow pushing start still allowed me to play but, I thought the machine had gone dead. Apparently the next day people started experiencing random resets, blue screens of death, weird game malfunctions, insert lights going out *5v lamp board dead* until they were forced to haul it into the workshop. I spoke to the tech and he said now whenever the crystal ball displays a video the game crashes.

A lot of people in the forums were claiming that JJP was adhering to a new, higher standard of quality in their game. Unfortunately, it seems the exact opposite is true. Even for those that have not experienced a catastrophic failure like pinballz has, many are familiar with the lamp board failures. The hardware shipped with woz is defective. The boards will fail and from what I understand the boards are wired in serial. If the first board in a chain of boards dies, all of the inserts remaining in the chain also stop lighting. The good part is that JJP covers board failure under warranty and sends out replacements which are an updated design solving the issue for that board "permanently" The bad news is that they will not replace all of the boards even though they are defective and will absolutely fail sometime in the future.

I think JJP has a lot of potential but they've made some critical decision making errors along the way. I can't imagine the company is well off financially at this point after investing time and money into R&D, manufacturing, facilities only to have to suck up the cost of replacing a few thousand lamp boards. WOZ does appeal to many and I really hope that the Hobbit is an astonishing gams. Otherwise we may see JJP close its doors like so many pinball makers in the past.

UPDATE from HAAG show. Someone that I respect, especially when it comes to pinball, told me after I play the new code version I will be impressed by WOZ. Well much to my surprise someone brought their WOZ to the last HAAG show. I'm not sure what version it was but, it did have some improvements when compared to the earlier version of the game I had played at TPF. Unfortunately, I discovered a new more glaring issue. THE LED'S IN THE INSERTS ARE INSANELY BRIGHT!!!

Hanks LED flipper fingers are nothing compared to the amount of light coming out of the insert lights. The first time I played WOZ at TPF, the ambient light of the convention area or maybe the code version made this issue less obvious. At HAAG however, most of the game floor was dimly lit which can be a problem for people who have modded their games with LED's or a brand new game called WOZ. WOZ is a perfect example of why there are a group of people that do not like LED's. I had eye strain before I had played two games with a friend. The GI is barely there but, the inserts are as bright as the sun and there are a LOT of inserts on the playfield. At one point during some part of the game, all of the inserts started pulsing in yellow and I screamed, "TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO TO MAKE IT STOP!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!." Of course I was joking with my friend but, they've gone overboard.

I will have to play WOZ yet again before I can truly say I've experienced it in all of its glory. So far WOZ hasn't shown me anything that I've enjoyed and now on top of everything I think I might need to get my eyes examined.

I played this game in TPF tournament which was a mistake in the first place and the game didn't have finished code. My biggest problem is the ridiculous placement of the character rollover switches which at the time you need to hit in order to get locks for MB. The scarecrow shot at least lines up with the ramp shot. The Lion shot and tinman shots are in weird places that end up sending the ball in random places after you shoot them. The upper playfield seemed ok and the house loop was kinda cool. Looks great but the theme kills it for me. I dont want to hear the stupid wizard of oz theme repeated in different variations throughout the game. The LCD is segmented into 4 different areas during MB. I found this to be confusing because I started going after the wrong goals during MB because I was focusing on the wrong 1/4 of the display. In its current state, there is no way this game belongs on the top 100.
5 years ago
I'm rating this pin on my somewhat limited play time on a pin that's not 100% coded. I must say that even as the pin is now it is a fantastic playing and visually stimulating machine. The pin is a real work of art both in design and function that will only get better as the code evolves and is updated. Great theme, great pin all around.
5 years ago
Absolutely a fun game It is great to have Jersey Jack Pinball as a new pinball company as they will continue to make pinball the next generation I love the giant video DMD it definitely has a feel to the game and the colorful bright leds to the game I hope to play this game more
There are 411 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 16 of 17.

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