Wizard of Oz

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Game design: 8.337

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Other Aspects: 8.21

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Found 411 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 411 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 years ago
Probably the most eye appealing machine ever built. But its not for me. Narrow playfield. Sides are jammed. Love the tree bumpers. A lot of breaks in the flow. I don't like small flipper because the area in front of it is hidden so You can't use it effectively. I hate the drains. Bumper is annoying in left drain because its rare it shoots ball back up. Feels like extra wide out lanes are there just for the rollovers.
Too much animation, I'm busy concentrating on playfield. Some people love it, some hate it, its just not for me.
4 years ago
Beautiful game. Worth the wait.
4 years ago
Played WOZ over the weekend and I had a blast!The gameplay was so much fun.The playfield is really cool.Its has lots of good shots to shoot for.It has some really nice toys and the lighting was awesome.Add the sound and the LCD head to it and it makes me want one!
4 years ago
This machine is very beautiful and I appreciate how different it is in feel, aesthetics, rules...everything! It's exciting to see something out of the ordinary. I am a sucker for the rainbow lights and pretty artwork. I am not an advanced enough player, nor have I had enough time with this machine, to really have an informed opinion about the more complex aspects of its rules and play.
4 years ago
Good first attempt, too much happening on field and on the display, have to look up too much and always loose the ball....
4 years ago
Very fun and innovative pinball to bad it's taking so long for buyers to receive ther games
4 years ago
Good first attempt by JJP.

Basically what hurts the game: Flashing inserts (if working at all), repetitive music and features/rules that are so complex 99% of the pinball public won't see them. Rescue gets boring quick if you don't complete everything in one or two tries. Complete rainbow to enjoy the spinning house is tedious since 2 targets cannot be hit by a flipper.
4 years ago
Wizard of Oz is a really great pinball machine. An awesome first outing for JJP. Putting aside the technical issues some have had (which I did not), the machine is built like a tank. Lots of cool, fun toys. Game is really fun to play and the code (as of 3.0) is excellent! For me, the only real negative is the theme. I actually didn't think I would mind the theme, but after a couple hundred games I was getting really sick of the WOZ music. The voice actors (especially Dorothy) are pretty bad. If you like the theme and can afford one I would say you need to own this pin!

12/22/2016 UPDATE: Since my original review in 2014, I have brought WoZ back into my collection (the only game I have ever brought back up to this point). The code is more polished now and after having some other games in my collection over the last couple years I really appreciate this game ever more. I originally let it go because of theme, and maybe it will start to get to me again, but as of now it hasn't bothered me one bit (it feels like the call outs and music are a little more varied now). The game is so fun - with so many cool and unique toys, and a super deep ruleset. I am really really enjoying the game more than ever.
4 years ago
Tried to love this game but could not. Wizard of oz music was getting to the point it was making my ears bleed. On and on and on. The gameplay could not make up for this. You better love that title song if you are going to keep this one in your collection
4 years ago
I played this at the pinball museum up in Jersey, and after about 2 balls I had to walk away. It's a beautiful machine and plays well, but there's too much going on. I really liked how the back glass showed parts of the movie though.
4 years ago
Deep, beautiful, and has one of the best lighting shows (ok, the best) in all of pinball. I also like the throwback to lower scores where if you break 10000 your first time, you feel like you have achieved something. For a modern game, this game is feature packed -- wide body, lots of flippers, multiple upper playfields, magnets, LCD screen, etc. While expensive, it does deliver and keep me entertained wanting to progress further and further into the game.
4 years ago
Beautiful overall game (check out those red slippers!)
Multi-level play field
Excellent theme

Unforgiving playfield (easy drains)
Missing lights on yellow brick road easy to notice
4 years ago
I've owned this game for about 3 and half months now and figured it was time to rate it. First of all, this thing is built like a tank, as solid as any B/W game I've played. I absolutely love the build quality and feel of the game. The light show and LCD are amazing The game play is very fun. It's very much a stop and go game along the lines of TZ. Not much flow. The ruleset is very deep and is now complete with the 3.0 code. It's still a little confusing just looking at the maps on the LCD trying to figure out what to do. The flowchart that has been made is very helpful, as are the other rule sheets out there.

This is a great game for the home. It's going to attract guests because of the light show and LCD. The ruleset is deep, which helps it say interesting. It's not an easy game either. I can't see achieving SWOTR without taking the glass off.

Anyway, it's a great game. Here's a link to my initial Pinside thread with pics and a comparison to STLE:
4 years ago
I have played around 30 credits on WOZ split about half before and half after the most recent software update.

Feel: So far, I am not impressed with the feel of the machine. It simply feels clunky. There was all this talk of JJP using Williams parts, but the game doesn't feel like a B/W machine or a Stern machine. The arcade where I play WOZ has a very nice Space Jam and WOZ kind of feels like that with all of that open space and stand up targets everywhere.

Layout: For a wide body there aren't that many shots to shoot for with any of the flippers. The layout is clearly influenced by both TSPP and TZ, but the shots are not as satisfying, nor as plentiful. The two center shots also feel too repeatable.

Toys/features: This pin definitely has a severe case of more is more. The spinning house is cool, but it is a one-shot upper playfield. I remember when people complained about the lower playfield on AC/DC not having any shots and this has ONE. The flying monkey felt as annoying as the hand in TAF after the second or third time. Just get on with it already. The globe LCD display (or whatever) adds nothing during play. The pop bumper in the outlane is also neat, but really adds very little to actual play.

The biggest change from a traditional pin is the LCD in the backbox. Most of the animations are well done, but once again adds NOTHING to the player. It makes the game look more modern and makes watching someone play slightly more interesting, but it actually makes seeing the score and the goals harder for the player compared with a DMD. I think a small LCD display in the playfield would have been a benefit to the player in terms of goals, score, etc.

Rules: I am hoping this turns into a TSPP/TZ game eventually, but now it feels far too simple. If they wanted to appeal to kids and casual players maybe they should have copied MM instead of TZ.

Theme: I like the movie a lot. I have seen it many, many times. I am not crazy about the theme as a pinball machine. It feels too cutesy or something. The pin doesn't capture the feel of a retro theme. I can't quite put my finger on it.

Artwork: Much was made of this game not using photoshopped art, but the playfield, while painted by an artist, still feels cluttered and photoshopped. I can feel the style guide of the WOZ people at work.

Jack talked a big game, but in most ways he has simply not delivered. He talked about Stern's lack of quality and this machine has had all sorts of issues with boards, physical features, and software.

He also promised a revolutionary game that would change everything. If a revolutionary, or even world class, game could be delivered every time we wouldn't have had Junk Yard, CP, or Who Dunnit? with B/W at the top of their game in the 90s.

What we currently have is a TZ wannabe that is so far well in the shadows of its aspiration. Software can make all the difference with a game, so I am hoping that this will turn into something worthwhile eventually, but I don't see the feel, toys, or layout changing, but it can at least still turn into a good game instead of a mediocre one.
4 years ago
Played this recently and watched for an hour or so. Sorry to rate it so high but it is the new standard of excellence. The lighting, playfield, gameplay, computer monitor instead of dot matrix - everything about it is hard to beat. Nice to see the wide body. It isn't perfect and if you don't like the WOZ theme it will be a little bothersome but otherwise the "new age" is here for the better. Wish it didn't cost so darn much!! - is a definite factor as to whether to actually buy one.
4 years ago
My feelings about WOZ have changed considerably over time. When I first played it on location, I hated it. The game was a drain monster. I had no idea what I was doing and felt overwhelmed by the light show. But, I kept going back and eventually I discovered a method to all the madness. Now, I own the game, and I think it is one of the most beautiful games out there that is also really fun to play.

Let's start with the playfield with all the toys. This game is loaded! But, it doesn't feel overwhelming. Everything is well placed and utilized. That said, there isn't one shot that feels really good to keep going back to. If you like flow, WOZ doesn't have a lot of it. But, it makes up for that fact with lots of things to shoot for, including two upper playfields that really hit the mark.

Next, lighting. WOZ has the best lighting out there that I have seen. While I first found the show to be confusing, I soon discovered the method behind it all. I don't think this game is for the casual player, though they may enjoy aspects of it. But, to really get the game, the shots, and the rules, you have to spend some time with it and get the feel of it down. And, the way the lighting is used in different modes is just brilliant and beautiful.

In terms of theme, the game is totally immersive, making you feel like you are in the movie. The LCD backbox really adds to this with great clips leading to multiball, There's No Place Like Home ball save, Toto ball save, and other modes. The LCD also provides valuable information about game play -- when you have a chance to pause and rest -- that DMD displays just aren't capable of.

The rules are great. Very deep with lots of things to go for at different times. Stacking is key, and when you have multiple multiballs going at the same time with perhaps a munchkin mode, it is just a thrilling experience. My only real gripe is that when you get to the first mini-wizard mode, the witch battle, if you fail to melt the witch, you have to start your progress towards that mode all over again, which can feel overwhelming.

Finally, the innovation in this thing is spectacular. The fact that there are two mini games triggered by the outlanes that allow you to try to save your ball is fantastic. I love how different modes mess with you, like the crystal ball modes that do crazy things to the lighting and flippers. Reverse the flipper buttons on flipper frenzy! Wow! And, the settings menu itself is a thing of simplistic beauty. If Apple wanted to design a system for pinball, this would be it.

Overall, the game is great. The big problem for me is that it makes my other two games look incredibly plain and bare by comparison. I'm becoming a JJP fan boy. It is definitely an expensive purchase, but in my opinion, worth it. I do think WOZ is better played at home where you can really spend some time getting to know it, than on location. But, if you are willing to give it a chance, it can be fun wherever you play.
4 years ago
fantastic game hope they keep the quality up looking forward to the hobbit maybe this will improve the overall quality of pin producers
4 years ago
Any pinball machine's rating should be based it's real life use. IE your willingness to put money in it.

WOZ looks like a cheap imported Chinese kids ride. Hence, my money will go in the 2p pusher machine instead.
4 years ago
Pretty, but I just dont enjoy playing this game at all. I also hate the theme. Funny thing is when I was rating this most of the selections were all the way to the left or all the way to the right. Looks, sound and quality all great but game play and theming just plain suck.
4 years ago
What an amazing game. Truly innovative.
4 years ago
Excellent pinball game. Challenging for the experts, easy and fun for the novices.
A beautifil game. Verion 6.0 software is all the difference in the world "EXCELLENT". The game code now near completion is amazing.
4 years ago
I have this game now for 8 weeks and I still love it. The theme is not mine, WOZ is not so popular in Europe. But I watched the movie again to understand what the designer had to realize in a pinball machine. And they did a very good job.
Its just fun to play, more and more you understand the rules "Ohh .. sure makes more sense to free a Dorothy **AFTER** she got kidnapped" ;-)
The whole pinball system with the new technologies, pc, tft, rgb leds ..... great ! Good morning STERN .. there is something different on the market.
Quality .... while unboxing I had nearly p** in my trousers ;-).
A printed cabinet, clearcoated, high glossy. Mechanics like in the good old WMS-days. Gimmicks, toys ... over and over. Nice ideas like a lock to prevent the balls from the magazine rolling on the playfield while lifting it up ... a chinchplug on the back for a subwoofer ... USB in front of the machine for fast updates, volume control for headphones on the front, headphone plug , and and and .....

For me a very very nice machine, great gamwflow and theme matching the rgb-led fully.

I waited nearly 2 years for this machine ... and it was worth the long waiting.
Before writing this revue I installed the full set mods from BackAlleyCreations .. they fit the theme and replace some cheap plastics, a great addition to the game.

Next week I will pickup a MET LE but I have the bad feeling I will be npot so surprised as I was it on unboxing WOZ ;-)
4 years ago
I owned it, I played it and I sold it... The game is stunningly beautiful!
My issues with WOZ are... Repetitive sound and music that grated my nerves, a lack of satisfying / fun shots, lack of GI lighting (fixable I know but is a poor design), a theme that just ended up not working for me & lastly concerns over all the board issues and what that will mean for game maintenance years down the road.
4 years ago
Just an excellent Pin!!! I´m completely amazed!!!
4 years ago
I have played this game many times, in many places, while visually very appealing it's just not fun to play, it's slow, it's impossible to figure out whats happening when every single insert is either blinking or changing colors, the LCD is completely unhelpful in telling you what to do, they really missed the ball (har har) on playability... it sure is pretty though!
There are 411 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 10 of 17.

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