Wizard of Oz

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Game design: 8.334

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Sounds/Music: 8.162

Other Aspects: 8.215

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There are 419 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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20 days ago
We have had this machine for approximately three months & I wanted to pause for a time to give a review. When one first acquires a new title, the freshness of the new addition will usually have positive results. So I wanted to delay this review to be certain that this description is genuine & absolute.

The theming is an incredible tribute to a timeless classic. Though this theme is not for everyone, growing up in an era when this movie was annually featured really commemorates the recall of childhood memories. WOZ is a universal theme that completely changed the perspective of the movie industry. WOZ is recognized by family, friends & world-wide.

The overall gameplay is phenomenal! The playfield, lightshow & LCD display is a breakthrough that has set the precedence for any machine that follows. The playfield is an adventurous journey, the lightshow is therapeutic eye-candy & the LCD is an attraction that will gravitate your complete attention. JJP has set the standard w/ their commitment to offering a machine that has broken the barrier for the next pinball generation.

The rules are a different approach to the norm of the pinball industry. When approaching the gameplay rules for this title, one must spend many games on this machine to fully understand the objectives. Though the rules are deep, this title can be approached by all skill levels in regards to the overall accomplishments. ECMB is a very achievable mode that will absolutely thrill the casual player to the dynamics of extreme. For the advance player, there is stackable modes w/ a strategic element to pursue the ultimate ~ SOTR's wizard mode. This incredible rule-set is the example that will satisfy the majority & challenge the enthusiast.

The quality, gameplay & rules for WOZ is exceptional to anything in the pinball industry. JJP has produced a standard of excellence that will be the influence that changed the pinball world as we know it today. Though this title is not for a select few > one cannot deny the breakthrough that will be the higher echelon for many machines to come. I wish you well in your pursuit for the perfect machine!
32 days ago
I own a Ruby Red LE after falling in love with this pin after hours of play on location. It and Attack From Mars Remake LE compete in my game room for both "most beautiful pin" and "favorite go-to pin" status.

The machine is stunningly beautiful, pulling you into it with its excellent artwork that integrates the theme. The play field is quite interesting with two upper play fields and 5 flippers, including one each on the upper areas. The music and call-outs are very well integrated and tie in with the original film so well. The use of the screen was revolutionary and I believe is still one of the best uses of a screen in pinball.

My only issues with the pin are that it is very dark (easily solved with some Pinstadium lights) and that the key shots sometimes feel a little limited.

Overall, though, one of my very favorites.
55 days ago
Absolutely love this pin! It's not only fun to play, but also a joy to look at. It's a piece of art. That being said, if you didn't grow up watching the Wizard of Oz once a year on regular TV, you probably don't get the allure.
61 days ago
Just do NOT get this game. I do not find it even remotely enjoyable to shoot. Beautiful game. Not even slightly fun to me.
74 days ago
my first pin lots of tech issues sound voices low then high then low. boards burning out on my machine anyway, otherwise a masterpiece it is fixed and with new code playing great....... classic
86 days ago
Best looking and super fun pin around! Love it!
4 months ago
Really cool machine, although I wish companies wouldn't keep releasing different versions of the same machine. I get that its a money maker for them but I miss the days when all machines were released with the same toys and features. But great play regardless!
4 months ago
This game is challenging, the more you play the more you want to continue playing. There is dept in completing the requirements in completing your objectives. There plenty of toys and the pinball is stunning to observe.
4 months ago
The first few times I played WOZ was on location. Every time, the games were not functioning properly. I was finally able to play in a few home environments. I fell in love soon after! I love Keith Johnson's deep rules, always keeps you coming back for more. I find great value in a deep game that always has something to strive for! WOZ is also a game my wife enjoys playing. Which makes me happy when I can find games that allow us to share the hobby!
4 months ago
Such a great game. Would recommend for an established collection as it can be a long player and can get repetitive. Absolutely perfect game for a family.
4 months ago
Beautiful game, but just didn’t click with me and my family.
5 months ago
I initially drug my feet buying a WOZ but my girlfriend and kids convinced me to get one and I’m so happy they did. While the theme is not for me the game itself is amazing and deep, shoots smooth and the light show is second to none. This is one that I could see lasting a long time in anyone’s lineup regardless of what other games you have.
5 months ago
I've played this machine at shows and arcades and finally bought one for myself. I've had it for a few weeks and the more I play it, the more I love it! There are so many objectives and features that it never gets old. The lighting, HD graphics on the backglass monitor and artwork are incredible. Without a doubt, I'd have to say that this is my favorite pinball game of all time and I'd highly recommend it.
5 months ago
This game is immediately appealing due to the beautiful screen and great art package. While the theme would never be my first choice for a pin, it's a refreshing change of pace from the comic book and action movie themes that seem to dominate this hobby. The game play is very stop and go, which is by design. I actually find it to be a nice change of pace from other pins. The software is extremely deep and very polished. I honestly don't think I'll ever see everything this game has to offer and I'm nowhere close to getting to the final wizard mode after months of ownership and hundreds of games. The LCD screen and animations are still stunning and definitely raised the bar for the rest of the industry.

On the negative side, the lighting is a bit dark on parts of the playfield. I also found the learning curve on the rules to be almost too steep. Scoring big requires a decent amount of planning, game knowledge and mode stacking. While somebody brand new to this game can step up and have a good time just banging the ball around, getting a good score and progressing thru the game takes a lot of strategy. This certainly seems like the type of game that would excel more in an home environment.

Overall, I find this to be a stunning game with lots of challenge to offer. It may never rise to the position of being my favorite game, but it's a pin I always have fun with enjoy coming back to.
6 months ago
The only hold back is the theme. It’s not a theme I would choose, but I respect it. Otherwise, every other category is a 10!. This is one of the most perfect pins you could ever own.
6 months ago
Destined to become one of the greatest games in pinball history. Super-gorgeous, tons of fun, gloriously complex and most of all (despite what some absurdly contend here) just about THE GREATEST THEME one could incorporate into a pinball machine. What is greater than the most beloved American movie of all-time, the 1939 classic that remains in so many's deepest affections--a cultural institution. No matter how many times you play it there is so much more to discover.

A work of art and an aesthetic masterpiece. The TV screen is a magnificent addition and groundbreaking.

-Sam Juliano
6 months ago
greatest game of all time they swung for the fence and a home run was the result
6 months ago
This is one of my favorite games to play. I was surprised at how much I enjoy this game DESPITE the theme. I went to an arcade recently and found myself playing WOZ for several hours and not touching any of the other 15 or so top 20 rated titles they had available to play. JJP definitely has a winner with this one! In my opinion it should be much higher rated. I'd place it in the top 10 of all games that have come out so far.
7 months ago
The game is filled with toys, the pin is one of the most beautiful, but... I don't play this all that often. I don't like all the roll overs and for all the shots on this game, it feels small. It doesn't help that it always feels like the flippers aren't powerful enough. Still an amazing pin and I'd love to have one, one day so I can really figure out the ruleset and attempt to the beat the game.
7 months ago
Jersey Jack really has their stuff together. This is a nice pin.
7 months ago
I was really excited to play this game when I first saw it. I have played it at 3 different venues and the lighting on the game at 2 of them was too dark. This made it difficult for me to see what was going on especially with the upper playing field being blocked by secondary levels and toys. This game is challenging and will be a top game for many years. I just need to spend more time with it.
7 months ago
Interesting playfield, more light than a thousand suns, but the layout is so overly complicated that it hurts the game.
8 months ago
Fun game. It is built like a tank. Some of the toys and dodads are a little touchy but other than that the quality of the game is good. Mine is an older model EC LE and everyone complains about the 5V lights. I have had no problems and when I did have one go out it was very straightforward to track and replace. The playfield is beautiful and the light show is equally impressive. A few things feel a little half done--like the wizard head that just kind of sits there...there is a mod with some fire pots but that should just be part of the game. Plain targets feel like they should have stickers on them. These are expensive games, and that extra $5 that the factory could spend would make the game look $500 better. Cabinet art is nice. Mine is the painted version and is very nice. I can play the game for hours and really enjoy it. Great family game!
8 months ago
Totally awesome game! A masterpiece in every way!
8 months ago
Great theme, love the clear/colorful lighting and overall play. Not a fan of the LCD and sometimes the playfield seems a bit too busy/flashy, but there are SO many cool features/gimmicks that I really enjoy playing.
There are 419 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 17.

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