Wizard of Oz

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Game Design: 8.372

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Sounds/Music: 8.223

Other Aspects: 8.255

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Wizard of Oz".
The other version is: Wizard of Oz (Yellow Brick Road LE)

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4 days ago
Great game. Personally, 10 best title ever.
21 days ago
I have the Ruby Red Edition. Great theme and gameplay. Led lighting is incredible and years later is still one of the best light shows in pinball. Beautiful game all around and a theme all ages can enjoy. Two upper playfields is pretty unique as well.
43 days ago
Personally my favorite table Jersey Jack has made.
55 days ago
Beautiful game and I had to own it, but after a month it had to go, pretty basic and loses its fun fast, but beautiful to look at
56 days ago
A very complete game!!
62 days ago
This game looks amazing with all the color changing LEDs. Jersey Jack knocked it out of the park with this one.
3 months ago
Played at the Pinball Expo and the flippers were not as good as Bally Williams.
4 months ago
Every non pinhead player that comes to my house absolutely loves this game. It’s always getting played and has converted some people to players.
As a player, the game can get old, and the scoring takes a while to understand, and is super tough to get a decent score. But this game is a true gem and is a perfect fit for a home pin. Super hard to get over the rainbow. But easy to enjoy. All the toys and mechs are fantastic and well done, and I still think it’s JJP best all around game.
4 months ago
What a great game! I would like to own this one someday. The wide body pin is really cool. The playfield is choke full of neat toys to interact with.
5 months ago
The Wizard of Oz in all versions challenges for the most extraordinarily beautiful pinball machine of all time. A true work of art based on a timeless film and the game does that iconic work full justice in my view.
5 months ago
The game is absolutely memorizing. The colours.. callouts.. everything is just amazing... good flow.. and challenging. Love it... never...ever.. selling.
6 months ago
Amazing. I've seen people who don't like pinball play this game and get hooked. A theme every human on Earth of all ages knows and loves. Ok, you might've grown up and lost the wonder of your childhood innocence, but you'll never forget Dorothy and the wonderful Wizard of Oz.

JJPs first and best game so far.
6 months ago
Joe Balcer and Ted Estes make a great team with designing this pin as with Hobbit. WOZ theme will stand the test of time. The sound and music is fantastic, the callouts are amazing. This one stands out like Hobbit vs JJ pirates as movie scene cuts are generated throughout. The upper playfields are great and love they added these features. Lighting is as good as it gets especially on special editions. The monkey to lock the ball is awesome on EC and RR model.
6 months ago
Pretty to look at. Fun for a game or two here and there.
6 months ago
Lighting on game was hard to see in the back
6 months ago
a classic from the first minute. keeper!
7 months ago
I can’t believe I went this long without owning a WOZ. I acquired a Emerald City Limited Edition with the upgraded boards and super low plays. This game is visually stunning. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful pin. From the artwork to the apron to the led light sequences this game is incredible. Gameplay is fun and keeps me wanting to play over and over. The more you play the more you understand the rules and what you need to do. Not a really high scoring game but really fun and challenging. The mini playfields are a great touch and the different modes are really fun to play. Some people think this game is like chopping wood but I’m not getting that thus far. I would highly recommend locating one of these pins. To me it’s a really fun pin to play and an even better one to just marvel at what Jersey Jack has accomplished with this title. Follow the yellow brick road to the WOZ ECLE. You won’t be disappointed. Just make sure it has the 7.5 volt boards or upgrade to the 2.0.
8 months ago
WOZ is a beautiful pin! The lights are amazing, however I find it a little hard to know where I need to shoot and use the status more often than I’d like but the family LOVES the theme and gimmicks are cool. Personally I think the scoring is a little unbalanced and the drains can be brutal but the ball saves are a nice touch. I just wish I didn’t drain to the Dorothy side so often.

Overall this a a keeper!
9 months ago
I didn't play too many games on this one. But man! The lighting on this thing is stunning. I can't say I've ever seen another pin like this one. The RGB LEDS in attract mode do their job and then some. I didn't feel attached to this machine, but it was fun to play. I believe this was the limited edition model.

I really enjoyed all the figures, the playfield layout, and art. It's just beautiful.
I can see why people want this in their collection, but for me...I'd take most modern Stern pins over this one.
9 months ago
A flawless example of perfection in pinball. Hands down an amazing game. The creativity and ingenuity that went into this game is unreal. Every square inch of this wide body is used very well!!
9 months ago
For me, this game is everything I never knew I was looking for in a pinball machine. First played on location and was distracted by the theme and how pretty the machine was. It seemed less masculine and more an ornate piece of art compared to the pinball machines i owned or had played. As often in my experience my first impressions of a game are almost completely influenced by how well I perform. WOZ beat the shit out of me each and every visit. It wasn't until the 4th visit and maybe 20 game attempts that I was able to somewhat figure out the rules and even have the opportunity to use the upper playfields and then the game opened up. I had a 100k score and my eyes were opened. I knew there was something magical to be discovered in this game if only I had the time to invest in it.

I found one to purchase locally about a month ago and have played almost non stop. Im still learning the rules and different approaches to gameplay. There is so much depth in this machine and I feel I've only scratched the surface. I hope to find a similar experience in another JJP pin in the future, but unfortunately I think I may never have the same amount of quiet time with a machine to truly get a feel for it. This shines at home in a way I never understood before. Hope I feel the same 6 months or 6 years from now.
10 months ago
Beautiful machine. Rule set could use some work. Very fun game that has some very malleable shots. Great toys and amazing lighting.
10 months ago
My review is of my 2019 RR WOZ re-release. It's been a grail game for me for many years due to the awesome theme and integration.

CONS: If you power the game on and off and back on again too quickly, it goes into a protect mode which requires an annoying "reset" by jumping 2 pins inside the metal box, inside the head. A $9500 game that can't handle being power cycled without going into protect mode SHOULD have a reset button on the inside of the coindoor. The left side of the PF is a bit "busy" and the pop bumpers aren't machine gun fast and crisp like on so many other games. The crystal ball has died on my game in just a few 100 plays. The flippers (even on full power) aren't powerful enough for my liking. It's really hard keeping the ball in play in the upper PF. The game is pretty dark. I had to put on $500 pinstadium lights to make it shine. It's playable without them but it's too dark. Even used, this game is still just a few hundred less than it cost brand new. That's a pro if you own it and a con if youre trying to buy one.

PROS: The monkey toy is awesome! Sorry YBR owners! LOL. The fit and finish of the ruby red game is the best in the industry. JJP games are so beautiful! The sound system is incredible. The callouts and use of realistic actors voices is wonderful. The amazing RGB lighting is way ahead of it's time. It weighs 350 lbs because they didn't skimp when they made this game. It's 100% quality. JJPs customer service is really good. They seem to stand behind their products better than any other maker. I like the daily high score option.

I doubt I will ever sell this game. It was very hard to find on the used market because people just don't sell them often. You almost NEVER see a WOZ out in public for anyone to play.
11 months ago
Pretty game with extremely long ball times. Plan at being at this one for a long time. JJ does a great job.
11 months ago
Very fun game would like to add a copy of this to my collection at some point.
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