Wizard of Oz

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Game Design: 8.334

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Sounds/Music: 8.228

Other Aspects: 8.221

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Wizard of Oz".
The other version is: Wizard of Oz (Yellow Brick Road LE)

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14 days ago
The best artwork and lighting of any pinball machine I have come across and that includes all the current top 100 of pinside. Timeless theme. Scoring is not as easy as other pinball but makes the top scores feel like top scores and not just lucky shots/bounces.
28 days ago
Played a few times at The Pinball Office.

This is a stunning pinball machine - probably the most beautiful pin of all time. It is solidly made and a true work of art.

It is fun to play on a walk-up-and-play basis, but the gameplay, especially the individual shots, aren’t as exciting on casual (non-ownership) play as its stunning appearance would suggest. I also find the old-fashioned theme somewhat off-putting, although my five-year-old son is a huge fan.
43 days ago
The is simply the best pinball machine of all time!
3 months ago
Great game.
3 months ago
Very fun game to play with a lot of cool features. Ball goes out on the sides too often, but still a very fun game to play. Would love to own one some day.
3 months ago
A personal favorite for the family
4 months ago
I just want better. The game gets old really fast.

The tornado shot is the single cool shot on the entire field.

And.... That's it. Move along.
6 months ago
I briefly had one of these and it was great....when it wasn't broken down. I sold it as I did my JJP POTC because of constant issues. Theme great...love the house...artwork great. If you can repair your own machines, it's one to consider.
6 months ago
These are my OPINIONS (just like everybody else). I am almost 50 and have been playing pinball for over 40 years. I'm not a tournament player; I play because I love these machines as works of art and art that works (I just made that up, quite a bumper sticker but I digress!).

WOZ is quite simply the most beautiful and creative machine out there (as of 2022). In the last decade, no company (including JJP) has bettered it from a theme / toy / mech / art / sound package, period. I have an ECLE, and it is truly stunning to look at. It is a 10. It is the benchmark for all other games.

But even better, it is stunning to play. The variety of shots, the amazingly deep code, and the satisfaction from achieving various goals and modes is a 10, at least for my style of play. I love that it has three playfields. I love that it is simple enough for my nephews to hit the start button and love playing, and I also love that it is complicated enough that it has more rules than the IRS tax code. Are there machines that are "better shooters" and have "better flow"? Sure. I played some of them in the 70s. I'm never going to be a tournament player, but I will always be a hobbyist that loves my WOZ.

Bottom line, this is the definition of a "keeper" game for me.
7 months ago
A looker, but not a player. After a few games, I walk away feeling like I could've done laundry or cleaned out the fridge.
7 months ago
Great machine. A lot of fun to play.
8 months ago
I may need t play this one more.... I't s fungame and scores differently toStern (takes some getting used to). I did enjoy my time with it but thye game had a habbit of losing balls and needing to be power cycled. Felt like it was in very good condition though and was in a different place each time so maybe a SW issue. Regardless, fun, just not the most fun i've had playing pinball.
8 months ago
This is known as a "wife's" game for good reason. My wife loves it. We borrowed one for a while, and after that she actually asked me to buy one. Just got one today and she has been playing it all afternoon, the only machine she spends time with. I know the rules are deep and difficult at times, but who cares? The toys, the innovations, everything about this game is fun, fun fun. Won't be selling it. Absolutely great theme and has the best mods around.
Six months later: Now own this game, and like it all the better. Will never leave, and as stated prior, my wife loves this masterpiece. Rules are very deep, and a complaint is that they are too deep ... well, I am an average player and I know the endgame or Wizard mode is a long way away for me, but that does not make the game less enjoyable, but even more so.
9 months ago
Way exceeded expectations! Great game for everyone in the family
10 months ago
Wow, I’m a big WPC era man but this pin is absolutely beautiful…. I pick this up 7/2021 and have enjoyed it from the start…a good rules set, the tv screen is awesome, and the call outs make me think of the movie …a great game for any collection…
10 months ago
I can never keep a ball in play for an extended period of time. It’s a ball-draining table. It’s JJP, what did I expect?
10 months ago
Pleasantly surprised how good this game is.
10 months ago
Quite possibly the most beautiful pinball machine in existence. So much to do. So many things to go for. JJP knocked it out of the park on this one.
11 months ago
There is a lot going on here. 2 upper playfields. Lower Playfield is FULL. 5 flippers. Confusing at times. Lacks flow in a big way. Crystal ball is very cool. I’ve played the Emerald and Ruby editions. I prefer the Emerald. The lighting on the Ruby is way over the top and detracts from the gameplay.
11 months ago
Owner of a RR WOZ. Purchased primarily for my wife and kids, although I do enjoy the game myself. While I personally tend to enjoy fast games with flow, the WOZ provides an enjoyable change of pace and strikes a certain sense of nostalgia from my childhood. This game is by far, hands down, the favorite machine for my wife, children, extended family, and guests. That means something. I came to the realization that if I want to share this hobby with the people I love, rather than enjoy it solo, it can't all be about my personal preferences.

Pros: Most beautiful machine ever made. Top-5 upper playfields in pinball are really fun and never get old. Callout actors are excellent. Toys and innovation continues to impress my engineering sensibilities.

Cons: Maintenance. Lighting can be an issue if you don't have the 2.0 boards (or not an issue at all if you're lucky). Toys need adjusting on occasion. I don't really care for the rainbow targets; if they would have used that space for another ramp and an orbit, this game would be ranked solidly in the top-5 of all time.
1 year ago
Played many JJP games but my 1st in the collection. With a few sterns and a CGC I wanted some variety and definitely got that.

When played at arcade I wasn’t 100% sold but in the house a completely different experience both hearing music / call outs + being able to put time on machine to understand all the modes.

I did have to put some stadium lighting in which I felt was required for gameplay. This is personal preference and some would tend to debate lighting vs keeping game in original state.

At this point WOZ and my BM66 are going to be the last to leave the collection.

Excellent job to the development team on all the innovation and beauty this machine provides.
1 year ago
Great game. Personally, 10 best title ever.
1 year ago
I have the Ruby Red Edition. Great theme and gameplay. Led lighting is incredible and years later is still one of the best light shows in pinball. Beautiful game all around and a theme all ages can enjoy. Two upper playfields is pretty unique as well.
1 year ago
Personally my favorite table Jersey Jack has made.
1 year ago
Beautiful game and I had to own it, but after a month it had to go, pretty basic and loses its fun fast, but beautiful to look at
There are 515 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 21.

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