Wizard of Oz

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Game design: 8.352

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Other Aspects: 8.243

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This is "Wizard of Oz".
The other version is: Wizard of Oz (Yellow Brick Road LE)

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There are 475 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 days ago
This is the game that changed the modern pinball machine. First use of color changing LED's and LCD. Insane amount of mechs on this game. Crazy deep code. Animations and sounds are top tier. This game is gorgeous. I will admit, when I played it on location, I didn't understand the appeal, even though I'm a huge WOZ film fan. But made a trade for a Ruby Red version because my wife loved the game and everything changed. Having this in the home environment (with better lighting) makes all the difference. Once you figure out the ruleset and get the shots down, it becomes an amazing game to play. So much to do and lots of strategy. Melting the which feels iconic and amazing if you can get to it. It is hard, but not unreachable. Kind of like destroy the ring in LOTR. I don't think I will ever get to Somewhere over the Rainbow, but I can try. Love this game. only negative is despite all the amazing lights, it is dark. This is the only game I have Pinstadiums in (and I don't generally like these), and it makes a huge difference.
49 days ago
This will end up being as classic as the movie upon which it was based. I think the only reason it is not rated as high as JJP's POTC is that the theme is from an older movie and perhaps not as "masculine" as POTC but the game is truly amazing for all ages.
3 months ago
This game kicked my butt. Would love to play one on free play, because this is the toughest game I've ever played. I really didn't grasp the rules, but that is because I really didn't have enough time to look anywhere else on the play field. Best game in terms of toys, I don't think anything touches it. I almost wish they had less toys because the play field is so packed as it is. By far my wife's favorite pin and I would have to say its up there for me too.
3 months ago
a beautiful game to look at & a real step up in Pinball with the display ,a pretty good game to play as well but I cant get past the theme to ever consider wanting to own one unless I got it for a super low price or won it in a raffle or something
3 months ago
My all time favorite game. Cannot get enough of this one and it is bolted to my floor
3 months ago
Really a fantastic game. For me, definite GOAT status. It is deep without being enigmatic. Plenty of shots to master, many different areas of the game to explore. Lots of unique toys and two upper playfields that enhance gameplay without dramatically slowing things down. I really do not envision ever selling this game. Every time I discover something new, it adds to the experience and fun. Certainly my favorite JJP release and perhaps my all-time fav!
3 months ago
Good looking game,well built and loaded withstuff
4 months ago
Innovative, fun, and a quality machine.
Well done jjp
4 months ago
Nice, fun game
4 months ago
Wizard of oz Is a game that is very hard to understand when you first play it. When you start to get the hang of it you can play it forever. Multiball is very fun. I love the callouts from the Characters. I think that the upper play field with dorthy’s house is awesome.
5 months ago
Another beauty to look at, I just don't care to flip it. Also, acres of real estate at the bottom of the playfield but no fun to be found there. Certainly a classic theme, but also a tired one.
5 months ago
Jersey Jack takes a chance on a really really old property and comes away with a winner. After a decade and change of the same left ramp right ramp basic Stern machines JJP arrives on the scene and delivers something different. The game looks great, it plays great, the modes, toys, and features are all something more akin to the experimental mid 90s era pinball machines. A return to lower scoring tables is also quite welcome. If I have two complaints it is this. 1) the right and especially the left out lanes seem way oversized. 2) the movie call backs are quite obvious fakes. not even close. Distractingly bad even. Would it have cost that much more to get the rights to old Margaret Hamilton quotes? I don't know, but I can't imagine it being that prohibitive. Otherwise this is a fantastic game which has forced Stern out of it's complacency and made it up it's game. That alone is an amazing feat.
5 months ago
People knock this machine for being clunky, and it is... But to me that adds to the adventure. It rewards you for controlled shooting and nudging while slowly making your way through the multiple playfields and modes with five flippers. It’s the perfect pin for a home collection... I can’t really get into it on location, but I don’t think that’s the target audience.

My only complaint is Yellow Brick Road - the banana yellow is UGLY, they took out the monkey mech, and then they charged $2k more! Makes no sense to me.
6 months ago
WOZ moved all of pinball forward, but it's never been a game that I've been able to get in to. Onsite they typically have weak flippers or other issues that always turn me off to the game. That being said, when one is fully working and dialed in, it's a great experience.
6 months ago
A WOZECLE fell in my lap for a killer price. But it had the dreaded lighting issue. Another pinsider locally was upgrading to the 2.0 and was kind enough to donate his old 7.5 setup. So after a few weeks of "dialing in" my WOZ was playing correctly. I have to say, I spend a ton of time with the hood up on this game. It seems like something is always just a tiny bit off. So I lowered the rating on build quality because of this. Other then that, this is dang near a perfect game. I too was so so over the theme. But after owning it for a few months, the theme is perfect for the game. Asides from the lighting system, the lighting show is probably the best out there.
This is one of those games, the more you plan the deeper you get. The best way to play it is one objective at a time until you master that objective. Then master another and another, Set a foundation to get to wizard mode.
This game will withstand the test of time in a small or large collection.
6 months ago
My wife and I have played this at our local barcade for some time now. Every time we have played this pin, my wife has turned around to me and said I want this! Honestly, I finally got the itch to change up the game room and wanted to make her happy. So, I sold my Star Wars and The Walking Dead to fund this new pin.
A local deal for a WOZECLE fell into my lap and I jumped on it. After about 30 days of me selling my pins, the new pin was delivered. I am so glad I made this decision. My wife and I absolutely love it! The game play is deep and the variety of shots are numerous. It has the 2.0 light boards installed and they are absolutely beautiful. I was worried about the game call-outs being repetitive but I feel there is a variety for each mode and they go well with the game flow. The monkey works flawlessly and is a great feature to the game. I am very happy to own this pin.
7 months ago
The game is beautiful. However the game play is kinda slow and I feel like I am not interacting with the machine as much as I should be.
7 months ago
I owned this for a good length of time and whilst its pretty and hard to mark down on the various elements, there's something missing for me and it simply didn't get many plays. Maybe theme, maybe me, but its gone 9 months and I'm not missing - that's an acid test.
8 months ago
Best fantasy game ever made. Lot of toys, missions. Great design and artwork. Music and animations are great.

Top pin for many years fun for the whole family.
8 months ago
Super Glad to own this theme. Love working my way through the playfield.
Art is beautiful!
I will always own this pinball machine.
Callouts are fantastic and the Munchkins are a blast if you can reach them.
Great well rounded game.
8 months ago
The best looking machine ever made, acquired one recently and what a game.... plays as good as it looks. Some great modes and always something new happening. With 2 upper play fields and 5 flippers this has to be one of the best machines I have every played. Will never leave my collection.
8 months ago
It was, and still is to this day in late 2019, the most beautiful pinball ever made in my opinion. The wider body, the ever-swirling candy-colored LEDs, and the spinning house up on a platform above the bright RAINBOW targets (among many other features) looks like a fantasy world under glass, like you're in an art museum looking at an exhibit.

As far as how WOZ plays, though, is another matter. Some days I love it and other days less so. There's a nice variety of shots from easy to difficult, two raised playfields that aren't hard to get to but difficult to complete (well, the castle, anyway), and the two different outlane ball save features are nothing short of brilliant ideas. The rule set is also nicely simple on the surface yet very deep underneath, appealing to both novices and veterans. But some days WOZ can be a lot of trap & shoot, it can feel like you're watching as much as you're playing, and this is a heavy, finicky machine that is often set up incorrectly or just malfunctioning in public. Its hulking weight (350 lbs.) also makes it a bit difficult to nudge. First few times I played it in public, at two different locations, the flippers were weak and the table pitch was too flat, leading to some boring, confusing games. But set up in home or at a location where they take pride in their pins, WOZ is unlike anything else out there. It's really a work of art, but like all JJPs, it needs tweaking and a good environment to bring out its best.
9 months ago
I owned this for a little under a year. The prettiest pinball machine in my collection or that I've ever seen. Problem is, it isn't a great shooter or that much fun IMO.

I give JJP credit for innovation here. The LCD screen, lighting, and sheer number of toys and features are beyond any pin I've owned or seen. However, I found WOZ a bit clunky and despite the fact it was great eye candy, when I turned my pins on, I rarely found myself wanting to hit the start button and play it.

It can have a lot of cheap outlane drains you often have little to no control over as well. It was more of an expensive show piece that I could never get into which is why I recently decided to sell it and move on.

If you like the WOZ movie and theme, you'll probably appreciate this pin more then I did. I never could warm up to the theme or the gameplay.
9 months ago
Stunning game. As rich as anything I have ever seen. Hard to believe it was a start up's first game. A playable piece of art. Easily the most beautiful cabinet I have seen. Fantastic technology.

First, as a baseline, TAF and TZ and CFTBL are the most modern pins I have owned, so I'm a bit skewed admittedly. Also, my family has always been WOZ obsessed. My girls have sung and given quotes, impersonations all their life. So I am definitely biased. I realize it is not a macho theme, and may not be for everyone.

I bought a relatively stock WOZECLE. On to the micro review:

I rated the WoZ a 9.480...slightly ahead of TZ, so I think it is at the pinnacle of pinball design. I am truly amazed that JJP was able to launch such a fantastic product out of the gate. They all should be proud.

I think the artwork is just that, artwork. Absolutely the most beautiful cabinet I have ever seen/had. The direct print method + clearcoat is stunning. Maybe the backglass is lacking, but the LCD animation really makes up for it. Speaking of which, the integration of original movie clips tweaked for pinball rules is truly amazing. As I said, my reference for tech is WPC, so it is just incredible to me what is possible. The sparkle green armor, wood apron and lit header really round it out as premium.

The playfield has a lot going on. The 'toys' are pretty neat. I will say the crystal ball video is the weakest. It is very difficult for me to catch the image. You have to be at the perfect angle. It is also a dark playfield. My basement is also dark, so I will be installing some overhead LED lighting. The playfield lights however are incredible. The way they change with what is going on in the game is really cool. (Remember, I took a whole decade off!). I

As far as pinball playability, I see a lot of similarities to my old TZ. It is challenging enough, (sometimes frustrating) and the rules and objectives seem pretty deep. I'm only 50 games in, but I'm going to bet it will be fun long term. I know the outlanes can be frustration personified, but I like the minigame save feature!

Finally, the menu system is very intuitive and well thought out. I have already upgraded to the latest code.

All in all, I think it is a really fun game with one of the best theme integrations I have seen in pinball. Personally, I think it is ranked low at 21.
9 months ago
The only thing that I like about this game is the old school scoring. You do not get like 40 million points for making a shot like some of the newer games. The videos on the backglass during the gameplay is a distraction. The shots are are ok. Also, since it is themed pin, they could have done something interesting with the MATCH feature. At the 2 locations that I played this machine, it titled really really easily.
There are 475 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 19.

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