Wizard of Oz

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Found 406 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 406 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 days ago
This game is challenging, the more you play the more you want to continue playing. There is dept in completing the requirements in completing your objectives. There plenty of toys and the pinball is stunning to observe.
19 days ago
The first few times I played WOZ was on location. Every time, the games were not functioning properly. I was finally able to play in a few home environments. I fell in love soon after! I love Keith Johnson's deep rules, always keeps you coming back for more. I find great value in a deep game that always has something to strive for! WOZ is also a game my wife enjoys playing. Which makes me happy when I can find games that allow us to share the hobby!
23 days ago
Beautiful game, but just didn’t click with me and my family.
29 days ago
one of the greatest complex and best layouts on a pinball machines i have ever seen. I will have one in my collection before too long.my wife is dying to get one as well
45 days ago
I initially drug my feet buying a WOZ but my girlfriend and kids convinced me to get one and I’m so happy they did. While the theme is not for me the game itself is amazing and deep, shoots smooth and the light show is second to none. This is one that I could see lasting a long time in anyone’s lineup regardless of what other games you have.
55 days ago
This game is immediately appealing due to the beautiful screen and great art package. While the theme would never be my first choice for a pin, it's a refreshing change of pace from the comic book and action movie themes that seem to dominate this hobby. The game play is very stop and go, which is by design. I actually find it to be a nice change of pace from other pins. The software is extremely deep and very polished. I honestly don't think I'll ever see everything this game has to offer and I'm nowhere close to getting to the final wizard mode after months of ownership and hundreds of games. The LCD screen and animations are still stunning and definitely raised the bar for the rest of the industry.

On the negative side, the lighting is a bit dark on parts of the playfield. I also found the learning curve on the rules to be almost too steep. Scoring big requires a decent amount of planning, game knowledge and mode stacking. While somebody brand new to this game can step up and have a good time just banging the ball around, getting a good score and progressing thru the game takes a lot of strategy. This certainly seems like the type of game that would excel more in an home environment.

Overall, I find this to be a stunning game with lots of challenge to offer. It may never rise to the position of being my favorite game, but it's a pin I always have fun with enjoy coming back to.
70 days ago
Destined to become one of the greatest games in pinball history. Super-gorgeous, tons of fun, gloriously complex and most of all (despite what some absurdly contend here) just about THE GREATEST THEME one could incorporate into a pinball machine. What is greater than the most beloved American movie of all-time, the 1939 classic that remains in so many's deepest affections--a cultural institution. No matter how many times you play it there is so much more to discover.

A work of art and aesthetic masterpiece. The TV screen is a magnificent addition and groundbreaking.
81 days ago
greatest game of all time they swung for the fence and a home run was the result
85 days ago
This is one of my favorite games to play. I was surprised at how much I enjoy this game DESPITE the theme. I went to an arcade recently and found myself playing WOZ for several hours and not touching any of the other 15 or so top 20 rated titles they had available to play. JJP definitely has a winner with this one! In my opinion it should be much higher rated. I'd place it in the top 10 of all games that have come out so far.
3 months ago
Jersey Jack really has their stuff together. This is a nice pin.
3 months ago
I was really excited to play this game when I first saw it. I have played it at 3 different venues and the lighting on the game at 2 of them was too dark. This made it difficult for me to see what was going on especially with the upper playing field being blocked by secondary levels and toys. This game is challenging and will be a top game for many years. I just need to spend more time with it.
3 months ago
Interesting playfield, more light than a thousand suns, but the layout is so overly complicated that it hurts the game.
4 months ago
Fun game. It is built like a tank. Some of the toys and dodads are a little touchy but other than that the quality of the game is good. Mine is an older model EC LE and everyone complains about the 5V lights. I have had no problems and when I did have one go out it was very straightforward to track and replace. The playfield is beautiful and the light show is equally impressive. A few things feel a little half done--like the wizard head that just kind of sits there...there is a mod with some fire pots but that should just be part of the game. Plain targets feel like they should have stickers on them. These are expensive games, and that extra $5 that the factory could spend would make the game look $500 better. Cabinet art is nice. Mine is the painted version and is very nice. I can play the game for hours and really enjoy it. Great family game!
4 months ago
Totally awesome game! A masterpiece in every way!
4 months ago
Great theme, love the clear/colorful lighting and overall play. Not a fan of the LCD and sometimes the playfield seems a bit too busy/flashy, but there are SO many cool features/gimmicks that I really enjoy playing.
4 months ago
I played this at a recent tournament and found myself coming back it even if there was a lineup. It was much more fun than I had expected. I regret not purchasing one back when they were being built.
4 months ago
This is a great machine - innovative, unusual and with the best light show by miles. Yes, the theme may not engage as much as others, but it is well integrated. And yes the ruleset is overcomplicated, but it's not alone in that. Overall as good as anything released in the modern era.
4 months ago
A work of art. In fact, probably the most beautiful playfield and toys I have ever seen. That does not mean it is a perfect pinball machine. I would have preferred a standard size cabinet, even if that means losing some toys, as it seems a little floaty and lacking direction at times. Also, rule set is standard modern day war & peace type stuff. I think this is the reason that TNA is such a fresh breath of air, it is the EXACT opposite if this game, for better or worse, depending on your perspective and what it is you are looking for.
5 months ago
Great looking machine and I really wanted to like this one from the start, but it just feels so cold and not enough soul to really care about. It seems to rely way too much on everyone's sense of nostalgia for the film. Not a bad thing if tastefully done, however this just doesn't work at all for me. I keep trying it at different locations every few months and each time I finish the game disappointed and not feeling like it was worth the quarters to play. My kids and wife seem to agree and they love all things Wizard of Oz. It just feels like the designers were trying way too hard and ended up with a massively over-produced light show. Not enough fun.
5 months ago
A few randomized observations about WoZ:

- This may be the "oldest" licensed theme ever...74 years after the movie was released?
- The game obviously broke huge new ground in incorporating video, and it was done well, which means the gimmick didn't take over the gameplay.
- One of my favorite Jersey Jack features is: SIGNIFICANT DIGIT SCORING! The ones digit means something!
- A complex, detailed, and well-thought out rules set for overlapping modes, but...
- not so complex that you can't have fun and a good game by just shooting away and finding the sweet spots.
- My nickname for this game is "Swiss Army Knife" - it seems like the goal was to somehow get "one of everything ever put into a pinball machine" into the game, and they pretty nearly succeeded.
- This is also the first really successful all-LED machine by design, by my reckoning, and the color design was well thought out.
- That said, the lighting is still dim; I have a hard time following poor GI games with bright LED lighting. I don't know if that's my age or the nature of the beast, I suspect a combination of the two factors.
- and, with the whole movie's "plot" well integrated into the rules -- pretty much every major scene -- (but not the book) -- it gets championship points for faithfulness to the theme.

The playfield may qualify as the most complex ever made in some ways, and that can be both a blessing and a curse. I'm not swooningly in love with this the way I am with Dialed In, since in the end I find it a bit busy, but it's definitely not boring. But it deserves a place of honor in the pantheon for moving things forward a step or two and providing a great starting point for the full-screen-animation-backglass era.
5 months ago
Game is complex and varied with multiple levels and multiple objectives, definitely not an easy game either. I don’t love the low scoring, but I mean, maybe I just like the word million because a pinball machine is the closest I’ll ever get to that word in real life. Definitely not repetitive as it feels like a different game every time. The lack of linearity can make it a bit confusing at first, and I’ll admit I don’t love such a complex back glass full of complex instructions. It’s a bit overwhelming for the first few times through. Love how the sound of the song for over the rainbow mode pairs with the bumpers hit, adds some musical depth that most games lack. Really enjoy the save Toto option where you get a second chance to come back from the right sink hole if you hit the ramp. I enjoy the multi ball, the spinning house, and saving Dorothy by smashing the wooden doors. I’m a fan of the cut scenes from the no place like home left hole. I admit I find the ruby slippers distracting when you’re playing, but I got used to it eventually. The plunger action is a little blah, no really obvious skill shot that I always love. I enjoy the munchkin land but admit the magnet by the witch isn’t something I’m a fan of, though it helps that she’s a which, so it gives it a little more magic, I guess but it’s a frustrating way to lose a ball. Honestly not that big of a fan of the movie, but this game is pretty legit. Love how the right bumper is lowered so you can get it even if your shot doesn’t have as much velocity as other game’s ramps do. Would love to own this game someday. It’s a must play every time I see a machine though again, took more than a few plays before I was hooked.
5 months ago
So many things I like here. Earned ball save is one, however the state fair on could be a little easier. I appreciate that it was the first to bring in long overdue innovations such color changing factory LED's, headphone jack, and video screen. Made Stern step up to the plate. Visually stunning. Just wish I liked the theme better.
5 months ago
This game used to be on our heavy wishlist because everything about it is amazing. The lights are the best we've ever seen and are just mesmerizing. The screen and integration of animation into the game is phenomenal. I'm not into the theme, but I can appreciate it because it's done so well. Also, the inclusion of two upper playfields with awesomely gimmicky toys is so much fun.
My criticisms are the music and the reliability. The music does NOT change seemingly at all. Wizard of Oz has so much in variety of music, so why does it constantly play "Off to See the Wizard" incessantly? The pin is also constantly broken down at our local arcade and they fix it daily. It's broken twice from playing it myself and every time it's broken it seems to be a different issue. I'd be completely afraid of investing in this machine.
6 months ago
WOZ is a beautiful game. It’s not my favorite theme but I love the theme integration. JJPs have a certain feel to them and I absolutely love it. Widebodys can be a little slow at times but they crammed a lot of toys and awesome shots and at the same time it has a great flow. The art is amazing and it incorporates everything from the original movie. Once you get past the over 400 pound weight of the game when you are trying to get it in your game room, it will probably stay there for a while. Just not a huge fan of the theme.
6 months ago
By far one of the best pins I've ever played. Extremely complex with rules and goals that you can still discover long after you feel you've somewhat mastered the machine. There are ton's of features and toys. The artwork is incredible on the playfield. The LCD integration is a perfect match. I'm not much of a WOZ movie fan, but would love to someday own this in my personal collection. Whenever I have the chance to play one I give lots of time towards one.
There are 406 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 17.

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