Wizard of Oz

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Other Aspects: 8.209

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There are 537 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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36 days ago
Wizard of Oz is a decent game and a was good start for Jersey Jack Pinball. In general the game gives off the impression that JJP wanted to continue where Midway left.

The layout is imaginative and both mini-playfields are well embedded within. Shooting the ball around the house on the lower one is much fun. The game has the "issue" of comparatively weaker flippers like all other JJPs I've played but after a while one gets used to it. Speaking of the flippers, I think it's an excellent addition having the "Ruby flippers".

The ruleset is pretty deep but I think they still offer enough interesting challenges in order to be enjoyed by beginners or casual players. The multiball and melting the Witch are fun features.

One thing I do not like is the sounds playing when you're on that top left mini-playfield. After a while I thought about purposefully draining the ball. But apart from that, the sounds and music are fine.

The artwork is quite good except for the backglass. That green tone on it makes it look like something on the level of World Poker Tour's artwork. It's a shame really because everything else looks very nice. The theme is very well brought over into pinball as well.

Overall, Wizard of Oz is a very nice debut game for JJP with a good layout, fun features and (generally) nice artwork. It is a game for players of any skill level as a result of the varied ruleset.
61 days ago
Just not for me... A very nice looking machine but for me it doesn't to to much. compared to other JJP machines it doesn't plays the way I like it. For me the theme isn't really something I like. Since I have a game room where also other people come to play I think it would do good since it is a nice theme for women and kids but just not for me. I do understand why other people like it! the machine is a old school packed JJP and it looks awesome!
67 days ago
Finally found a RR and got it home. Wife ebkpy3d playing it a few years back so I figured let's give it a try.
I've only had it for a week but I'm really enjoying it. So many things to do. The videos are awesome along with the sound and lights.
Fun game for all. Not a tournament game but I'm not a tournament player so could careless about that. Wish JJP hadn't gotten rid of Scorebit.
80 days ago
C’mon people this is not a top 50 game. The toys and playfield are awesome to look at and it’s packed. The shots on the other hand are terrible that game has no flow and the normal shots are clunky. I would take an almost any game in the top 70 over this game.

I am just not impressed with most JJP games. Pirates and Willy Wonka are alright and The Hobbit could be really good but it’s a little too easy. I’d stay away from Jersey Jack until they figure out how to make a fun pinball machine.
3 months ago
WOZ Ruby Red is a beautiful game and very fun to play. It is not as challenging as other games, but that’s part of the appeal. The playfield toys are unmatched and the two upper playfields are very fun.
3 months ago
Maybe I need to play it more… or just give in to the hype? Not
My cup of tea. Rather play an EM.
3 months ago
Wife loved this game playing a few times on location. One came up for sale and snatched it up. It is a beautiful game. Heavy (450+ pounds) as filled with many toys. Game play is fun. JJP really changed the course of pinball with this game.
3 months ago
This pin is just stunning. Its visually addicting and set a new standard for visual engagement. You just HAVE to play it when you see it in person. Its loaded with gadgets and cool shots. The rules are awesome and innovative...this is a deep game and was the start of the famous JJP "play for a lifetime" rule sets. I like this game...but I cannot push it to the top of any list overall.

Its a slow shooting wide body...the upper playfield is cool but fails a a bit on execution...its too hard to keep the ball in play up there. Overall lets face it...the flipper strength overall really saps any kinetic satisfaction when you make what are challenging shots. They got EVERYTHING right except the fun factor...it just lacks excitement when you play.
5 months ago
A very nice game. Lots to do and very busy. Not being able to see ball down the right side by the spinning house is my biggest disappointment on the machine. Otherwise aa great playing machine. The castle playfield and spinning house playfield really adds to the excitement of the game. This one has some great mods that really make it fun... Love the Flying Monkey and Witch Mod!!!
5 months ago
Its hard to believe this was JJP's very first pin. They really went for it. Its a super fun game to play, has incredible art work, and the theming is spot on. It is however a game that to me is more about the art then the continued playability. The shots aren't memorable and while the call outs are good they do become repetitive. There are also some well reported light board issues in the early ones or those that haven't been upgraded yet.
5 months ago
Just got this game after looking for a long time. My first Jersey Jack Pin huge fan now. I am a casual player small collector. My most expensive purchase and newest game in my line up. First thought beautiful game lots of toys. I got this game because Wizard of Oz is my wife’s favorites movie and thought she would not lose her mind for what I spent. For you little leaguers out there I was wrong on that by the way. These are my thought just playing the machine having no idea what the goals are. I will update after I get more plays and learn rules. Version 6.6 might need to do some updates
1. Gorgeous machine
2. Cutting edge for its time
3. Tons of toys to look at and I will be adding more
4. 3 playfields are nice. One on the left is just a circular path so not much to do on it
5. Like that if you loss ball down sides it will give you a chance to save it if you can hit all targets on the way out by giving you a timed challenge on a free ball.
6. Flying monkey lock to cool
7. Movie integrated well on display
8. Does a good job of telling you what to do next.
9. Light show amazing
10. Multi ball crazy
1. Cost I am going to cringe every time kids play it. (I know there are more expensive games out there)
2. Up the middle shots might get repetitive over time
3. Tutorials are a hour plus long how complicated is this game
4. Might never complete it

Now that I have gotten some time on this machine still running 6.6 will update code soon
1. Opportunity to save ball if you loose it down the sides, Still have not completed Some Where Over the Rainbow save yet. 4 different tasks great fun and challenging, Some games I just try to get to that mode so I can try to beat it.
2. Really like the the crystal ball games, lights out, lights on amazing light show, weak flippers, fire ball and the hardest of all no hold flippers.
3. Like the fact that there are several ways to get multi ball games.
6 months ago
Our first pin as a family. This game elevated the pin community and introduced innovative features. The wide body plays pretty slow but allows a stuffing of toys and mechs. The light show is beautiful. Not played as much in the collection because the industry has caught up… but we should all respect and be thankful for what WOZ did to the hobby.
8 months ago
Great wide body game. Light shows are obviously terrific. Most of the gameplay is making shots up the middle but there is plenty to explore. If my game had the 2.0 lighting I would have kept it longer
8 months ago
A timeless classic and well executed rendition of the story in a pinball machine.
10 months ago
Best of JJP
1 year ago
Owned the game for many years now.
Really been playing a lot lately.
Its just an amazing pin,still better then any pin before it or after.

Edit:JJP make something better then Jurassic Park!
1 year ago
Non mi e' piaciuto molto
1 year ago
In short, it is not my style of play, very thick, the ball does not flow, in addition to being slow
1 year ago
The best artwork and lighting of any pinball machine I have come across and that includes all the current top 100 of pinside. Timeless theme. Scoring is not as easy as other pinball but makes the top scores feel like top scores and not just lucky shots/bounces.
1 year ago
Played a few times at The Pinball Office.

This is a stunning pinball machine - probably the most beautiful pin of all time. It is solidly made and a true work of art.

It is fun to play on a walk-up-and-play basis, but the gameplay, especially the individual shots, aren’t as exciting on casual (non-ownership) play as its stunning appearance would suggest. I also find the old-fashioned theme somewhat off-putting, although my five-year-old son is a huge fan.
1 year ago
WOZ hits my sweet spots. the theme, the call outs. Easy shots and long plahy time. Great family machine and fun for kids. Deep rules to keep veterans happy too.
1 year ago
The is simply the best pinball machine of all time!
1 year ago
Great game. Substitute “clunky” with “challenging”. The shots can feel extremely tight, but once you actually learn how to hit them, everything really opens up. Code is deep, but focused, as opposed to some games that just throw stuff at you constantly for no reason. This game rewards patience and practice in an extremely satisfying way. If you’re having an off day, it can be frustrating. But when you’re on, it’s one of a kind.
1 year ago
Very fun game to play with a lot of cool features. Ball goes out on the sides too often, but still a very fun game to play. Would love to own one some day.
1 year ago
A personal favorite for the family
There are 537 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 22.

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