Wipe Out

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88 days ago
Initially this seemed like a keeper, but what really killed it for me was the "SHOOT THE BALL" callout after making the Ski Lift shot. That drove me nuts. And "This is a psycho path". There were other annoying callouts, and I don't want to listen to the song Wipe Out, either. This is all personal preference, but I don't think I'm alone here. Having said that, there are equally many other callouts that are hilarious and make me smile.

Actual gameplay is fun, but not deep. Do the 5 modes (or don't). Lock balls for multiball (or don't!). And progress through slope difficulty (Green, Blue, etc.) by making the same few shots over and over again. None of the shots are particularly difficult. There's no ballsave, so be on point when you release the plunger.

The Slalom feature requires perfect setup for it to work as intended. I succeed probably 60% of the time, so it's slightly better than pure chance. The Release Slalom light on the right outlane is a nice take on the save gate.

In summary, a decent and amusing game, but it wore thin for me in less than a month.
7 months ago
For some reason I keep coming back to this one. Well done theme. the avalanche multi ball and the ski lift are pretty damn awesome. Slightly easy to reach wizard mode especially to today’s standards. Love the back glass.
9 months ago
The call outs are hilarious and well done. The ski lift is open call out does get repetitive, but otherwise excellent. The ski lift is a cool feature and the slalom course is unique, but too hard to activate. There could be more shots, but its not a bad layout.
9 months ago
Just purchased this game a few weeks ago on a whim. I seem to enjoy a lot of the under-rated early 90's Gottlieb and Data East games - and this is no different. This game doesn't have a very deep rule set, but it's just FUN. The artwork is cool and the ski lift is really awesome. The main music is "Wipe Out" naturally. There are some funny call outs "Maybe you should get your mother and have her help you ski!" and the loud "AVALANCHE!!!!!!!!". I have this game and 22 other games in my business, and I'm noticing a lot of people gravitating to this one and being surprised by how fun it is. I think I'll be holding onto this game for a while!
1 year ago
I received this pin in a package deal. I intended to immediately turn around and sell it. After posting it for sale and receiving numerous offers I decided to keep it after actually putting some quality time on it. It plays very well for its price and is extremely fun. Great starter pin or filler game to relax on as games can be quick. The ski lift and hill are great toys and implemented well. The rules are decent, nothing deep but easy to understand. Guests seem to gravitate towards it and enjoy it's simple appeal. The DMD animations are awful but easily overlooked for this price. It'll be staying for a while.
2 years ago
This game just isn’t fun for me. Rules don’t make sense and scoring is very unbalanced. It’s amazing comparing this to a Williams of the same era. Call outs get SO annoying. Not recommended unless the price is right.
2 years ago
Surprisingly fun game that was my fist and for me its a keeper. Looks kinda weird if you are used to Bally Williams but it not a bad cheaper game and is a nice contrast to the others. Easy to work on and reliable but a lot of Gottlieb system 3s seem to have play field wear down near the flippers. The scoring can be a bit unbalanced but this does play fast and fun when given a bit of love. Call outs are funny but do get a bit repetitive.
3 years ago
I own a nice playing wipeout game. One thing to note about the gottlieb system 3 games... NEVER unplug anything from any board while the game is on. If you do, you will certainly blow the $53 U8G chip... at the very least. Just don't do it!

I like this game. The taunting call outs are hilarious. The "rip the crud" shot is nearly impossible. The ski lift is one of the most interesting & well thought out toys on a pinball playfield... period!

The slalom is a little hokey though. While in avalanche multiball the slalom rocks back and forth continuously, regardless of the flippers. Once in a while you will get to control the slalom with your flippers and then it's not very well done. You don't have much choice where the ball goes.

The flasher bulbs are super bright and add to the intensity of game play. It's a cheesy early 90's theme with cheesy early 90's art and silly, hilarious surfer dude voices (The ski pole is stuck in my sternum!) but it's super fun and quite rare to see for sale.

If you're buying this title, watch for major wear at the ball drops near each flipper, broken or non working drop targets (they get hammered because they're quite close to the flipper) and make sure all the flashers are working. They really add a lot to the gameplay.
4 years ago
I love this game. I got a chance to get some time on it finally and the shots are awesome, the toys are a lot of fun, and its just an overall fun game
4 years ago
Man, this game is so friggin fun. Gottliebs best DMD for sure.
4 years ago
WipeOut was a fun title for the short time it was in my collection. I do enjoy the Gottlieb system 3s…
This one is rare enough, and being that my first game ever was a bally Hottdoggin, this was the major upgrade of that theme.
The rules were simple and had plenty to shoot for. Perfect pin for a family game room.
I loved the funny call-outs the most. And the main toys (ski lift and ski hill) are really make the game unique. You don’t see this title come up for sale often, but it’s cheap enough and fun enough to give it a shot.
4 years ago
Nice pin. Simple to play so great for a collection to add diversity and encourage guests to play.
5 years ago
Ok. This is not TZ or TAF. I bought one to fix up and flip plain and simple. Guess what, everybody that comes over plays this game the most and the goofy early 90's theme grows on you. The shots are limited as is the scoring format, but the music is good, the toys are amusing, and the red DMD works for this theme. Actually fits well in a lineup of 6 games or so. A lot of fun for the money.
5 years ago
Overall a very fun game, easy but fun. The double your score ruins otherwise fun modes. Both toys are integrated into the theme very well and are fun. Rip the crud shot is a very difficult shot. Ball times can be long and the game is overall easy, but fun.
5 years ago
First Machine I restored. Theme is excellent. Voice and music fit well even with the insults included. Game has some tough shots but most are fairly easy. Ski lift is a fun feature with the slalom . Multiball has 3 balls(avalanche)and fast paced. Game draws you in and you keep on playing. Fun game.
5 years ago
It's actually a decent pin. I was surprised by how much fun it was, and I really like the backglass art... especially when compared to other Gottlieb games.

It's worth a few quarters for sure, but it's not super deep.
6 years ago
I simply didn't find much to like about this game. The game play is weak, the play field is weak, the toys look cheap & contrived. Callouts are annoying as well. IMHO, this is one of those games that.....if it were for sale at $200.....I'd have to think about it.
7 years ago
got boring quick
7 years ago
I'd rather wipe out my $$$ on toilet paper.
7 years ago
Wipe Out is a pinball game that has some great shots on it and takes the theme of a goofy ski vacation movie.

The Pros:
A good layout with lots to shoot and two toys that work well. The color scheme on the PF with the molded plastics makes the theme work like a charm. Stealing a multiball may be technically behind, but it's still a great way to play pinball with friends. The chair/ball lift and the Slalom run/path of adventure are very nicely done.

The Cons:
I wish the Double Your Score feature could be disabled on all Gottleib/Premier/DE games. The game has the shots, but not the balance of a well designed and tested pinball deck.

The Takeaway:
A fun game that I'd like to get to know better. Right now, I think if it is working as it should (just like every other pin-table) it plays ok, but like most Premier games, the play and rules are miles behind what Bally/Williams was doing in 1993.
7 years ago
The animation with dot Matrix is very bad and not exciting to see. The skiing ramp is bad accessory and the defi is so no funny. The music is cool and the rules is cool. But over all is not a good pin :-(
9 years ago
I love downhill skiing, so this is a game I'm attracted to. Love the ski lift which lifts the ball up to the downhill section (use your flipper buttons to clear the gates). Cool game!
9 years ago
I used to love this game when I was a kid, played it all the time at the local take-away. Played it again at the PHOF, enjoyed it that much when I got home I bought one a few months later
9 years ago
Nice game with the typical gottlieb feel. It looks simple but the game is very challaging. Lots of depht and some really nice toys.
10 years ago
I also played this at the PHOF when we were there as did my husband. We both thought it was hokey and plasticky, HOWEVER, we ended up getting a good deal on one locally and that dorky pin is the most played pin whenever folks come over. It is pretty humorous, especially for the ski community. It's kinda dated ski-wise, but very fun to add to a collection. I think it's easier to play with a buzz on than some of the other tougher drain-monsters we have. The dots are really well done! Instead of a ramp, the ball rides a little ski lift to the upper "ski field". The voice calls are perfect (has a gnarly-dude snowboard voice and a goofy fake austrian accent voice that tells you to go play wif a yo-yo and shove your ski pole up your =bleep=, of course the music is "wipe out"). If I get a chance, I'll post some pics, even tho our machine isn't perfect quality.... perhaps you'll enjoy the outfit the female skier is wearing on the translite (even spandex doesn't get THAT tight!)
There are 27 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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