Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (Standard)

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Game Design: 8.29

Artwork: 8.08

Sounds/Music: 8.068

Other Aspects: 8.334

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Found 84 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 84 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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24 days ago
One of my friends has a CE but i chose the standard version. Sure, almost all animations are from the movie but its still a great pin!
72 days ago
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory falls short in delivering the magic and excitement that fans of the movie might expect. Despite its promising concept, artwork and features the gameplay leaves much to be desired, ultimately leading to a rather lackluster pinball experience.

Gameplay (6/10):
The gameplay is underwhelming, to say the least. While it attempts to incorporate key elements from the movie with its ramps and loops, the execution feels lackluster and disjointed. The modes lack depth, and the overall flow of the game is inconsistent. The absence of challenging shots or innovative features makes the gameplay feel repetitive, leaving players longing for more engaging and rewarding experiences.

Artwork and Design (7/10):
The artwork and design of this machine shows potential, but it fails to fully capture the enchanting world of Willy Wonka. The playfield artwork is colorful and somewhat reminiscent of the movie, but it lacks the attention to detail needed to truly transport players into the fantastical factory. The backglass, cabinet art and use of color RGB's is outstanding....but too bad it is just another "JJP Glitter Bomb"

Audio and Sound Effects (8/10):
The audio fares better than other aspects of the game. It features iconic music from the movie. The sound effects are adequate and well-timed, but they don't do enough to compensate for the game's other shortcomings. While the audio adds some charm to the experience, it isn't enough to redeem the overall disappointment.

Features and Toys (5/10):
Despite its potential for innovative features and toys, the Willy Wonka falls flat in this department. The Gobstopper spinning disk is a nice touch, but it lacks the interactive excitement players might expect. The lack of variety in features leaves players wanting more, as the game fails to deliver on its promise of an immersive journey through Willy Wonka's factory.

Replay Value (6/10):
With its lackluster gameplay WW struggles to maintain long-term appeal. While the initial playthrough might pique some interest, the lack of engaging challenges and unclear ruleset hinders its replay value. After a few games, players are likely to lose interest and seek more captivating pinball experiences elsewhere.

In conclusion, Willy Wonka proves to be a rather disappointing addition to the pinball world. Its lackluster gameplay fails to deliver the magic and excitement associated with the beloved movie. While the audio and videos provide some nostalgic moments, it's not enough to salvage the overall experience. Pinball enthusiasts seeking a truly immersive journey into Willy Wonka's world may find themselves sorely disappointed by this machine's shortcomings.

Asked if I would own one, the answer is "Yes due to its theme and overall visual appeal."
72 days ago
It is a Jersey Jack so the quality is, as usual, outstanding. Shots smooth, well laid out, satisfying. Not a fan of the theme so not a pin for me. Very well done for what it is.
76 days ago
It's a nice looking game, good flow..I don't care for upper right flipper, I played for atleast 20 games to give it a shot and I just don't like it that much..my daughter loves it...playing on location if nothing else is better.to play...their are alot of great games just released over the last few years I rather play those...
5 months ago
The only JJP Standard that I would happily own. I don't mind the simple artwork and the lack of a physical ball lock.
5 months ago
Many parts of the playfield are much too dark even to see where the ball is under the typical low lighting of an arcade. The flippers are weaker than on Stern games so it doesn't feel as dynamic and exciting. Maybe this would be better for home use where you can either modify the machine with more lights or just set up ambient lighting to be brighter.
7 months ago
Great rendition of an iconic story. Well executed and sure to be a timeless hit!
7 months ago
It is very hard to imagine a game matching a theme quite as well as this one. Having access to all the quotes and video segments makes both versions of this game campy and very kid friendly. The code is quite deep and I recommend going to JJP and getting the pdf game rule sheet. The lighting on these games is second to none and the quality of JJP means that even the SE feels like something special.
Obviously the LE has a physical ball lock and a Wonkavator toy and that has to be considered a hug upgrade. But: the identical gameplay, lighting and number of shots available makes the SE a very good game at a great value.
1 year ago
Pat Lawlor's nearly perfect game. Only a slight ding on the Standard edition, as it's missing the Wonkavator Ball Lock on the LE and CE versions.
1 year ago
Willy Wonka is a great JJP pin. I think it is one of the best pins, JJP has created. It is a brutal game at times, when attempting to stack the kids and then you drain your ball. The overall execution of this pin is fantastic, it's fun to play and beautiful to look at.
1 year ago
What an awesome game with the 2.0 update and now with scorbit! Just picked this game up a week ago and love it. Finally a game that uses all the movie assessets (unlike stern JP). The game play is fun bit also frustrating. The lights are crazy but also needs pinstadiums. Soooo much going on and the call oit help is great as you learn the game. Not one that you'll get 100 mil on. I'm stuck at 10 mil hahaha. Kids love it. It would be a pricey one to learn in a pay per play arcade but at home is great. Went with the tilt topper.
2 years ago
I wanted to love this table so much more than I actually do. It might just be my overall dislike for JJP machines. They just seem so heavy. That’s the only way I can describe it. It never feels like fast action. It always feels slow and clunky.
2 years ago
I had not played this one for quite some time but I finally got a chance to put some time on it and man it is a fun one! Definitely the stable deep ruleset coming from Jersey Jack which I always love. The layout is fun to shoot, with the upper ramp being quite a unique shot. The sounds design satisfying and the theme integration is quite good as well. One of JJPs best.
2 years ago
I had this at home for just over two months and was devastated I had to give it back to its rightful owner. Initially I thought it was an unrelenting beast but after several games and figuring out how and what to stack it became as addictive as anything I've played before. I would love to play and own an LE so I can have the physical Wonkavator ball lock as the standard just seems to be lacking in that top section. Just a heap of clear plastic and very dull lighting.

The rules and sound are the highlights. Not sure why the theme integration gets such negative reviews... I think it uses the phrases and movie modes really well. And it's Gene Wilder at his absolute best. The modes are fun and it is very challenging to get to the second golden ticket and beyond... particularly with that inner orbit sending the ball SDTM over and over!!! Plenty of risk and reward with kid multiball, stackable multiballs... just a heap of fun. BUT... it needs to be a home machine to be fully appreciated. You will not get satisfaction on location as it is too brutal.

I want an LE noooooow.
2 years ago
Killer Lawlor layout and visually gorgeous machine with great features. But I didn’t grow up with this film (grew up with the Depp version) so the theme doesn’t grab me as much as it would some, and I struggle to get excited about scoring tens to hundreds of thousands for things rather than millions, wish they’d inflate the scores on these!
2 years ago
A great machine, fun and replayability are off the charts. The only knocks are for a modern machine it is not well lit out of the box. It benefits heavily from aftermarket lighting. The SE has an overly basic cabinet. The loop coming out of the left through the pop bumpers is frustrating due to the need to make the shot during some modes and being rewarded for success with a SDTM. Nudging if possible into a pop bumper sometimes helps.
2 years ago
JJP and Pat do it again... I guess is one of the best gameplay you could find today. Fast, best shots and superb flow. Excelent quality. Fun fun fun
2 years ago
By far JJPs best game when it comes down to true pinball. The code is excellent, layout is one of best ever being designed by a true veteran. Wonka as a theme I wasnt to sure of but its made the game have a adventures magical feel to it. The game does have dark GI lighting so if your a dark room player pinstadiums were ment for this machine. The playfields do have issues with pooling and chipping unfortunately but thats normal with JJP unless you own a Hobbit. This game has grown on me so much its slowly creeping up to my number 1 of all time for me, MMr!
2 years ago
The Pro is missing the Wonkavator and the Cabinet Artwork is plainer, but otherwise this is a solid game. I like WOZ but my wife is drawn to this game, for good reason - it is very well integrated into the theme and has some good features. It would be the limited for me however because of the missing Wonkavator/Superball lock.
2 years ago
Pros: Colorful. Bright playfield. Sharp graphics. High quality sound. Tons of mods available to improve the visual experience. Cute animations. Average shots.

- Awful theme integration.
- Unimaginative "toy” - there is no innovation in a spinning gobstopper.
- Annoying, repetitive sounds.
- Why is there only one Oompa Loompa?
- Why did they only license a single image of Gene Wilder, airbrush him until he had the smooth soulless look of an influencer, and then paste it everywhere? I love Gene Wilder, but I can only take so much of this monstrosity staring at me.
- I’m surprised that no one has crotched themselves or had a child hurt their face on the pointy shooter rod on the collector’s edition.
- Lots of flyaway balls (for example, the one that broke off the plastic Oompa Loompa during the official release party).

I love Dialed In. I love other Lawlor games. I adore the movie and was so excited about this machine, but I cancelled my order after seeing/hearing gameplay. I’ve played it in several arcades since then but it is a discombobulated mess. This is a bland and uninspired use of a brilliant movie. I don’t regret my decision. Heartbreaking!
2 years ago
Great then, great play, fun for all levels.
2 years ago
I really have to think hard for a more friendly game. Will always be in my top 10.
2 years ago
I love the theme, and the integration seems like the effort was there, but it just did not come together as cohesively for me as something like Wizard of Oz for example.

Definitely a technical achievement, of light effects.. interesting shots, but didn't quick 'click' for me.
2 years ago
Wonka is a pinheads dream. Has that typical lawlor flow with butter smooth shots all over the playfield. The rules have such a nice variation that gives you multiple ways to approach the game. Stacking is where this game really shines and if you get multiple things going at once the light show is like your own lil ride on the Wonkatania.

This game is a pinball masterpiece. You won't be disappointed.
2 years ago
I wish I could rate this game higher, because I do think it is an excellent player, perhps one of Pat Lawlor's best, but the theme is just not my cup of tea, which makes it very tough to even try to be subjective. Re-themed, I think this could be a fantastic pin, but as it sit's can only truly be appreciated by those who enjoy the theme.
There are 84 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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