Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (Standard)

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Game design: 8.268

Artwork: 7.514

Sounds/Music: 7.287

Other Aspects: 8.27

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The other versions are: Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (LE), Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (CE)

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11 days ago
Own the game(SE) about 2 months now and like it a lot. For context, I have owned all of the jjp games. The game shoots very well, outlands can be tough, but the game should not necessarily be easy. Shoot better and the outlanes won't be as much of an issue. Only areas I think can be improved are the video integration and the cabinet artwork, though the quality of the decals appears to be very high. Overall, it's a really fun pin to shoot and I think/hope it will only get better.
12 days ago
Willy Wonka was a theme I thought I had to have if it became a reality, but I simply just do not feel too strongly about this game. The LE at least has Gene Wilder in the art package, which I feel is a must - this standard doesn't feel complete without him. On top of that, I think the ball drain tendency is just a bit too excessive to justify continued play on location if that location requires pay-per-game, like the one I was at yesterday. It's a beautiful playfield, but I still feel like there is a lot to be desired, and I just can't see myself enjoying this game enough to continue to play it with my other current games. I'm saddened to say that I will not be getting a Willy Wonka pin, though I do understand why a lot of people are very high on it - it is NOT a bad game, it's just not anywhere near where I hoped it would be (and I knew it wouldn't live up the ridiculous hype that was generated for it as we waited for it to be revealed).
14 days ago
All around it's a wonderful game.
For base model this is a great pinball with good enough backglass and cabinet art.
LE and CE are much nicer eye candy.
16 days ago
Fun game, classic theme, they got it all in this machine. JJP did a great job on this one
17 days ago
Over-hyped, but I may not have enough plays on it yet. Still optimistic and will update review stats once more coins get eaten up.
23 days ago
Solid effort from Pat Lawlor and Jersey Jack. I very much enjoyed their last project, Dialed In. Somehow, this one is less difficult than that game, but more complex.

The main thing that impresses me about it, is that Lawlor was able to create a completely new feeling game, without using any overly-complex machinery or gimmicks. There's four flippers, a single playfield magnet (in front of the upper left flipper), three standard pops and 2 standard slings, one kickback, two spinners, one saucer, and one sub-field trap that returns the ball to launch lane. That's all the moving parts. I think this machine will be much more enjoyable for home users than any previous JJ machines, just because of that.

There are some mechanical design flaws out of the box, so I'm expecting JJ to address this in the coming weeks. But overall, this machine is interesting, favors control and shot accuracy over speed or repetitiveness, and does well with the source material during gameplay. This machine will be a first choice at my local spot for quite a while, I can tell. Great fun!
25 days ago
Disappointed with code. Need more video synched with sound. Some of the parts seemed cheaply made
26 days ago
I first played wonka on location and enjoyed very much the gameplay and light shows are beautiful, cabinet is a bit basic but looks super slick and shiny which I was surprise the black trim compliments the hole machine perfectly didn’t even missed the hole wonkavator mech to be honest because it never stops the game flow which I think is better. I pulled the trigger and purchase after receiving wonka at home it’s much more enjoyable and you actually discover wonka is pack with code, shots, and most important fun factor it keeps bringing you back in for more and more. It’s hard to explain but when you play wonka it makes you think/feel it’s easy but don’t be fooled by the time you realize your starting a new game saying to yourself what just happened it gets pretty brutal if your not shaking nudging to save your ball from those out lanes. Great game, highly recommend keep flipping
26 days ago
Ita not the home run I was expecting but it's not bad by a long shot!
28 days ago
If you've ever wondered what the time distortion feature of a temporal lobe seizure feels like, just listen to this game's impact-based, irregular chant of "Ooomp.... pah.......... looomp............. ah....." Ugh!!

The gameplay itself is decent but the hodgepodge-of-simultaneous-random-noises sound design becomes increasingly annoying over time. The theme integration is poor - there are movie clips without accompanying sound, for example - and the spinning gobstopper is an astonishingly unimaginative toy for a movie based on "pure imagination." There are, however, a ton of amazing third party mods available for this game to improve the playfield.
29 days ago
I would like to have had more plays on this game. So much to like, build quality, light, sound, the graphics!

I own WOZ and have toured JJP extensive ly and have the highest respect and regard for its founder and the team he has put together to give our passion new direction and rejuvenated an entire industry.

Wonka continues the JJP tradition of high build quality combined with exacting portions of fun! Deep rule set, challenges every level of experience. The bottom line is... Jersey Jack is top of the line, period.

It’s on my wishlist! Way To Go JJP. !!
31 days ago
Since I'm newer to the forum, I'm submitting a review based more on the fun factor than the technical aspects. This machine has a GREAT replay factor, I find myself wanting to play "just one more game" quite often. The lighting effects and field design are both mesmerizing and interesting. I particularly like that I'm always seeing something new happen (for example under the middle playfield magnet sling during multiball). The wonkatania mania feature is amazing with the light show and creepy, but fun, wonka singing. The ramps are smooth and not super frustrating (like the wonkavision right shot and pop bumpers SDTM ha ha). Will I ever obtain ALL 5 GOLDEN TICKETS...who knows, but I'll definitely have fun trying to do so!
31 days ago
The cabinet on the standard was clean, but was missing side graphics it's just the title of the movie. I didn't grasp the rules right away, the sound callouts could be improved. Callouts are displayed on the LCD display in the playfield. The skill shot is difficult to figure out. But I really (really) liked the machine (I'm 56 so this is a movie I grew up with and love), the lights on the playfield are amazing. It was sitting next to Dialed in which also has a colorful playfield and it was even better than that. Lots of small 'candy' cut outs in the playfield that sparkle with color. I haven't been able to play the LE, so I don't know how much the wonkavator would add. There were plenty of fun shots and with 4 flippers it was much more interesting than many other machines I've played. e.g. MM only has two flippers with all the shots sitting at the top of the playfield in a 130-degree arc. More inline with TZ's close shots, long shots, skinny shots to the sides. The captive ball rotating hole worked well and was cool. The far upper right shot reminds me a lot of the TZ lock and has a similar shot geometry to it.

I played most of the top 10 games on Friday for over 8 hours and kept coming back to Wonka. It's a great game and will be in our game room someday soon.

I saw dimpling on the playfield after only two weeks the same as on our Stern IM, so I'll be keeping a close eye out for owner reports on issues before I pull the pin on this pinball purchase.
46 days ago
I received my Wonka SE on July 3. This is the BEST Lawlor Ever! bar none. four flippers makes this game an absolute must have for any average to expert player. there are more shots than i can believe they squeezed into a standard body game. the light show is magnificent. the layout is perfect. the speed of this game makes it challenging and enjoyable for better players, and the callouts and lit inserts make it a great game for beginners. there is instant interactivity on this game. the skill shots are awesome. I love this game. It was my first JJP, and now i am convinced that JJP really puts more into their games. I still love Stern and CGC Games, I just think JJP goes the extra mile to put more value into their games. finally, the price point on this game is ideal ($7500), and an amazing reduction from the standard game POTC.

Great job JJP, and thank you for a GREAT Game!
47 days ago
Willy Wonka may be the best pinball layout we've seen from Pat Lawlor since twilight zone.

The Pros:
An absolutely brilliant layout with four full-size flippers that uses play field real estate like no other game in 20 years. It may be the most jampacked feature leading layout per square inch since safecracker. There are long, short, obtuse, bouncing, and flowing shots to be had. In its current state the rules are good, but I think they're going to get better. Careful consideration to shots, rebounds and play field features make this game a player just to flip it.

The Cons:
Pat just doesn't seem to have the best of luck with pinball themes. And while I like the original Willy Wonka movie, the movie is 45 years old. Now with all of that in mind, this is an a bad thing. It's just an unusual one. Fortunately, people seem to get it better than the intellectual high powers needed to wrap your head around dialed in as a theme.

The Takeaway:
Jersey Jack finally seems to be getting better with creating games that play well. The nice thing about this one, is that there are very few things on it to actually break so it may be the kind of game that actually lasts as well. I'm very curious to see what happens with the code on this table, I'm expecting great things from this game and goodness knows the Jersey Jack needs it.
47 days ago
Yes, I have played it (first at MGC, recently at a buddy's house). It's a Lawlor, it's a JJP, it's Wonka. Great flow, fun shots, music and light show is top notch. Yes, it could use some polishing and I'm certain that once the LE comes out, this game will be very close to a perfect 10 in my book.
49 days ago
its not often i fall in love with a pinball at a show. this was an instant hit for me. it played butter smooth, and even early code made me smile hearing all the quotes from the movie. the lower pricing certainly helped me make up my mind, dont know if i could have dropped $8500 for this game. but $7500 feels right.
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