Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (LE)

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Other Aspects: 8.204

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10 days ago
I own an LE and after the first night playing it for an hour i thought “meh”. A lot of the pins I owned have been long playing games that typically have long ball times. After having wonka a few weeks, it’s completely grown on me. I will blow up the score on one round, and the very next will be done in a few minutes. Learning the rules took some times, as it wasn’t as clear as other JJP pins, but this is the first pin I’ve bought where I have to just keep playing.

At release I was somewhat disappointed based on the ridiculous speculation of what it would have. After having it the last few weeks it really shines and I think they did a great job. There is some easy, fun shots my family can make and enjoy the pin, and there is some very high risk/reward shots that keep me entertained.

JJP did a great job on this one and I can’t wait to see what they come out with next.
14 days ago
Wow. Unbelievable game. I almost want 2 of them as it is that good. I finally got it to come alive tonight and I am looking forward to more. The light show is awesome. The shots are great. Classic Pat Lawlor. No awkward clunky shots. Smooth flow whipping the ball around. Jersey Jack build quality is top notch. You can’t go wrong with any of their games. Very happy with this pin.
14 days ago
Big hat no cattle is how I feel about this machine. I like the theme but it feels like they could of done much more. Lack of toys and call outs is obvious. Just not enough there. Some machines grab me right away, this one it seemed the more I played it the more I wish there was more there. Good, safe machine but I would never buy it. If you are a huge Wonka fan, i get it, go buy it. But as far as fun, its good not great
16 days ago
Fun game, classic theme, JJP did a great job on this one
16 days ago
I've played this game enough at Southern fried gaming expo enough to give my rating. I love the theme,love JJP,and Love Lawlor pins. Overall it's a great machine but I think JJP took the safe route compared to their other pins. The Toys/gimmicks fell short compared to other titles. Rules are good,wish they had more of the characters/speech in the display/game
17 days ago
I've owned over 70 pinball machines in the 15 years of collecting.
This is by far my favorite theme as well as entertaining my fingers! Extremely addictive and a must have.
Jersey Jack nailed it.
Art is beautiful callouts are a blast and game flow is spectacular!

Is there a Candy hating group in here?
I've been flagged for Loving on Wonka Pins?
20 days ago
I own all of JPP Games and this quite frankly is the most fun to play. I waited a little while to post a rating until I got a good amount of plays on this to see if my opinion changed. What I found is that this game is super addictive. All the shots are buttery smooth and hitting the TV can be challenging because if you miss and feed the ball to the left loop hard enough it can fly around and go SDTM. Additionally, hitting the gobstopper from the right flipper can sometimes produce a deflection toward a the outline. I love the shots on this game and the wonkavator multiball provides a strobe light effect which reminds me of AFM.
I don’t believe this is as beautiful as WOZ or TH, nor has the toys on it that pirates has but it is much more fun to play. I like how developed the code was at release and I’m sure it will only get better. I did experience a few issues at unboxing and set up. My Gobstopper hole assembly kept blowing a fuse and the wonkavator wouldn’t release the balls properly. Nonetheless, JPP service has been terrific and sent me an entire new assembly. I highly recommend this game to anyone.
20 days ago
My wife has given this game the seal of approval! That is huge! She usually hates all games but likes this one. The back glass and cabinet are not as good as I would like but still very nice but the game play is amazing. Once you learn the rules it is so much fun with different objectives that are easy to obtain and fun to get. It has such a deep ruleset that requires about 10 games to understand if you are slow like me but once you learn it, it is amazing.
25 days ago
It's Wonka, and this version has a Wonkavator! Better than the SE and worth every extra penny.
26 days ago
Personally my GF and I both dislike this game after many plays. It's not bad, it just isnt a home run in our eyes. I'll report back and possibly change my rating later but this isnt a perfect 10 game or a high 9 to me.
28 days ago
Jersey Jack has outdone themselves on this masterpiece .
Flows fast and shots are good . Artwork is very well done .
They dont over do the ooopa loopa music which is a big plus .
Still only a few plays but rules set seems good . You can stack kids like you can stack characters in Lebowski. a few multiball options . I like it . Seems to be very good quality and no issues at all . ( except no signature by Jersey Jack like usual ).
47 days ago
Willy Wonka may be the best pinball layout we've seen from Pat Lawlor since twilight zone.

The Pros:
An absolutely brilliant layout with four full-size flippers that uses play field real estate like no other game in 20 years. It may be the most jampacked feature leading layout per square inch since safecracker. There are long, short, obtuse, bouncing, and flowing shots to be had. In its current state the rules are good, but I think they're going to get better. Careful consideration to shots, rebounds and play field features make this game a player just to flip it.

The Cons:
Pat just doesn't seem to have the best of luck with pinball themes. And while I like the original Willy Wonka movie, the movie is 45 years old. Now with all of that in mind, this is an a bad thing. It's just an unusual one. Fortunately, people seem to get it better than the intellectual high powers needed to wrap your head around dialed in as a theme.

The Takeaway:
Jersey Jack finally seems to be getting better with creating games that play well. The nice thing about this one, is that there are very few things on it to actually break so it may be the kind of game that actually lasts as well. I'm very curious to see what happens with the code on this table, I'm expecting great things from this game and goodness knows the Jersey Jack needs it.
54 days ago
Played a pre-production LE at Pintastic. I like the theme, and the music is still in my head. I didn't get much play time, but the shots didn't feel good, and I wasn't sure what I was supposed to shoot at with the upper flippers. The art package also seems underwhelming, given the wall-to-wall immersive art we saw with WOZ, POTC and Stern's B66 editions -- a show with a pop-art style similar to the Wonka film. The pro edition only has the title of the movie for cabinet art. Maybe not showing the actors keeps the price low, but come on...
64 days ago
3 months ago
I have played several games on this pin and have no allegiance to JJP or any reasons to dislike JJP. I am a huge fan of the movie (it is in my top 10 of all time) and I was so excited about this pin before the hype ever built it up to astronomical levels. I am rating this game in context of what my excitement was BEFORE the hype was built up to unreasonable proportions. This pin is beautiful visually and the playfield is very awesome. There are a lot of shots, and it won't get old based off that reason alone. I didn't feel that the magnets offered much to the game experience as little as I even noticed them. The toys are cool but I don't feel wowed by any of them all that much; the entire package is definitely a plus, though. I do feel like the game did not capture my imagination the way a Wonka machine would. The toys are decent, but I guess I had just hoped for a package similar to the high-end models of WOZ. This game is certainly well above average, but I can't call it "special", and I was so convinced I would feel that it is. I was ready to order a CE but then cut that back to a LE after its reveal, and now that I've played several games on it, I just can't say that this pin is even a must-have, and certainly there are a handful of other pins I would rather have over it to add to my collection. I do think it could grow on me and perhaps I will want a LE in the future after I have those other pins, but only time will tell. Anyone who likes pinball absolutely should try this game and not judge it after one or two attempts (I have 8 games on it, and even that's not really enough). Perhaps the finished product will bump it up the interest list.
3 months ago
The game has flow and a Wonkavator and is built like a tank too.
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