Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (LE)

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Game design: 8.66

Artwork: 8.592

Sounds/Music: 8.083

Other Aspects: 8.508

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This is "Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (LE)".
The other versions are: Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (Standard) (regular version), Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (CE)

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3 days ago
Just recently purchased an LE. Learning the rules at the moment. Deep coded game. Very smooth layout with great shots. My only criticism would be the lack of enthusiasm from the person they used for jackpots and super jackpots!
14 days ago
WW rules are difficult to figure out, without a lot of time on the machine. It is a beautiful game with plenty of variation in shots. The shots are generally not too tight but allow for a challenge off of the top left flipper. The top right flipper view is slightly obstructed and it tough to use during a multi-balls.
18 days ago
No one in our family is crazy about the movie, but the machine is very fun. We love a challenge, and the machine is very challenging! If theme is very important to someone, I can see how they may never truly like the game. However, gameplay and lastability are what sold us on the game, and it’s delivering. We sold our Addams to get this machine, and we have zero regrets!
34 days ago
Played a lot. Really good looking game. Does not play well. Maybe code will improve.
40 days ago
Their is so much going on. I haven’t even come close to learning all the code for this game. It keeps me coming back to learn more. The games can go shorter on a harder setting, this game has a pretty big difference in difficulty between settings. If i had any complaints the multi ball seems to start a little to often from different modes. The wow factor with lights and themed game are over the top. A quality game maker in my opinion.
40 days ago
Probably ranking this way too early. But, what a fun shooter.
I was somewhat nervous at first as the theme does nothing for me personally. But, the entire package works incredibly well.
The shots are a ton of fun and as you learn the rules, you then realize how amazing this pin truly is.
I highly recommend this pin and am so happy I have it in the collection.
46 days ago
I have just over 50 plays on this game...at first, I couldn't connect, but because I love the theme and the presentation (artwork, lights, etc.) I decided to give it a bit more time. Man oh man did it come alive once I sorted out some of the rules, and shots. Easily one of the most visually engaging pins I've ever played, which should be no surprise to those familiar with JJP. Flow, callouts, and videos all pulled me in. This is one of those machines that will age VERY VERRRRRY well. As more people get deeper into this game, the reviews will improve and rankings will follow...get one now before they become unobtainium, or risk having to pay JJP POTC prices. I for one am trying to sort out how to break it to my wife that I'm buying one...
49 days ago
great theme ...very fun game.
50 days ago
I have been playing this game for about 9 months now. I really like it. It is very non-linear. I am frequently looking up at the display to figure out what my next strategy is before I wander off into another frenzy of shots and scoring. There is some real genius in the ruleset. The shots are satisfying and you can get some real flow going! It is the first JJP I have owned, but won't be the last. One of my fav games ever!
62 days ago
jjp at it's best. a lot to do on this pin. surprises in each gamesession. this machine never get's boring. i also had absolutely no connection to the theme before; no matter. now i am in wonkamania! :)
66 days ago
The most "beautiful" machine of the world ;-) Very colorful with incredible layout and a really deep code. Lightning is one of the best; candy style lightning... it's unbelievable what nowadays can be realized with RGB; stunning.
Music fits the theme but for me it's missing some bass frequency. Hopefully this will be fixed with one of the next updates.
Wonkavator-super-ball-lock-shot is soooo satisfying. There are so many good modes each with a total different lightning combined with great shots which create every time the one more game feeling. I love it!
74 days ago
Very low scoring game, but fun and technical.
86 days ago
Really enjoyed playing this game. Puts you into the whole feel of Wonka. Legit.
86 days ago
Excellent shooter, great theme and very colorful!! Fun every time!!
3 months ago
I wanted to love it but honestly it wasn’t that enjoyable. It’s a quality machine but not for me.
3 months ago
I have really enjoyed playing this game. It takes a long time to get into the rule set because it is so deep. We purchased this game and are really happy with the machine. Immediate fun. The only pro/con depending on what you are looking for is the rule set. There is a lot for the person who just hops on to play and hit things. Once you get into deep play their is so much it can be overwhelming. I consider myself a novice and it is a lot to take in but hopefully on the flip side it will mean years of enjoyment. I don't see myself getting bored with this machine anytime soon.
3 months ago
Just received my NIB LE Wonka and this is such a smooth shooter. With the classic soundtrack from the movie playing in the background and funny sound effects, it doesn’t get you wound up and stressed when a ball drains, at least for me, I just want to keep playing and see what’s next to do. Love the sound effects when the ball is in the pops and having the classic lines of Gene Wilder spoken throughout game play is great. The game is so colorful and just beautiful but is a bit dark, mainly in the back area.

Only negative to this game, is for my wife who is a little short and has a hard time seeing the ball coming to the upper right flipper due to so much on this playfield. Beyond that, theme integration is excellent and again, just smooth playing. This isn’t frantic Stern JP gameplay, but more of a great casual game where you can watch what’s going on and enjoy the experience than just trying to stay alive.
5 months ago
My initial impression after 50 or so games is that this is a machine I will keep in my collection for a long time. I love the theme, and I think the balance of the game is outstanding. It doesn't play as fast as some of the new Sterns, but I wouldn't describe it as slow either. The shots are really really really smooth and buttery. I also think the build quality of this machine is exceptionally high.
6 months ago
If you are „in“ it‘s in the top 5 ever !
Best Pat Lawer pin ( yes, better than TZ )
6 months ago
So many color changing LEDs that change so rapidly I can't keep up. Where do I shoot? It looks cool while not playing, but for me, its way too much times 5.
6 months ago
This is a great game! I was wanting to get a new game and took a chance and purchased an LE. It does not play fast like a lot of the new Sterns that have come out, but the variation of shots is pretty amazing. Love the elevator and having the balls hold over so that you can steal others balls that they captured in previous games. It is for sure my kids and wife favorite game. It almost feels like the sounds and music is more like a modern slot machine in vegas. They did a great job on the game!
6 months ago
Wonka feels such a mixed bag for me.

The shots are smooth, accessible and repeatable. The sound design is lacking compared to prior games with David Thiel on board, there's so many overwhelming sound effects and music layered way too heavily at times. Ruleset is straightforward, but also a bit confusing on the finer points.

The game is so fun to shoot, but compared to prior JJP games, it just doesn't blend in the cohesive ways that the prior games do. Oddly, this feels like the smoothest shooting JJP.

My thoughts on the game, are about as scattered as the game itself. :)
7 months ago
One of the best shoots in pinball. Typical JJP quality, this is how all pinball manufactures should make their products.
I have never watched the movie from start to finish, it's really not my type of movie but this game is brilliant!
I am a fan of Pat Lawlor games, as i love the flow and depth of the code.
I think I will be in the market for a Wonka....

Bought a LE new in box... told the wife it was for her.... what ever it takes LOL...
7 months ago
Willy Wonka is a well designed game Pat lawlors finest, the flow of this machine is one of the best out there.
The rules are very well done and deep.
Everyone can play Willy Wonka and can achieve something and have fun, advanced players have more than enough to play for.
8 months ago
This is a beautiful version of a very immersive game. I think the LE version is well worth the extra money spent over the standard. If you love Willy Wonka, this game ties into it perfectly. It is a deep game, perfect for home use.
There are 71 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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