Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (CE)

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This game received 117 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 8.434 /10


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This game ranks 2nd in the game group "Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory". The group itself ranks #21 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game Design: 8.375

Artwork: 8.704

Sounds/Music: 8.055

Other Aspects: 8.462

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Found 48 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 48 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 days ago
Rough but real fun
4 months ago
I was apprehensive at first for the sound being too repetitive but it isn’t at all. Great call outs and all around family fun plus deep enough code for good players. I do think the lastability gets a bit lower after 1000 games.
9 months ago
This was my first pinball purchase after a very long hiatus from pinball. My wife played it at a distributor, and said “ we should get this”. Who was I to argue? At first, I found it to be difficult and a bit frustrating, especially the SDTM shot sometimes from the bumpers. The new code, however, has transformed the game. Stacking multi-balls is an absolute blast. Very fortunate to have been able to purchase a CE while they were still in stock.
1 year ago
Totally a great game but need to spend more time on it. I would say this is one that would be perfect in a home collection. Best JJ game yet.
1 year ago
I really wanted to like this game so much more than I did after playing it. For me this is a dream theme but it just doesn't play so hot IMO. The call outs are pretty monotone and the extra call outs in the CE are uninspiring. I am hoping someday to have some more time on this game to change my mind but for now, it is what it is.
1 year ago
Maybe I just don't get Pat Lawlor designs. The game looks great, but doesn't play great. It's not immediately apparent what to shoot or do in the game. The shots don't feel satisfying. It's like the flashy cabinet and big screen is there to make you feel like you are having a good time even though the actual pinball is not really fun. Very overrated game!
1 year ago
I don't even want to update my game code cuz I love it right where it is!
1 year ago
I love my Wonka CE. Perfect layout and shots. Not too tight. I love the theme and the machine has a magical feel to it. Incredible colors and lights. The animations and footage are very well done as well. Gobstopper and Wonkavator are amazing shots. Awesome Lawlor design. Only complaint is the Gobstopper has needed adjustment twice. Otherwise it’s a 10.
1 year ago
Nearly Flawless, should be in the top 5 all time! Best J.J.P to date. I've had em all with the exception of Dialed In.If Jersey Jack could incorporate a ball save a second or two after coming off one of the pops to negate a really cheap drain, the game would be pretty much perfect..Sooo much better than T.Z, M.B, Deadpool, A.F.M, M.M ect....This one is not leaving my collection!
2 years ago
good shooter, horrible theme and callout
2 years ago
this game is simply everything you want from a pinball... smooth shooting, theme integration. the game is amazing.
2 years ago
Just updated my CE with 2.0 code and it’s made the game open up quit a bit more.

This game will be in my collection probably forever. Unique layout, great theme integration, and BIG fun factor. Out of all the pins I’ve owned and played this one is my favorite.

The recent code is just bonus.
2 years ago
Had massive expectations and it just couldn't quite live up to it, which might be on me. Good machine, good animations, deep code - very hard to get to Pure Imagination. A good game, no doubt, but not in the 'great' catgegory for me. Expected more gimmicks with this theme and it being a JJP pin. Probably not gonna get it again.
2 years ago
Wonka is a game that has been in and out of my collection a couple times at this point. The more games I experience the more and more I realized that this is one of the best.

The presentation of the machine itself is beautiful, particularly the CE version. So colorful and lively between the playfield/cab artwork and the very well done RGB lighting in the inserts! The theme is integrated brilliantly despite what you might read on here. One of the best at theme integration. The way the voice clips from the movie fit the gameplay is outstanding and the modes with movie clips are well done as well. The on screen display is everything you could ask for and shows a ton of detail once you understand it. My only wish is that they would have gotten the Candy Man song in here somewhere.

Gameplay wise, this one takes a good 100-200 games to start to get the hang of. On location for casual play I could see it turning people off. In a home environment it really shines with its depth, complexity, and difficulty. Shots are all excellent with some truly tricky ones (loops through the pops and kid multiball i'm lookin at you!). Love shooting the gobstopper to factory ramp over and over - very satisfying! Hitting the TV scoop at just the right moment too presents some nice celebratory moments as well.

All in all I consider this Jersey Jack's best game to date, even ahead of pirates and GNR!
2 years ago
This game is so much better than I expected. My first JJP but certainly not my last. Great theme, keeps you coming back for more. This one is bolted to the floor for me.
2 years ago
Best looking pinball machine at time of release. WW CE! I’ve seen nearly every top 100 on pinside both modded and original, family & friends have owned most, nothing looks better than this machine and it’s Radcals, sparkle playfield, mirrored back glass, etc. Theme, game modes, sound score and callouts are off the charts, could’ve used more low frequencies in the sound mix. I had to break down and buy the CE. It sad, but I will definitely need to buy another sparkling playfield cause this one will not survive the plays! The Candyman Can. This is my second favorite pin to date behind MM.
2 years ago
This is an amazing game!!!! My daughter and I can’t get enough! Such a fun game, with an awesome outlay and design. Typical pat game. I can’t ever see myself getting rid of this one. JJP games are the best.
2 years ago
I just bought one of the last Wonka CE’s left. I am so glad I was able to get my hands on one of these. I own 9 other pins and have recently had the opportunity to play a different Jersey Jack game. It was my first time playing a Jersey Jack. I fell in love and ordered 2 games including this Willy Wonka CE. I am not a Willy Wonka crazed fan, but after playing this game. I instantly was engaged in the game play. I love the rules. It is a smooth shooter, but yet a difficult challenging set of rules. I also think the artwork in incredible. Lastly the lighting. Jersey jack games are so bright and have vivid colors. I am hooked. Keep them coming Jersey Jack!
2 years ago
Can't stop playing WWCE! This is certainly the best pinball machine I ever played. Special effects are amazing, it's not a simple playing game, the ball will go down middle a lot if you allow on left side ramp. Highly recommend buying this game.
2 years ago
The CE bring a lot more to the table such as better speech, art package is awesome, and trim level is above and beyond. Game shoots smooth as always I own the SE before the CE makes it that much better. One of jjp best shooters there’s a reason I bought this tittle twice, Flippers and slings are a bit week as always with jjp games need to up the power to make them feel better you won’t be let down with this tittle it’s a sleeper don’t be fool, Family’s favorite game from our line up.
2 years ago
The CE, like the LE, has the Wonkavator and the Cabinet Artwork is the best of the three. I like WOZ but my wife is drawn to this game, for good reason - it is very well integrated into the theme and has some good features. I think the Wonkavator/Superball lock makes this or the LE the version to have over the Standard. A great family game, based on the 1971 movie, not the 2005 Johnny Depp one. This is a wise choice. I don't find the value in the CE over the LE though.
2 years ago
I Loved this pinball so much I bought collectors edition. Can't get enough of this game.
2 years ago
It's very good, not great. Very different feel than Stern and Williams.
2 years ago
So, this was my first JJP purchase, though I'm patiently waiting for my GnR LE. I have room for ten pins and in the past Stern held many of those spots. Im now down to just two Sterns, with a mix of other manufactures and older titles....FH, AFM, IJ, JP, SW, etc. In a room surrounded by those great titles and others, this Wonka CE stands tall.....it's not even close! It's a beautiful machine, the build quality is great and it plays AWESOME. All of my friends and family that have seen it ....LOVE it! It's interesting to see some of the classic Pat Lawlor design ideas(FH steps feels similar to the Wonka skill shot) and other fun stuff(I thought I had playfield insert issues, until I remembered that there are magnets under the playfield redirecting the ball at times). Anyway, pinball ratings are always subjective and nothing is a 10...but this Wonka CE is very close! IMO...Pinball Masterpiece!
2 years ago
I’m sorry but this game is a snooze
There are 48 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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