Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (CE)

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Game design: 9.538

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Sounds/Music: 9.255

Other Aspects: 9.52

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The other versions are: Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (Standard) (regular version), Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (LE)

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21 hours ago
Pat Lawlor has done it again. This game has so much to offer and do.
3 days ago
Once you get some time on this game it opens up beautifully. Another top notch game by JJP!
3 days ago
I like jjp games but this one did not do it for me. Tried playing it for four hours. Just not my cup of tea. Camera is cool. Colors are cool.
3 days ago
Great game to start with but the CE makes it shine. The sparkle lightning and shot flow are amazing.
3 days ago
Just played at the arcade. Love the theme. A bit disappointed in the play and playfield layout. Lots of fun tough shots. Looking forward to playing it again. For all the hubbub there should be some uniqueness. Not sure I'd add it to my collection. Fun but not stellar.
3 days ago
Wonka is a fun game, but it is not very fast and it does not have a lot of flow. A lot of thought went into the game, but at times I feel like I am at a casino with the sounds it makes.
26 days ago
Lots to do to get to Pure Imagination! IMHO better in a home environment than public due to the outstanding callouts and complexity of code. The playfield is darker than I prefer. It's my only knock and easily fixed with aftermarket mods.

Shots are unique and has good theme integration.
34 days ago
A very motivational game. Fun to play and lots of action
40 days ago
fun pin, nice shots, flows well. if you get a roll and hit your shots, youre in for a FUN (high scoring, multiballs) game
53 days ago
This game feels to me like a modern day and more simple Pat Lawlor game. Great flow, no shot seems crazy tight, cool toys and amazing/beautiful/colorful playfield lights. Great use of 3rd/4th flippers. To me, if this were themed something other than Wonka, it would be higher in the list.

Update: this pin is really great, I’m really perplexed as to why it’s not rating better. The way it plays is tremendous, the rules are awesome, and the shot across into the Wonkavator to me is the most satisfying shot in Pinball. What I like about it is that it plays like a more complex version of the Addams family. It is possible to consistently control the ball, and the shots are not as tight as one of the newer Elwin games. Definitely not easy, but plays very fair. I was not into the theme at first, but the integration is so good that now I think it’s great, and quite creepy in some cases. The playfield on the collectors edition along with the LED colors is something to be seen.
3 months ago
Honestly, hard to fault this game.
6 months ago
one of the best pins to come out in the past 2 years.I like just about anything that Pat Lawler design's.Wonka has just about all of Pat's
shots, the one in between the pops,The 2 upper flipper shots are great.The hidden ramp,Ect! The only draw back is that is.That it can drain SDTM at times.So lots of nudging is needed.As I play it more my ball times have gotten longer,Very deep code and lots to shoot at
Another home run for JJP and Pat Lawler. The game is built like a tank.Plenty of toys as well
7 months ago
Great flow, excellent shots. Details very well implemented such as 'Oompa Loompa' sound effects that complete the song as the pop bumpers are hit; Genius. For the CE version, the glitter through the playfield is magnificent, first time I've seen something like this done so well under the playfield clear coat. I also believe this is the best video integration into a JJP game yet.. it's very fluid as you progress through the game and really immerses the player into the original movie, the nostalgia is completely feel good. Nothing negative to say about this one. Just FUN.
8 months ago
This is game is so good - the only gripe is the skill shots are extremely difficult to nail, but then again the machine is meant to be difficult. Its layout remind me of Addams Family with the flipper placement but the ruleset and gameplay is beyond belief. Finally the Artwork, lighting, sounds and general cohesiveness of the theme is so well done that I will never sell this machine - it makes you play 'just one more' all the time!
10 months ago
This is definitely one of the best, most playable, longest lasting pins that could have ever been created. I'll start with the few negatives of this pin: 1) It's standard body, not wide body - this is just a disservice to this pin, as it really deserves to be wide body. 2) It needs more bass - there's something tinny to the sound, but I bet they'll update this in a future release. 3) There's a bumper on the right side that often just goes haywire in certain modes, this is intentional but they need to tone it down a bit. Other than that, pure perfection.

On to the game - it's fantastic, always a joy, and I never get tired of it. I'm likely going to pare down my collection and this one will be one I'll regret selling if I sell it. The play, the rules, the movie scenes, the voices, the lights - everything about it is great and I can play it for a long time. I prefer keeping my rules on easy settings so that I can enjoy as much of this pin as possible. It's my new #2 after Pirates of the Caribbean CE, and if I didn't have that it would be my #1 but very very close in rankings with Wizard of Oz.

I look forward to seeing more creations from Jersey Jack Pinball - they really have created something special with their pins, and I have had all of their pins except Dialed In. They should be a long-lasting company who weathers the current storm - after all, if you have to stay at home why not have as many pins as possible!
1 year ago
This game is deep and there’s more to come. Candy Kodes were discovered that gives players access to special modes. Can’t wait to see where this goes. My favorite pin of all time so far.
1 year ago
We've now had our Wonka CE for nearly 10 months and 6000 plays. Our opinion of the game keeps improving!

We still play it and we're still not bored by it. We do have other pins, but we keep coming back to this one.

The goal progression (golden tickets) are structured very well such that we continue to get a tiny bit closer with time and practice...just enough to keep us hooked. My wife and I have both gotten 2 tickets a handful of times, and she beat me to 3 tickets just the other night.

We'll be playing this for a long time and it has absolutely earned its place in our home.
1 year ago
Willy Wonka may be the best pinball layout we've seen from Pat Lawlor since twilight zone.

The Pros:
An absolutely brilliant layout with four full-size flippers that uses play field real estate like no other game in 20 years. It may be the most jampacked feature leading layout per square inch since safecracker. There are long, short, obtuse, bouncing, and flowing shots to be had. In its current state the rules are good, but I think they're going to get better. Careful consideration to shots, rebounds and play field features make this game a player just to flip it.

The Cons:
Pat just doesn't seem to have the best of luck with pinball themes. And while I like the original Willy Wonka movie, the movie is 45 years old. Now with all of that in mind, this is an a bad thing. It's just an unusual one. Fortunately, people seem to get it better than the intellectual high powers needed to wrap your head around dialed in as a theme.

The Takeaway:
Jersey Jack finally seems to be getting better with creating games that play well. The nice thing about this one, is that there are very few things on it to actually break so it may be the kind of game that actually lasts as well. I'm very curious to see what happens with the code on this table, I'm expecting great things from this game and goodness knows the Jersey Jack needs it.
1 year ago
This version should have it all, once it ships, until then it is just a mirage. Would pay handsomely to acquire #012.
There are 19 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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