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There are 133 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 months ago
I think this game is under-rated. The animations (especially with a Color DMD) are better than most games. It is more left-brained than most games but there's still enough lights and sounds for those that need the sensory stimulation. The Roulette feature is one of my favorites; where else can you actually enhance your score by hundreds of millions or have it reduced by that much OR not take the risk if you are close to that Replay number. The mechanical slot machine wheels is also unique and it adds a lot of fun to the play of this game.
5 months ago
Fun and unique game. It's a hidden gem and worth checking out.
7 months ago
I've never been able to quite figure this game out. It has all the elements of a fun game, yet I don't particularly enjoy it that much. I've played hundreds of games on it, but never been able to figure out if any of the clues in the mysteries have anything to do with actually picking suspects. Some I know actually adore this as their favorite game but I can't wrap my head around it. It's overall quality is good, especially in the sound department. And it's worst aspect may simply be it's terrible lighting aspects which isn't that important anyways. I don't know. I don't actively dislike and avoid it the way I would with Monster Bash (a very popular game) but nor would this be a machine I gravitate towards immediately.
8 months ago
Fun theme feels a bit like a Choose Your Own Adventure combined with Clue. Only problem is, it's not as fully realized as it could have been. Shots are pretty good, and the game plays well and the slot machine is fun. The game features 5 scoops and a ramp that raises and lowers, similar to the bicycle girl ramp on TWD premium. Skill shot is fun and challenging. Was able to add one of these for a fairly low price, and with modest expectations, this game has impressed so far. The jazzy, moody music is fantastic. Until they remake this one with improved code and complexity, or make "Clue," this 1995 game from Bally will have to fill the murder mystery genre. Glad we found one.
9 months ago
I love the aspect of finding the killer. It is different everytime. This is the longest pin I have had in my collection at over a decade.
10 months ago
One of the most interactive DMD games I've played. Picking the correct suspect is fun and the dialogue is well done and not repetitive for the most part. Love the various multiballs. The elevator shots can be a bit tiresome and I really wish this had some sort of wizard mode after capturing all suspects or solving all the cases. Other than that, a very underrated game with a lot to do. Definitely a family fave.
10 months ago
Very cool to play, one of the best, i love it and i love the theme.
10 months ago
Its a fun game at first but after some time it bored me.
1 year ago
This pin is totally underrated, the graphics are awesome and the gameplay is a lot of fun. There are plenty of toys implemented into the game and deserves better recognition. The theme is very unique are it delivers it flawlessly adding a decent challenge to accomplish the goal.
1 year ago
Very fun game. While it may be somewhat shallow in rules, it tells a good story (multiple one's actually) and is very friendly to novice players. I love the lightwork and call outs, the slots, telephone, and that elevator ding is so unique. Game play gets old after many plays but is always fun to play a few. Great after game music and lightshow, unless you get a high score. That music is just meh. Sad I sold mine years ago.
1 year ago
Great game from the Golden age of Bally pinballs. It really stands out from other games for its unique qualities. Great family game too. Toys and gimmicks that only come on limited edition games these days. Despite being a perennial top 100 game, this pin is CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED. Games from that era that are similar to it go for $8,000.

These are tough to find on the market because people don't seem to sell them much. If you can get one...do it!
1 year ago
Really fun game for the family
1 year ago
Really stands out in a line-up!
1 year ago
Very nice overall package. Sound/music/speech and animations are excellent! I liked the art too.
1 year ago
An all round good game. Outstanding animations and themeing, with tonnes of voice work and good art. The unorthodox layout and ruleset perhaps don't have quite as much lastability as other games of it's time, but it's still a good game that I'll keep coming back to. Not a fan of the roulette betting feature or the over-exaggerated scoring. A murder mystery theme doesn't fit the billion scoring like Attack from Mars does, should be much lower similar to Medieval or No good Gofers in my view. Still a little underrated gem from the golden era of Bally/Williams machines.
2 years ago
While playing this machine, two things stood out most for me: Extremely long ball times and a theme that gets old very quickly. Not a good combination.

It's strange, as I really like the idea of a Who Dunnit pinball, but it just didn't work for me. I even left with credits on the machine, because I didn't feel like playing through the same clues again. This was all within one hour of gameplay.

I did like the flow of the game, as well as the elevator in the middle. It makes this game unique, but it's not enough to keep me interested.

Finally, the artwork is so-so. The playfield seems uninspired to me and the cabinet might even be called ugly.

My final verdict is: not recommended.
2 years ago
I bought this game as a home use only with very limited plays. It looks beautiful and has a good theme. The play through is quite good but can get repetitive. I found it most difficult to catch the criminal to complete the case. The music and lightshow are great! I like the options of the roulette table and slot machine. Hitting the ringing phone can be satisfying. I wish it came with a color dmd.
2 years ago
I think Who Dunnit has a nice theme going for it, some great sound, lighting, and how it integrates the DMD and all the animations is really just top notch. Lots a cool toys scattered around the playfield from a slot machine, to phones, but my favorite feature is the center ramp. I like aiming for it and just hitting it all the time. Also I like the multiple loops that you need to shoot for too. And while the theme is cool and I think the artwork is competent, it just really doesn't stand out or pop for me. I do like the feeling the game goes for as a detective movie, and thanks to the dmd animations you really do feel like you're in an interactive detective pinball game(which I guess you are in). I think for the lighting to best be experienced would be a dark room, as when the ax gets tossed at you to start multiball the lights on the game go out and that's a cool effect. I also like that this have novice and expert mode. In novice mode you get a guaranteed 3 minutes of play and I like to choose that mode and play head to head with people, as I think its just more fun than always switching after a ball. I know a few games had this feature, but I wish it caught on a bit more. And to me that is one of the best features for this game. Not my favorite all time pinball game, but it is a fun one to play. I will say while I think the DMD and the animations are great and varied, it also to me does take away the replay value, as it just gets old seeing footage over and over. So I personally couldn't do any real marathon plays on this machine.
2 years ago
This machine is is an unsung hero. The Cluedo theme and music are great - unique in pinball. Its true that the central ramp over-dominates the playfield and gameplay, but the fruit machine and roulette features add something different to go alongside the process of capturing the murderer. Differnet, unique and special.
2 years ago
and ok game. I just couldn't get into it. wasn't my kind of theme
2 years ago
Subversively hilarious with the private eye who has a gambling problem theme, the pin is super fun and the designers got the theming tied together near perfectly.

As others have said where this falls down is in predictability with the rules, there is a fairly simple story mode that never varies in order, after playing a few times you really don't need to bother with clues at all to decide who the suspect should be. That said, even knowing the suspect doesn't mean you'll be successful at catching them as do so requires running the gauntlet of timed shots. Being predictable in goal isn't really a bad thing, especially when I think of my favorite pins are generally just the ones where you rack up points mindlessly anyway but most of those make you work for the points. Here the ball can be in play for a long time which may or may not be a good thing for you. There are a few start/stop moments and some of the return shots can be lightening fast and a little unbalanced compared to others.

I would love to have a nice version of this in my collection some day but there are other pins I'd rather have first. Watch for the insets above the flippers, they all seem to show wear on every copy I've seen even ones that the seller says have no wear. If this had a working mechanical roulette wheel instead of the DMD one (or in conjunction with) it would be higher on my wish list.
2 years ago
This was in a game room at my work for a while, so I've played this a lot. Fun game with a very distinct theme and feel. Love the Noir setting and overall objective to catch the killer and figure out who-dunnit. Sound and callouts are really good and animations fit well with the theme.

That said, there are definitely some things I don't like about this machine. Clues are repetitive and don't always make sense for figuring out the killer. Tony's palace is WAY too easy to hit and roulette completely destroys any semblance of balanced scoring. Ever wanted to completely dominate a game or an opponent and walk away with basically nothing and a loss due to pure luck? Or play a so-so game and end up on the leader board without earning it? Then this game is for you. Kind of cheapens the experience.

Really fun for a few games if playing alone and care more for the experience than your score, but wouldn't hold up long term for me or be something I'd want in my home.
2 years ago
Who dunnit is a very cool game I really like the theme and music in the game. It also has good rules and callouts.
2 years ago
Why do I love this unusual machine? I shouldn't. No upper flippers. Long ramps are not much in play. It's got fairly a fairly simple rules set. There's a ton of luck involved with high scores, digital luck at that. And it's in the heart of the absurd point hyperinflation of the mid 90's; a billion is just a kind of OK score on this machine.

Oh, despite all that, it's just fun as hell. For one thing, the jazzy Theme from Peter Gunn music. The 1930's hardboiled private dick - problem gambler narrator, like from some kind of noir film they never made. (Yes, it's a teensy bit like Clue: The Pinball, but not really.) The (tiny) logic puzzle involved in getting to the suspect. 2, 3, and 4-ball multiballs. A wizard mode that's not really a wizard mode. A hidden midnight mode. The weird-ass triple scoop in the front, which is unlike any other game's (and really does require some skill). The sequencing required to get certain bonuses. The variety of strategies available to score high. It's got Novice mode for your guests and beginners, it has buy ins to keep it going, it's got cute little quotes like the Pack of Rats and the (mostly) meaningless Secret Bookcase lock. Despite the ostensibly violent theme, it's a good kids' game - see also those easy multiballs and the not-really-bloody "murders" one has to solve.
2 years ago
Boy..."Who Dunnit?" I played one game. That game took over one hour to complete. Why? Because

1) It's WAY to easy to hit ramps in this game.
2) Because it's too easy to hit ramps, you can constantly light up "EXTRA BALL" like it's July 4th.

The theme is brilliant. Mystery noir with a hard-boiled private detective trying to find various killers throughout the city. The issue with this is that there's no "logic". You're just guessing, really. There are always about a half dozen suspects you can choose from but the killer is random and the reasoning for them being the killer never really makes much sense. Either that or I'm truly missing something. In any case, this is one of those Bally games where you can score a billion points blindfolded.

One of the cool catches is that you're also supposed to be a habitual gambler and you can play slots and roulette as side games as you're trying to solve cases. This means you could be about 100,000 from being the number one high scorer on the table...only to lose that position because you just lost 900,000,000 points at the roulette table. No, you don't HAVE to play roulette...but the thought that you could not only be in 1st Place on the scoreboard by over a billion points appeals to your ego. You play pinball thus you have an ego. It's unique to say the least.

I was able to get through five cases. Not sure if there's anything more to do after that. But I DO love when you guess the correct suspect -- only to lose them as they run for the rooftop and you have to literally "chase" them across the city. The way this is executed is that lanes are randomly lit -- but they change every few seconds. So you have to hurry and try to get the ball up into the correct lane. If you hit the correct lane at the right time, you have to hit one last lane to "subdue" them and have them arrested. This is followed by a four-ball multiball which gives you a TON of points if you're really good.

The problem is that the gameplay and audio feels more than a bit repetitive with audio callouts repeating every few seconds without fail. If CastleVania: Symphony of the Night were a pinball machine, this would be it.

And, so, this game isn't without its faults. "Who Dunnit?" isn't the greatest but it's TRULY unique. It just feels too easy. A skilled child could probably beat the table if they were quick enough. And that's another part of the problem: it feels like you're playing a game geared for kids.

I liked my experience with this game but I'm not sure I'd ever take the time to play another long game.
There are 133 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 6.

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