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There are 150 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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22 days ago
Got a double replay on a Who Dunnit? at the Joysticks Pinball Arcade.

This is a mildly-entertaining pin with a good narrative. You’re solving a crime. You shoot the telephone to interrogate suspects, who mention the murderer in their dialogue on the DMD. Then, you can identifying the murderer from a line up to close the case.

The layout is super easy because shooting up the middle seems to deliver the ball to the flippers via an ‘elevator’ feature (I didn’t get the significance of the various floors in my game). With no danger of centre drains, you can bash away solving cases and getting multiballs (again, no idea what I did to get multiball) for quite a while. There are a couple of extraneous casino-related features, including one-armed bandit dials where you can get three in a row, and the offer of gambling your score on roulette (I didn’t).

Perfectly fun, but one for theme lovers more than tournament players.
61 days ago
This pin is different and very enjoyable. I picked it up a couple of months ago just because it was the only ballet Williams that I hadn't had and wasn't expecting a whole lot. It definitely delivered beyond my expectations. The only negative I have on it is I wish it had a wizard mode but I'm sure they won't reprogram this one because there's just not enough of them.
68 days ago
This game walks into your life faster than a troubled dame in tinsel town... I own it and I love it. Not for everyone. Cult following and other owners super nice to help trouble shoot and share info. Love the music, the theme, the colors, and great variation on the playfield for stuff to do. WARNING: Slot mechanism in the playfield is FAMOUS for trouble so ask before buying. Color DMD is a MUST. Back glass image gives hints as to who did the murder based on evidence collected. Just a slow relaxed play experience with 3 fingers of red eye on a stormy night... And I ALWAYS play wearing a fedora. Spoiler Alert: Roulette wins every 2nd try so wish they had mixed that up a bit: SUCKS to lose roulette EVERY time on your first try. Now.. SOMEBODY GET THE PHONE!!!
75 days ago
Very fun pinball to play but the I wish the “not guilty” suspects would say something different instead of just the same 1 line. And dot matrix slots display never matches the physical slot machine.
3 months ago
Appearance-wise, WD is a real gem. This game just looks really slick sitting there. Theme just a little clumsy with the casino element coming off as tacked on (Why is he gambling? He's trying to solve the case!). I wish they would have just concentrated on the detective element and expanded upon it, hunting for clues, etc. Missed opportunity. All of the gambling aspects also halt gameplay and make scoring completely nonsensical. That said, cracking the cases and chasing the perp aspects are really well integrated. The elevator scoop is a feature that I'm surprised isn't everywhere in pin design, as it adds lots of complexity for such a small footprint. Music is great, and the outro is as chill as it gets. WD is a great addition if you have more than one game, as it sets itself so far apart from the typical norm. You wouldn't want it to be the only pin, however.
4 months ago
I havnt had this long and i have been working on it most of the time. I really wanted this machine and its hard to come by in Aus, so i settled for one a couple of grand cheaper with some problems to iron out. (would you believe me if i said there was a problem with the reels?)
I played this a few times in a small arcade in Brisbane that has immaculately turned out 90s machines and couldnt walk away for some reason. Im unsure of its staying power as yet but I loved the theme and the Peter Gunn music. Its main toy the elevator is perhaps a little lackluster compared to something like Rudy or the Time Expander, and seems random at first but there is definetely an art to arriving at the floor you want to be on.
At the moment i have the reel mech out reflowing and cleaning everything as per the standard procedure. I knew these things are a bitch but i went in knowing that, so only myself to blame. In the meantime tho.. I have the setting for reels turned off and am playing it pretty nicely now its cleaned up and a few things sorted.
Im enjoying it a lot and i cant really put my finger on what it is yet. maybe i wont work it out and it isnt as good as i thought? time will tell

Pros. Cool theme, callouts and music, solving murders is a team sport spectators want to join in.

Cons: average number of shots, lots of cut scenes for interviews. Roulette breaks things a bit.

3 month Edit.. ok so its not overly complex but just trying to get through all the murders and catch the killers is a hoot and to hell with the score.. I cant leave it alone.
7 months ago
I would love to own this one day. Having first played it through the pinball arcade recreation and then enjoying it quite a few times in person, it's a very distinct and unique game that draws you in if you want something of a deeper story to your pinball game.

The cabinet art is nothing fancy on the game itself but I love Nick Spade smoking the cigarette by the street lamp on the backboard side. It's a shame it is not more visible in a lineup. The playfield art itself is solid.

The gameplay may be hit or miss for some. It's a deep narrative who dunnit murder mystery with multiple, similar, and overarching stories that will take you some time to connect all the dots. The cases all play out the same, just with different intros and suspects, but the thrill is drawing out the case for bonuses, getting those special modes, and enjoying them with the music and theme (Peter Gunn plus 1930s Las Vegas is a an excellent pairing). The game flows very well and the shots feel smooth, and it can be tricky to hot the phone or other shots in those tense moments. Gambling away your points on the roulette wheel is always a fun feature to mess around with too.

Ultimately WhoDunnit will be enjoyed by those who enjoy the genre. It doesn't have the wide appeal of a franchise, but it maybe my favorite original theme from the Bally Williams era. The art matches its theme, even if the cabinet leaves some to be desired, and I find myself quoting Nick Spade often. This will be one of my additions to my collection someday. Nostalgic, quotable, and containing shots and music that will remain in your head rent free. Who Dunnit is a blast and an absolute classic that should get more spotlight.
7 months ago
This was THE game that got me back into pinball. Great themes. A whodunnit and a casino? So cool. The elevator is neat though tough to master. The phone is a nice touch as well. The animations, sound and actors are great.

I don't recommend WD to score chasers. Simply cause the roulette really can screw with things. To me, the goal is beating this game; which means solve the 5 cases and tackling each person with the rooftop chase. I doubt many people can claim that!

Great game!
9 months ago
Played this game in home for years. Kind of miss it now. Takes a while to catch on.
1 year ago
I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting much when I put my quarters into the game, but sometimes these occasions give you the biggest surprise and most enjoyment. I had a ball playing this game, and have now added it to my wish list. Definitely enjoy playing older games and this one is no exception
1 year ago
Just got the opportunity to play this game for the first time. I had zero expectations. I left wanting to own one. Can't wait to play it again! Very underated game.
1 year ago
I know that this in a underrated game, but I think is it great.
1 year ago
Fun "Clue"-like game where crimes are committed in a casino, named Tony's Palace, that the protagonist is trying to solve. Total of five cases are present. This pin seems to be story driven where you are trying to track down evidence and interrogate suspects, and is all played out on the DMD. Since you are watching the DMD a lot, the game doesn't have the greatest flow. The elevator ramp seems to be the focal point of the playfield, but the slot machine and roulette wheel are nice features and adds to the atmosphere of being in Tony's Palace. Not to mention one of the few titles where you can gamble your score. Music and lighting play to the 1930's scene. This is an underrated game in my eyes, and one to collect with a little more than 2,000 machines produced. I can see this being one for the home. The theme has broad appeal for the whole family. Biggest issue with this game seems to be more on the mechanical side with the slot reels not always working from extended use, which requires servicing. I think this game would greatly benefit from a ColorDMD upgrade, especially with the roulette wheel and having red actually look like red, instead of orange. Could see a lastability issue with suspect interrogations becoming repetitive once you cycle through all the dialogue multiple times. Fun game for what it is.
1 year ago
I like the deep backstory to this game with all the characters. Game play is pretty straight forward with solving the various murders. Roulette and slot reels add a nice casino component. The slot reels can have some issue keeping them going, but there's plenty of info out there on how to bulletproof them. Plastic ramps tend to break and replacements have been hard or impossible to get, though I think PPS and other vendors are working on filling that need. Animations looks great with a ColorDMD.
1 year ago
All my reviews are going to follow a simple formula for those reading.
Number of shots to make - Pro's - Con's - Must Have Mods - What To Look For When Buying

Number of shots - 7 - Average

* The solving of crimes a lot of fun
* Fun to gamble a good chunk of your score on Roulette
* The centre ramp shot though easy to hit has good variation
* Love the super skill shot
* Casino theme with slots adds a nice touch
* Unique theme with large back story is very cool

* The Score can be just run up by playing roulette all day
* Rats shot a repeat of BSD shot and basically worthless
* Can be stop and go
* No wizard mode disappointing
* Parts really hard to come by

Must Have Mods: (Note I will not include things like LED's, Color DMD, Invisiglass or Speaker Upgrades unless it's really badly needed)
* Lighting above Tony’s Palace sign and backboard area
* A toy Taxi from that era (1930’s)
* Dice or Roulette shooter rod

What To Look For When Buying
* Wear on the inserts for the characters and weapons
* Wear under the lift ramp
* Check for cracks in all ramps as none are available (particularly the centre ramp)
* Cracks in centre plastic scoop ramp as it’s unavailable
* Slot reels work as they should. Can be unreliable and difficult to work on
2 years ago
Little known but very fun game.
2 years ago
I really like this game as I have only played it a few times. Great concept and keep you playing.
2 years ago
I've had this pin for about a month now and it quickly became my most played game. It has one large ramp, a spinning slot machine in the middle of the playfield, four scoops, Tony's palace (which has a really unique shot into to a branching ramp) a 3 ball multi ball mode and two sweet loop shots all make this game enjoyable for many, many plays. The playfield has cool toys and features, the artwork is nice. The DMD has cool videos and brief cinematic sequences that I imagine would look awesome in color. Even if you are not a fan of the murder mystery theme, the roulette wheel and slot machine along with Who Dunnit's many satisfying shots, make this game addictive and very fun to play.

*Will update if the market goes up on this game, but for the 3000-3200 price tag on this one, it is a great buy for any pill-baller.
2 years ago
I really like this pin. It's quite different from many others. The missions could be repetitive but it''s difficult to terminate all of them. i don't like the roulette because the lucky or unlucky color may affect the final score.
2 years ago
No doubt this is a neat and unique game. Kitzrow's callouts are awesome as always. It's a shame no wizard mode was coded, as once you play the game enough, you are just doing the same thing with no real reward. Love the idea of the roulette.
2 years ago
I owned a Who Dunnit for many years and found it to be a really fun machine to play. Novices and kids loved the theme and the play - but strong players will find it a bit too easy and the scoring isn't ideally balanced. Only other real knock is the music and call-outs are repetitive. If you don't like that haunting who-dunnit mystery music, this isn't a game for you to buy. But what an awesome theme in a machine with a great amount of virtual toys and variety. Roulette, slots, up and down elevators - all while solving the crime and then catching the perp. This game really puts it all together and even though I played it a thousand times or more, I miss having one. One of the better overall games of its era, in my opinion. And one with broad appeal (though you are solving murders).
2 years ago
This game gets a lot of flack but it has some elements that work well if you have a big lineup. The ability to gamble basically your whole score is very unique. You could score a really big amount and then almost lose it all in one roulette wheel spin. Peter Gunn music never gets old. Has mod upgrade potential with making the roulette wheel spin. If you can pickup one for a decent price give it a spin! (rimshot)
3 years ago
Fun and unique game. It's a hidden gem and worth checking out.
3 years ago
I've never been able to quite figure this game out. It has all the elements of a fun game, yet I don't particularly enjoy it that much. I've played hundreds of games on it, but never been able to figure out if any of the clues in the mysteries have anything to do with actually picking suspects. Some I know actually adore this as their favorite game but I can't wrap my head around it. It's overall quality is good, especially in the sound department. And it's worst aspect may simply be it's terrible lighting aspects which isn't that important anyways. I don't know. I don't actively dislike and avoid it the way I would with Monster Bash (a very popular game) but nor would this be a machine I gravitate towards immediately.
3 years ago
Fun theme feels a bit like a Choose Your Own Adventure combined with Clue. Only problem is, it's not as fully realized as it could have been. Shots are pretty good, and the game plays well and the slot machine is fun. The game features 5 scoops and a ramp that raises and lowers, similar to the bicycle girl ramp on TWD premium. Skill shot is fun and challenging. Was able to add one of these for a fairly low price, and with modest expectations, this game has impressed so far. The jazzy, moody music is fantastic. Until they remake this one with improved code and complexity, or make "Clue," this 1995 game from Bally will have to fill the murder mystery genre. Glad we found one.
There are 150 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 6.

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