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Game Design: 8.32

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Sounds/Music: 7.399

Other Aspects: 8.417

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There are 303 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 years ago
One of the first pins I ever played. I remember seeing this at my local bowling alley side by side with TAF, and at the time I would have never guessed it wasn't at least a decade older than TAF. What made it feel old to me is the very 70's/80's feel of the music and playfield art.

However, I always did like the backglass art, and the wind blowing in your face added a nice dimension, and the spinners moving on the table made it stand out with an extra challenging fun factor. There are some hard shots that will take a little while to master, but, the rules/objectives always seemed a little too 'blah' for a "90's" pin, so I never took the time to try.
6 years ago
Great game, first of the classic pat layouts, great for its day and still lots of fun!
6 years ago
Cool game - pun intended!
6 years ago
I love everything about this game and I will probably be buried in mine.
6 years ago
owned this game for about 5 months. theme is cool, spinning discs go well with the theme as they blow the balls all over the PF. don't care for the hick/hillbilly callouts and the basement/cellar shots get really old quick. There's a lot of love for this game out there by people that have a ton more experience than me. I'm still new and going through a ton of games. this may end up in my collection again but not til I settle down. there's too much out there to tie up one of my spots with WW for now
6 years ago
This is the "total package" pin for me: the theme, the art, the easter egss, the sounds, the creativity, the execution, and most importantly the gameplay are just all so perfectly blended together.

For a non-DMD pin, there's an amazing array of variety and complexity to strategize, and a constant battle of risk/reward. For example, you might finally line up your shot for right ramp tolls only to find you raised it accidentally... so do you try to lower it again (risking the craziness of the pf) or take the right orbit to set up Super Cellar scoring? There's a nice number of shots to go for, but all of them have different penalties for missing a shot. Even "safe" routes carry some potential risk, such as a bad exit from the right orbit, or a STM rebound from the center target. Don't forget the spinning discs! Witnessing them snare and skew the ball mid-path is a surreal and heart-thumping experience.

The sound package is brilliantly melded togther: storm effects are varied and numerous and change depending on the mode. Light flashes sync perfectly, the hillbilly callouts are humorous while the storm's "voice" is appropriately God-like sinister. The music starts whimsically enough and turns suspenseful as you progress. Just a great package.

Youssi is probably my favorite artist and this is one of his best efforts. The cabinet art is a somewhat odd: the logo seems like a simple play, while the backbox sides almost seem Seussian.

Trying to remain objective, the only points I knocked were for scoring (because for its difficulty, the 3-way combo should be worth more), animations (I've seen better on alpha displays), and the art (for the base cabinet). Everything else is perfect.
6 years ago
I own WW next to Earthshaker and Funhouse and I must say that I love the three of them. FH slightly more than WW to be honest but my WW will never leave my collection. What a fun pin to play, over and over again. Love those spinning discs, and the fan is friggin owesome.
6 years ago
This was one of my first pins to own. It carries more of a nostalgia effect than anything. It's one of the first pins I remember playing so I had to own it. Nicknamed WhirlBeater at my house this pin will definitely beat you down rather quickly. It plays fast and there isn't a ball save feature which I hear about constantly when people play, unless of course you don't score anything and the ball drains. To sum it up this pin is pretty tough and can be kind of brutal at times but that's why I love it. There are varying shots of difficulty, the rule-set is straight forward, and this machine doesn't like giving out points. That is one of the draw backs to this pin, the scoring is totally dominated by the ramp shot during multiball but I still love this pin. It probably has the coolest topper of all pins and the theme is truly unique. Hitting the million plus shot is definitely rewarding and one of my favorite shots to make.....FEEL THE POWER OF THE WIND!
6 years ago
Stonking sys 11 game, lots going for it. Plenty to do and has a great theme and gimmicks. Love that fan topper, was a godsend when I played one in a very hot expo one year. Great theme which fits well alongside Earthshaker.
6 years ago
Feel the power of the wind

Love the topper- it will "blow" your mind.... Get it? Cmon I did a funny
6 years ago
To me, this is Pinball at its very best. This was the second game designed by Pat Lawlor, and as good as anything he authored. The theme is executed ingeniously, with counter-rotating "turntables" and a working fan topper to simulate a tornado. It has the trademark Lawlor lateral upper flipper lined up with a ramp. With six jet-bumpers, the game plays fast. Wizard mode, too. All things considered - innovative design, addictive gameplay, beautiful artwork - this "best System 11 game" might just be one of the top games of all-time.
6 years ago
Surprisingly fun and addicting. I like the spring disk and what it does to ball
6 years ago
My favorite system 11 pin. This is the machine that got me started in pinball. Not a deep ruleset, just a fun easy to learn pinball machine. Has spinners in the playfield, and the main goal is to hit that million point shot upper ramp during multiball. Definently recommend a try. (As if anyone on pinside hasn't played whirlwind.)
6 years ago
Somebody sell me one of these. I need a Lawlor table in my collection, and this was the first I ever played. Feel the power of the wind, baby.
6 years ago
One of my top-3 favorite pins of all time!!! I will own one someday.

I've probably logged more games on Whirlwind that any other pin in the wild, with the possible exception of Pin*bot. Great gameplay, it will always keep you coming back for more!
6 years ago
This pin is another keeper in our couples cave. Not too hard to understand the rules. The fan and the spinning disks fit the theme well. I did restore this pin and it was fairly easy to work on. A good starter pin for the beginner and the price for these machines are resonable.
6 years ago
Game is alright. Cool toys to mess with you.
6 years ago
I don't quite understand the high ratings this machine gets. It's just an okay machine. Maybe I missed something, but I lost interest after a few plays.
6 years ago
I have only played this game at Allentown and it never was working 100%. I finally picked one up that plays perfect and am I blown away literally by this game. First off, I am a System 11 and Pat Lawlor fan so my rating may be a little biased. However, for an original theme and creative technology with the spinning discs and fan topper-this game is amazing. Everything from the artwork, music, call outs and fun factor are great. I love the subtle Chicago references such as the boys hat with the Chicago Cubs logo and I-80 playfield artwork in the upper left portion of the playfield. now I just need to find an Earthshaker to pair it next to it.
6 years ago
Really don't understand why this game is rated so high. I can't get into it all. The spinning play field is kind of cool and the fan is a nice touch but this is one I pretty much always skip over unless all other machines are in use.
6 years ago
It's a cleverly designed game but I found it rather boring and 1 dimensional. Fun to play now and then but not one I would want to own.
6 years ago
I have played this game from 1990 till now and still just as fun. Was able to add one to the collection and it is for sure a keeper!
6 years ago
With a lot of other better games available this one couldn't hold my attention. The fan felt nice though when it was blowing.

Edit: spending time on another one I upped my score. This one has more going for it than originally thought.
6 years ago
This game is on my wish list. I love the game sayings like: "The storm is coming! Return to your home!" and "Well, looky here!" I used to play this game inside of a grocery store in front of the pharmacy. The fan topper is also very cool. Later on this month I am going to the best pinball museum in the USA and the entire world to play this game!
6 years ago
This is a unique game and one of the better system 11 games made. The theme is a little cheesy, music is so-so, and the artwork isn't the greatest, but it has a great layout and the platters make for some unique gameplay with lots of variation. Innovative for sure.
There are 303 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 6 of 13.

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