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Game Design: 8.322

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Other Aspects: 8.42

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There are 303 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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10 years ago
WW is challenging but very fair. I i owned one and got a little tired of the limited shots. Very fun for a while.
10 years ago
what a flop. spinning discs that annoy, not that much of a 'fun factor'. can't believe they actually produced this machine @ 7300 units....amazing.
10 years ago
Is just amazing and very funny! never stop playing, you take in and spend a great deal to play with. Dominant then the fan is a gem which gives it a personality inimitabile.Stupendo.
10 years ago
A great game with simple rules but lots of great shots. Making the millions shot is tough but very rewarding. The six bumpers integrate really well and the playfield space lost to them isn't a problem. The skill shot to the three drop targets is a great start to each ball.

I love the music in the game. I can understand how the voice calls can annoy some people, but I can get past that and appreciate the tunes themselves.

The light shows after a game are great, I wish that this was still done today.

The artwork is very attractive and well done. Overall, a great machine and great bang for the buck.
10 years ago
Very, Very fun game to play. Never gets old, one of the best pins I've played.
10 years ago
I really want to like Whirlwind more, but it is very difficult to play. Love the rotating playfield discs, but if the out lanes are set to hard, you drain every time. Not fun. Definitely a challenge for advanced players, but I need to play more to get better at it.
10 years ago
Whirlwind is a good machine although de spinning wheel's edges sometimes has influence on the ball's direction. (While it is standing still of course)
The fan was indeed a genious pinball gadget. And nice too on a hot day.
10 years ago
The top dog of the System 11 machines! One of Pat Lawlor's best designs. Pat took good notes from fellow designer Steve Ritchie's High Speed; building up a climatic payoff for completing the story/modes. Your job as a storm chaser, is to follow its course direction. Ultimately, you come face to face with mother nature & try to survive a fan topper simulated tornado. Playfield spinners activate to simulate the pinball being affected by the winds. A huge hit with players/kids. Prepare to wait in lines to play WW & get cooled off by the fan during the hot summer nights. Tons of incredible shots that would become Lawlor trademarks; shooting the ball through the pop bumpers. Attractive color scheme, beautiful translite, immortal sound quotes, catchy MIDI music, & universal appeal wrap up this must-own 1990 classic. Fairly affordable fun game, with lots of nostalgic moments. This legendary game can stand toe-to-toe with the DMD era pins. "The storm is coming, return to your homes!"
10 years ago
What a classic. I used to play this as a child at Rehoboth Beach. Every summer my brother and I would hit the arcades and play this, Funhouse and Cyclone. I was terrible at all of them but would always come back for more. Maybe the nostalgia raises the rating a little but this is still an amazing game no matter how you look at it. Lots of fun and great samples... "Looks like rain". I so need one of these in my collection ;o)
10 years ago
My favourite AN game. Great lawlor design, great soundtrack and easy to understand but hard to complete and score big rules. That upper ramp is very though on a lot af machine's i've played, so tweeking the upper flipper is key on this game to score big.
10 years ago
Good game, got old fast for me. Fan topper is great, so are the spinning disks.
would be great in a collection of 10-20 pins
11 years ago
My favorite game. I love the light and sound show at the end of the game. Great flow and plenty of fun.
11 years ago
There are no playfield magnets, they're actually spinning discs. They do occasionally send the ball down the center drain but they also send the ball towards a scoring target more often than not. This is what ensures that each time you play it's a different game. A pin on which you can be Grand Champion every time is a boring pin. This is not a boring pin. This is an excellent pin.
11 years ago
owned this game for a few months liked it but i traded in for a whitewater
11 years ago
This is a decent pin. The whirling magnets in the middle of the playfield are a good gimmick, but can get annoying when they blast the ball down the outlane or SDTM. Not the best, but certainly a good way to kill some time.
11 years ago
I have had Whirlwind for a litttle under a year, and it will be around for a while. It's always a blast to play, not overly long games on it unless you really get a good game going.

The upper right flipper shot is tough to get, but very satisfying when hit.

For an older non DMD game, it has a lot going on. The celler scoops, 6 pop bumpers, 3 spinning discs, the fan blowing on you. Thi game has the fun factor as a 10.
11 years ago
Blow the wind.... through your hair, mmmmm, nice in summertime as I could remember
11 years ago
totally overrated game, i don't see the big deal here.
11 years ago
one of my all-time favorites. the game just seems to have a great flow to it...i love the spinning discs, the ramps, the cellar shots, everything else.

great variety of easy and more challenging shots.

i know i've got this one ranked higher than the average score, but it just happens to be one of my pin grails. love this pin. honestly, i don't have a problem with where the game is ranked overall...i think it's about right. i just think the overall score should be a bit higher. there's just a lot to do in this game..lots of great shots, several difficult ones, a very fun multiball, etc. and triggering the storm, while not overly difficult, never gets old...there are different ways to trigger it and depending upon the direction selected, there's different shots to hit. seeing those spinning discs is always satisfying and locking the multiball isn't overly difficult.

note: re-rated after more time spent playing. i no longer have this one on my list.
11 years ago
This is one of the most unique Williams I've played. Hard to wrap your head around objects on the playfield spinning and chucking your ball where you don't want it to go. It's cool at first but eventually it gets annoying because you have zero control over it. It can take a good game and turn it bad real quick ;)
It's a very fun pin especially for the low price they command. I will always drop a quarter in one but probably not an item I want in my personal collection. Missing the wow factor for me.
11 years ago
With or without the fan topper, this is a wild, fun game. I could play this over and over. Doesn't get old.
11 years ago
Used to play this a bunch in the local mall arcade when I was a kid. A very fun game. Nice flow. Not super difficult. The spinners were real cool when they first came out. I love the randomizing effect they have on the ball's travel. The ball can get moving real fast if they hit the spinners just right. The fan was a great idea. The artwork matches the theme well. Arguably the best pre-DMD game out there. Would love to own one some day.
11 years ago
Good game just not my all time fave, could have just been the fact that i was playing on a beat bowling alley machine.
11 years ago
Like Taxi, this is another Williams machine that you can get for a very reasonable price which is a BLAST to play. Great theme, great playfield, and you have to love the fan blowing on you...
12 years ago
It is pretty fun pin IMO. The spinners are a great twist. If it is around give it a play it is pretty fun. Upper flipper is very tough and rewarding with the jackpot during multiball.
There are 303 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 12 of 13.

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