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Game Design: 8.312

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Other Aspects: 8.408

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There are 305 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 years ago
Great game, spinning disks add another dimension to the game. Plays fast and has really good flow. The fan on top is a nice touch.
9 years ago
One of the memorable games of my childhood, and the only one that I still hold in high regard.
9 years ago
In my opinion, Pat Lawlor (the designer of Whirlwind) is all about fun, and this title definitely reflects that. From the spinning playfield discs to the backbox fan to the elegant ruleset, this pin is good, clean, accessible fun, and great on long lasting entertainment.
9 years ago
I've Owned Whirlwind 3 times, It's a P.Lawlor so it should be rated Decent.. This pin isn't for everyone . I enjoyed it, but I get Burned out Quickly .. The Flow is Good , 3-Flipper's , 3 Ramp's etc,, If you can get WW @ a Good Price Jump on it..
9 years ago
Very fun game but a bit over rated.
9 years ago
Whirlwind is one of my favorite Lawlor designs and a true classic in every sense of the word. Unlike some
of his more intricate designs of the mid 1990's, Whirlwind has a pretty simple ruleset and pretty decent

There are surprisingly few high-risk shots in the game, and the post between the flippers eliminates a
good deal of those painful SDTM drains that can happen as a ball caroms off the tornado target. In
addition, the game is not as fast as some of the games that followed during the 1990s. As a result, it's
pretty easy to keep the ball in play for extended periods of time, making this a great game for novices.

That's not to say that expert pinheads won't have fun, however. The game rewards precise shooting, and
being a Lawlor game, the jackpot requires you to make a cross-table shot from an upper flipper to a ramp.
If I had one complaint, it would be that the upper flipper is a bit underpowered, making the ramp shot a
very difficult one to make on a consistent basis.

Whirlwind is a pretty fun theme, featuring a fan topper that creates a breeze on your face, and some
spinning discs that can subtly alter the course of the ball. The audio is decent, with nice music and effects,
though the voices can be a bit grating.

Whirlwind is a game that takes a beating, but if you can find one in decent condition, it's sure to be a great
addition to any collection!
9 years ago
Great pinball, beautiful design, 2 ramps and multiball game, then the fan in the topper is unique, fantastic!
9 years ago
Loved it, would own it again, Plaw did a fantastic job on this and paved the way for NGG.
9 years ago
Played this at an arcade. I do not own the pin. The lightening effect was great and the wind coming from the 'topper' fan was an unusual feature. I enjoyed playing this pin. This one may have been set badly for it became repetitive on the some of the mode features.
9 years ago
Whirlwind...classic Pat Lawlor through and through. Whirlwind was such a perfect design that he would continue to use many of the design cues throughout his career. Just look at how much was borrowed in designing The Addams Family. Other designers even blatantly ripped off much of the playfield design. Take a look at Jurassic Park (a great game in its own right, don't get me wrong) and how alike the playfield is.

This is another total package game. The layout, gorgeous artwork, sounds, toys, and that wonderful fan come together to make the theme complete. To top it all off, it is just plain FUN to play. Hard to beat!

I only have very minor complaints about the game. The lighting is a bit dim and the lightshow in general is disappointing, especially at game over and attract mode. So much more could have been done here. Other than that some of the rules aren't completely clear. Multiball is easy to figure out, but some of the other stuff, like the drop target lighting/awards, pop bumper advancing, etc aren't easy to pick up at first glance. The music and some of the sound effect also could have been a little better. All of this is just nit-picking though...the game is fantastic just how it is.
9 years ago
My favotite system 11

Own(ed): Yes

Times Played: 100s

The jackpot shot has to be balls on perfect for it to go up the ramp...fells so good when it is made. Love the 6 POP Bumpers and the PF layout, might be Pat's best design.
Lighting the 6 POPs and hitting the white standup for big points never gets old. Going for the super cellar awards is cool, as is increasing the bonus. Hitting the extra ball shot feels good...the game is jam packed with fun shots.

None that I can think of, excpet that being a System 11, the rules only go so deep.

Great bang for the buck. Lots to do on this game and all of it very challenging. You can't go wrong with this game in your collection.
9 years ago
Love Whirlwind, the best bang for your buck pin out there.
10 years ago
One of the best toppers ever, if you can find a machine with it still intact. The game is lots of fun and has a great theme that carries throughout. The music and speech is a little too repetitive and varies very little between modes. The storm begins by hitting "storm targets" located near the front of the playfield because of this, the play is clunky from the ball banging too much on the ramps and posts. Out of control play causes multiple drains, so accuracy is the key.
10 years ago
When I was in college there was a Whirlwind in the lobby of a dorm that I walked through on my way home from class. I wasted too much money on this pin. The fan is a nice toy, and the spinning disks add to the mayhem when you get things cranked up. Being a storm nut, I love this theme. The lightning and the audio when you get multiball really get the heart racing. "FEEL THE POWER OF THE WIND" "HERE IT COOOOOMES!" I really enjoy the pop bumper layout, 6 pop bumpers but they are located in a way that frees up the middle of the play field, and the upper flipper is far enough up that it doesn't interfere with too many backhanded shots off the right flipper. A classic pre-DMD system 11 from Lawlor.
10 years ago
Love the calm before the storm feature...
10 years ago
I am just not that impressed. It has a difficulty factor higher than most games and play REALLY fast. Overall just an average game.
10 years ago
Great layout. I love playing this game.
The spinning disks on the playfield and the fan on backbox go nice with the theme of the game.
The rules are easy, and it has a good mix of shots.
Music and sounds effects are right on with this pin.
Put one in your collection, and feel the power.
10 years ago
The spinning disks are obviously the highlight of this game. Sending the ball pretty much everywhere except where you expect it to be, creates a good challenge. The fan box on the back box is pretty cool too!
10 years ago
Really enjoyed this games play, it's fast and challenging in every aspect.
10 years ago
this is one of my grail pins. it is the next pin i plan on getting. i just love it.it has everything i love about pinball.now that I own it I never want to part with it. if you can only have 1 pin. make it whirlwind.
after owning it for almost a year. best game ever made.
10 years ago
One of those games that is simple and yet addictive.
10 years ago
Kind of a middle of the road game for me... the artwork is it's biggest drawback... enjoyable game non-the-less, and the artwork's not so bad that I can't bare to look at it... far from a keeper though for me!
10 years ago
What a fun game - a hidden gem!!
10 years ago
Can't help but smile when that fan turns on.
10 years ago
Pure Pat Lawlor, System-11 magic! After fine tuning our personal WW I can tell you... this game is FAST! Lots of great shots. A double helping of bumpers at 2 areas of the playfield for a total of 6 bumpers that are all very active! Hitting the Cellar is about as satisfying as it gets in pinball... hit all the Cellar awards to start Mega Door Bonus wizard mode. The working fan-topper is just icing on this beautiful, tasty cake. :)
There are 305 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 11 of 13.

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