Wheel of Fortune

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Game Design: 7.446

Artwork: 6.614

Sounds/Music: 6.684

Other Aspects: 7.261

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Found 63 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 63 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
The game could have been way cooler if you were the person to select the letters. The cheesy jazz music is getting on my nerves!
1 year ago
This machine doesn’t get enough love in my opinion. It’s very fun! Solving puzzles is enjoyable as they change each play. Some very satisfying shots! Spinning the prize wheel is always fun!
2 years ago
This is an odd one. It doesn't rate highly, even by my own judgment, but I want one. I think its a very unique game. Not a forever game, not for everyone, but I'd buy one.
2 years ago
I really like this game and keep coming back for more, It helps that I like the wheel of fortune, but I also like playing this game and i will always like a true skill shot of the plunge on any game, but this one is really cool and not easy!
3 years ago
Fun , colorful, nice change of pace.
I like this one, the skillshot is great.
The spinning wheel looks cool and the bobble heads are funny.
Please someone finish the code!
3 years ago
It's a pretty good game, too bad the code was not finished. Game can be really brutal!
3 years ago
Odd layout and VERY odd theme. Not sure why they thought it would be good for a pinball machine. Although the game isn’t too bad.
3 years ago
I'm not a fan of the show. Considering the apparent attempt made to integrate the theme into this pin and how much that DOESN'T work makes me wonder how this particular pin came into existence at all. The playfield layout has some decent shots but the overall game play is just confusing and not much fun.
3 years ago
One of the most odd layouts ever, and the dual outlane drains, and dual center lanes between the flippers make sure you'll be using your nudging skills a lot. Game is very stop and go, and plays unlike other titles in my collection. Game is deep enough, that the missing wizard mode really has no effect on the progression. Theme, sounds, music and call outs all reflect the show perfectly, so if you can't stand the show or it's hosts, then stay clear. Otherwise, nice playing game.
4 years ago
Underrated.... this game kicks ass and is brutal hard... fast and gas great flow.... looks great just backglass needs to be changed
4 years ago
This was a sleeper for me. Hard to find one of these at public locations. It is fun to play and a really good change up a line up with more modern pins. It does not give you an adrenaline rush, but the "fun factor" makes up for some of that. The unique playfield layout at the center drain makes you change the way you flip and be more protective by NOT flipping and letting that center post help you out. The out lane free spin design makes you go after one of the drop targets with "some" priority to help create ball saves. Scoring strategies are a learning experience.

The fact that the final wizard mode code was never completed is pretty minor as I may never (or will rarely) achieve that anyway. No music fanfare or callouts for winning extra balls is also a small negative, but doesn't affect game play. The theme of "Wheel of Fortune" is not too popular. Corny jokes by Pat.

Overall this was a bit of a surprise/sleeper. If the lastability turns out to not be a "keeper", that is ok because we are having fun with it. The going prices for this pin makes it not too bad of a bang for the buck in my family's opinion. I wouldn't consider it a top 10 pin, but I think it is better than many pins rated in the 30-50 range.

Fun ... and a little different.
4 years ago
Recently played this for the first time. Way better than expected.
4 years ago
My wife loves Wheel of Fortune she enjoyed playing it this could be a great gift for her lol The Theme is an attraction so I could see many guests gravitating to this pinball with its bright wheel in the back of the play field
4 years ago
Great underrated game. Such a clever design that goes well with the theme. You'll NEVER reach the wizard mode, so don't worry about code :D

GREAT game for families and to pay against each other.
5 years ago
I like hard games, Wheel is really brutal though. This is especially true since it's a Stern, which I associate with easy ball control and long game times. Did it really need both the extra-wide drain and the bullshit inlanes? Other than that I like the layout a lot, it has a lot of cool features like the half-loop, inline drop targets, and whatever you call the ball lock shot which feels good. The toys are even cool, the strobing lights on the wheel look great, similar to a Vegas slot machine. Even the characters look OK. The playfield has that cheap Stern photoshop look, it's pretty unappealing.

I have not gotten deep into this game just because it's so hard and I don't enjoy it enough to bash my head against it until I do. So take my opinion with that in mind. It's not awful, just kind of eh.

Edit 2018: I'm increasing my rating on Wheel by a whole lot. Besides this game being pretty ugly artistically, I think it's fun to play multiplayer just because of how hard it is, and feast/famine of getting free spins. Also, man how about that skill shot? Tough!!
5 years ago
Like most Stern titles, it looks and feels cheap. It's a simply awful theme for a pinball, but the game play itself is ok. I'd play it again, but it's not one I have a need to own.
5 years ago
My Grandpa likes Wheel of Fortune, he also drives a Lincoln Town Car. If you tried you couldn't come up with something lamer than Wheel of Fortune. The rules are so-so, nothing to get too excited about.
The game flow, ramps, nice layout and the post between the flippers make for a very fun game. I played several games at a recent exhibition and was pleasantly surprised what this "ugly duckling" had to offer. With my limited space at home I still wouldn't want to own one since it hurts my eyes. With a different theme the game would have done much better.
5 years ago
Played once at an arcade and was sick of playing it on my second ball. The rules? You're buying letters trying to solve a puzzle on a pinball machine? It just does not work, and I really did not care to complete shots to make these objectives. I "got an R" ... wow. It's just a horrible idea for a pinball machine. Stern's try at William's Pin-Mation with their contestants characters just looked cheap in comparison. The weird drain blocker feature does not play smoothly. Big-time collector's may want this game for its rarity. But ... for the rest of us ... yuck.
5 years ago
Uninteresting theme but very fun layout that's quite different than any other Stern. Wish the theme was different and code matured but sjtll it's fun to play now that I've finally located one to try.
5 years ago
i just hate this one, it is very nice looking
but you couldnt give me one unless i didnt have any pins, no space for a machine that is no fun....,jus because i was so hard on this machines review i will try it again if i see one...definately not a keeper !!!
5 years ago
I would have never played this if I had other pins to choose from at the time, but it happened to be the only pin at the bar. I'm so glad I played it now. First off, I hate the theme, don't care for the show, but that being said the theme is really well incorporated. Super bright game and the wheel is done well. I later learned that the contestants are Stern employees, thought that was kinda neat (not that it adds anything.)
The double center drain is like no other pin I have played, even different that other pins with a center post. It really pushed me to get better at nudging. I tend to enjoy pins that push me to improve my skills and this pin will do just that. You have to be a little more patient with the flippers and waiting for that bounce off the center post. The skill shot seemed very tough to get consistently but the plunger felt different every ball, so it may have been the machine. The free spin ball saves is a much needed feature on this pin as this pin can be a drain monster at times.
Overall I think it's different and that makes it fun. Glad it's underrated and hope I can find one to own someday. If you have always passes this one up, give it a chance.
6 years ago
This was a nice looking pin, nice and bright. Gameplay wasn't for me.

Edit: This was a really early review for me and it had LEDs where not a lot of games did. I didnt' really get the game and now know it's becuase of incomplete code.
6 years ago
Finally got to spend some time on this one today, its a great machine like nothing I have ever played before, this is really a players game, you have to be aware of whats going on on the playfield, the skill shot is great and really important to get to get the hurry up going to cash in, like others said its very important to nudge and get your shots on point, its definatly not the the sort of game you want to shoot on the fly an hope for the best it will get you no where. The game is very true to the theme an like the contestants on the game show you need to think of your next move, drops are very important because you need your free spins because the ball drains a lot, The playfield is very pretty and colourful, but the backglass and cab art leaves a lot to be desired. This game suits collectors because its a game you wish you could have on hand because theres not to many around. If you like the show, im sure you will like this game, its a player!!!!!!!
6 years ago
Not too much gameplay on this one, but would like to own one. Fun game, and interesting layout. Lots of nudging as most pointed out. Very different feel to it.

Underrated is a good rating. LoL
6 years ago
I purchased this machine NIB and fairly cheap. It was definitely worth my money and has become one of my favorites. When we entertain, this is one machine that many play and do not necessarily like the first time, but given one or two more visits, this is the machine that they keep lining up to play. Thumbs-up from me.
There are 63 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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