Weird Al's Museum of Natural Hilarity

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There are 35 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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18 days ago
Fun and hard game, rules are a little confusing. The IP is the best, who doesn’t like Weird!? Really want to love P3, but they are a little heavy and hard to move. Working on them is not fun and balls getting stuck is a drag.
25 days ago
I like Weird Al and wanted to like this game but it didn't connect with me at all. Since the P3 system necessitates that all the stuff be in the last third of the playfield it really limits what a playfield designer can do. None of the shots felt satisfying and I never understood what I should be shooting at or got any feedback indicating whether I was hitting the right targets. Some of the ideas used in the middle third interactive screen were good, like the Germs mode, but it was underutilized. Since that's what make the P3 system different they need to figure out how to make that a major attraction.

The art and lighting and sound were fine, but no more than that; I would have liked a few more flashing lights, especially when hitting the intended targets. The game play was just not fun.
43 days ago
Clunky and I found it really not fun at all. Scoring is not balanced and shots are not smooth. No flow at all.
63 days ago
I went through the ratings and frankly, couldn't find much to knock this machine on. I know the score may read as a fanboy, and maybe it is as I like Weird Al (obviously), but the game shoots really well and is terribly fun, pulling me back to it regularly. The style greatly reminds me of the older Williams games, with a few less toys; that is the best analogy to express what it is like.

The variety of mini-games with a great shooting playfield make this one of my go to games. It is currently the only P3 module I own, but thus far I have been very impressed with the system. The fan is a little loud, but other than that the quality is a step above the Stern I own and certainly the Spooky. Because Weird Al shoots more like a an Old Williams, it does have a little less flow than many modern Sterns, just understand that going in and you will enjoy the game more for what it does.

My 8 year old daughter says the following about the game: "Weasel Stomping Day is the most amazing mini game they have on there. I like Harvey and UFH multiball!"
5 months ago
Don't enjoy this one at all, especially the separate flipper buttons for the upper flippers. The hamster wheel is a cool mech though. As a medium level fan of Weird Al, I wanted more from this game.
6 months ago
I really didn't plan on one of these but got a trade offer and am so glad I took it. Weird Al is a great game but heist is even better. Everyone enjoys it.
8 months ago
out of all the P3 games. This one feels and plays like a bally williams or sterns. Very pinball all around. Great game, and awesome addition to the p3 family.
8 months ago
I've had this game a couple of weeks now.
It has a small, but critical learning curve. Until you learn some of the shots, it feels like a lot of just floating around the playfield.
Once you start learning the game, however, there's a lot of variety going on. The song modes vary with different challenges. There are multiple multi-ball modes you can work towards at the same time.

Having been my first time touching a P3, it took a little bit of adjustment. Using 2 buttons for the lower and upper flippers takes some time to adjust, but I feel it is worth it. The mid-upper flippers can get in your way if you tie them to the lower flipper button.
The in playfield monitor is becoming more natural now. I never feel like I have to take my eyes off the game. All of the needed data is right there.

The code could using a little updating as the in playfield instructions do not mention the upper flipper button.

Plenty of songs and tons of call outs. The sounds are never an issue and a far from repetitive or boring.

This is a theme that I love. If you don't like Weird Al, it may be really tough to get into the game.
9 months ago
Surprised- pleasantly surprised.

P3 is a big heavy machine-beautiful, built like a … big heavy machine.

My game arrived 15 months after order- thought about using a dolly to move. No way. Set game up in my garage and used harbor freight lift to move. Game booted up first time with no issues.

I have 3 modules- Weird Al module is the most complex and heavy. Moving modules takes a fare bit of strength- much easier with two people.

Weird Al-
Great music and theme integration. Actual Weird Al call outs are great.
Artwork- good! Of course the playfield “art” is constantly changing.
Animations- pretty simple but effective. Some Weird Al movie clips would have been very cool.
Gameplay- really shines- shots are makeable and fun. I am still working on my upper flipper skills- really enjoying that challenge.
Currently playing more Weird Al than Foo Fighters!
9 months ago
Great game your kids will enjoy.
10 months ago
Knew that only 17 out of 200 songs would be used, of which maybe 4 were hits, but there is no immersion to the music. Figured the GI or ancient lighting would change depending on song style or something to intriguing e the song like a museum would.
Also, I have a bad taste in my mouth as this was my first p3 game and after a no damage delivery, 3 days ensued of one thing breaking after another. Poor QA from multimorphic and I still haven't been able to play one game where something wasn't broken.
11 months ago
I've had this game for about a week and played it extensively every day since it arrived. I've got a pretty broad collection of games, and I enjoy every game I own for different reasons, and as it turns out, Weird Al is no different. I was wondering how it would be because it's on the P3 platform, and the playfield is kinda packed at the top, but it turns out there is so much to do in this game.

Most of the shots feel great and unique from on another. One shot is a horseshot. Another is directly up the middle. And others can only be reached through upper flippers. The variety is nice considering most of the action is in that upper 3rd.

Another thing I really enjoy is the feel of the game. I will say, I had to turn the flipper power up a coupld notches, but it wasn't a lot. After that, I can make all of the shots pretty easily if they are aimed well.

The use of magnets is a lot of fun. There's a tougher shot to make because it goes up a ramp, but there's a magnet about halfway up the ramp that grabs the ball and slings it the rest of the way up the ramp, and it's really satisfying.

The toys are a ton of fun. The camera is great, and you get a cool "back to the future" vibe when you activate one of its multiballs. The hamster is one of the coolest shots and toys I've seen in a game. Really creative.

Outside of those things, the game has some unique things only a Multimorphic machine has, such as scoops that move around, shielded walls that come up, and of course, a screen that is constantly changing. One of the mode lets you "hit" stuff on the screen to destroy it, and it feels really accurate.

I will say, when I bought this, it was for the cool factor, and an excuse to finally dip my toe into the multimorphic pool. Now that I've played it, I am so impressed with it.
11 months ago
So maybe I'll change my rating over time, but I played this several times and I got to say I don't like this Heist Style. It would have worked way better if it was a it is a 90s thing. A lot of toys that could be put on the Playfield for a Weird Al game. I really want to love this game but I can't.
If it had a lot more ramps and physical items on the playfield I think that would work a lot better. The rule set although kind of deep for the Casual player, is actually really cool but doesn't really translate super well in gameplay. I like the cabinet artwork and of course all the music and sound. I mean why not have like a little fat Statue of Weird Al and some other things from the videos? I got to say the old UHF broadcasting camera was a nice touch . Something else that I won't really hold against the game too much is the one that I predominantly played seems to be down a lot. It's on location but it's brand new. And the place I go to really keeps up on all of their games. So this doesn't do it any favors.
I just wouldn't have done it on a heist Style game. But what do I know, I'm just a player not a designer. Now for all the fanboys of the game to flag me
11 months ago
Tldr- fantastic playing module with custom call outs. Amazing toys and mechs. Varied modes that really utilize the whole game

I've had weird Al in a home environment for several months now. The game is very fun to play and I'm constantly amazed by all the mechs and toys. I can't think of a better game in the toys and mechs front, making this an amazing value if you already have the base machine. The layout and P3 flipper setup does take some getting used to, but once you do you can make this game sing with combos and great feeling shots. I mean just take the first shot of the game for example - using that upper flipper, rip it right up the corkscrew, using the second upper flipper rocket it around the upper playfield horseshoe, then hold the flipper to feed a ball to the physical ball lock swiveling camera. Amazing. And all of that while you get showered with custom call outs and music from weird Al.

The theme isn't for everyone, but if you like weird Al they implement the theme very well. The modes are all different and use the whole game very well. Germs has to be my favorite with the walls and ball tracking. The modes can be a challenge to start, but the vip ticket gives you a second way to start them. I could go on all day about the toys, mechs, and diverters. It's a work of art.

Now for the cons of the machine, the art is above average, I like my LE art package but it's never going to be as immersive or original like a dedicated stern machine. The animations are pretty bad, comes off as pretty amateur. I'm not a huge fan of the bologna mode because it locks you out of the modes and forces you to do that. The game does have a few ball traps and I've found the P3 system to require a lot of tweaking and fixing. And then finally buying the base machine plus the module is a lot of money upfront plus a long wait, but it does deliver value once you have the base machine

Overall if you have a P3 get weird Al, it's the number two module imo behind heist. And if you don't have a P3, go play a weird Al that's working well and get used to the flippers. It's a very fun game
11 months ago
Ok theme and artwork
11 months ago
I really didn't expect to be so impressed with the P3 when I walked up to play at Expo last year. There wasn't a line so I just wandered up and played 3 or 4 games back to back. Then a line formed behind me so I left, took a lap, and then returned and played again. Then again...and again... I kept coming back.

I like others, thought this was some strange virtual pinball hybrid and that it wouldn't feel or play the same as a traditional game. That is true in some aspects, but this is 100% real pinball and Weird Al is the game I think people need to experience to give this platform a fair shake.

Weird Al has more shorts and more mech's in it's playfield module than 99% of all the games I own or have played. Incredible shot variety, interesting use of angles and combo's that cross both sides of the playfield. The upper playfield has 5(count may be off) shots that you can hit depending on the position of the diverter. If you could the scopps and walls, there is more going on here than anywhere else.

The flippers are excellent. Honestly may favorite of any manufacturer. If you can ignore the need to use four flipper buttons and just focus on the feel of the flippers you will be impressed. Great feel and ball control.

10 songs that play very well to the modes that were built around them. I only remember Weird Al from the beginning of his career so much of these renditions are new to me. I could see some songs getting old in the future, but the modes and stacking are enough to keep me focused on the gameplay and not just the music. There is a great end of game mode if you can get there that is absolutely worth chasing every single game.

Very clever use of the playfield in certain modes where you are interacting with the ball in new ways. Same can be said of the scoops and walls. If anything I wish they would use the walls in more modes to block shots or isolate parts of the playfield. As so much of the scoring and multiballs are based on the upper playfield play, the scoops provide a continuous opportunity to practice that spiral ramps and get upstairs. Well thought out way to get players to keep going for the difficult spiral ramp or far right camera ramp.

I love this game really. I haven't been more impressed with a pinball purchase in all my time owning games. Maybe it's the fact that more games can be added to the P3 that adds to the excitement, but even if this game was only module that I ever played in this cabinet, it'd be a keeper.
11 months ago
Such an amazing game! The innovation present in the P3 coupled with a great set of sound, art, and rules, really makes for an unforgettable experience. I was never a huge WA fan musically, casual listener, but his style lends itself so well to a game that keeps you coming back for more and more.
11 months ago
This is my first P3 game and it's great. I love Weird Al and his music. The layout is a fun mix of easy and challenging shots. It's pretty loaded with mechs: the Harvey wheel lock, 2 ramps that raise and lower, diverters that change the ball path, UHF camera lock, the pop up scoops on the P3 are used well too.

You visit 5 halls in the museum, each with your choice of 2 modes. Each mode feels very different with it's own rules and challenges. 3 different multiball modes(UHF, Harvey, and Hardware Store), a couple wizard modes, and Drink From the Firehose!

The animation style is not my favorite, but it looks good and is done well. The song choices in the game are pretty good and integrated into the modes perfectly, but Weird Al has so many songs that of course there's going to be some of my favorites left out.

An overall wonderful, challenging game. If you get a chance to play one give it a try!
12 months ago
Glad I took the jump into owning a P3, like many, Weird Al theme is what pushed me over and wishing I had got in sooner. Got Heist already and Lexy Lightspeed on the way. Future is bright for Multimorphic if they keep pumping out quality games!
12 months ago
Excellent theme integration with a eclectic mix of music from Weird Al himself. Callouts are on point using Weird Al. No expenses were spared in licensing these songs from Weird Al. Theme itself was a surprise for me; I don't consider myself a Weird AL fan; only a casual listener; but the theme integration is on point and keeps me coming back.

Animations are on point and in direct view of the player. The upper playfield module is very dense and had more going on vertically than any PF I've seen.

Don't understand the hatred for multiple flipper buttons. yes; takes a little to get use to the button arrangement; but, that isn't a negative. Where else can you learn better hand eye coordination than a P3?

Customer support from Multimorphic is honestly the best in the businesses. The warranty is also the best in the business. A P3 with all available modules is the best value in pinball ownership.
1 year ago
I enjoy this game. Kind of a music pin, kind of not. The whole museum theme ties in the songs, the complex series of ramps and diverters makes shots interesting, and the ease of seeing information with the P3 system is great for the player. Plenty of multiballs to earn without them forced on you, easy to understand rules, and classic parody tunes. The cartoon artwork is refreshing over detailed shading. Overall I'm very happy with the game although i would have liked a few more songs added either in an update or a paid module. The one con of the game is its terrible for the software download games like ROCs where the ball takes a while on the Weird Al playfield to get down to the asteroid area (other modules work better) :)
1 year ago
Played it at a local arcade so my experience may not be that of home use owners but the game had everything working. With that being said, I went into it with eyes wide open and no purchasing bias.

Game feels incomplete. You can see the mechanics on the game I played and to me it is more lazy than innovative. Shots are manageable but does take getting used to the different flippers when set up that way.

Features were a tad clanky. The scoop that would pop up in the center I can see having issues down the road. Just a lot of moving parts happening there.

To me it did not draw me back. Tried a few other times but even with seeing more of the rules it just did not have a huge replay value to me. Is a nice conversation piece but I would almost like to see more go into layout and artwork instead of TV screens.
1 year ago
I played quite a few games on one of these tonight and I gotta say, I am really disappointed by it. I really like what they are trying to do with these machines and I love the engineering and creativity behind them, but this machine has a certain obnoxious nature that is complemented negatively by a very awkward and off-putting theming. Some of the animations that are DIRECTLY in front of your eyes while trying to play are very weird and not in a good way. The Weird Al theme is forced and the multimorphic shots do NOT complement the game design. It was a bad experience and I tried really hard to enjoy the game for what it was, but other multimorphic machines are more entertaining to play. I personally DON'T like the shots or the feel on all of these machines (well, the few I have played) but this one was especially awkward for some reason.
1 year ago
I love it!

This is the “happiest” and most positive pin I’ve ever played, it is super family friendly (with caveats) and has tons to do right in the beginning. While some games (like Stern’s Jurassic Park) have a lot to do at the end, this one has a lot to do at the beginning. The instructions are very clear, and in addition to “shoot the flashing light” there are clear auditory cues as well as instructions on the playfield that show exactly what to do. There is no question where to shoot when Harvey is lit, as there is a picture of a Hamster pointing to where the shot should be.

There are a variety of shots, both easy and hard, and the upper playfield, while underutilized, is very nicely put together. The ramp in the back right seems impossible, but the magnetic assist is well implemented and brings the ball straight up the ramp in a neat way. The Harvey Hamster wheel is a well utilized and neat toy.

I am still only 3 days into the game and will come back to update the score. The walls and scoops moving are neat. I like shooting at the scoop to lock a ball, and the mode where the walls come up and you only shoot things on the under glass playfield is neat.
This is a very family friendly pin that my young kids (6, 9, and 11) really like. Only World Cup Soccer 94 and Medieval Madness are better (according to my little kids). They struggle with the second button for the upper flippers, but you can change that setting in the menu.

Music and call outs are 10/10. Graphics are a little underwhelming, but fit the theme well.
I have not made it to the Wizard modes yet, but it is pretty clear on how to get there. I keep finding random new modes. I count 15ish very unique modes so far, and I’m sure I’ll find more as time continues.
I got the LE and the topper is neat (and BRIGHT by default).
Negatives on the module: The module itself feels like it is built with a mix of pinball parts and remote control car parts. There are a bunch of little electric motors in there running things. So far everything is good, but if that thing has issues it does not look like it would be easy to repair. On the other hand, there are more toys and mechs in there than a full sized pin so…

The gameplay is great, but I feel like some things are underutilized. This is my first module (Heist and CCR on order) and so far, the under screen ball tracking stuff is underutilized. It’s neat rolling over Germs, but that is the only place (still early in the game) where the touch screen is utilized other than the lane change by the flippers I’ve found. I was expecting random stuff coming across the screen occasionally to hit. I also feel like the side targets are underutilized.
Comments on the P3 system itself.

This is my first Multimorphic Module, and this absolutely feels like real pinball to me. It was HEAVY to move, but you can remove the playfield screen and flippers with 3 connectors and no screws, and the playfield module with 3 connectors, no screws, and 2 latches to lose 80 pounds or so. The adjustments on the flippers are easy to do with the removable flippers, but I cannot for the life of me fathom why these ship with the lanes all the way open. A lot of engineering went into these, and I am very impressed with build quality and the flexibility of the system. I will say the ball hopper in the back is LOUD and I’m tempted to put felt on it to try and quiet it down.

2 weeks of ownership update:

This is going to come out of left field, but other than remakes this feels the most like a modern Bally/Williams pinball machine to me rules and gameplay wise. The way the modes are done, the way the game can be approached (Wide but shallow) with a few wizard modes I really appreciate.

I am astonished by how little the ball tracking is used on this. Pretty much only in the Germs mode as far as I've gotten.

Really liking it overall as I am getting the machine dialed in.

One Month Update:
I've found a few more modes that were not obvious from the beginning, UHF multiball, Bologna Multiball, You Make Me Multiball, Hardware Store Multiball... Spatula Saves... Fun!

I have the machine fully dialed in now thanks to some patient help from their customer support team. This is a very different game from anything else that is available NIB right now, and coming out of left field the closest in feel to me is... Cactus Canyon Remake... because they both "feel" like Bally Williams games. You won't be nudging this game as much as a traditional pin (it's heavy!) but programming wise thats how it feels to me.

I will say that over time I am noticing that certain modes seem to be worth more than others (Like a Surgeon is my highest scoring by far) but the modes do feel different from one another. I also really enjoy jamming out to the Weird Al tunes and enjoy the variety. I wish there was some Michael Jackson in there, but I understand why there is not.

My only complaint on the game is still what I see as the underutilization of the lower screen for interactivity. Germs is the only mode i've gotten to that really uses it so far.

I tend to rotate pins alot, but I think Weird Al has a bit more staying power for me (I'm a huge fan) and I can really see the value and space proposition on this one especially when you talk about being able to play multiple modules on the same machine.

Edit: I'll keep my rating the same as I am judging the funness of the game here, but note I had to let this one go after less than a year because unlike the 60ish other pins I've had, I could not keep this one working and had to sell/trade it to someone who could. Dream theme and fun game when working though.
1 year ago
My thoughts after owning the game for two weeks:

- This game is really fun. Great theme and of course great sense of humor. Great sound system, and the LE topper is a really impressive mechanism. Good variety of rules across all of the different modes and multi-balls, and the animations / call outs / inserts usually do a good job of making clear what to hit. This is tougher to discern when modes amd multi-balls are stacked, though.
- Inverted flippers (a random "award" in the Dare to Be Stupid multi-ball) is such a mind fuck... press the flipper button to make the flippers go down, release to make them flip. So much worse than the reversed flipper modes you can find in many machines.
WAMONH has five diverters (six if you count the magnet that can stop an orbit shot and drop it into the pops)... it's crazy how many different ball paths they've crammed into such a small playfield.
- The spiral ramp shot is very satisfying to make and has just the right difficulty. There's a "Drink from the Fire Hose" mode that allows you to save your ball if you can make 3 shots up the spiral out of 10 attempts, and I'm able to complete it about 50% of the time in that "high pressure" situation.
- The magnetic assist on the right ramp is also pretty satisfying to hit.
- The ability to save/restore state really makes it a realistic possibility that a normal person can at least see everything their machine has to offer, including the wizard modes. High scores are not saved when restoring from saved state.
- Flipper feel on the P3 is not nearly as bad as I feared it would be. I think I'd describe it as similar in feel to Rick and Morty but more precise.
- It took about a day to get used to the spit buttons for upper and lower flippers, and I do like playing with this setup now.
- All of the diverters / walls / scoops using servos instead of coils has made things much easier to get dialed in perfectly.
- The machine is built like a tank and you can definitely feel its weight, have not noticed any quality issues out of the box except for a few screws that loosened during shipping.
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