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This game received 64 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 6.647 /10


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This game ranks #317 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 6.939

Artwork: 6.572

Sounds/Music: 6.318

Other Aspects: 6.501

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Found 34 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 34 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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56 days ago
I love sci-fi movies, so I'm a bit nostalgic in that area, but Waterworld just doesn't do it for me. It's not necessarily a bad pin, but the fun factor isn't there. If it's a first pin or a "room-filler, " I understand...but I don't think many serious collectors would find it to be a keeper.
3 months ago
Not a bad game, but not a great one either. The Atoll is a nice toy, and all the other standard features of the era are present. The artwork and theme did not age well however.
4 months ago
Gottlieb had seen better days, but the "Sink The Deez" 6 ball multiball is kinda cool.
6 months ago
Has a really cool ball lock for "Sink The Deez". Good play value for an inexpensive DMD game.
8 months ago
I really wanted a Waterworld for a while and finally wound up owning one. The rules are surprisingly deep once you understand how they work. But at the end of the day...the game just didn't grow on me. It is still a great value DMD game, it just wasn't a long term keeper for me.
8 months ago
Waterworld the movie that is better than its reputation. Waterworld the pinball is also better than its reputation. The best feature is the Deez/Atoll spinning toy. It also includes a swinging ramp and a jet ski toy. The Dennis Hopper call outs are good, but not much to the background music. Overall, I find it fun to play. Certainly not at the very top but also not at the bottom.
8 months ago
I found one of these in a local arcade and I got a few games in. It wasn't all that fun compared to other games that came out around the same time. The lighting wasn't all that great and at times it was somewhat annoying. The shots didn't feel all that rewarding either.
1 year ago
One of my favorites. Very rare just 1500 made. It's a pin for high skilled players, very fun with interesting game play.
2 years ago
I actually liked the movie.

I was drawn to the game for that reason. One of the biggest negatives for me is the theme/movie is not carried over into the machine very well.

Getting past that I've found WW to be a fun and fast playing game. It takes some time to learn the rules and shot sequences but they start to make sense after awhile. The Atoll/Deez is a unique ball lock and target to shoot at in general. Not a big fan of the music, but I do like Dennis Hopper's call outs.

The price point on the game is low compared to a lot of others -- some will say that is for good reason but if you give it a chance Waterworld can give you a lot of pin for your dollar.
2 years ago
Not a horrible game. Art is not good except for the cab. I like the minimalist design on the cabinet. Music isn’t that good either. Rule set it decent but gets stale pretty quick. Disappointing that it is only a manual plunger and not a manual+automatic like other gottlieb games like stargate and big hurt. Having the auto shooter would enable ball save on the multiballs which usually go sdtm anyway. The rotating boat is neat. What’s the point of having the figure on the left orbit? It has no purpose. Overall a decent game.
2 years ago
For some reason I really like this game i always like locking the balls in the boat.
2 years ago
I very nice game with some cool gimmicks, nice shots, and good flow. It’s dissed a little because of the movie it’s based on, if it was an original property it would be higher rated. It’s a good “bang for your buck” machine with a lower cost but still plenty of features.

Surprising deep ruleset, one of the pinsiders here posted a guide to the game and once you understand the depth of the game it really opens up. I went into the settings and turned off the option to get "Sink the Deez" after hitting the dive hole, the only way to get it now is to get three goals lit in a row on the crossboard on the playfield. Makes it a tougher get and a great reward for good play.
3 years ago
I only had the game for less then a month, then I sold it. I got bored of it pretty quickly. At firstI liked the game. It's a fun game with descent rule set. I love the geeze that collects 4 balls then dumps them all down at the same time for multi-ball. I also like the ramp that moves and drops the ball to a different ramp. Not much to shoot for, and I hate that you get a moment notice to make a shot, and as soon as you miss it, it's over. At least give you 10 seconds or something, not just one missed shot. Boring.
4 years ago
Oh, Waterworld, you clunky "funny guy".
People say it gets a "bad rap" but it is totally deserving.
The game is NOT RARE and it is always available to buy for a reason!
It might become rare in another 10 years after they all get parted out.

Artwork is atrocious.
Playfield layout is below average, but certainly playable.
"Toys" are average.
Ramp action is decent along with "wave" atoll.
Sound is WAY below average for the period.
Music is below average, but not entirely grating.
Ruleset is decent, not threadbare.

However, if there was only one pinball machine left on Earth, I would rather make my own with rubber bands and blocks of wood.
This IS kindling.
Donor game.

There are SO MANY better Gottlieb games from the period.
This was 1995, folks, not 1985, most people forget.
In fact there are many EMs that are much better as well, even simple games like "Nip-It".
My lowest rating of all games to date, and even lower than Striker Xtreme.
You just need to trust me or you can waste money, and then sell the game for a loss.
Your choice.
4 years ago
Very under rated title. Has a lot of cool modes. The movie was long and boring and I think that really affected peoples opinions right of the bat with this title. Too bad because it really should be given more respect.
5 years ago
Waterworld is a fun - kinda rare DMD. I love the Gottlieb system 3's, for their price and reliability.
I loved the waterworld movie, so the theme was attractive to me. Once its shopped out, the game play is real fast and it tests your flipper skills and ball control.
The spinning ship that locks 4 balls is a fun toy. Not sure what the personal watercraft guy is doing on the left orbit.. Just an interactive toy I guess.
I wish the pop bumpers were a little closer together. That would make the ship a harder shot and would allow the pops to score more points.
The artwork for the backglass and cab are great, but the playfield lacks movie references. Its all cartoony, lacks detail, and just plain has wrong references on it. I don't remember any squid or hammerhead sharks in the movie at all. Maybe the guys at Gottlieb only watched the movie previews...
The callouts are good with the use of Dennis Hopper's voice, but the background music is kinda generic. It would be way cooler if they used music from the movie.
Overall, its a pretty good game. Not nearly as bad as some people's comments.

Note to raters: If you've never owned the game or played it for an extended period, please save your comments!
A review that says " I played it at a show once, did't like it." is not helpful!!!
5 years ago
I've seen these sell in reasonable condition for $1200. A bargain in my opinion. Nothing fancy, but for the money, well worth it. This is a game that requires careful planning for optimal progression and maximization of points. If you're not the cerebral type, or don't like planning your moves, this may not be a great experience for you. Ultimately, the best scoring strategy boils down to only a couple reasonable paths, limiting lastability.
5 years ago
Surprisingly fun, well-balanced, challenging and deep rule set
5 years ago
Have to upgrade my rating. First of all not a lot of these games out there. Chances are you will not find one to play. If you don't know the rules you will not have a good opinion of it. I have had mine for a couple years now. I bought it to learn how to do repairs. I too thought it was terrible after a few games. As I have learned the rules and set the game up to fully function, it is a game I play almost everyday now. New players like it as well. I can't bring myself to sell this game now. Maybe not for everyone but I like this game a lot.
6 years ago
Really didn't like the layout, thought the big ramp int he back was weird. The animations were also lackluster which is on par with of system 3a.
7 years ago
Game is a lot of fun, cool toys, good layout, really good sound. I think the theme and the no love for Gottlieb's bring it down. I would totally recommend owning it, it is dark though, you need room light on or bright Led's in the game. Also if you haven't seen the movie don't bother playing it, makes a world of difference.
7 years ago
Wanted to play this for awhile, played at PHOF. It feels clunky and very dark, as in badly lit. Ship was fun and a couple of hard shots but that's about it . Was disappointed
7 years ago
Waterworld is a pinball game based on a really bad movie.

The Pros:
The rolling ship is a cool multiball lock mech (if it is working as it should). I like the crane diverter at the upper right hand of the pf. The right hurry-up lane is a tough shot. The superjack standup is not easy to hit either. The ship rollng over to dump the balls on the PF is a great start to multiball.

The Cons:
Where do I start? The hex/VUK is too easy of a shot. The ship is a gimme shot as well. Modes are not well thought out and scoring is not balanced. Standard issue Gottleib issues.

The Takeaway:
Waterworld is one of those games that I have tried to put some time on (just to really get a feel of the rules) and... I couldn't bring myself to do so. Whenever the game says: "Sink the DeeZ!", I say "Nuts!"
8 years ago
Played this at the Pinball Hall of Fame and was surprised how fun it was! I like the options it gives you to choose a hint or a battle. Sinking the ship is fun and leads to multiball. Was surprised by the speed of the ball shooting out of the Dive hole, which caught me off guard more than once! Not much of a fan of the artwork on the backglass. I could just hear the actors arguing who's head would be bigger before it went into production.
8 years ago
This is a fun game. The Sink the Dees multiball feature is a perfect fit for the subject-matter. I spent a good amount of time playing this game when it was in our break room at work. I miss it now that it's gone.
There are 34 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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