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Game Design: 8.136

Artwork: 7.785

Sounds/Music: 7.503

Other Aspects: 8.236

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Found 232 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 232 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 months ago
When this came out I didn't think it was any good. But having played many other games, I think it's actually quite good.

The layout is good and especially the ramps are nice to shoot. There is some flow to be found here, which is always nice. Nevertheless, for me the Tower shot feels rickety to shoot but it's not too bad overall. The biggest flaw which is actually only found on the Premium / LE version is the diverting Bicycle Girl ramp. The hurry-up is very annoying in that flow stopping way and a good reason not to shoot the left ramp when it's lit. So I actually think the Pro is the superior version in terms of gameplay.

The rules are excellent and I especially enjoy the different Dead features you can collect. The Prison and Well Walker multiballs are quite enjoyable to play too. In general, the scoring seems pretty well balanced out and collecting all Dead features isn't that easy. It makes this game pretty replayable.

The artwork is quite good, it isn't on the level of a Metallica for example but it's still very nice to look at. The animations look very good too.

All in all, it is a very good, maybe even underrated (also by past me) game which has a nice layout, very good rules and is quite replayable. I think every casual player and above will enjoy this machine.
4 months ago
È triste che questo titolo non si trovi nella top10.l ambientazione,il codice,la fluidità.posso capire che la sua brutalità non lo faccia apprezzare ad un ampia fascia di appassionati ma chi ama giocare a flipper sul serio non può fare a meno di amarlo.. odiarlo a poi ti rendi conto che questa macchina ti insegna come si gioca al flipper.
È da un po che ho deciso di tenere in casa solo spike2 ma con questo Faccio grossa fatica solo a pensare di lasciarlo andare.
4 months ago
This game Rocks ! I am always going back to it. If you are getting into pinball I would definitely recommend this title. It is very brutal but it will show you how to make your shots. Probably one of the smoothest playing games out there. Once you figure it out in my opinion it’s the best game !! Very Satisfying !!!
5 months ago
I've owned the game for 3 days now and have probably put in over 100 plays. There's something about it that is super addictive.

This machine suffers from its call outs, art package and lack of variety with music/sound. A zombie theme is ideal, but why bother tying this to the show when none of the call outs, voices are related in any way.

Now for the actual gameplay. It's a blast. You have a bash toy up front that's very satisfying to hit. You have two ramps that feel great when you succeed. A big part of the game is knocking down the drop targets which I find to be challenging but fun especially determining how you want to approach them. The zombie theme is integrated well for the code. The rules are great and easy to understand after several plays.

Overall, lots of fun. Zombies is a great theme. Tying it to The Walking Dead TV show doesn't really work so don't go into the game expecting any sort of tie in with the show. But based on gameplay, this machine is a ton of fun.
6 months ago
My rating is based once you implement the new Cleland callouts and sound upgrade because they’re free. Also after I add the new comic translite to tone down the zombie theme a little it moves up to a top 10 pin for me because of the flow and tough code. I base my ratings way more on gameplay than artwork which can be changed.

I’m not sure why this game gets the reputation of being super hard. Don’t get me wrong it is challenging but my 9 year old was hitting buttery smooth ramps one after another. I think to properly progress is a little challenging but out of all the pinball machines I’ve ever played this is in the top 10. The ramps are sooooo smooth, the game is challenging and it has the one more ball factor. The cons are the translite is bad which can be changed, the sound / callouts are not great but can be changed, there are some drains that are hard to avoid but I like that. This game just feels fast and I feel you always have to be ready defiantly a players game. I really need to add this to my collection the only thing is I’d love to try a premium but I heard it doesn’t flow as much but looks nicer with some different mechs as well. Honestly the gameplay is one of my favorite I just don’t love the sound and look.

If you’re a serious pinball player you need this in your collection. I’m happy a lot of people don’t like this machine as it will be easier to get my hands on one. Next time you see one I recommend trying it out.
8 months ago
I don't find this game as hard as its reputation would lead you to believe it is. It's super fun. There are many solid alternate translate options out there and different audio that can be added. I based my ratings off of the stock items so my score would be higher if you take aftermarket into consideration. I'm stoked I finally got my hands on one of these and I'm sure I'll be keeping this one longer than most of my machines. Horde wizard mode is just so damn fun!
10 months ago
I haven't had much time on this machine, but I've found it is a fun, challenging machine with unique rules. Art is great considering the theme, but it's not for everyone. Callouts are a huge disappointment.
10 months ago
This title should be a staple in any serious pinball collection. Has that more game appeal....I cannot explain in mere words how great this title is.
11 months ago
great for tournaments , but not a lot of fun for the guest .
1 year ago
I just didn’t enjoy this machine much, maybe I’ll play it some more and upgrade my rating.
1 year ago
Great game !
1 year ago
Loving my Pro. I’d played a few LEs but they weren’t there for me value-wise.

I’m not into zombie stuff and had written the game off before playing it. But the sounds of them getting killed and the fact you’re bashing away at things really lends itself to the theme. I’ve since started watching the series and surprisingly loving it.

Some people say this is a hard game but I find it no worse than many others. For me I don’t mind a difficult game so long as it’s fair. The only dicey things here are down the middle out of the pops (maybe only 10% of the time so not a biggy, and far safer than Aerosmith or Wonka), and a random firing down the middle from the prison magnet maybe 2% of the time so again not too bad.

I enjoy different ways of playing this, eg going for modes with the drop-downs, or going for multiballs first. The shots are satisfying and I especially love the butter smooth plastic ramps. They seem to defy physics sometimes!

I’ve upgraded my speakers as they were pretty shoddy from the factory, and then just a few mods for fun.
1 year ago
This theme stands out from the rest. It is a brutal game and makes perfect sense to use in tournaments and competitive play. It is a love/gate relation with this one but I am always back at it for another try and been so for years. The only drawback is the right orbit exit, it little bit to often goes straight down the middle and it is always concerning when the ball exits in that area.
1 year ago
Gameplay and rules are as good as it gets. Would prefer the Pro to the Premium. Not a fan of the cabinet art or the repetitive nature of the music. This game would benefit from a comic art vault release.
1 year ago
Some great shots but found it a bit boring and multi ball dependant.
1 year ago
Overall one of my favorite games in my collection. Game is brutal but keeps you coming back for more. Shots and code are top notch. Only think holding it back is art and lack of TV show assets, but there are mods that will enhance this. Pretty safe to say this is bolted to my floor.
1 year ago
I admittedly only played this once, because when I played it, I did not enjoy it. The design felt a bit low effort compared to a lot of modern Stern games. The playfield art is very ugly in my opinion, and the huge zombie in the middle of the playfield is cheesy. If you want a big monster to hit in the middle of your playfield, play monster bash.
1 year ago
i love kill walkers
2 years ago
my favorite game
2 years ago
Si fun i love the red color the toys, playfield , hard to play rules not easy not for everyone but one of my best
2 years ago
Maybe it was specific to the one I was playing, but the ball kept getting stuck in different areas of the playfield and had a few other issues that may have affected gameplay. Overall, it did not play as well as the Star Trek Pro that was sitting next to it. I was a fan of TWD TV show, but for whatever reason the theme did not translate over to a pinball machine for me and did not hold my attention for very long.
2 years ago
I thought Flash Gordon was a tough game!

Too much drains but still coming back.
Still working on strategy, better to achieve your goals in Multiball rather singleball, otherwise DRAIN!!
Its like going to war everytime you push the button.
Code is amazing.
Crossbows/Arrow Hurry-ups, great call outs.

Fantastic but very brutal.
Sold TWD, still a great game but too brutal and shots are not always logical and little bit lack of flow.Especially BG ramp feels dodgy.Now i have JPPro, longer ball play(necessary) but great flow and every shot or flow has a meaning.Very thoughtout.
couldn't be happier!!
2 years ago
One of the better horror-themed pinball tables in regards to playability.
2 years ago
One of the best pinball, I love it. Nothing for beginners, shots have to be precise, and control is very important on this machine.
2 years ago
Played for the first time last night - so fun! I didn't know much about it but I will be back to play again for sure.
There are 232 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 10.

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