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There are 24 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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88 days ago
Here you have one of the most fun games of the 70s, cleverly disguised as a boring game no one would be interested in.

The only reason this isn't on my wishlist is my lack of space. This is a sorta sorta kinda mix of Lightning Ball and Cleopatra and it plays at least as well as either of those. (I feel certain the blue, yellow, and green colors were taken from Lightning Ball on purpose.) There's a ton of fun (and grrrr frustration) in trying to light more than one drop target bank on one ball.

Not the most enthralling theme in the world but at least it's G-rated. Might hear some not-G-rated speech before long if dad keeps missing shots to the upper rollovers. Fun game and looking forward to seeing it again at a show.

*Wife approval* "I think I remember this one!" That's pretty good praise from her, after she dutifully accompanied me to a couple of shows with hundreds of games.
3 months ago
Volley is a nice EM. It's simple enough for anyone to understand. You can have a hard time getting one of the specific color lane up to maximize your drop targets shots. I like it simple but efficient.
11 months ago
PSA: Rating Toys and Gimmicks should not be mandatory for an EM. Neither should lighting or theming. Few EMs have there themes integrated with the gameplay (depending on how you define what qualifies as theme-integration). Blast-off/Apollo and maybe Fireball are exceptions.

A lot of EMs force you to make good plunger shots to get big scores. You'll notice that very few modern games do this. I've never been that crazy for the EM skill shots. Maybe others enjoy them.
Brief rules strategy: Hit the rollovers, then the drop targets. If you hit the drop targets first, that's a waste of their potential value. The one thing that saves this game is that you can get to the rollovers with a nice proto-loop shot from the flippers.The angle on that shot feels very intentional on the part of the designer. Any trace of intentionality in the design is nice in a game from this era.
Hitting that proto-loop up to the rollovers feels very satisfying. It's rare for an EM to have a really satisfying shot that's not a spinner shot. And I prefer this shot to a spinner shot anyway. It's more original.
It's a good tournament game. With EMs, that's sometimes the most you can ask for. I don't think it's got that much in the way of replay value. Even compared to other EMs.

I had to look up the cabinet art for this review, and I think it looks really nice. Very minimalist and cool, like something from an iPod advertisement.
The rest of the art package is... not bad. Nothing to get too excited over.
1 year ago
Kinda wish there was a spinner and end of ball bonus.
Game is basic get top rollovers then knock down targets.
Good art and challenge to get all targets.
Tilt ends game!
1 year ago
A very good effort overall from Gottlieb and a perfect layout for the theme (despite the fact that I usually don't dig symmetrical layouts). Def not "Abra Ca Dabra" (just as many drops!) or "Atlantis" territory, but fun nonetheless! Great drop target fun, but no slingshots anywhere. Don't worry though, you get PLENTY of bounce from the drops and the rubbers behind them.

To be fair, I haven't spent that much time on this deck, but I think my scores are mostly accurate. I plan to write more on this game when I get some more time on it.
1 year ago
Simple, skill-based game with a whole buncha drop targets. I love that there's no direct shot back up to the rollerover lanes but the geometry of the rubbers makes it easy to get a shot back up there, or to accidentally hit it into the pops! It makes you worry about things like ricocheting into unlit target banks or hitting two drops at a time but only getting credit for one like many of these games do. Great game that's anything but a luck box.
1 year ago
One of the few pins that was themed to capitalize on the tennis craze of the 70's (which was a huge, huge thing that's hard to describe properly if you weren't there at the time), that also manages to have an unusual playing gimmick that mirrors the theme. While the rules set may seem simple, it's one of the most clever incorporations of theme into game play of the era.

The "Volley" of the title comes into play when you lower the drop targets on the right and left sides of the lower playfield; the slinghots will "volley" the ball back and forth (scoring nothing!) just like a real tennis rally.

The tricky part of scoring is knowing when *not* to shoot. If you drop the targets before lighting the corresponding bumper and drop target bank, they're only worth 500 points; if you wait, the value soars up to 5K. Balancing the skill shots, return shots (difficult but possible) up to the top, and then taking out the drop target banks requires both good shooting and a multi-ball strategy. That the yellow bank has the higher value up the middle - but is the more dangerous bank to shoot off - makes the use of the "volley" side banks a crucial and fun skill test.

All in all, one of the best designs of the late EM era.
2 years ago
Great for both old and new players. Simple ruleset but still fun to shot all those drops.
2 years ago
Great drop target game!
2 years ago
Hot title of late. Somewhat simplistic ruleset. Ok theme. Restored a beautiful example, but won't be taking up space in my small game room. Lacking in lastabilty.
3 years ago
A favorite target shooter for me as well, glad they had one fixed up at the PHOF to see in person after enjoying on VP.
4 years ago
Not the prettiest EM going, but its beautiful in its design simplicity. Light each bank of coloured targets, and knock'em down for big points. Chase the special at the top rollovers. Not much more to know than that. Its fun to “volley” or ricochet the ball off of one bank of targets to its adjacent one. Whereas a game like Centigrade 37 has depth and is a borderline work of art, Volley takes a much simpler approach and executes it well.
4 years ago
Game is addictive and yet has simple rules that are hard to accomplish each game.
4 years ago
Never played this colorful late 1970’s drop target game until i added it to my collection of wedgeheads. This game at the top arch reminds me a little like Jacks Open with the open side area where the ball can be brought back into the top rollovers.. The drop targets are arranged closely, nice and tight for super rebounding from one drop target bank to another when most of the drop targets are down. Knocking down the drop targets are easy to do which I always find fun and is especially good that they always reset after you get all three colored banks down. When a player does get all three colored banks down the SPECIAL lights and alternates on one of the colored top arch rollover lanes and isn’t that easy to score for SPECIAL. A player must stay out of the center 500/5000 point rollover lanes for sure if he wants to extend his playing time. Flipper return lanes are quite friendly and gives a player a good chance flipping the ball all the way back up to the top colored rollover lanes to light the drop targets for 5000 points or to get the SPECIAL when lit. Simple game rules to understand and just a blast to play because of the in your face drop target arrangement.My high score is 306,000 and 10 replays,but i only have the game about two months now and could change at any time. Don’t pass this sleeper of a wedgehead by, you’ll be missing out on this wacky and fun drop target extravaganza.
4 years ago
Great drop target game and really compliments the games sitting beside it, Atlantis and Jacks Open. Love the shot where you ricochet (volley?) the ball off all three banks..then back to the flipper for another try. Of course getting into the upper lanes lights the corresponding bank and increases each drop to 5000 points rather than 500. This will stay lit the rest of the game, whether the banks get reset or not. That is the whole key to this game. Keep shooting for the upper play field / lanes and ignore the drops, until at least ball 4. Very colorful and is supposedly based on the famous 1970's Bobby Riggs/Billie Jean King battle of the sexes.
5 years ago
Fantastic, under-rated EM. They have one in the new game room at the Woodstock Inn in Vermont - and kids were lining up to play it (more than the Xbox and PS4).
5 years ago
Just another EM that we were forced to play when nothing else GOOD was available back in the late 1970's...
6 years ago
This may be my new favorite EM of all time. I got it at the same time that I got STLE and if anything it has received more play in my gameroom. It is fast and challenging. Simple, yet perfect rule set that does not get old. One of my friends has been playing it constantly every time he comes over. Previously he never played any EM games more than once or twice (except 2001) and sticks to the DMD machines.
6 years ago
This is the game that started it all for me in collecting! I bought on in 1978 and sold it in 1982 and regretted it ever since. It was my "holy grail" machine to find one in great shape again, and in 2012 that happened! This is one pinball I will never sell.

This is in my opinion the best 1970's wedge head (single player) that Gottlieb ever made, and that's saying a lot, because there are so many good ones! 15 drop targets there for the taking, but make sure you get the colored roll overs at the top for each bank first. This is one of the rare wedge heads that combined the likelihood of high score replays and "special" replays. Another rare feature is that the special does not stay lit when you get it - you have to knock down all 15 targets again!

Very high scores are possible (in contrast to my King Pin which is right next to it), yet achieving the special is also rewarding. Triple plays (knocking down one target from each of the three banks) is possible, but only one will score points (because this is an EM, it takes the score motor time to reset). I love the "flow" of this game, and it has that "come back for just one more game" intangible quality that makes it great.

The added factor for me is the nostalgia of the game - it was my "first." Plus, who can resist the tennis playing girl with the size 14 shoes?
6 years ago
Volley is a game that I came across and I thought to myself... "This looks like a good design." Well it plays better than it looks.

The Pros:
Great shots with 15 drops. Don't forget to try to rebound the ball off of the top rubber arches to get back to the top 3 lanes. You have to consider the shots that you want to aim for as well as the rebounds that those shots will take. The limitations of EM tech mean that you can knock down 2 targets on each of the three banks lit for 5k and only score a single 5k out of 30k! Yes I know that this happens... because I have done it (and subsequently tilted out my entire game in frustration, that'll learn me... HA!) The upper lanes that lead to the in / outlanes can be worth 5k, but are not worth the risk of losing a ball. Gotta keep that ball alive on the upper PF! Open lanes at the top of the PF requires a soft touch with the plunge as well as making the most of nudging skills to get that ball down the lit lanes. A surprisingly open lower PF that has lots of action when properly maintained.

The Cons:
This game can skyrocket with scores if not properly set up and nastified. My personal recommendation, a whisper-sneeze sensitive tilt and openings to the in/outlanes set as wide as can be for optimum chance at a 10 point, 1 ball game to regulate the cro-mag players (that would be... me!). I kinda wish that the slings had action to them. Dead slings on a design like this are understandable, but I would have liked a bit more action on the lower PF.

The Takeaway:
A properly set up game will have that magical "one more game" quality to it. Otherwise you can expect to roll this game quite easily. Even with my game tuned as nastily as I can make it, I frequently roll it to the point where I consider a truly rolled game one that comes in past 199,990.


The prioritization of shots to keep the ball from hitting targets you don't want to hit makes a big difference in how you set up your shots. Can you get the ball back to the top arch to try to score a lit top lane? There are no return lanes to the shooter or extra balls. You play the best with whatchoo gots! Very much like the righteous Gottlieb Atlantis in that respect. You will have many "average" games with this deck but when you get a great game, you really feel like you have earned what you have played for. I also have my game set to game over on tilt, so when you mess up... you feel the pain! Waxed, steep and fast, this game is a true player!

Update v2:
Looking at games like Diamond Lady, AC/DC and to a less direct sense, WPT, TFTC, the target bank / shot(s) /target bank / shot(s) / target bank layout is a classic design that offers challenging shots, difficult to control geometry and a whole lotta (rosie) fun. This game is a classic player and will always keep you coming back.
6 years ago
Not my favourite wedgehead and a game which soon bores you. I also intensely dislike the art package.
7 years ago
Lot of fun, very reliable, wish I still had one.
7 years ago
Tons of strategy here. Lots of drop targets. DON'T shoot them until they are qualified. I come back to this game again and again.
8 years ago
Volley is an excellent Gottlieb wedge head with lots of drop targets and decent ball times. Great game!
There are 24 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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