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23 days ago
This is, in my opinion, one of the more underrated 80B games out there. The layout is very unique, and the gameplay is a lot like the later system 3 games where you are trying to complete a series of shots around the playfield in order to advance. Sure, it isn't one of the great Williams games, but for the money...Victory is a great value.
6 months ago
Another underrated late gottlieb. This game is special for one main reason: essentially every mode shot, which is the most valuable strategy, is a hurryup. In other words, the game never wants the action to stop. This represents some of the best theme integration ever. Every mode shot is basically a lap. The faster you complete it, the better your score. Pretty simple and straightforward as a racing game. Because of this, and the spread of the mode shots, you’re forced to be able to hit almost every shot on the playfield, something that was fairly ahead of its time. The downside is that pretty much anything other than mode shots is fairly worthless or too dangerous. There is of course more depth to the ruleset, such as the FUEL banks, the VICTORY bank, and the spinners, but the scoring is heavily weighed towards completing contests and races. This game also has a neat ball capture feature at the saucer which is somewhere between an extra ball and a permanent ball save. If this is going to be your only game, and you want a game that has depth of rules that you’ll never fully complete, this is not for you. It’s definitely not the greatest game ever, but the fundamental nature of it's mode scoring forces you to learn a very valuable skill. Every shot is high pressure, high tension(timed). It's like if all you practiced in basketball were buzzer beaters. If you can master that on this game, any high pressure situation(high value) on another machine will be a little less stressful, and trapping up to take your time will feel like a luxury. There is no other game im aware of where quick accuracy is constantly required throughout gameplay. If you're a flow player, this game is about as good as it gets.
6 months ago
Victory is a pretty cool game with a few interesting rules that makes it fairly unique and brings some strategy into play.

The music is great. I really enjoy the fact that it makes you focus on one shot and there is a timer involved. It has a different feel than a lot of games and I feel like I do a lot of dead flipping and ball control that seems somehow more natural on this pin.

I wish that there was more of a reward fro finishing the race and that there was something more to do than start the exact same race again.

Overall I am impressed with the game. It definitely keeps me engaged and sometimes I catch myself kind of dancing to the music while shooting those checkpoints.
9 months ago
Fun game the first couple time. But then gets boring fast.
The thing that most disappointed me about Victory was that it had no pop bumpers. Pinball Machines without Pop Bumpers are not my forte.
Other than that, still a cool lookin machine for the era.
1 year ago
Fun machine with a good set of rules.
1 year ago
Great bang for the buck. Nice playing game. Swap out the translite for something cooler and you're good to go.
3 years ago
Timed shot, timed shot, timed shot and hey surprise.... no it's still just a timed shot.

This has to be my least favourite of the 80b gang, layout is quite nice and perhaps it actually has the most shots of them all but there's nothing worthwhile to do besides chase the next sequenced target or you're not going to score at all.

I dunno maybe that's terrific for a hardcore player but gosh it did not stay fun for me around the third game in and every other one of these i could play untill the cows come home from pasture, flaws and all.

There's a kick out hole ostensibly used to build up to an extra ball but imo that should have been the multiball lock, would have changed things up at least a bit even if like most of the other titles the multiball doesn't do anything in particular.

Cabinet is a nice bright red and meh as per usual, backglass is ok and there's not much going on with the playfield art unfortunately but it fits the theme.

Soundtrack is alright, like a racing game might have had at the time, no variation whatsoever though and it does have some voice calls but they're patently dull.

Can be had for cheap even in nigh flawless condition, it's not my kind of pinball but i know some people love the heck out of it so.
4 years ago
A lot of times I don't care if I have a high score, as long as I complete the race. A well maintained machine should offer many of hours of fun.
5 years ago
This game is a bit of an odd one to rate...

It plays smooth but its also kinda boring.

It lacks anything really spectacular, other than its catchy and upbeat music.

The objectives are boring, just keep making the checkpoints and hit the targets...

It is worth a play, but afterwards, its easy to walk away.
6 years ago
This gets repetitive after a few multiball hurts but it would have been damn near impossible to implement with the ruleset. Very ready, aim, fire, type of game. Need to hit your shots in order or not too much scoring going round.
7 years ago
Victory is very cool game that I would have walked by if not for the recommendation of a fellow player. This game is a shooters game and needs to be maintained properly or you will not get the benefit of the design as intended... Then again, this is pinball.

The Pros:
Shots from every aspect of the PF. The upper pf has 4 drops and 3 ramps to work with alone! Get through the race and feel a real sense of pinball accomplishment. Not your average Premier game. My favorite table from Trudeau other than CFTBL and the tragically underated Hollywood heat. My first pinball game was a Judge Dredd so I personally have a soft spot for JT's work. Spelling victory on the lower PF is all about how much bonus do you have in relation to risk/reward. Check point 4... Check point 5... Check point 6... Check point 7... FINISH LINE!

The Cons:
Premiere made some crummy translites, at least these race cars have spikes and machine guns on them. PF artwork is better, but still no match for the team at bally / williams. Hard to read the tiny blue scores. Would have loved to have seen this game with the third playfield as originally intended with the design. Another Gottleib triple level design?!? The first tri-level design since Haunted House?!? Ahhh, what could have been...

A very cool sniper's game that requires precision and accuracy (and strong flippers). Originally it had a lower pf in the center of the game as well. What would have it been like? Who knows... but a 3 level game would have been fantastic! There are some that do not like the difficulty of this table. I understand what it feels like to get owned over and over again by the same game. It's humbling. However when you get the flow of this deck, I believe it is completely worth the effort. I am glad to have taken my friend's recommendation and got to know this game. When you finish the race it feels like a victory, because you really earned it.
7 years ago
Wasn't a huge fan of this one. It was just so all over the place and crazy that I never felt like I knew what I was doing.
8 years ago
Overall, Victory is pretty much a ho hum game, even for the late '80's era in which it was introduced. Extremely linear game play. My brother-in-law owned one for many years and ultimately donated it to a charity auction. Don't ever buy one, regardless of how low the price may be. Dullsville.
9 years ago
I used to love Victory in the arcade. Good game for the time. Nice light show, decent sounds. Fun goal to win the race. And the upper playfield is fun. The display is horrible like all the Gottlieb's at that time. If you find one cheap give it a shot.
There are 14 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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