Twilight Zone

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Game Design: 8.909

Artwork: 8.724

Sounds/Music: 8.216

Other Aspects: 8.799

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Found 853 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 853 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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20 hours ago
One of the all time classics and for good reason. Just all around fantastic with an almost chaotic feeling and looking layout, that just works so well with the zany aspects of the Twilight Zone. So many neat features and gimmicks that really set this apart.
11 days ago
Always brings be back for more. Truly a great design game with lots of fun inherent to the gameplay.
28 days ago
The theme doesn't fit me. Maybe it's my age... If you grew up with TTZ, then it will probably score higher.
72 days ago
This is definitely a machine I tried very, very hard to like and grasp why it's so beloved by pinheads, but I simply don't understand it. It's not a bad game, just not great by any stretch of the imagination. Upper playfield feels to busy, lower playfield feels haphazardly designed, and the rules while relatively straight forward still had me scratching my head at times why certain things were happening. More than anything, it just wasn't my thing and I got bored with it the more I played.
74 days ago
Basing my review on a game set up high and dialed in with strong flippers

Really interesting game to me and a fantastic piece of art

You can really tell ,after learning some rules and playing it awhile,that ALOT of thought went into the game

My first love was 90s games,so I am bias

Longer I have it the more I appreciate it feel lucky to have one and IMO easily makes the top 10 pins ever made phenomenal game
79 days ago
I can't understand why the game is so popular. Every time I play it, I tell myself I must be missing something. Some interesting toys in the machine, but it is so bloated. It's not clear what to do or where to shoot. This does not draw people into pinball. It's like Lawlor through everything in the game just because he could!

Overall, just not a fun machine.
81 days ago
This is a decent game but defiantly not great. It feels very dated compared to the Greats like AFM and MM. I will play this some more but as of now I feel the music and the layout hurt not help this game lean more towards mediocre than great.
85 days ago
This is an excellent game, and it's easy to see why it's ranked so highly. I own the machine, and I do think the overall ratings are too high for several reasons.

A. The music is not good. The default theme is flat out annoying, actually.
B. You get a lot of ball outs from the outlane off the left bumper, which feels unfair.
C. The machine is really tough to get dialed in.

Don't get me wrong, this is a great machine, and is in the "never sell" category. But, there's stuff to critique.
86 days ago
A game with deep rules that has a good variety of modes and shots. Lots of well themed toys on the playfield that are mostly interactive. I feel that a little extra modding on this game is nice.
3 months ago
By far the most challenging game out there. This game is a classic.
4 months ago
everything about this game is "Tough, but fair"
The shots are not the easiest in the world to make but when you make it, its very rewarding. The game modes are different enough that it doesn't feel boring, so its not repetitive. Adding the power ball too makes this game chaotic but in a good way and since this is a more challenging game. the music of the game is absolutely fantastic and the graphics on the DMD is great (although color dmd or and LCD upgrade is absolutely the way to go, and personally have since gone too on our machine)

In my opinion this is absolutely a players machine. its not very "noob" friendly. having friends over who don't play for high-scores they tend to either avoid this machine or drain very fast. heck it even took me a while to get good at this one. but once you do Its such a well thought out game with challenging game modes.
4 months ago
Maybe my favorite classic game. If this gets remade by CGC I will absolutely buy one. I have owned it 3 times and it was the first pin I ever bought back when pinside had 30 people logged in at any given moment. NO LIE! Boy has that changed.
TZ is a widebody pin that has so much to offer. From the music at the start from one of the most iconic 80's songs along with incredible lights and sounds for the time make this a total package.
Gumball machine
Mini PF with magnets for play!
Upper ramp sound effect never gets old.
Hitting the clock is one of my favorite modes in all of pinball (so satisfying)
One of the best multiball intros ever "Don't Touch the Door"
Its a players pin with 4 flippers all with rewarding shots and fun play attached to them.
No cons here.
4 months ago
Perhaps the greatest collection of playfield toys and mechs of any game. The flow isn’t tremendous, but maybe that’s appropriate for the theme. Twilight Zone plots are full of surprises, contemplation and non sequitors.
4 months ago
I think I must have just played a crapped out pin. It was at Pinballz in Austin. About 2/3 of the playfield lights were out, plunger spring was weaker than my 104 yr old uncle. After reading the other ratings & comments, I was prepared to LOVE this game. I’m so old Twilight Zone TV show fan- I even have all episodes on LaserDisc! (Remember those?)

Unfortunately, the game play never came together for me. Terrible disappointment! If I am able to find another pin & have a better experience, I shall update my rating.
6 months ago
I hadn't played this till recently despite being an old school Lawlor fan (Aadam's Family, Funhouse, Road Show). This table just wasn't in the 90s arcades I frequented back in the day. Then Logan in Chicago put it out on the floor recently and, man... timeless classic, should be top ten for sure.
7 months ago
The One
7 months ago
An absolute classic! Might be a bit difficult to the casual player, but if you like the theme, I think you will like it. Very innovative for its time, and it still holds up almost 30 years later. Just the fact that it is still sought after all these years should say something.
7 months ago
What cane one say about this game? A classic that still brings a smile to my face
7 months ago
Still one of my favorites of all time. I've been adding new games all the time but find myself still coming back to this one. Something about it that keeps you begging for more!
7 months ago
Wish there was a tutorial of how to play. Love the 1 nonmagnetic ball
7 months ago
I just could not ever really get "into" this machine - sound effects and toys are great - but I never felt it played that well. I love it is well loved and folks will take issue to this comment. I am sure it is just me, but after a few games I would go in search of something else - maybe for me a case of too much of "good thing" in one machine (sensory overload) - but I don't know, I don't have the same issue with the Adam's Family (which I love and would own if I could)....
7 months ago
Absolutely love this game!
7 months ago
1993. What a great year for pinballs. The twilight zone is one of the best ever. Complex playfield. A lot of things to do. Great theme. Beautiful look. Fun. I wish I had it home.
8 months ago
Played TZ for the first time yesterday and was left wondering what the attraction is for this pin. The play was not smooth and do not feel like playing it again.
8 months ago
Awesome game! Lots to do and always has that "one more game" feeling.
There are 853 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 35.

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