Twilight Zone

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Game Design: 8.9

Artwork: 8.691

Sounds/Music: 8.204

Other Aspects: 8.771

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Found 894 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 894 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 days ago
Such a classic game. Love the shots, toys amd gimmicks.
9 days ago
Twilight Zone is a very interesting game.

I like the layout and most of the shots are satisfying to make. I especially like hitting the Piano shot and the ramps. Battle the Power is one of the best features of any pinball machine. This game is very difficult to play and I love that since it gives me the incentive to become a better player.

The rules are pretty straight forward and easy to follow. The main multiball is a lot of fun. Especially collecting that Jackpot with the Piano shot feels very satisfying.

The biggest issue with this game for me is the sound and its quality. It disrupts the game majorly as it sounds almost like a Sega Whitestar game would. But there are some redeeming qualities within the sound package like the Power's laughing at you when you lose the ball on the upper playfield.

The artwork on this game is looking very good and it features one of the best backglasses of any pinball game. I love that they've put many of the game's features on there.

Overall this is a very good game which is sadly flawed by its sound. I would appreciate it much more if it sounded better. It will appeal to casual players and advanced players rather than beginners as a result of its difficulty. I believe this is a good game to improve your skills as a pinball player.
25 days ago
I'm pretty torn on this game. The shots are overall pretty interesting, plenty of challenge and interesting things to do in this one, but all of the toys and gimmicks are kind of competing with each other. I like it, but this hasn't isn't as impactful in my love of the hobby as the next generation or attack from Mars, no good gophers etc... push comes to shove I'd rather play modern current era games than this one. So it's good? Super cool, but play is flawed and oddly interrupted.
41 days ago
I maybe rated this game lower than most since I'm not a huge widebody fan. It plays slower (like a widebody), but is a VERY challenging pin (to me anyway). The shots are varied, interesting and HARD. Rules are really cool and for its day you can see why it gained the reputation it has. It has A TON Of mechs and toys, probably the most I have ever seen on any pin...and yet I didn't walk away wanting to play again and again. I think after some time this pin would get I will continue to enjoy it every now and then on location.

It deserves its place in pinball history, but there are better "modern" pins that will engage you more and have a faster flow.
51 days ago
My go to machine for the last 15 years
58 days ago
Finally I had to opportunity to play a lot on TZ. I don't know.. the playfield is interesting, the toys are cool, I like this mystic feeling, just the sounds and music could be better.
66 days ago
This is a widebody that doesn't play like a widebody. Not much side to side float. Playfield is broken down into areas and upper flippers are in uncommon positions.

I like the upper playfield in so much that it isn't just a smaller crappier pinball playfield it is something else.

Not one of my personal favorite games, but I see why many people love it.
76 days ago
It could have been the best, particularly well designed, a complex and ingenious machine with well-thought-out game rules, unfortunately served by an absolutely mediocre sound environment that even a pinsound can't save. Here is the perfect example that sound is an integral part of the alchemy that a pinball game can trigger
77 days ago
IMHO Twilight Zone is the best of the five trendsetting & still immensely enjoyable games that came out between 1990 and 1994...while Road Show, Terminator 2, The Addams Family, & FunHouse are also very neat&addicting...Twilight Zone is still a level above them...unsurpassed because of its...(1) cool toys: Slot Machine, Gumball Machine, Player Piano...(2) challenging but fun rulesets/features: Power Playfield, Power Ball, Spiral, Town Square Madness...(3) best ultimate payoff for completing everything: Lost in the Zone...after 30 years of playing Twilight Zone...and 25 years of owning it...I still enjoy it as much as ever...especially when I get to hear..."You Have Come to the End of Your Journey: Survival is Everything"...
89 days ago
I always enjoy this game when I play it but it can be difficult to see what's going on. This is one pin that really suffered from a lack of lighting. The modes are fun and it's very straight forward what's going on and how to progress although sometimes it can get a little too chaotic for you to notice what to do and every time I play one of these something is either not working or lamps are out. I really get into this game but it can be punishing and you can get to a game over really fast. I think the game lasts but I always hit a wall where I just walk away, usually after a few sunk rounds.
3 months ago
I always felt intrigued by this Pinball! I don't know what it is but it has an impactful presence! It is somehow mysterious but at the same time extremely fun! The theme I always thought was hard to translate to a pinball format but oh boy I was wrong! First time I played I felt trapped by this machine! My eyes couldn't see anything else besides the playfield! I fell in love with the world underneath the glass! The shots, the music, the vibes, the callouts, everything was on point! It's one of those rare machines that you actually feel living the experience of what you were promised once you plunge that ball! Everysingle toy it's fantastic, the power ball gives a layer of rarity and definitely the layout is STUNNING until this day! That said A LOT on how Wonderful this piece of art really is!
3 months ago
I recently picked up this game, not having played it before. This is my first widebody pin. After playing a lot and coming up to speed with the strategy and shot angles I must say I now understand why this is rated as high as it is. It is thoroughly enjoyable to play and has kept me coming back on a daily basis. The Power Ball feature is very unique and because the ball behaves differently it makes it challenging (in a good way). Super fun game, for sure.
3 months ago
I'll never understand the hype on this one. Great art. But I feel like it's cluttered and needed an editor. Seems more suited to slow methodical play which past a certain point I find boring. I HATE where Lawlor puts his scoops. Inadvertent side to side play will dunk the ball in there and then you're thinking about anything other than pinball waiting for it to be sent back to you. :(
4 months ago
4 months ago
This game may be too difficult for the casual player, but in a home environment it really shines. Lots of modes and lots of varied shots to keep you coming back for more. The theme is very well integrated and while the music/sounds aren't up to par with DCS or modern sterns, they still work well for the theme. The shots are very smooth! Hitting that right and left ramp just feels satisfying. As others have said....this just feels like a timeless pin.
5 months ago
The game is famously loaded with stuff. Very deep ruleset that holds up 30 years later. I’m not super into the show, but the theming / audio is good and doesn’t get annoying. As others have noted, because it’s so loaded, owning it can be frustrating because it seems like something is always breaking. But when it’s working, it’s still a top 10 title.
5 months ago
I have owned and played TZ for almost 20 years. I still get excited to get to LItZ wizard mode. This game is timeless and never gets old for me
5 months ago
Solid all around classic fun.
5 months ago
I really enjoy TZ, its one of my favorites! Needed constant repairs but when its 100% the game is challenging and fun.
5 months ago
The best game of the bally williams era and possibly the best game ever.
6 months ago
Great game one of the all time best!
6 months ago
So much to say about this gem of a game. Been owning one since 1997, beat it only 3 times. For that era the ruleset was pretty deep (even by today's standards) and it's very hard and exciting to beat the code.

Theme integration is incredible. Lots of toys which means that lots of things can malfunction (especially the gumball machine). The powerball add a great deal of challenge and is a really great idea.

It's a shame that this came out before the next sound update from Williams/Bally ... it's still great but not very crispy as anyone can imagine. One a more positive note, It's adding something to the nostalgia factor of this great tv show.

Being a wide body means that it's loaded with shots, there is always some action since it's a 4 flippers game and lot of shots felt satisfying.

Cabinet art is bland and very generic, not an eye catcher by any means. Playfield artwork gets the job done but nothing to write home about. The backglass is very beautiful though and convey extremely well the tone of this classic serie. IMHO, this game and Willy Wonka are the best games that Pat Lawlor ever created. Highly recommended.
6 months ago
One of the best ones out there. Never gets boring. One always finds new ways of playing this game.
6 months ago
The best machine at all time!
6 months ago
One of the best machines ever made.
There are 894 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 36.

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