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Twilight Zone

Pinside rating

This game received 1387 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 8.740 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks #6 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 8.905

Artwork: 8.734

Sounds/Music: 8.261

Other Aspects: 8.788

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This is how we, the very knowledgeable (wink wink) staff & moderators rate this game. 11 of us have rated this game.


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Rating history

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Found 788 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 788 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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16 days ago
Top 10 pin
24 days ago
For me it is the best machine of its time period. The first time I played this game it left an instant impression - I was amazed by how many fun and unique toys Pat Lawlor threw into this machine. They are also quite tricky - the power playfield, the powerball, the gumball the piano shot- all good fun. You can see why this machine has the record for the most patent applications.

I never played it very much when it came out but having recently bought a working machine - I have to say it is addictive. The ball flows well - throughout the various features and there is enough variety and randomness to force you to keep attention and use a range of ball control shots - the slot machine is very tricky - throughout the game the ball is frequently ejected and it will punish you if you lose concentration.

The sequence of ramp shots is of medium difficulty and misses are not too unforgiving - the lock shot is one of the most difficult I have come across - and very rewarding when you get it.
My first impressions of the music - I didn't like it - it doesn't seem to tie in to the TV show but it turns out the backing track is very addictive - and I found myself humming it hours after playing. The music after getting Jackpot is a real great ride!

The multi ball is well crafted - it is possible to pile up all except one of the balls upon one flipper and with perfect timing work the necessary shots for the Jackpot with the other. I need to play a lot more to try and figure out the rationale for 5 balls - maybe I am very old fashioned but 3 is enough for me.

The Twilight Zone theme is really done well - some modern machines are almost all in black and white and I wonder whether the backglass would be better like that. Saying that I have replaced all of my bulbs with LEDs and this is a must, looks great and saves the powerboard from stress, you can also do some nice colour customisations.

The mechanical weaknesses of the clock are well known but there are upgrades - unfortunately it appears to be a matter of when it will fail.

However the machine is surprisingly reliable and this is one machine I will not be selling!
26 days ago
What a blast from the past. Love this pin. Lots of fun to play.
37 days ago
This is one of my all time favorites. Fun and fair, but not easy. Lots of cool shots and I enjoy the feel of it. Great theme. Can take a little long to get the hang of the rules and a feel for it I love it though.
41 days ago
TZ is my favorite game ever so I'm biased. Some people comment that only new games should be in the top 10 but I disagree. It's like a classic car, it only gets more beautiful over time. The camera shot is great, the powerball speeds up the game and gets your heart going. The added call outs from previous Lawler games provide a dose of nostalgia.
47 days ago
TZ is an all time classic master piece. The PF artwork and colour, along with all the PF toys and different modes truly encapulates the Twilight Zone. The variety of shots with 4 flippers, the powerball and magnetic flippers on the mini-PF create a truly fun game to play that has held the test of time.

Definitely one of my all time favourites
64 days ago
Finally got my own TZ. Awesome machine.
78 days ago
One of the best machines of all time!!!
81 days ago
I have waited since I recently purchased a TZ to rate it. Even though I have several of the newer high rated machines and have owned several highly rated machines in the the past - this machine really is all that. The play, feel, toys, and fun factor are the best. Bottom Line - it is what most say about it and will be one of the last to ever leave my collection.
86 days ago
I can see why it’s special to some in that era just doesn’t warrant a top 10 or 20 to me.
3 months ago
TZ is the undisputed King of pinballs in my opinion.
3 months ago
When I first played this game I was limited for time. This go at it, had plenty of time which equated to absolute fun ! The diversity of the playfield, the sounds, the crazy flashing lights, the different balls and that wacky magnetic field.....I will keep this machine on my radar for my home and hope one day it’s up against my wall. Fantastic !!!!
4 months ago
Classic and one of the best machines of all time. Can be brutal at times and lots of variation.
5 months ago
Absolutely timeless game - never disappoints and plays better than most modern games being rolled out ! Grail pin
5 months ago
This is the pinnacle of BW for me. Rules aren't super deep like newer games, but the level of toys and mechs are just ridiculous. You may love or hate the stop and go layout, but in the right collection of games it works in spades. I'm completely biased on the's perfect I'm a huge TZ fan and the liberties taken with the license are spot on. The assets are used in the right way and the translight is a fun Easter egg hunt for any TZ fan. Some people get bored with getting to LITZ, but that solution is simple set your game up hard limit extra balls, hard settings, no ball saves. The jackpots reward the player with sound that make the player feel like they really achieved something and the intro to LITZ is a thing of legends. One game I won't ever sell.
5 months ago
Played the heck out of this with a friend at a local arcade - this is a truly great game, hard to stop playing it once you start. Always something left to do, great variety of shots and objectives, huge amount of modes...
5 months ago
A classic for sure that never gets old. True to the TV series, plays fast and when it first came out, had the most new patents than any other previous machine.
5 months ago
One of my new favorite games in my collection. A true piece of art and masterpiece in pinball engineering. Love this game and never see myself getting rid of it. This game will last, as shown by its rating.
6 months ago
Blew me away. First time playing it tonight. Probably not a well tuned, well kept, nice example either.

What is not to love? Skill shots, hard shots, repeatable shots, multi ball, extra ball, ramps, slides, locks. Invisible freaking flippers!

Love. This. Game.
7 months ago
I absolutely love this game!!! This is the game that got me into pinball. Top 3 pins of all time...EASY!! Great mix of theme, shots, modes and difficulty.
7 months ago
Maybe I haven't played one that's well set up, but I just find TZ to be confusing and dark. The upper magnet playfield and gumball are super cool, but as a casual player walking up to the machine, the objectives aren't clear and it's hard to track the ball in a dimly lit bar. Maybe if I owned this machine and could dig into the rules I'd like it better.
7 months ago
I finally have gotten pretty deep in this game and now know why everyone ranks it so high. Fantastic
7 months ago
This is probably the greatest pinball machine ever made, for many reasons. Here is a few of them:

+ The playfield layout simply is a masterpiece. You have ramps, targets, bumpers and extra flippers, just where it makes sense to have them. There is a lot of features om the field, but still it does not feel crowded.

+ The toys and gimmics. No other pin is even close to TZ in this area. Mini playfield with magnetic flippers, gumball machine, clock, the powerball and lots of other fun stuff.

+ The rules are very deep. There is not one "obvious" way to get points (Like the skull shot in T2 or the castle in MM) but many diffrent shots that are well balanced and very satisfying.

+ Theme, art, speech and music is great. The overall feeling is very "Twilight Zone-ish"

+ The lights contributes to the overall feeling in a great way. Love the light shows!

I really don't have anything negative to say about this great game. The only thing I can think of is that the deep ruleset and the sometimes more slow paced gameplay might not be for everyone. If you prefer fast games with more straight forward rules, TZ may not be your first choice. However, once you get into the Twilight Zone, there is no going back ;-)
7 months ago
It's hard it's fast but it flows nicely and is rewarding too.There is so much packed into this game.Plenty of interesting speech and music.Playfield looks good as does the backglass.A very pleasant machine and good fun to play
7 months ago
With over 800 commented ratings, this pin doesn’t need one more, so I will keep it short. Twilight Zone is consistently at the top of every ranking list for good reason. It’s a widebody and it needs to be with everything that is stuffed in it. It’s a great theme with great artwork and great execution. A Pat Lawlor masterpiece.
There are 788 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 32.

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