Twilight Zone

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Game design: 8.879

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Other Aspects: 8.782

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There are 762 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 days ago
Great game, top 3 in my opinion, I’ve played mm, Tom, this one tops em’ love the door mode and light show associated with it. Lost of cool modes and shots, love this game!!
12 days ago
As an owner, I have yet to get tired of it. One of my all time favs, no wonder its one of the most critically acclaimed games in pinball history.
19 days ago
Never gets old. I find playing TZ improves my skills on other games.
19 days ago
This is probably my favorite pin ever made although that can change. The power field is a very and unique feature on a pinball machine. Twilight zone makes you a better pinball player because the ball is in danger no matter because when you start the game the ball comes to you fast and the bumpers are super dangerous on this pin.
38 days ago
This is hands down my favorite pin, no matter how many times you play something else, this has a way of bringing you right back.
49 days ago
My favorite 90s pin! It’s unbelievable how loaded this game is... The layout feels perfect - plenty of flow and danger with risk/reward decisions for your four flippers. The rules make it both a great one player home use and multiple tournament pin.
50 days ago
I been wanting this pin for several years and finally several months ago I had an opportunity to purchase one. I wasn’t disappointed I enjoy the feel and the the fun factor of playing this pin. It a beautiful looking pin with a lot of toys, making this pin challenging which is why Twilight Zone remaining in the top ten.
62 days ago
TZ was ahead of its time, but it has since been surpassed. Still an all time classic with great shots and innovative toys and gimmicks.
65 days ago
this is the perfect home game. So many toy and gimmicks galore!!! I think this is a game a collector must own at least once in their line up to truly appreciate all the amazing work that went into creating this masterpiece. Simply work of art imo.
68 days ago
One of the best games i have owned to this day it is still one of the best games of all time.
71 days ago
Amazing game. Wants you to play one more. Over and over.
3 months ago
How much would this game cost if it was released today? Incredibly complex, maybe the pinnacle or 90's pinball.
3 months ago
The greatest pinball ever in my view, even if it doesn't command my highest rating on here (odd). Innovative, complex, timeless, challenging - the benchmark for all classic pinballs. A bit stop/start at times, but that's a price worth paying for the tricks and kicks
3 months ago
This game leaves me wanting more, every single time!
4 months ago
Frustratingly complex at times, but otherwise this is one of the greatest pins ever made. There will never be another like it. If I had the money for one, i'd probably buy a .50 cal rifle first, but if i had the money a second time I'd definitely get one.
4 months ago
The most replay value of any game I’ve owned. Very deep for its release date. My kids LOVE when you get the power ball out. Had a friend recommend doing all power balls for full in craziness!
4 months ago
"Not an ordinary game." It's well known that Pat Lawlor was given more freedom in designing this masterpiece than he himself thought was prudent. In Disney animation they call it "plus-ing": you keep improving and improving, adding more toys and gimmicks and gags until it's either bursting with delightful content...or it bursts at the seams into an unplayable mess. Somehow with all of the toys--a clock that keeps time, a working gumball machine, a system that detects the reflectivity of the ball in play for the Powerball feature, a magnet-driven mini-playfield--this game and its deep yet manageable rules never fails to impress. Twilight Zone was the pinnacle of pinball before the industry’s late-90’s collapse.
4 months ago
One of the best all time. A ton of toys and shots to make. The artwork, callouts, and music are all great. I'm not a huge fan of upper playfields but this one is better then most because of the magnets. It plays slow like all wide bodies but doesn't impact the fun factor much on this game because of the amount of toys and shots. Highly recommend!!!
5 months ago
One of the best all time. Great long term. Lots to do. Lots of toys. A bit of a maintenance pain, but a fantastic, playable piece of art that was the pinnacle of design for many years.
5 months ago
You can most certainly have some fun while playing TZ. But the game becomes boring soon. Only the battlefield remains challenging. Getting to LitZ is fairly easy. Some modes are not really modes: they just award something. Sound quality is poor, since it is the last pre-DCS game.
I used to play this game a lot, but I’ve seen it all too many times. Fun game for a new pinhead, but just not for me anymore.
5 months ago
TZ has consistently been for me one of the top pinballs of all time, despite the fact I've never been particularly good at it. The magnetic upper playfield is a fun gimmick, but definitely more of a gimmick than a functioning upper playfield to me. The shot layout is unique with great shots off all the flippers. I love loading the gumball machine and when you get the powerball! Also love the mech that catches the ball in the habitrail to the upper playfield and flips it right down to the upper left flipper to make the clock shot. All in all, it's just a classic with a much more intriguing layout some of the other classics (MM or AFM).
5 months ago
As the great Tina Turner once said"Simply the Best, Better than all the Rest!"
6 months ago
This is THE GAME! This has it all. All toys, gimmicks in a perfect harmony with the flow in the game. The Best!
6 months ago
If there was one game to take to a desert island, this is it. Can be a bit of a maintenance queen, but still worth it.
6 months ago
One of the most spectacular pinball games from the nineties. Truly amazing because it allows solid and fast action on top of being packed with unusual and bizarre playfield toys and gadgets. To make it even better, those gimmicky parts of the playfield are actually well integrated in the play and not just decorative attention effects.

This is one of few widebodys, the other beeing STTNG, where those extra inches of width arent noticeable or seem to slow the speed down. The gameplay, even at the lower part of the playfield is so intense and feels completely natural compared to normalsized games.

There is a great variety of shots here and seemingly a multitude of different ways to approach the game. Both music and call-outs belong to the better efforts from this era and contribute to a intriguing atmosphere.

As for looks, the playfield is colorful, well detailed and fits the enigmatic theme perfectly. That also goes for the translite. The cabinet art on the other hand isnt really something to brag about- and looks rather uninspiring. This is especially obvious when considering that one of pinballs most beautiful cabinets, CFTBL, was the machine that Bally released prior to this one.

To sum it up, a very nice pinball game and a obvious choice for a small home collection.
There are 762 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 31.

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