Twilight Zone

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Game Design: 8.925

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Sounds/Music: 8.254

Other Aspects: 8.785

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Found 812 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 812 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 days ago
A classic but a little to stop and go for me long term. Once I got through everything I didn't really need to own it. The playfield is really cramped and pretty much everything stops the ball so I just didn't look forward to playing it that much after awhile.
22 days ago
Found it hard and challenging to get into as I didn't know the rule set. I can see that it would be a great older game when I learn and play it more. I will rate it after some more plays.
46 days ago
Every time I get a chance to play this machine I remember all over again why I want one!
49 days ago
Rented this for a month and wish I owned it.
61 days ago
This is a game that can best be enjoyed in the home. And with ball saves lol. I played it a few times in the arcade many years ago and was so lost on what to do, never came back. Give me Black Hole or Black Knight any day. Than, I played it years later at my friend’s house and discovered there is a lot more to this game. True, not for the casual player, Pat Lawlor’s intentions I think, but once you take the time to watch YouTube on how to play it, dang, what a game. The shots, power-ball, clock, wow. So much innovation crammed into a wide body pin. Star Trek the next generation is still king for me, but this is a wide body pin to impress and humble the best players.
65 days ago
Super fun pin. Very deep rules set. Hard for a new player to go and have a killer game because there is alot to this. That being said being a new player and just playing and shoot at the flashy lights is alot of fun, just done expect to have a high score ;)

Would love to get this for home use where I can really explore the rules. Adding this to my wishlist...or at least for one to show up close to my house.
3 months ago
Everyone is aware how packed this machine is with toys and innovation. It is really incredible game and there is something very special about the powerball. The sound is the only let down for someone that doesn't love the TV show. Overall a really really fantastic machine that doesn't have the best flow in my opinion.
3 months ago
Awesome, Awesome game. To me, this is one of those tables that you really have to try a few times to understand what is going on. That wasn't as common when this came least not with the games I was playing.

Yeah there are a ton of mods for this one, but the variety of things going on is what makes it great imo. The depth is incredible. The whole ceramic ball idea is genius - it makes the game feel different. Having the pin separate one ball from the rest in the logic is something you rarely see. And Wizard mode is a blast!

But, it's not an easy game. And I find it tough to reach Wizard mode consistently. Although patience has definitely made me better at this table. I'm guessing that's one reason it's not even more popular. But true enthusiasts seem to love this one, and I have definitely crossed over to that side.

With so many gadgets, they couldn't predict the long term maintenance. But once you fix/replace that clock and put some protectors on, it's back to being a great game. Definitely give this one a shot if you you can. Eventually, you'll play that one game that will win you over.
3 months ago
one of the machines I'll probably never sell
4 months ago
Id like to give this machine a better rating but all i ever do is fix it.

I wouldnt by one of these for 3000
4 months ago
It took me a while to get into the flow of the game... it’s a tough shooter with a couple of areas to assiduously avoid (the pops!), so even a knowledgeable flipper can have a couple of bad breaks and end with a dismal score. But when you get a flow going, doing well against the challenging playfield is golden! It feels so good to keep the ball where you want it, and to recover when you brick something... it always feels like an accomplishment. I only want for a little more of that classic TZ show creepiness. I don’t know how I would have wanted Lawlor and the team to implement it, but I do find myself wishing I were getting a little creeped out now and then—maybe they could have done it a little more in the callouts. I forgive the game for it though when I load the gumball machine and the powerball comes out to completely change the dynamic of the game. I still marvel at the clever engineering back in the dark ages to sense where the powerball is in the game. I know it’s just magnet sensors, but it’s still cool! And the lightness of that ceramic ball changes everything so much, really keeps you on your toes.

Al in all, it’s just a fun game with a lot of really tough shots and fun angles, easy to play, difficult to master, and never has a problem humbling you when you think you’re owning the table. It always feels like a battle to play this game, and that can keep me on board for hours at a time, multiple days per week. Love that.
5 months ago
This is a great old classic, with magnificent theme integration. It's not really fair to compare a 25 year old game to newer games but it holds it's own to some recent sterns. Compared to Elvira or Gunners, its a historic nice old game. Enough comparisons.

The upper flipper shot into the piano is satisfying to say the least and the ability to make the jackpot shot from here in MB is essential for solid scores. The power ball is a great spin on the traditional ball and makes hard to handle. Theme integration is top notch. Not a great flow game, like demo man for instance, and a little start stop for me.
A great game from the 90s BW and there's some rippers there.

Update. I forgot how good this game was and deserves praise. It’s got to be the best 90’s bw game
5 months ago
A classic. Would love to have one again. Can be a chore to get dialed in and all the bugs worked out, but it's all well documented at this point. A real pinhead's pin; casuals may not get "it".
6 months ago
Theme integration is as good as it gets. Nothing built in the last 10 years can match this level of creativity. Unfortunately, the theme has aged it terribly, so only really old people will get the most enjoyment from it.
6 months ago
Sold mine but wish I hadn't. If I still had it I'd do a color DMD on it. I'm not real big on games with underground subway stuff where you're waiting for the ball to come back and having to watch the animation over and over out but other than that it I thought it was a fantastic game. There should be a way to vote an 11 on its toys and gimmicks!
6 months ago
Never gets old. I enjoy playing this pin as much now as the first time I played it. Theme is great and connection to the tv series well done.
7 months ago
Still in my top 10 after all these years, such a great game!
7 months ago
One of my all-time favourites. I could play this every day for years and still have more to learn.
7 months ago
Really fun classic with all kinds of unique shots and upper playfield, etc. a more interesting Addams Family.
7 months ago
Definitely one of my top ten games. Such a fun game; great features, interesting shots and rules, great lastability, and game play that always results in “playing one more game” before I leave.
7 months ago
This game has always been one If the best. It will always be innovative even compared to more modern machines. I'll take this over 80% of stern's output.
7 months ago
One of my top 10 favorite games to play.lots of stuff going on.jam packed with all kinds of things you'll never see on any other PIN . Keep in mind that it's almost 30 years old,still one of the best.
7 months ago
Finally got to own one and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite games of all time.
Lots of toys and rules.
8 months ago
This game never gets old. I forget about it for a while and then it pulls me right back in. It is a forever machine:)
8 months ago
In my top ten list for sure. Another classic that everyone should own at least once. The wide body is filled with shots and different features. Always something to look at and shoot for.
There are 812 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 33.

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