TRON: Legacy (Pro) (Stern, 2011)

TRON: Legacy (Pro)

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Game design: 8.223

Artwork: 8.087

Sounds/Music: 8.329

Other Aspects: 8.45

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There are 286 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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18 days ago
Tron is a very good looking game with an excellent theme. The "tron" lighted ramps are eye-catchers. The mini arcade and tron cycle are very cool too.
The ruleset felt like it could use something else. Im not sure if it would gave the lastability quality in a gameroom, but it is certainly fun to play on location.
53 days ago
'Libations for everybody!' I LOVE Tron. Such a cool theme and it plays great. Really cool John Borg layout, that Quora and gem shot are just superb. The music is amazing, Daft Punk just fit pinball so perfectly. When Quora multiball kicks in this thing sounds unbelievable. I miss this game often and will at some point get another I expect. The game is also super mod friendly. Some really cool stuff out there, I highly recommend the Eli ramp kit and the Tron arcade machine upgrade. Amazing game, get one.
70 days ago
Great feel for shots. Wonderful art all over but the photo realistic images coulda been left out. Wow, that back glass in person is great! The call outs and music are stunning! I love Tron and this Nevins is the perfect embodiment of Tron!
72 days ago
This was another CHEAP Stern attempt... this game could have been so awesome. This is a game that maybe one day Jersey Jack would do and it would get the pinball it deserves. Everyone who rated this game so high think of all the missed opportunities.
3 months ago
Tron is addictive, pulse-pounding, Great Fun!

Easy to learn, hard to Portal. Tron has a rather simple ladder of features that must be accomplished, at least partially, to reach Sea of Simulation, or completely to get to Portal. Tron also has perhaps my favorite rule in all of pinball - the End of Line Jackpot! Pump up that EOL Jackpot with multiple shot combos that end in a right Cycle ramp to Arcade combo! The disc puts amazing action on the ball, and truly suits the theme of the game. From rules to physical layout, this game gives me that good feeling that otherwise only my wife can provide.

I've replaced the black disc with the clear, replaced all rings with Super Bands (with the exception of the kickers where I utilize Marco white rubber and on the flippers where I use Pinball Life yellow rubber), widened outlanes, removed ball save, and limited to 1 EB per game. For the purely visual aspects, added the lit ramp kit and the arcade mod. Then for the audio I've replaced the speakers and added an amp to keep up with the aftermarket soundtrack remix that I'm currently rocking.

The only reason I'd sell the Pro is to get the LE. More than likely I'd buy the LE and keep both. Perhaps even more likely, I'll sell other games to buy up on more Trons and corner the market.

I love Tron more than Lamp, more than brownish tofu chili, more than lightning kitty, and just a tiny bit more than @centerflank - whom I've never met but is still the Chairman of the Board!
4 months ago
Incredible machine. Other than the so-so clip art on the playfield and large inserts, the overall art package is stellar. The cabinet is gorgeous, and the 3D backglass is attractive and fits the theme well. This machine just looks stunning, and stands out in any collection or arcade. There is no mistaking Tron for another pin. The lighting is great, and the neon ramps are perfect for this theme. When this pin is set up right, with the right mods, it's the most impressive looking pin out there. As far as the design, this is a Borg masterpiece. Elegant, backward setup with a third flipper on the left, with an inner loop and 2 smooth ramps. It's fast, hard, yet simple and a blast to shoot. I didn't like this pin at first. It was too hard with very short ball times. After learning the game, I've come to respect it much more. The Gem and Quorra shots are both so satisfying to shoot. The spinning disc creates chaos. This is a keeper.
4 months ago
I’m basing this on a modded Pro. This game is fantastic and I’m in Day one is the offer a vault edition. It fetched a high price today and is probably actually worth it. The music , smoothness and awesome lighting are perfect. I hope they can keep all the actors voices as they create an immersive experience and this is what makes games great. I love this game and the 3rd flipper on the left makes for some rewarding shots.
5 months ago
Love this game!
5 months ago
Great lighting, music and design but playfield artwork and sterns use of huge generic inserts is really off-putting. OK game, wouldn't want to own one.
5 months ago
What a great game. Excellent layout, art, rules, sound. Modes are fun and hard to complete, and sea of simulation is just a great mode. Wish portal wasn’t so hard, and that you would get more to complete it. Actually enjoyed the movie, which makes this game that much better.
9 months ago
This is a strange one for me. It hits all the right buttons. Open layout, unique artwork, interesting lighting, good sound track. But for some reason, as a whole I get bored and walk away after a game or two.
10 months ago
Having owned this game for a year I feel I can finally rate it! Fast and can be brutal for first time owners!! Took me ages to get better at this game from a scoring prospective. Finally got a few tips on shots to hit and how to collect certain things and took my game to a whole new level!

Honestly the theme, design, layout and sound are all a big hit to me. Really hits that nostalgia part of me!!

That Gem shot is about the only thing in the game that is really a fluke shot and quite annoying.

Ramps are great, Quorra shot is excellent as is the shots through the pops!

NB: Like most, I have a tricked out Pro with Eli ramps hence the high scores in this area. I did not score it based on not having these upgrades.
10 months ago
It is Tron, Borgs masterpiece. . .simple and challenging perfect!
11 months ago
Tron is a unique reverse layout unlike any other game. It falls into the category of a simple game that is easy to understand, but difficult to Master. The sound is superb and this game needs to be played at home to truly understand its how good it is. Tron is the type of game that can last a long time in even a small collection.
11 months ago
I've played this about 10 times now and still struggle to WANT to play it again. I love the music but struggle with the spinning saucer toy. It's so... boring. Add to that, the movie was a let down. I would have preferred a combo box with references to the original. It plays well, has decent flow. Unfortunately, I don't like playing it.

Update 10/16/2018 - I've come to appreciate this game but... I still don't like playing it. I feel like maybe if I were a better player, I'd spend more time on it on-location. Maybe if the on-location game was in better condition? Also, I don't like how expensive this game is for how much fun it is to play. It seems off by a significant factor. That said, a fully decked out version of this is easy top 10. But do you rate the game based on the mods? I didn't.
1 year ago
The music is what will pull you into this title and the challenges and gameplay is what will keep you coming back for more. I'm a sucker for the movie soundtrack and love it on this pin. I love the Tron disc and how it fires the balls out. Upgrading the ramps with neon lighting effects is a must. The one disappointing part I find is the playfield artwork. It seems very lacking to me. Other than that I can see how this is a keeper.
1 year ago
The art itself on the game is not the best but the lights on the ramps are gorgeous. The rules are decent but the flow and shots are great. Shots in this game are all satisfying to hit.
1 year ago
Tron is a great game with good rules but it just doesn't look right when the game doesn't have the light up ramps.
1 year ago
Not seeing the love for this game. Ok if it's full of mods I guess. Playfield and cab artwork is typical of old stern. Very poor.
1 year ago
Fast. Challenging. One of the best theme to table I’ve seen. Would be difficult to part with. Amazing game.
1 year ago
Recently picked a beautiful HUO heavily modded pro. As I play it more, I like it more. At first, I wasn't sure about Tron. I'm not impressed with the PF art. This pin absolutley needs LEDs and the Eli ramp lights. However, the more you play, the more it grows on you. I had been told that Tron is easy to understand, hard to master. I think that's right on.
I love the left ramp and the upper flipper shot into the ramp that brings it back to the left flipper. It definitely has that one more game feeling.

EDIT: I’m not sure I’ve ever gone back and Upped my rating on a pin. But, Tron sure has lasted a long time in my collection and I continue to enjoy playing it. It’s a fantastic pin!
1 year ago
I like the Tron theme, it is a "different" playfield layout (which I applaud), the lighting is good (available mods make it pop). I like the LE better though. I would not likely own one, but would play it every time at a location.
1 year ago
Tron is a really fun game, not that deep, but really fun.
and it looks amazing with the ramp light mod.
go out and play it
1 year ago
Nails the Tron theme. Great game.
1 year ago
Love shooting these ramps over and over because of its speed.
There are 286 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 12.

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