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Game Design: 8.215

Artwork: 8.098

Sounds/Music: 8.333

Other Aspects: 8.462

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This is "TRON: Legacy (Pro)".
The other version is: TRON: Legacy (LE)

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There are 302 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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20 days ago
Very few games from this era ooze cool and nail their theme to the extent this one does. I love it and hope to own one in the future. Knocked some marks off for lighting as the ramp lighting on the LE is superior but what a game!
59 days ago
Great theme and awesome looking pin. Only played this a couple of times but I liked it.
79 days ago
Which topic can be better put into a pinball machine
integrate as TRON, sound, work of art are a crazy game very hard but very cool makes a player devinitively better the only thing to complain about is the game can be repetitive but the fun remains
87 days ago
Not that excited about playing this pin. Needs more in the playfield for me.
87 days ago
This game is interesting, but it's not as intuitive to pick up the rules as other games I have played.
4 months ago
I love the theme but the game is a sleeper.
4 months ago
This one is near the top of my list. I always play it on location.
6 months ago
Not sure how this one is rated so high. I found the shots unsatisfying and a bit clunky. Also don't like the scoop on the right as it has an unfinished look to it (even though I like the integration as part of the arcade machine from a theme perspective).
7 months ago
Was a little disappointed in this pin. Hard game in my opinion and the code didn't seem that deep. Just wasn't that fun compared to many other pins out there.
9 months ago
A top 5 game for me.

The Tron's I've played have been fast, challenging, and damn fun. I'm a sucker for a good Sci-fi theme. The ruleset is deep and getting to the multi layer Wizard mode is VERY difficult. The Gem shot is one of the more difficult shots in Pinball.

The one major downside i've seen on a lot of on location Tron machines is the standup guarding the Quora shot. It will sometimes be leaning into the Quora lane. In some cases this can make shooting Quora nearly impossible.
10 months ago
Tron brought me back into pinball. I played it exclusively in an arcade that had plenty of other options. Thanks Tron. Libations for everybody!
1 year ago
Growing up Tron was one of my favorite movies and when Tron Legacy came out a pin was inevitable. Shot layouts are silky smooth. Upgrading to LED’s is a must. Modding this one out is a blast. Lightcycles,mini cab,Flynn’s sign,lighted ramps and if you can find her....Gem figure are all musts in my book. Advancing through the mods fly by and every aspect of the gameplay is enjoyable. Def get cliffys for both ramps. I found out the hard way with my left ramp entrance. Obliterated. Mini cab 3.1 is the best mod around. Sometime I find myself watching the game play more then where my ball is at. Only draw back is the Zues call outs. Didn’t like him in the movie and I feel the same way about him with the pin. This is definitely a solid title that I’ve wanted for a long time and finally have in my collection.
1 year ago
a really tough game. one of those that will make you improve as a player, you will have to improve absolutely if you want to play more than 30 seconds, the ball runs lightning as expected from a pinball with this theme, you do not have a breath, the attention must be very high and you can't blink because he's an unforgiving pinball machine. I love this pin, I love it because it is hard, the art could be better but thinking about it I can't think of a different way of making it so I'm fine with that, of course the LE version is incredible with the optical fiber that wraps the ramps and from a completely different light to the whole playfield, but hey, with some mods you can have something very similar to half the cost and it's worth it. the music .... hypnotic, relentless, adrenaline, playing with high volume produces chills throughout the body, I love duft punk and I could not ask for better, without the original music this pinball would not be the same. a pinball to have if you want to improve your ranking, no frills, just pure and hard gameplay.
1 year ago
Great game. But, for the real experience you must to add:
Leds / ice blue is a must with some cool white for gi
Boomer with filter
Clear disk
Fun and immersive game. Great modes, great shots, SOS is awesome, Portal is a bit disapointing.
1 year ago
playfield layout is ok, don't like the fact the outhole is so close to the flippers. Best looking game, but gameplay is ok.
1 year ago
I really like this game. My favorite thing about tron is the music. The gem shoot is very hard but satisfying when you make it. The multiballs are very fun especially Quora multiball. The artwork in my opinion is awesome. The spinning disc in this game is absolutely incredible imo and the best spinning disc in pinball. Tron is one my favorite games of all time. The theme integration is incredible and the only thing I don’t care for is the animation but other than that an awesome game.
1 year ago
I've had a HUO nicely modded Pro for about 3 months now. Decided to acquire the game after visiting Shanghai Disney in April and experiencing the Tron ride there & rewatching the movie.

I love the light show and music on this pin. The theme is very well integrated. Lighted ramps are a must on this pin and the DaftPunk music and sound effects are some of the best of any machine I've heard in pinball.

Game play is very fast and tough so it has that one more game factor I like in a home environment. Playfield doesnt have a ton of toys and while maybe not the deepest pin out there, any deficiencies are made up for with the gameplay lastability, artwork, music, and all around great theme.
1 year ago
This game was such a challenge on location that I kept plunking quarters into it and I decided I’d buy it if I ever found the right one and am so happy I did. Shot layout is challenging but doable as it awards combo bonuses and end of line jackpot that progressively gets more valuable through the game. Love the music and the call outs from the movie though I do wish they’d taken more of the music because there were so many great songs to choose from. Love the ramps that light up in synch with your shots and love the add a ball feature that you can earn during the various multi balls. Game is deep enough for me but easy enough that getting to sea of simulation and the portal isn’t an impossible task as there are many pins that I’ve put significant time on but have never even sniffed wizard mode. This pin has the just one more game feel that I love in a machine. Keeps me coming back and is always a popular destination in the game room. Never leaving the collection. My only gripe with the game is the U target placement, feels just slightly out of place and makes the gem shot not only more difficult and somewhat random to achieve but increases the chance of returning STDM when going for quora or the left ramp. Just wish it was up an inch or so and the game would be perfect in my opinion anyway.
1 year ago
This is a bloody great game. Fast, great sound. upper ramp very satisfying to make. excellent tournament machine, good earner on site. i would recommend this game.
1 year ago
One of many better Stern games from later years. Tron plays well and combine high speed with real addictive scoring and fun multiball modes. This is a game that doesnt top the list of modern Sterns – but sure stands out as solid and entertaining midcard title. The submerging upper target bank and the spinning Identity Disc behind it are excellent and well placed playfield features – to name the top spots.

Strangely enough the ramps – which of course are central to the theme, through the light cycle battles, feel slightly weird in their structure and the way they direct the ball. This does not reduce the fun of gameplay – but it took me a little time getting used to.

Unlike some others entries from Stern in the superhero or action movie genre the art package on this machine hits the spot. The cabinet side art is straight up awesome and blends in well with the games overall dark look and future age style. Backglass art is a bit of a let down, comparable to a dull 90’s movieposter, but I like the blue background colour tone in it. This game MUST be played in a dark game room !

Another immediate observation on Tron is that the sound is quite good. Both music and effect sounds fit the atmosphere of the story and allow enough variation to avoid the risk of being annoying to the player.


Tron is a real entertaining pinball from Stern with a perfect mix of tight, fast play combined with convincing playfield/cabinet art and a fitting sound package. I think it has a good chance to qualify as a modern classic from this newer line of machines.
2 years ago
Played this game at two locations, just can't see the attraction. The game is a looker for sure and I had a chance to play it with headphones last weekend so not to get distracted by outside sounds but it just feels clunky to me. The art and theme work well together and the lighting fine, but a number of shots just feel clunky.
2 years ago
I encourage ALL raters of Tron to withhold their opinions of this masterpiece until they have logged at least 15 games on the machine (or any game for that matter). It is is clear many of the raters have not rolled up their sleeves - I know, because I was one of them! I never thought Tron was that good after playing it very occasionally - it wasn't unit I was "forced" to play it - the place i was at only had 2 pinballs and only Tron worked completely that i understood the allure and had to have one. Fast and deep - it's definitely a shot-makers game, with unbelievably satisfying flow unlike any other when the shots are falling. The modes are fantastic and the "wizard" Portal mode is super cool and extremely difficult to complete. My favorite multi ball is Quorra - the green ramps are so cool... I love the artwork, the 3d back glass is one of the coolest ever and the sound package is stellar. To say it has grown on me is an understatement - it is now my all-time favorite pinball and I have still never seen the movie! Mods that are ESSENTIAL for the Pro: Upgraded Speakers w/ subwoofer, real Tron Video game, Neon ramps from Eli or Total lightshow, Frosted Blue LEDs, and colorDMD
2 years ago
Despite the shots feeling right and neat lighting, I just can't get into this game. I try everytime I see it at my local barcade and give up after a few plays.
2 years ago
I owned Tron as my only machine for a few months. If I could afford a collection, it would have remained as part of it. I love the look of the cabinet, the playfield and the 3D backglass. The one I picked up had a subwoofer with adjustable balance and the "movie faithful" remix, which all sounds superb. The rules are fairly straightforward but the modes are fun and it's good that you have to actually complete them all to see the wizard mode but also good that Sea of Simulation is in there to give you an extra stab at the ones you didn't manage. Unfortunately, the wizard mode isn't as satisfying to play as it is to get to, a bit disappointing really. The Gem shot is a bit of a pain to hit but I'm torn on whether it's a design flaw or just a hard shot.
2 years ago
Very fun game and cool hommage to Tron with the neon-like ramp lighting. One of my top post 2000 era pins and understandable why it demands high resale prices.
There are 302 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 13.

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