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Game design: 8.302

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Sounds/Music: 8.437

Other Aspects: 8.628

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7 months ago
Nothing really stands out in the game.
8 months ago
This should be top 5 Pin's currently.
10 months ago
Tron is simply an amazing game. I love it more than lightning kitty!
10 months ago
This is one of the few modern day Stern titles I actually like. Usually the Stern games are kind of on the easy side and I find myself getting bored before my game is over. I have walked away from many Stern titles after matching or getting a free replay. That is not the case with Tron. The rules, flow and theme seem to work good in this title.
1 year ago
I had never seen this game before Pinfest and I ended up playing it over and over again several times because somehow plenty of people overlooked it. This game is absolutely stunning. I think the playfield and ramp lighting are absolutely gorgeous. There are plenty of shots and this game just feels like it should in every way. I immediately have knocked off some of the other games I am looking for with priority to hopefully adding this to my collection at some point soon. I never, ever expected it, but this game is one of those that just pushes all of the right buttons, and it blew me away like few others have.
1 year ago
Only thing better than a modded Tron Pro, this one. Great game!
1 year ago
Like the theme integration, but simply can’t get into the layout.
1 year ago
What's not to like about Tron. It's absolutely beautiful, sounds amazing, and has really great flow. Tron probably holds the title of best looking arcade game AND pinball game of all time.
1 year ago
From is a blast of flow to play. Love the early and often multi balls
1 year ago
i never expected to like this game...but i did and i do! great theme,too! love how there are so many multiballs!:)
1 year ago
This game is my absolute favourite example of theme integration. Plays as smooth as butter with one of my all time favourite playfield layouts, which combines fun ramps with some trickier lanes such as Gem and Quorra. Mulitballs are intense, audio package is second to none and the recogniser/disc shot is awesome. I find all the callouts super nostalgic as this game was in a local arcade for a few years in a popular holiday spot for me when I was a little younger. You can see why Stern kept bringing this one back, and I pray they do so once more! The pinball machine is better than the film I'd argue. My only gripe is the ruleset doesn't necessarily lend itself to huge lastability...I can't say I've completed portal but I've got so close on a number of occasions that I wonder if the novelty may wear off when owned. But I adore this game, and nothing will change that.
2 years ago
Fact is this is a game that we all wish Jersey Jack could have done. Tron is screaming to be an awesome game and sadly this is one of the worst pinball games when you think of how cool it should have been. The soundtrack for this movie is top notch actually I wish they would have approached it from that angle and use all the songs. This is a way over rated pinball game.

People rip on my review of this game... where is the AUDIO FROM THE MOVIE? That is the best part of Tron was the amazing soundtrack. Clearly there is no color screen when that was available to them at the time they made the game. JJP was doing it.

STERN DO NOT do a vault of this game without first going back getting movie clips and doing a color screen! This theme and game demands it!
2 years ago
Very solid, well-made game from Stern. Beautiful cabinet and (I feel) backglass. The playfield is just ok, with some pretty lame photoshopped headshots of characters. The game is super fast, and hard. Shots are satisfying to make, but aren't all easy. That side ramp shot is very tricky. This is a very challenging game that may be too hard for casual players. I'm an ok player, and it's too fast and unforgiving for me. I do love the theme, and the neon lights and toys and lightcycles do scream TRON. Just haven't been able to play it long enough, maybe, to fully understand and embrace this one.
*Update - finally traded for a nice pro with all the mods and lights, and I understand the shots and rules better. Great rules, not especially deep, but hard to complete. This is a shorter, faster game than most. But it shoots great, is innovative and the theme is well realized. This is now a favorite of mine. A keeper.
2 years ago
I adore this game. First saw it at Disneyland but never got to play it. Finally did just last year and it didn't disappoint. It's easy to play for novices and will challenge experts. While the playfield is just decent (Stern has a problem with this sometimes), everything else is gorgeous. The LE version features beautiful lit ramps which mimic the the "Light Cycle" effect from the film, a moving Recognizer and a cool "rumble" motor that really immerses you in the game. The audio is also absolutely stunning with re-worked Daft Punk tunes from the film and crystal-clear dialogue and sound effects from the film. The call-outs, while not entirely memorable, work well and I love the ball drain sequence with the ramps seemingly "dancing" with light in darkness while the DMD tallies your score. One of the ten best tables I've ever played, easily. This game is a masterpiece.
2 years ago
Loved this Pin! Probably responsible for my pin addiction. Loved the spinning floor in Rinzler battle. The English it puts on the ball make this game challenging and unpredictable! Well laid out playfield and great theme put it in my top 10 Pins!
2 years ago
Great pin, but overrated, and especially overpriced.

the good: the theme, lighting, and sounds are amazing. the neon strip is so uncommon and gorgeous! music is gripping, and sounds are straight on point. art and backglass are great.

the bad: not that fun after a dozen games. the shots become repetitive and the ejector at the front is too big a factor in regular play. the ramps are misplaced and one of them is almost impossible to hit. the rules are difficult to ascertain, preventing casual play. sometimes the speed of the game is too much, resulting in very short games, and random shooting just to survive. this game would have been better with better playfield design on the shooting end of things.
2 years ago
Undoubtedly one of the worst pinball machines ever produced, tedious design, penile music and unsatisfying gameplay
2 years ago
I like the Tron theme, it is a "different" playfield layout (which I applaud), the lighting is good (available mods make it better). The LE "seems" better than the Pro though. I would own one of these if I found a really great deal on one, but it's not on my wish list. I would definitely play a few games if one was at a location that I visit.
2 years ago
The ramp lighting effects put the LE over the top!
3 years ago
Tron is one killer fast game. I do prefer a modded pro to LE only because of the stand up targets on the pro.
3 years ago
Played it 20 times maybe at my friend who has this at home.
I can't get into it really. Simply not my cup of tea.
Don't like the DMD animations or the gameplay.
3 years ago
wow - has to be the brightest machine , thought ACDC was bright until this thing is sitting next to it. Great flow , great sound. Easiily a top machine. Very hard , probably too hard for me and thats why it didn't last/ It is a magnet machine , guests alwayf flocked too it
3 years ago
The one game I miss the most from my collection, Stern took everything they learnt from Ironman with the less is more with a killer visual and audio package approach put it on steroids and made Tron LE.
3 years ago
Tron is my favorite game, i like the theme and enjoy the machine. The LE version is beautiful with its integrated code managed ramp lights which enhance gameplay. The spinning disc adds to the theme as well as providing a degree of randomness that can keep you on your toes. Tron is a fun and fast...I don't see it leaving my collection anytime soon.
3 years ago
I think its a good representation of the films.
If your a fan of the films then its a must have.
Game is fun for awhile, a little repetitve, shots are clean and fairly easy to make.
The colors are bold and bright, the playfield is not too cluttered.
There are 161 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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