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Transporter the Rescue

Pinside rating

This game received 59 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.412 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks #182 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.33

Artwork: 7.809

Sounds/Music: 6.786

Other Aspects: 7.475

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This is how we, the very knowledgeable (wink wink) staff & moderators rate this game. 3 of us have rated this game.


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Found 29 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 29 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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54 days ago
This game has great immersion! Makes you fee like your in the middle of a crappy B movie sci-fi. The sounds and music just work for me. Now is there really alot to shoot for on the pin? Not really, but its on par with most other system 11s i think. The ball locks is to this day, still one of the neatest ball lock mechs around. Turn the lights down and turn the volume up this pin is alot of fun!
72 days ago
These are very rare, so they tend to be forgotten, but I think it is be if the better system 11 games. It has lots of shots and killer artwork. They are basically impossible to find in the wild, but if you are considering buying one...don't hesitate.
89 days ago
One of the better ball lock features in pinball; an entire mini playfield dedicated to it. Straight forward layout and rules. I owned one for awhile but not sure I would again. I would play this again if I had the chance though. A lot of the shots are satisfying.
3 months ago
At first glance, Transporter is one of those pins that really takes the artwork to another level of awesome. Sci fi/space monster themes is a plus for me, so of course I think it's one of the coolest looking pins out there.

Along with the look, comes a nice sound and music package. 'S O S' signals, monster growls, even a guy who kinda sounds like Arnold who says "Go to Transporter." The music is very funky like something you would hear from a late 80s B-movie. Good times.

As far as gameplay goes, the exclusive features of this pin are the space ship ball lock and the crossover ramp into a whirlpool. Other features include a spinner, 6 drop targets, and a kickback. I can definitely appreciate the creativity of the playfield design and the realization of the theme. However, there are moments where the play feels limited because of the real estate taken up by the ball-locking ship.

This game plays fast but can feel confined. No true orbit shots and only one ramp. Multiball start is fun as you hit the crossover ramp, but otherwise there's not much of a shot selection to take advantage of.

The theme is an absolute killer, but as far as gameplay and layout, there are other much better pins of this era. It's certainly not a bad pin at all. I just prefer a layout with more playable real estate over a cool ball lock.

If you are a fan of interactive playfield toys and cool sci fi themes, then this is a must have. As I stated, I love sci fi, but gameplay/layout is certainly the number one factor for me, so I don't think I would recommend in a small collection. All things considered, this is a pin that isnt easy to find, so I do recommend picking one up at the right price. Just know it may not have staying power compared to other pins of its era, as far as gameplay is concerned.
7 months ago
I played this recently at TPF,
Challenging but fun enough to put a few games on it.
8 months ago
I mean.. come on.. a creepy giant tentacle creature.. a great 3 ball multiball lock system.. a rewarding Jackpot.. spinner ripper for days.. what’s not to love? How is this game the overlooked system 11? It’s such a fun weird title.. I picked one up today for 400 bucks completely working.. what a deal.. What a game..
10 months ago
A tough game at first and a challenge. The true joy comes when you start railing the truly hard shots. Scores over two million are possible with patience from me. A great game to play if you have only have a few minutes. I play it over my Deadpool LE 2 to 1.
1 year ago
Super cool backglass and theme with awesome period sci fi sounds with some unique playfield features. Ultimately falls short on gameplay, which is a little tedious with difficult shots to attain the upper playfield for not much reward. Still a cool novelty. Worth a play if you can find one to try.
1 year ago
Rare and fun system 11 with crazy art package. Couple really cool ramp shots and a whirlpool. Ball lock and multiball is very cool on this one.

update: this game is super fun. Lose the bottom 2 carrot flippers and add regular size and remove the post or add lightning flippers and keep post or combination of....
1 year ago
TTR is now home since few monthes, than for sure its time to rate it honestly... well than, i was in search of an "old" pin, i'm still in a nostalgia mood actually, and than a friend did get this beauty in a pack-buy... after having played few games, i know i wanted this pin home... a rare system 11, with a sci-fi theming, what do i need more as an '80 fan boy ? the fun factor is here, the lastability too... even my son (24 years old) like it for that same simple reason (as we're hardcore gamers and loving deep pins)... small bad point for me with coding (ROM L2) is the playfield multiplier not staying at X3 when you keep the 3 balls (and X2 when you're keeping 2)... else all is well thinked, the layout & the shoots you have to make if you wanna score big points... again, another really underated pin which deserve much more love than what he gets ! one of the best SYS11 for sure :)
1 year ago
The ramp shot to the spaceship to the whirlpool. . . I could try to keep hitting that all day. Also a thrill to rip the spinner tucked down under the U.N. Orion.
One thing that did annoy me a bit on this game was the "SOS" tones that kept repeating over and over, but a small price to pay for a fun game that I'd like to own one day.
1 year ago
So fun to play with an excellent art package and music and speech ..the ship on the playfield works well and the shots are a challenge..make sure to get one with a decent looking ramp that isn't cracked...most have typical cabinet fade.. getting one not faded is a plus...overall it's a blast to play and look at...and listen to
1 year ago
I just picked this one up a few weeks ago after having it on my wishlist, and must say I am really loving the simplicity and speed at which this game plays. My first draw of course was the art, which fits perfectly in my horror themed hauntcades, and I originally wanted it for that alone. The alien is by far the scariest and drooliest on record, and instantly makes me wanna plunk quarters in. But the gameplay is really the gem here. The locks are super unique and fun to hit, and the drop targets are always a crowd pleaser. Sure it's mostly a right flipper game, but I could hit that main ramp over and over again and feel super satisfied.

SFX/Music wise this one hits the mark like most of the games from the era. In fact, it is these sounds which I have always found the most appealing to hear in an arcade. Somewhat degraded, punchy/unique melodies that match up vibe-wise.

I'll need some more time to put up a full review, but if you do happen to spot one of these games, give it a whilrl. It's a rare and bizarre game that needs a little more attention. Especially for those of us in love with System 11.
2 years ago
This game is pure fun! It has a very fun concept with the space ship and the multi ball is fun with a very challenging Jackpot. This game will keep we coming back for more with a good variation of shots and objectives. Glad to be lucky enough to find one and add to my collection.
3 years ago
This is a tough game that would be vastly improved if it had auto-save. I got rid of mine because I was the only person in the family that ever played it because everyone else felt it was too hard. I did really enjoy it myself.
4 years ago
This game is way more fun than it looks I think. The layout reminds me of Flight 2000 a bit because of all the drop targets and the big ol' ship in the corner that doesn't really do much. The exit from the ship has a sweet across the playfield shot into a whirlpool though. Multiball is tough to start and even harder to score a jackpot in since you need to hit the drops in order.

Not a ton of shots, not very deep rules, but a strong theme and very fun gameplay.
4 years ago

A unique, odd, mystifying rare game from Bally.
Not just "another standard 2 flipper fan layout", if you want to own something different.
The gameplay theme is fun, strong and reminiscent of 1950-60s sci fi movies.
Excellent quality sound and music.
The transporter ramp shot is challenging to keep building jackpots, and unfortunately is normally broken on most games today, until the ramp is reproduced.
The "U.N. Orion" spaceship lock area is HUGE, and similar to the lock system used in Flight 2000.
Although it dominates the playfield, it is a critical link in ball control for multiball.
Like Swords of Fury, once you play the game, you will never will forget the memory, especially if the game is left on running in attract mode.

No one really knows why this game did not sell well during the period, as sales in general were not terrible with some of the combined titles of the BLY/WMS conjunction period such as BK2K, BoP, EATPM.
Yes, some other near released had the same fate, such as Altlantis and Mousin' Around, but they were all very good games.

In 10 years, good luck trying to find one in great condition (or at all), as they are almost all played out.
Another machine that is going to spike in the market in around 2 years or so, from the date of this review.
Watch and learn.

I have owned several in my collecting history.
The first was a standard production model back in the early 2000s, excellent condition, but typical cabinet fading.
The second is a "floor model" HUO x prototype number #11 purchased at the factory, which is in my collection.
Basically brand new with an unfaded cabinet, but there are some differences between the production model and mine, including missing artwork on the upper playfield, the red light boards, different flasher locations, System 11 PCB differences, and extra holes in various parts of the playfield when they were moving posts around.
Photos were uploaded to gallery for PinSide.
4 years ago
This is only my third pin and my first Bally/Williams (given proximity to the acquisition timing). I really enjoy Sci-Fi movies of all time periods and this is a great reflection of a 50-60's style where the alien is more of a monster than a biped that is a variation on human. Great mix of horror, sci-fi and campiness. The music and sound effects are entertaining and fit well with the theme, they are also less sharp than some games. Consequently, I believe they don't wear on you with time. Admittedly, it is not the most complex game; however, setting up multi-ball in the Orion is incredibly satisfying as is the transporter shot. Interesting link from the pf to the backglass pre-DMD.
4 years ago
A rare game you don't see too often (less than 1,000 made) and one I am lucky enough to own. Not sure why I have a soft spot for this game. A combination of nostalgia, art and design. I played this game a couple of times as a kid, and the art really stuck with me. And by “stuck” I mean scared the living hell out of me. The game creates an eerie sci-fi mood unlike any other game of its time. There are some interesting design elements, and the game is packed with stuff...leaving a few of the features (the X-Value target and the Transporter saucer) totally obscured by the upper level accouterments. Has perhaps the best physical ball lock in the Orion space ship, however it is one of the main reasons everything is obscured—its so big! Hitting the drops in order to score the jackpot is a challenge. Rules are straightforward, but plotting out where everything is on the crowded playfield takes a while.
5 years ago
Interesting artwork. My buddy has a real nice, well kept example but I just can't get into it.
5 years ago
The backglass is very odd. Still not sure what's going on there. The playfield adds some intrigue though. One of the more unique playfield layouts and gameplay for the era.

I like it. but could understand why others don't because it is so different...I do like the "transporter" effect though.
5 years ago
Quirky game, but fun. As others have mentioned, it has that 50s-60s B-movie sci-fi feel to it. The transporter shot is fun to shoot, as is the ramp shot that feeds the balls into the "Orion" ship. The music for each locked ball is catchy. The jackpot is tricky in that the R-E-S-C-U-E drop targets need to be hit in order during multiball, kind of novel instead of shooting for a ramp. Not a deep game for sure nor does it have a lot of shots, but a well executed game none the less.
5 years ago
Never even knew it existed until 03/15. Since that day? WANT...
7 years ago
Very cool quirky science fiction themed pin in the vein of 60's science fiction like Forbidden Planet, Fantastic Voyage, or Planet of the Vampires, etc.,.
Probably lacks high ratings due to low production and not many people knowing about it.
Very cool for its time and different from a lot of pins coming out in that time period.

Love the music and sounds especially. Game play is fun and fits well in any collection.
7 years ago
Transporter to the rescue is a game that should be more than it is. It's a novelty that deserves to be more with a better ruleset.

The Pros:
Creative pf and an insane art package.

The Cons:
The flippers had better be super strong and the transporter shot is really all you are going for. The spaceship takes up half of the upper PF. Seriously unbalanced scoring.

The Takeaway:
An interesting game if you can find it. Play it a few times and... then you can say you played it.
There are 29 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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