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Transformers (Pro)

Pinside rating

This game received 181 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.408 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks 2nd in the game group "Transformers". The group itself ranks #105 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.321

Artwork: 7.415

Sounds/Music: 7.248

Other Aspects: 7.306

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This is how we, the very knowledgeable (wink wink) staff & moderators rate this game. 6 of us have rated this game.


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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Transformers (Pro)".
The other version is: Transformers (Premium/LE)

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Found 113 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 113 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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12 days ago
At first you think it's so great, then after playing a few games you just feel like you are chopping wood. Really wish a G1 transformers them was done
81 days ago
Fun older game to play and multi ball is almost guard
3 months ago
There are lots of ramps and tunnel shots. It feels a bit unimaginative. I'm not a fan of the movies, so the theme isn't great for me. It us a pretty rare game (750 made), so play it if you get a chance.

Overall, I feel there are better games at the price point.
5 months ago
Not sure why this pin is dropping in the overall Top 100 ratings. I always have a great time when I play this one. It's difficult but not impossible, a great theme, fun to hear, fun to watch, all in all a good time will be had when played!
1 year ago
Transformers is a good and challenging Stern release that is quite enjoyable even for someone who don't know the story behind the Autobots and Decepticons (includes me). Players have the option to choose one of those sides in the game start-up.

There is a good variety to the different shots and a bunch of neat theme-based toys that add to the excitement. The left ramp and the Bumblebee-Camaro, activated by a captive ball, are my favourite spots on the this deck. Cosmetically the playfield is a little too cluttered with small images for me to appreciate it, but I do like the red/orange-lilac-silver colouring. Nice !
Music and call-outs are some of the better audio packages I've heard from Stern in this genre of games- compared to Iron Man and X-men for instance. I dont know if colour-DMD is available for this title- but I think that would be a huge improvement here. Especially since the game has really cool animations, but also unfortunately a rather dark lighting arrangement in the upper playfield area.

The main reason for not giving this pin higher points is that it lacks that certain formula of balance and thrill that makes Spiderman or Star Trek so interesting. Transformers is a very entertaining pinball, but unless I experience some new dimensions of it that eluded me before, I will continue to consider it a strong but secondary top title in the line of modern Stern pinballs. That gameplay is good, but nothing that breaks new territory or outshines other 'classmates' from the Stern top 5 in terms of speed or flow.

Worth checking out nevertheless. The game is entertaining and translate the theme into the setup and rules without
corny or annoying elements to it.
1 year ago
The game was in bad shape filthy and did not work properly. Kind of boring what simple shots nothing to write home about
1 year ago
Boy, this game really takes a beating from the reviewers. Im not really sure why. I found the game has great flow, a spinner to rip and alot of different modes. The toys are awful but then again im not one who needs that. I also have fun hitting the ramp into optimus prime. All in all i found it fun and the family likes it also.
1 year ago
Not a bad machine or a good one really, just typical stern average. My kids liked for the transformers theme, I found it distinctly average, not the worst Stern. Worth a try or two but that is about it.
2 years ago
Whenever I pass this pin I drop in and play. It was the first and second game I ever got a free play on. Nothing about the game is particularly difficult. The shots are satisfying and one doesn't even need to have a particularly deep knowledge of the rule set. If you just guard the drain and make some shots it is a fun and repeatable way to spend some time.
2 years ago
Transformers is fun, if only just a series of ramps you have to hit. The "choose your side" gimmick is clever but there isn't much going on with the toys in the game, which stay stationary no matter what. It's all talk and no action. It has the easiest multi-ball in recent memory, which is odd. You can get that mode in about a minute. The rule set isn't complicated. It's by-the-numbers Stern, yet again.
2 years ago
I enjoy this game more than I expected. It gets looked down on, I just dont know why? I think its fun. The sounds are very good and even has good music.
2 years ago
There wasn't that much to shoot at and seemed very repetitive. Multiball modes were uninspiring Not the game or theme for me.
2 years ago
Nice layout, and one of the faster games by Gomez. The sound package on this game is amazing, and adding in a ColorDMD is a huge bonus, especially for the movie clips. Lighting could be better, as some of the playfield feels dark, and there isn't much in terms of GI. The "modern" Transformers may turn some people off, but I really enjoy the theme, and appreciate the use of some sound and music from the original 80's series. The toys, on the playfield are just that, off the shelf toys. They look cheap, but serve their purpose in locating shots.
2 years ago
I won't repeat the complaints here about the Stern same-y-ness and lack of innovation and boring superhero/ancient white rock and roller themes, or the cheap feel.

Nope, those are all true here, and then some. I'll complain about the use of LE v "Pro" designations. From my experience with playing with "Pro" versions, they often feel like the LE version is the "full" version and there's just an excuse to gouge the customer for another grand. Why not make one half-decent version of the game? If there's that much of a difference in how they play...why not just make another game?

In any event, this machine is kind of a perfect storm of below average, combining an uninspiring over the top movie franchise with a big nothing in design.
3 years ago
This game, much like Avengers, looks and feels horrendously cheap. The ramps aren't ramps, they're just sheets of plastic the ball can roll over, the toys do nothing and have come straight from a kids isle, and theres just nothing above the playfield. The rules aren't terrible, and the flow is there, but next to pretty much any game, this one looks stupidly cheap, almost like a kids toy. My girlfriend is relatively new to Pinball, but after playing Star Trek, Family Guy, POTC and a handful of others her first comment was 'where is everything?'. Not good. And I will never forgive Gomez for what he did to my favourite theme of all time (The Avengers) and the fact that this game is disappointing for similar reasons does not bode well. Would be a good game if it cost 2 grand less than the other Sterns, but If anything it was more. Fun for a couple of games but I'd buy pretty much every other game before this one.
3 years ago
This game has great flow, great shots, good theme and really good sound. It is a very fast machine once you get a few shots flowing together.
I enjoy everything about the way this game plays except the fact that you need so many shots to complete "modes". It sometimes feels like you are just chipping away at modes.

Transformers is a good fun game that i have enjoyed for years.
3 years ago
Nice game ! Good flow superfast and game-play , great sound !
Very challenging game with tons of features, it keeps you coming back for more . . . .
People who rate this machine low can't have played it enough.
3 years ago
My vote for worst Stern machine in recent memory.
3 years ago
It seemed like a good idea, and I really wanted to like the machine, but so much of the table just wasn't there for me. The entire table felt cheap, the design lackluster at best, and the toys wern't even really toys.
4 years ago
Damn i love this game so much, i bought a new Pro edition. The flow... is typical Gomez... fast and gives a good feeling. Art is great if you love the franchise, sounds are superb, and lighting also very good.
Ruleset is maybe not that deep or inventive, but its still hard to get done. Its rewarding to play, and keep you going for a while.
4 years ago
Super fast pin much faster than the le version great modes and play with the latest code, one of my fav pins!
4 years ago
jus dnt like it ,picking transformer or decepticon is a cool feature ,the playfield seem a bit cramped to me,did not enjoy the flow much,first impression kinda sucked,
maybe if i play a le or try the pro some more i will re edit i liked the movie not the game
5 years ago
In my opinion TF is an outstanding pin LE OR PRO - a totally fun theme with great music and sound effects, creative shots, deep rules and a good light show - while it can be somewhat of a grind session the objectives are obtainable. (Making it to the final wizard mode - The Battle of Cybertron - is to far away to even be considered obtainable at my current skill level, so at least in my mind, the Senitnel Prime mode is what I consider to be the "wizard mode" - but also I never make it the wizard modes unless I am playing a 10 ball game anyway) Overall I think this pin is way underrated - maybe not a top ten but definitely will stand the test of time.
5 years ago
Always enjoyed this pin when i meet him on tournament/expo, but without the idea to go deeper in the rules & strategy of play... Now it landed home (in a swap with my MET), its a good surprise, as its better than what i was waiting for. Of course still didnt see the "end", but already have a really good feeling not only with the flow and the gameplay, but with mature (and complete ?) rules, and also the sound/efx theme with the lights (its a pro version, moded with quality LEDS). Again, a underated pinball for sure, cant really understand why, but lets deal with it, we all have different taste and its better as it ;)
5 years ago
I bought a Pro because I had fun playing it in spurts on route. To do well it is so much chopping wood for each repetitive mode that is basically the same as the last though, so the game didn't stay long in my collection. I got through the wizard mode after a few games and that was it for me. There just isn't enough to come back to time and time again. You can only backhand Starscream, then shoot the right orbit, wait for the ball to come out of the pops and then trap it again and repeat so many times. This game could have and should have been so much better than it turned out to be.
There are 113 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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