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Game design: 7.6

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Sounds/Music: 7.791

Other Aspects: 7.725

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52 days ago
I don’t understand how this game gets the bad wrap that it does. As far as the LE goes whats not to love about this game? Some really fun shots and the start of Megatron Multi ball is insane!! Some people say that the modes are boring because all the modes are is shooting the lights well last i checked thats what Iron Maiden is too and that game is top 10. Transformers does a good job mixing up the modes and which shots need to be completed per mode and how they move within the mode. It is a very cool feature to pick the side you start on as it not only sets the modes you start with but also changed the rules of the two main multiballs which is awesome! I really can’t believe this game is not atleast top 50, but thats fine with me that it is a sleeper and you can pick up one of the beautiful powder coated LE’s at such a bargain price for what you get with it. A color lCD DMD is a must as with pins of this era like spiderman that use actual video footage can be hard to see whats going on on the DMD. The upper playfield can feel a little lame but with the correct settings is fun to play. I have not had any stuck ball issues as others have expressed, and IMO the two ramp features do not seem to slow ball movement down but maybe a fraction of a second. Again IMO i like the star scream feature in that it is a nice mix up to game play if he dumps your ball and it now comes out the loop.
3 months ago
It is shocking this is not more highly rated. It has an outstanding theme coupled with fun game play. Several ramps to shoot for and an great multi ball that is achievable, but not too easy. Great lighting, game flow that is fun and exciting. The music and other sounds are average and most importantly not annoying or repetitive. This is just a fantastic family oriented game that everybody can love.
3 months ago
Ive had this machine for a couple months now and I really enjoy it when the ball isnt getting stuck some where. It took some time getting it dialed in and fixing all the places on the playfield the ball could get stuck. I lite the playfield more too which made a big difference.
5 months ago
I own the LE model, so this review is specifically for it. I bought this mainly out of nostalgia for watching these with my son. He is now a teenager and we remember watching the first three films together, the last one in the theater. Even though I wasn't the biggest fan of the films, they still hit well with the Transformers nostalgia from the '80's that I grew up with. But that, coupled with watching my son enjoy the movies, characters, and toys made these a great time and memory. This game brought it all back for the both of us. And I have to say, it is really fun. The rules are pretty basic, hit the flashing light. And I don't think I will ever make it to the wizard mode...just too much to do on this fast game. But the shots are satisfying and not too hard to hit. You can get some good flow going. The music and callouts are where this game really excels. David Theil is just the best. The music and voice callouts for the movies work perfectly. The lighting effects are cool and not just generic. The toys are fun as well. I like the Star Scream and Optimus bashing. Ironhide is a little quirky, but fun. But the biggest "wow" is when Megatron blasts you with the pinballs out of his cannon to start multiball. So cool. The art package is taken from the films and is basic 2000's Stern. But because these aren't actor shots, they don't look as cut and paste. Overall, this is just a simple, fun, fast game with great lights, music, and callouts. I'm really enjoying this one. And the LE armor (I have the combo version) is just gorgeous. Great game and underrated. At the price for a used LE, it is a great deal!
11 months ago
Such a cool game. Rockin' music. Love the upper playfield. This game makes you a better pinball player. Beautiful machine, I own a Combo. Love it.
1 year ago
I really liked the movies. The machine looked like a let down at first. It plays better than it looks, fun game.
1 year ago
I don't think the le gets the credit it deserves, much better game than the rating suggests. Really have to be a sniper with your shots in this game or it is hard to progress. A little disappointed in the ironhide play field, mostly because it doesn't score points and every once in awhile the ball gets stuck. Really all it would take is a code update for the scoring, I may be one that's hopeful stern can provide an update even though it's out of production. But overall this game is fun and keeps me coming back for more.
1 year ago
All I can say is wife won't let me sell this one.
1 year ago
My friend owns the "LE" version and it's an good pin. I like the fact that you choose between Autobots and Decepticons. Skill shot is very easy to obtain with the music from the in between scenes in the cartoon. Megatron multiball is fun. I don't wanna to play it over and over again which kind of deceived me at first, but after a couple of times I happened to like it. I play it but would not own it, since I'm more of a 90's pin guy.
2 years ago
Fun game. I like the call outs
2 years ago
Transformers is an underrated pin. Add a sub and crank up the volume .... killer. Mini playfield is a bit pointless but everything else on the LE is cool.
2 years ago
I think it is a great game. It is definitely confusing at first but the more I play it the more I love it. I would agree with some individuals that it is a bit repetitive but I think the concept of playing both sides is great. The rollover on missions is awesome which helps to complete more of them to have a chance of getting both sides done. I really think the playfield and all the toys are great on the LE. The ramps and the lighting look fantastic. I am a little surprised at the rating it currently has. I guess I enjoy more handling than bashing so overall I really enjoy this game which is why I ended up buying. I bought the Autobot Designer LE and the Red powder coat looks amazing.
2 years ago
Overrated IMO.
I was expecting so much more for this theme.
2 years ago
I have no clue why people have rated this game lower than it should be...this is game is very fun, addicting, creative....I have 10 pinball machines all rated in the top 20, and the myself and the kids always enjoy playing Transformers.
2 years ago
I have had the game since new. Nice game. Was first Stern game with leds if I recall correctly. Just added speaker lights and color dmd. A fun game. A workout to play. Low scoring in my opinion. Recommend the game. Can be challenging. Overall a solid game. Should be rated higher.
3 years ago
My kids and I love this game. After watching the movies again -it ties in all together. This should be rated much higher on top 100.
3 years ago
Another miss from stern. No matter how many times I play it or try to get ino it. I get bored and walked away. Designed to purelyrics draw you in based on theme, take your money and leave you disappointed
3 years ago
i was actually surprised how much i liked this game. game seems setup not to drain easily and has alot of modes. playfield art is similar to alot of Sterns with generic art. Lots of toys on playfield and if they all work right this game is alot of fun
3 years ago
Welp, this was pretty much a dream theme for me and a lot of other people. A bit of a disappointment, which is expected from a pin based on Michael Bay's fantasies, and not the G1 Transformers.

All pinball machines are repetitive, but you can feel like you're progressing though the game differently each time. For some reason, this isn't the case with TF. It essentially FEELS like you're ALWAYS playing the same the exact same way.

Code/rules are have a lot of "width" but not depth. Long games.

Kids love it though. I will say that.
3 years ago
Not a Transformers fan. A nice value for the price. I have the Combo and looks fantastic. Theme doesn't do much for me but the layout and music are really well done. I am having a lot of fun and my kids love this game. I don't understand the complaints about the toys. The game play is what your looking for. This game has that. You have to make good shots to complete modes. Yes the mini play field does hinder that a little. Overall this is a very good game. To me feels solid and I will be holding on to this one for some time.
3 years ago
A middle of the pack Stern for me with some reedeming qualities and few things i strongly dislike. I really enjoy the placement of the two ramps on this game. They are both backhandable on the machine I play on and both shots are very satisfying. I find completing modes on this game very difficult, and it can be a bit of a grind to get the doublers lit on the important shots after every drained ball. The multiballs are a little weird being that they can be different depending on if you are an autobot or decepticon.

Being that the machine I play on site is an LE, I have to say I think the gameplay suffers a bit from the Starscream and Ironhide toy gimmicks. They tend to slow the gameplay down a bit. I would honestly just prefer it to be the Pro version. Another dislike of mine is the DMD movie animations. They never seem to look that great. The last thing i really dislike is the inlane areas. They are covered up behind a ton of ramp plastic and trying to look around them to see the lane inserts is a real pain in the neck, literally.
3 years ago
Look folks, for $4000ish dollars for an LE it plays like a champ valuewise. I would put TFLE up against any B Stern like FG, BTDK, Kiss, RBION and POTC, TAV or Xmen and this one just as fun or more fun. You aint getting no armor with speckles on any of those other pins either. So if you compare TF to ACDC, sure score TF lower, but take your $2500ish savings and buy a WCS, BSD, HS2 or WW and balance the pain of having a "lesser" TF pin and add how awesome your side car pin is with TF and I would rather have the combo. Just talkin value here.

I played everything at the last TPF trying to find what I like. I kept going back to TF. This game is great. Not even a Transformers the toy fan, but this game is just plain fun, which is exactly what pinball should be. I have the combo and it is a beauty also. The dual colors are stunning! It looks like a giant toy and makes me feel like a kid again. Call outs are great. Love the start of Megatron multiball.

It is not everywhere, but if you find one play it or just buy one like I did. It is by far the best value Stern out there today.

Also who are these guys rating this Pin a 1? Their opinion, but they are both complete.....what is moron in Italian? They rated Stern Rolling Stones a 9.9 though. So.....uh.... Ok. I take it back.
3 years ago
as a transformer fan I'am very dissapointed about quality above of all at plastics toys...the flow is not bad but not good !I don't understand the mini playfield??!fortunetly the last stern are better than this one
3 years ago
Flipper unsuccessful, too dark design theme and not to my liking
3 years ago
One of the worst I've ever played Pinball
There are 121 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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