Total Nuclear Annihilation

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Game Design: 7.851

Artwork: 7.649

Sounds/Music: 8.788

Other Aspects: 8.272

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Found 181 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 181 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 years ago
Super awesome game. Total ass kicker. Love it.
4 years ago
TNA might be my favorite pinball game ever released. It's that game. Dang, now I have to figure out a way to buy one.

The Good:
-the best music in all of pinball. I say that as a professional music producer who's been in the industry for 15+ years. Scott, I'm so blown away with all of your talents; it almost feels unfair that you are that good of a composer/arranger as well. A+!!!!
-the best sounding pinball game in all of pinball. The sound system is 2nd-to-none.
-the artwork is OFF. THE. CHAIN. I am admittedly a child of the 80s and the nostalgia is high on this one for me, but I'm in love.
-the shots are incredible. SO much to shoot for, and the risk/reward ratio is so high.
-I love how the shots move around the pf and aren't always the same!! For instance, to blow up a reactor, you may have to hit the pop bumper, or hit one of the side targets on the left. Brilliant replay factor.
-SUCH an original theme with throwback to the great Bally layouts of the 80s! It was just so refreshing playing this after JJP #4: keep it simple!
-Love the Danesi drop target multiball contraption. Very cool new invention in pinball.
-Very good animations in the backbox for those watching. I think the game stands on its own without an LCD, which to me (like music standing on its own without slick production) is the sign of a great original product.
-quite possibly the FASTEST game in all of pinball. Quicksilver?
-Finished code upon release!! Stern, are you watching?
-One. More. Game.

The Bad:
-honestly, the game may not be everyone's cup of tea. It's very specific in its approach, but I love it.
-I've always felt like Spooky games have weird looking PFs. This is their best effort yet due to the artist, but it still has a cheaper look to it than vintage B/W/Sterns (1970s vintage)

Update: I own a copy now and stand by my original review. This game rocks.
4 years ago
Don't own one but I did get a chance to play around 6 games on one of the first production games at the factory. Freaking fun. Fastest game I think I've ever played. You can't look away for any length of time or the game will punish you. Interesting thought... I don't like brutal, punishing games like GB. TNA, while fast and brutal, never feels unfair. But you feel do like the machine is fighting you. You know you have to hit risky shots to advance in the game so you best attempt to get a multiball to avoid some risk. Everything feels silky smooth on the game.

The art package is excellent. The playfield art is subdued but it all comes alive with the most amazing pinball light show I've ever seen. The game feels solid. The playfield looks great. Charlie let us see the test rig shooting balls onto a playfield and it seems to be holding up very chipping or ghosting. Overall, I think this machine is a great value at the price and whether you have a big collection or a tiny one like mine, you can't go wrong with TNA.
4 years ago
Total Nuclear Annihilation is my new definition of "just one more game!" pinball. The basic game progression is to destroy nine reactors. To do this you need to shoot the center keypad targets to unlock the reactor, start the reactor with a shot to the scoop, overheat the reactor by hitting spinner or switches in the upper playfield, and then destroy the reactor by hitting the random lit shot(s). Might sound a bit linear, but there are a lot of choices with how you go about accomplishing that. If you are playing for high score, it's worth the effort to maximize the reactor values, and/or having multiball going to multiply the reward. If you are just trying to complete as many reactors as possible, destroy them quickly and move to the next. One aspect of the game I think some new players will fail to grasp is how important your ball save and ball save timer are to the strategy. Remember there are actually three viable shots to put the ball into the reactor core. The two orbits and your ball plunge. With how difficult this game can be, plunging the ball is certainly a skill worth practicing.

By far my favorite aspect of this game is the Danesi Lock. It reminds me of the locks on Fathom, in a good way. These targets offer players a huge risk reward. A novices player can use multiball to start the reactors whereas a more skilled player can wait to start multiball when the reactor is critical. Each ball in play adds a multiplier. During multiball the locks act as inline drop target for the jackpots and add-a-ball. It takes some concentration as the targets reset rather quickly. I hope to someday be good enough to destroy all nine reactors, but until then I'm happy to keep saying, "Just one more game!"

PS: This is already a long review and I didn't even mention the sound or cooperative gameplay modes. Even on volume four the custom sounds are thumping and the different gameplay modes make it one of the best multiplayer games ever created.
There are 181 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 8 of 8.

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