Total Nuclear Annihilation

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Game Design: 7.855

Artwork: 7.649

Sounds/Music: 8.791

Other Aspects: 8.273

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Found 181 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 181 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 years ago
I designed the game and I could not be more proud of the final result. Everything that I wanted in the game made it to the production version. There are even a few things that were made better in the production version than the whitewood concept. I truly, in my eyes think this is a 10/10 pinball machine. I worked extremely hard on the music to really make people feel like they were in the game. Please give this machine a shot in real life, the videos do not do it justice. :) Also, thank you to everyone that helped make this project possible. <3
3 years ago
This game is amazing, despite it simple single level layout. What gets you is the one more game feeling at the end of each game. Its fast, very fast and can be vindictive if your not planning your shots ahead of time. The original design and concept is delivered to you for less than 6k and solidly built by the team at Spooky P ilnball, LLC. We've had this on location since February and it's still a top performer. It gives a nod to the older EM style games with a touch of 21st century technology with its spectacular light shows and sounds. It's not for everyone as tastes are what they are among collectors and players but it is a solid game.
3 years ago
I just don’t get this game at all. Cabinet art is nothing special and the playfield is empty. Positive is the lights and sound are good
3 years ago
Fun to play with others not so much alone. The sound is amazing
3 years ago
So bold to make this game. Big payoff! Fun shots. Great game in multi player play. Well done, Scott and Spooky!
3 years ago
TNA is retro meets new and it's a first of its kind.
3 years ago
Wonderfully fun game. Risk/reward on steroids. Sound is best in pinball. I mean, its got a sub chamber!
3 years ago
TNA is good hard fun.
3 years ago
This is a very fun game, but not much to it....the game has great sound, cool theme, nice lighting, and decent layout. Its very different than modern pins with no toys, ramps, etc... After putting 30+ games on the machine it got a bit repetitive, and boring. It would be a great game for a large collection, but I suspect would get old in a small collection.
3 years ago
In today's market it simply doesn't get any better than this. Gameplay, value, look and feel are simply spot on. Once again, the care Spooky puts it a game comes right through, and the vision to bring Danesi's game to reality is genius. WAY TO GO SPOOKY!
3 years ago
I first played this game at TPF 2017 and immediately fell in love with it. I would have bought it right then and there even with sharpie pf art!! Being an original theme is huge to me. The game play and music is amazing!
3 years ago
Everything it does, it does perfectly!
3 years ago
Really fun and unique game! Reminds me of a modern cross between an early 80's SS game and System 11 game. Sound and light show is the best in pinball! Scott and Spooky have a winner here!
3 years ago
I played TNA at TILT in Minneapolis. I put in between 30-40 games on it. Overall, I would rate the game in the "okay to decent" range. It's fast and unforgiving, but the music, wow, it really puts you into the game (especially when the sub-woofer is pounding).

As a one player game, TNA lacks a lot. It reminds me of old school pinball with no gimmicks, toys, etc. As a 2+ player game, I see it becoming more fun and competitive.

It's hard to compare this game to other pins since it's so unique, but overall it's an average game which turns to above average if you play it with friends or in tournaments.

**Update was only for grammar purposes
3 years ago
A fantastic throwback game that manages to meld classic layout elements with ultra modern presentation. The game is beautiful, brutal, and a blast to play. I'm eyeing my collection to see what I can move out to make room for one of these at some point.
3 years ago
The game has great lightshows and sounds but unfortunately that's where it stops for us. Its not a bad game by any means.... just not our kind of pin. I can see why folks love it tho. Good job for all those involved in making this pin come to life for people to enjoy.
3 years ago
Never rated a game before but then no one made TNA until now. This game is pinball distilled to a pure form, the ultimate expression of gameplay, lights and sounds.

If you don't like this game, you should just sell your collection and go back to collecting die cast cars or whatever boring ass hobby you had before, because you are super lame and don't actually like playing pinball.
3 years ago
never been so sure on getting a NIB game!
I’m a fan of all eras of games.
This one has the 80’s look with modern tech.
Never have I saw such a great integration of sound, lighting and game play come together so well.
I also love how this game brings out the social aspect of pinball. Quick ball times, but that’s the idea. Who wants to stand around a 4-player game a watch one player crush it for 20min...
Can’t wait to get this game home!!

UPDATE: I’ve had this game in my collection for a couple weeks now and have put many plays on it; both solo and multiplayer. The game is crazy fast and keeps you on your toes the entire time. Figuring out a strategy that works for you is paramount to getting big points. Skill with ball control, fast reaction times and targeted shots are a must.
The build quality from Spooky is top notch: I see they have done extensive playfield durability testing to ensure they’re built to last. The cabinet is absolutely beautiful; I can tell they have much attention to detail when putting these together. I picked up my game in person and got a short tour of their facility. They are currently or in the process of making themselves vertically integrated as to further have control over quality. Also, customer support should be held as best-in-class to other pinball manufacturers.
I’m proud to support both Spooky and Scott Danesi.
3 years ago
Yes... I am 100% biased because I'm lucky enough that Scott Danesi let our company make this game. Having said that, I am IMMENSELY proud of Scott, and CAN'T STOP PLAYING THIS GAME!!! Seriously, love what it is and that it's getting a following. No way a game this unique and for the last 30 years, completely non traditional should be getting this much love, but here we are. Thanks everyone who supports what TnA and Spooky are!
3 years ago
TNA is an awesome game with many innovative ideas included in it’s design. The innovative skill shot, the in-playfield LED displays for ball save and for EB and meltdown points, the ball save that you can move as the ball enters the inlanes/outlines and the chance to steal your opponents multi balls all give this game that “just one more game” appeal that makes it hard to walk away from. This game is perfect for tournament play and really gets your heart beating fast. I appreciate the solid feel of the well built cabinet and sub-woofer box as well as the high quality sound system. And the lighting on this game is incredible! Scott incorporated an innovative LED system that is much more serviceable than what is now being built into other mainstream games. Also (optional) shaker integration is fantastic! I’m thinking of adding this pin to my collection.
3 years ago
Total Nuclear Annihilation is a labor of love by a single man. Considering he does not work for a pinball production company (AND THIS GAME GOT MADE) this table gives me hope that maybe some day... I can dream, can't I?!? I have only played a single game on this table, so this review will be updated after further mileage has been accumulated.

The Pros:
This game sounds fantastic. The designer composed the music for this deck. He also laid out the design, programmed (not just wrote out on paper) the rules and convinced the crew at Spooky to make this happen. The artwork is appropriate and the whole package is a singular vision of pinball ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! The game is fast, lots of dangerous side to side action on the lower PF means that you'd better make your shots and make them count.

The Cons:
The inner PF dominates this game to the point of limiting what else can be done with this table. Playability on the upper pf hasn't grabbed me yet. You really only have 3 shots on the lower pf of this table. Spooky still seems to have issues with their production QC. I hope this game holds up better than RZ.

The Takeaway: A singular vision of pinball come to life. What do you know... dreams can become real! I can't wait to play this game again and really find out what it is all about.

I found a really sweet copy in a home collection and got to know it a little better. This game is FAST and DEADLY. The rules are very straightforward and well balanced. The ball saver countdown is placed perfectly. The 2x/3x multiplier with the balls on the PF duing multiball is way sweet (did I miss the PF multiplier notification on this table somewhere?) and destroying a reactor is incredibly satisfying. The ar tpackage is vibrant. Combined with the music, the sounds, the coordinated lights, the theatre on this game is top notch! Since the P/F is sliced in half all shots are very fast and very dangerous if missed. The only time to safely shoot for the cosmic gunfighter standups is in multiball. The spinner building the JP value is a great addition to the ruleset. So far, it is a matter of setting up the reactor to about to be destroyed before heading into multiball for the 3x scoring. Rinse and repeat. Is there more to this game? Probably. I have to destroy 9 reactors in a single game to find out. But for now this deck satisfies in a way that I remember Steve Ritchie's firepower. This is not a complex game to learn. It is a frikkin BEAST to conquer. The other big question... is it worth paying $6250.- for a game that plays like something out of 1980? That is up to the buyer. But for what this game is supposed to do, it does it very, very, very well. Fast and furious, I tip my hat to you Mr. Danesi and am grateful for the team at Spooky for helping in making Scott's dream a reality!

Update V.2:
The sounds are great. Especially with an upgraded sound system. This is the only thing that separates this game from a great game from the 80's. Other than that... I'm as happy to play a sweet copy of Barracora, Warlok, Nine Ball, Paragon, Fathom, Skateball, Joker Poker, Frontier, Taxi 8 Ball Deluxe, Black Hole... and a slew of other games from that vintage. Not to take anything away from TNA. But I'm not taking anything away from any great games from the past either. The balance between challenge, simplicity and that essential "gotta play one more game..." is there. Play on playas!

Update v.3:
This game is stressful to play. By design. The simplicity of the ruleset means that working for reactor 9 is a true challenge. Onve you get past reactor 4, the game's rules start to get incrementally more difficult and more challenging. But the thing to remember about this game is that unless the ball saver is counting down or you are in multiball, you are always in mortal danger of the ball leaving the pf. This game is all about risk/reward and making sure that you set up your multiball BEFORE you kill the reactor. This game is also good reason to make sure that your speakers can handle volume and BASS! Scott Danesi is a new talent in a throwback of pinball design theory (and music, and much more). Congrats to Scott and Team Spooky for creating this great title and making pinball happen!
3 years ago
I absolutely love TNA. It's the perfect execution of gameplay from an 80s solid state, mixed with a modern rule set and technology.
3 years ago
Fantastic original themed game with excellent rules. Rules seem simple at first, but there is a lot of strategy to this game. Excellent multiple experience, killer soundtrack. Super fun title.
3 years ago
Wowsers! I love this game. I got the fifth one built thanks to Charlie/KT and Spooky... as they were hooking me up so it could be in my annual Horrorhouse Fest. After a week of playing it each and every moment possible I can tell you that it's a true gem. The gameplay is as fast and furious as you can imagine and the art package is one of the coolest I've seen in a long time. The difficulty, though steep is also addictive as heck. It's hard to stop playing as once you get in the rhythm of locking balls in the magical Danesi Lock zone you just can't break away from the intensity of it all. I need more time to get the scores I'm wanting to achieve, but I can tell you this much, this is a game you must own whether it's your first or your 300th. Spooky has a fan for life!
3 years ago
No other game is as intense.
Great music and sound fx.
A mix of some flow shots, lots of randomness,
no rinse and repeat shots, fun objectives and sometimes a phantom tilt.
There are 181 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 7 of 8.

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