Total Nuclear Annihilation

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Other Aspects: 8.275

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Found 181 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 181 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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2 years ago
The gane plays very fast. It has very simple rules and an incredible light show. There are really no toys or gimmicks, and it is reminiscent of an updated EM game. It has grown on me, but it wouldn't go into my lineup.
2 years ago
Great art package, music, and layout. The game is tough, but that's a refreshing thing to see in pinball in this modern age. Because the concentration of the game is in the lower half of the playfield, it makes fast reflexes a must. Being punished in an instant for bad shots. The moving ball save in the inlane/outlane is a fantastic integration that is spot on for this theme. A lot of fun to play, and no guarantees of anything as the ball swoops around at a frantic pace.

Great game...highly recommend it as a players machine. This should teach you ball control using many flipper skills to improve your scores.
2 years ago
The music, sounds, lights, art and gameplay are amazing in this game. And it has coop mode!

One draw back is that it seems to underutilize the lcd screen a bit. There's not much going on there.
2 years ago
Loved it sliky smooth first new machine I have ever liked it kept me playing over and over
2 years ago
High energy and super intense pin that will have you feeding money. The sounds and lights of this machine really set it apart from others. Flow is fantastic and the rules are pretty deep. The only thing that concerns me is the lasting fun factor. Will it wear over time? Maybe not the only pin to own but one to own if you have more than one. Spooky rules.
2 years ago
What can i say, great game! Looks cool, sounds good, plays great! It’s different, like a lightning fast classic. Top notch!
2 years ago
This was my 1st NIB. I love this game to death. OG meets NS. Mine lasted 2 weeks before I sold it. Within 2 weeks I was up to reactor 4 most games. So I question Lastability in a collection. I choose to sell it for purchase price hoping that over time the price drops. For 4k, this would stay forever. For 6500, you can buy a Houdini or AFMR or a few machines.
2 years ago
I've only played it on location. At first glance, this is an attractive machine.

The Danesi ball lock is a fun little gimmick, but its the light show and sound package that pulls people in. I mean, really...killer sound package. It's very upbeat and gets the excitement going (if you like techno). The music and lightshow get more exciting and upbeat the more reactors you progress through.

Unfortunately, it's not long after that the game loses my enthusiasm. The Danesi ball lock mech gets your attention, but in a multi-player game it can be a little frustrating to watch all your hard work in locking balls get stolen away by an amateur player behind you with just one well-placed shot. And if you're going to make any progress in blowing up all the reactors, you've got to get a multi-ball going before starting to bang away on that 3-bank or face a SDTM drain. You just don't dare go after those 3-bank standups unless you're in a multi-ball.

Other than the cool ball lock gimmick, there are no ramps, no toys, and its gets very repetitive. The basic goal is to blow up 9 nuclear reactors. To do this, you have to hit the sucker-shot 3-bank stand-up targets until you qualify a reactor, shoot the scoop, send the ball upwards into the upper playfield, bounce off slings or spinners until the upper playfield counter is reduced to zero, then hit the random lit standup targets on the lower playfield to blow the reactor up.....rinse & repeat! Each reactor takes more hits to the 3-bank to qualify, more slings/spinners to overheat, and finally more random standups to blow up each reactor.

The biggest letdown for me was watching someone beat all nine reactors for the first time. The game basically ends and there's no fanfare or big payoff. Maybe they'll add something to the code to change this in the future. It's probably Spooky's best game manufactured yet, but if they're stopping production at just 550 machines. The barcade in my area was initially very enthusiastic about its placement on the floor, but it was quickly pulled when it didn't sustain people's excitement after the initial wow-factor wore off.
2 years ago
My only problem with this game is that in multiball you can never really get up into the upper half of the playfield, or rather shoot and pay attention to anything going on the upper part.
Its a fast, fast game. Ruleset is okay... Don't pretend that I know it all yet. Nice way to get multiball. But, for me to get a ball into the upper part can be a pain.
Plays fast as I said, and because of that I never noticed or could watch any animations. Still was a fun game to play. Just not my cup of tea for the theme.
Edit. I got to play this game again. I enjoyed it even more. I really like how they utilize that one pop. Sounds are great on this pin, and it just feels fun to shoot. Really do love the balllock on this game. Even if my father kept stealing them from me. I actually kind of wish there were more modern games like this. No ramps, just a single level flat gameplay. Old school, but on steroids. Fun game.
2 years ago
The essence of pinball.
2 years ago
Great party game for sure! Love how you can steal multi balls from the previous player.
2 years ago
Very basic with the feel of an old school game. No ramps is a deal breaker for me. The techno/anime style and colors look and sound like someone barfing cotton candy. Just not my cup of tea.
3 years ago
Fast, furious, fun. Has some nice decisions to make and the throbbing bass really "ramps" up the tension. Although it has no ramps. But who cares!
3 years ago
Looks pretty simple but this is not a machine for the casual player. Tough shots to make at times, lengthy "story" to work through and unusual "split" playfield makes it a game that may take a while to get into but once you do there is a lot to enjoy with it.
3 years ago
Such an interesting concept with TNA, and I really appreciate it. It’s a bit basic, but the experience you get playing it, especially with others, is super exhilarating.

The sound package is beyond anything I’ve experienced in a game, even in games with after market boards, speakers and amps. The inline drop target bank with the ‘Danesi Lock’ is pure genius, and has great rules to support entering multiball, earning jackpots, and re-lighting multiball.

Ours is set up with super band rings except for white Marco rubbers on the kicks and yellow Pinball Life rubbers on the flips. Oh, and lightning flippers.
3 years ago
Pretty boring game. Very limited shots.
3 years ago
great game!!
It needs a "tournament play" setting in the software !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

update: game gets bored after a while
3 years ago
what a boring game......but it is fast! would never own and would only play again if it was free and the only game available.... but only a couple of times. not a top 100 game by any means
3 years ago
This is my 50th or so pinball I've owned in the past 10 years. So I've done my rounds with the classic 90s Williams, to the modern Sterns of today.
So I have to say, this is a unique, special, one of a kind pinball machine.
I love it....
3 years ago
So fast and so much fun to lay!
3 years ago
I like the approach of modern technology with a classic playfield.
The sound is fantastic. The layout is decent but just did not connect with me. I like the ball lock feature. . . even if the next guy in line can steal it from me.
I'd compare this game to a car maker remaking a classic/vintage model. It definitely has a lot of advances over the original. . . but its just not the original if you know what I mean.
This is a great game if you have a bunch of people playing it in multi-player. I tend to be more of a lone wolf when I play but can definitely see the appeal with larger numbers. I was invited into a multi-player game recently at a show and it was much more fun than just playing alone.
3 years ago
It’s not like any modern machine and that’s a good thing. It’s brutal, fast and unforgiving. Linear rules, straightforward and simple but co-op and with groups is where this machine shines. Would not want in a small collection but in a setting with more than four machines would be perfect. The theme , art and display could have used some improvement but the music and light show are top notch.
3 years ago
Such a tricky game to's essentially a 70s/80s playfield layout but with modern technology. It totally works, and offers an immersive experience, but there really isn't much to shoot for at the end of the day so lastability might be an issue.

The pros:
Soundtrack is amazing, I was playing it in a tournament and tapping my foot throughout. Lightshow is one of the bestin pinball. Themeing is good and it really gets the adrenaline going! Alpha numeric score displays is a nice addition, as are little quirks like the ball save clock.

The cons:
In tournaments other players can steal your multiball, which is very annoying and very unfair. Perfectly fine in a friendly game, but in a serious tourny, this one should be avoided. No ramps is not necessarily an issue if they'd given more to shoot for, but compared to other games in the same price bracket there just isn't enough on the deck.

All in all, a load of fun and innovation, but I would never ever own it as there just isn't enough to it.
3 years ago
Very fun game, the lighting and music are amazing. Simple to understand but difficult to achieve ruleset. This game brings back the 80s feel and steps it up a notch with speed and exciting multiball. How many balls in play determines your score multiplier.
Really like the way the scoop kicks the ball back instantly if it is not lit. Brilliant !
3 years ago
I love playing TNA. The music and light show are the best in pinball for me. I'm not sure if it would get old in a home use environment or not it just depends on what you like in a machine. For location play it is my go to game even over more loaded up JJP and Stern games. Lot's of fun and has that "it" factor I can't place my finger on.
There are 181 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 4 of 8.

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