Total Nuclear Annihilation

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Game Design: 7.849

Artwork: 7.641

Sounds/Music: 8.782

Other Aspects: 8.275

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Found 181 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 181 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 months ago
This is basically a better version of The Beatles in terms of layout. I really appreciate that is is unique, and like the pop bumper on the right and the awesome ball lock mechanism. However, this playfield, like The Beatles, could really use a ramp or two to allow for a clean and satisfying shot that the game is otherwise lacking (except for the orbits).
10 months ago
This game isn't really my thing, but I do enjoy putting a few quarters in when I see it. Gameplay is fast and furious, with driving music and sounds that make the experience intense. The playfield is just a little too sparse for my liking. I appreciate the retro layout, but I feel like a ramp and some sort of toy/feature would make this game more appealing.
11 months ago
This one is fun. The first thing that jumped out to me as I walked up to it was the size. It's smaller than most pins. I almost thought "What is this a 3/4 sized machine or something?".

I wish there were a bit more going on with it, but over all it's a fun pin. I love the 80s neon colors and over all theme of it. The game is fast...I mean this thing moves sometimes. There's not really any toys or crazy ramps to hit...which is why I think the price is high for what it is. It's cool...but I don't see how it's worth what it goes for. It's still a very solid pin with a good theme and fun gameplay. If you have the chance to play it, I definitely recommend dropping some money in it.
1 year ago
Fun and frustrating. Then more fun and more frustration. You are always one shot away with this game. It is the ultimate "one more game" machine. Sounds and music are great especially with aftermarket stuff. Lighting is amazing. Rule set, once you understand it, is simple. Yet it is such a hard game. Activate it, blow it up, repeat it 9 times. Good luck!
1 year ago
I really dont' think I'm the target market for this. I like ramps and toys, and this doesn't have that. The Batman game that I played right next to this one was way better. I would much rather buy a much cheaper EM that would give me the same feel for much less money. I didn't even like the them intergration.
1 year ago
Anytime I see one I always try to get a game in. I like the throwback playfield to the 80's with less of an incline and still plays crisp like a new game. The sound package is right at the top for me. I haven't played this in awhile so I assume the rules have been developed more, but it's generally a straight forward game. From a price perspective it's a little high but might think about picking one up some day.
1 year ago
This Pinball resembles an old machine, the sound becomes repetitive, I really didn't like it.
1 year ago
Amazing game to play and hear. AMAZING SOUND! Lots of fun once you learn the rules. Not for everybody, but if you like it you will love it.
1 year ago
We have lusted after this game ever since we played the whitewood version at SFGE some years ago. It's not an easy game to find locally to play on location OR for sale because they only made around 500 of them. People tend to hang on to them it seems. We finally found a well modded one for our arcade today (7/5/20) for $5900 and I hope it gets lots of plays before we tire of it! i love the intensity of the game. The lights and sound draw you in bigtime! The shaker is so serious that it rattles the PF glass loudly at times! FUN FUN FUN!
1 year ago
What a surprise pin! Looks can be deceiving! This game packs a big punch! Lightshow, music, intensity of this is off the charts. I have owned around 60 pins for personal use and this is in the top 3 for me. Who needs ramps to slow down the game?? Very unique layout and theme. Totally love it!! Well done Spooky and Scott! I like the fact that you don't need a 300 page book or a 2hr long tutorial to figure out how to play this. The rules are deep enough for me to stay hooked and wanting to come back again and again to play. Flipper gap is perfect! Not too easy, yet not too frustrating. Triple drop-downs with a scoop behind them is a great mech. Serves multi-purpose as standard targets, and a unique ball lock. Awesome! Member Houdini says too few shots. Limited shots....pffft. You have 13 shots from the bottom flippers, then add upper reactor section. I don't know what you are talking about man. I don't think the game needs any more shots at all! It's basically the same or even more shots as any other game out there.
1 year ago
I don’t really like this game . This game is not very good and i find it to be very overrated. I think this has to little shots and the animations are no that great. I also hate how Multiball stealing is so easy and happens so often making it a not so good multiplayer game in my opinion but the music is great so I will give it that. I think that upper play field is more than the main one and when that is the case you got a problem.
1 year ago
Probably my favorite pin ever. Sound and lighting are nothing short of incredible. Its fast and fun and immersive.
1 year ago
I was hooked on first quarter drop.

The speed and accuracy needed for this game makes this game awesome. Simple rules makes for some fun game play.

Can’t beat the sound and light show.
1 year ago
Best sound and light show in Pinball! Game is fast and a ton of fun. A bit one dimensional, rules are easy to learn/hard to master. Co-op mode is my favorite multiplayer mode of any game I have played.
1 year ago
I owned a TNA for 9 months and enjoyed it. No ramps, simple layout, simple rules and yet it was always entertaining. Incredibly fast game, I considered it a pinball workout and found that after a few games i played better on all my other machines. Co-op mode is a blast especially for kids. The lack of modes and inherent repetitiveness hold it back but also make it stand out. In my small lineup I decided to move-on from it in order to bring in AFMrSE but in a larger collection it really brings a nice change of pace. The music and callouts are a 10/10.
1 year ago
I bought one new and sold it on a whim. Instantly regretted it. Bought a used one, with butter cab, and will hopefully never have to let it go. Wife, friends and kids all love it. It's also my go-to pin when I only have a few minutes to play.
1 year ago
Played this game at a fellow pinsider’s house and I was really impressed by it.

The rule set is refreshingly simple, especially for a modern pin. No crazy modes to choose, no complex sequence to YouTube in advance...just melt down those reactors!

The integration of the theme, music, lights, and flow is outstanding. This game rewards skill and punishes flailing, missed shots. Definitely a great one to own, as you will have to put the plays in to get a score. Fast ball times for the casual player are likely so I wouldn’t expect this to be a big earner on route. I just love the mechanical multiball, a throwback to centaur!

Some of the best lighting effects I’ve seen in any pin- really artful use of the RGBs. Find one near you, strap on your Walkman, take a deep breath and hit that hands free skill shot!
1 year ago
Pure fun and a good tournament game. Biggest hit to the rating is Toys and Gimmicks - with the only real gimmick being the Danesi Lock.
1 year ago
Fun overall, but I wish there were more elements and depth to this game - perhaps a ramp. The field and back glass colors are well done! I like the soundtrack a lot - listen to it on Spotify once in a while! Favorite call out: "LIONMAN!"
1 year ago
Pretty much as good as pinball gets. Easy to learn, hard to master game. Sound, music, and lightshow absolutely mesmerize, and really bring the player into the game. A masterclass in the importance of light and sound in pinball. Love playing this game, one of my absolute favorites
1 year ago
I really liked this game. Simple yet complex. Its the modern take on a 90's game. I played this game for the first time and it was absolutely fun! It also made me feel like a rockstar (as I saw another reviewer wrote). I played another 6-8 games on it and loved every minute. If pinball boils down to fun, this game does it for me! Since that time, I have thought about how fun the game was. Loved the theme, the sound, and the simplicity. Definitely worth 5-10 plays to see what you think. I think you will love it!
1 year ago
Nice to see Spooky Pinball hit this one out of the park. Super fun game. Love the top rollovers and the in-line drop targets for multiball. Great lightshow, fun shots, just a great overall package. I would have liked to see a little more to it but I'm not going to be a fuddy duddy.

The sounds are the real star of the show here as this game just rocks your senses. If I owned one I think I'd try to figure out how to make it surround sound with extra speakers.

Very lucky to have this at an arcade not far away.

*Wife approval* "This is awesome!" Here's where most of her quarter roll goes when we go to the arcade. Her favorite modern pinball game. It's been at the arcade over a year now too so this game has held her interest.
2 years ago
This game makes you feel like a rockstar playing it. It is totally different from any pinball machine ever made. The sound is immersive and makes you itching to come back for more. A new generation of pinball. The first of hopefully more like it. Thank you Mr. Danesi!
2 years ago
I have been waiting until I get to Reactor 9 to rate TNA, and because there isn't one anywhere near me, I'm still five reactors away. So what the hey, might as well rate it.

The thing about TNA is it seems so familiar at first, and the shots so simple and limited, that the innovations are sneaky. It's not just the basic premise of a retro-layout, active lower playfield, enclosed upper playfield, no-ramp, relatively easy multiball with visible locks and a pretty basic tiered rules set. There are many little things, from the ability to earn ball save to an extra tilt warning, that make it a game truly designed for the pinball maven, not for the quarter-hungry operator. Games can go fast or go on forever, and the mojo to do the latter is a perfect combination of being quite skillful and requiring some luck.

Throw in the (completely) original soundtrack and the simple but also original theme, it's both a great individual game and a really good tournament game. It's so far ahead of the fun factor of most themed Sterns I'm amazed the ideas haven't been emulated.

I will also say I have had my personal share of bad experiences with Spooky builds breaking; but of the half dozen TNAs I've played, I haven't really encountered a major malfunction. This may be a random effect but part of having an iteratively developed playfield tuned prior to a manufacturing build, over a number of years, is clearly the number of potential breakdowns is worked out in advance. And because the mechs are all pretty simple, no doubt that helps with the reliability. Just speculation on my part.

It is an odd thing to say this feels like both a must-have machine but not the kind to be the only one in your collection or the start of it. It's simple and advanced at the same time. It's fun but also an object of obsession. Unusual.

I'm not sure the rating here is going to be up to the overall impression I have of TNA (The factors are what they are), but it's sui generis among games of the last couple of decades, and that's just a fantastic thing.
2 years ago
Feels like a great game that was designed 40 years ago. Good ruleset and awesome sound. Extremely lackluster pf layout by any machine designed after the 80s
There are 181 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 2 of 8.

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