Total Nuclear Annihilation

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Game Design: 7.865

Artwork: 7.607

Sounds/Music: 8.739

Other Aspects: 8.268

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Total Nuclear Annihilation".
The other version is: Total Nuclear Annihilation (CE)

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32 days ago
I love everything about this game and I have to agree with what has been said many times before. Easy to understand hard to master. It is fast and super fun. Great for having people over and the team mode is so good if playing with friends. The sound and lighting integration is spectacular. I think it is a masterpiece.
44 days ago
For a street level shooter with no ramps and no gimmicks this game is a SHRED FEST. Total blast. Great gameplay, excellent tourney table, great fun to session multiplayer with freinds. The stock sound package in Spooky games are next level bumping. Just a really fun, simple and surprising fun game that shows just how fun you can have without all the toys.
52 days ago
Ok, so I'm considering the music integration and light shows to be a toy as well. Coupled with the lock and the reactor design, this really packs in some great features into an old, timeless design. The art is pretty and I really appreciate the 80s synth wave color scheme. I can hear the colors.

The lone deficiency is that the scoop shot could be more forgiving, but this is truly the Dark Souls of pinball and I love it. It's so unassuming, you walk right up to it... no ramps, no elevation changes of any kind and the next thing you know, she's stolen your wallet. Every drain is your fault.

Cannot wait for the re-run. Day 1 for me.
56 days ago
Has the looks and nice surprice to play
3 months ago
Rapidly ascending my list of best machines made in the past 10 years. A modern classic and true player's machine. Fast, fun, with a thumping soundtrack. Repetitive play but it still makes you want that next game pretty freakin' bad. Great to see an originally-themed and simple throwback to classic pinball design in this era of endless movie-themed video boxes.
3 months ago
What a blast, very deceiving in its simplicity, get the adrenaline pumping, the art grows on you, the backglass art is really very good and real glass, code always getting fine tuned, shaker is so well incorporated as is the light show and the music is just next level………
3 months ago
Original, fast and fun!
6 months ago
one of the coolest pins ever!
6 months ago
Feels very much like a home brew game. If that’s what you want, great. Otherwise doesn’t hold a candle to most machines made after 2005. I like the theme and artwork. I’m glad this machine and Spooky exist, I just don’t wanna play it.
7 months ago
This is THE game to play when a friend comes over. Takes 30 seconds to explain. “Let’s play co-op mode”. 2:30 AM? One more game…
7 months ago
Love my TNA
Have owned about 3 years now and still gets lots of play.
Very unique game.
7 months ago
Such a fast playing machine. The loop sends balls flying around and right back toward the flippers at high speed. Incredible bass and sound quality. Probably my favorite game without a ramp.
8 months ago
This game is a blast. While lacking the depth of other games from this era, it is still an excellent game and one of Spooky’s best.

Game is excellently designed and is brutally fast.

Rule set, while simple, is rewarding and challenging.

Lock shot may be one of my favorite shots and toys done with inline drops.

Animations are really well done.

Music and sound, while not my style, I have to admit are very well done.


Artwork is pretty good, just not outstanding.

Sound quality is a bit dodgy, I feel like the game is shaking from the speakers at times (I am aware there is also a shaker motor).

Overall, just a really great, fun game. I’ll always play it if I see it on location, but I don’t think I would ever want to own this game.
8 months ago
The game is fun but the artwork is horrible there are no toys theming just doesn’t exists game simply is just a players game not collectible
10 months ago
Pretty always broken when I go to play it at location. There is something very classic to this. Something in regard to flow that bothers me. Perhaps it's the lack of surprise that keeps this from having a lasting fun factor. The sounds and lights are great. The field is nice looking. I wanted to love this one because of the classic "firepower" look to it. But I didn't love it.
10 months ago
Daily player ever since I received it from spooky. Would not dream of selling it.
10 months ago
If you know you know.
Killer game
10 months ago
I almost wrote this machine off after the first play because it seems so simple for a modern game. It's actually a lot of fun and I'm glad I gave it another shot. It's still relatively simple but the shots are fun and the objective is clear. Great as a "fun" 2-3 credits play but would likely get boring in your collection.
11 months ago
Unbelievable sound and light show. Gets the adrenaline pumping. A favorite for anyone that comes over. Deserves much better standing on Pinside list,as it is a really great game.
12 months ago
Great, original reimagining of a throwback pin. Pretty simple rules - shoot the grid to charge up the reactor, start the reactor, hit the upper pf area to overheat the reactor, then destroy the reactor! Repeat, repeat and repeat again! Lock balls in the awesome stand ups to multiply your bonus. A few other ways to score, but the simplicity is part of the fun. It’s not confusing, it’s just fast as lightning and punishing. Co-op mode is where the game really shines, with up to 4 players working together to destroy 9 reactors. Music is intense and fun. This game seems to speak to some players and not others, but many feel this is a masterpiece. Scott D. showed me how to play this game and soon after that I had to have one. I really enjoyed owning one, and probably will again someday. Hoping for a 2.0!
1 year ago
Awesome fun, gets tired after a while. Quality control issues on this one, like other Spookies
1 year ago
Initially I heard a lot of good things about this game but with only a handful made it was difficult to get my hands on one and play.

To summarize the game is extremely different from any of the newer pins I’ve played and it’s diversity works in a home collection of newer pins. The theme plays extremely well from the BG to destroying reactors on the PF. The step level change in difficulty from one reactor to the next is just enough.

In this day and age it is amazing how a pinball machine without a known / licensed title was released and so successful. You just don’t see company's take that approach in today’s market so kudos to the team in being confident the product will sell itself.

I truly enjoy the storyline in the development of the game and how it came to be. It’s EM like feel in a modernized (very FAST) format is cool. Layout is great with a purposeful upper PF that is an essential piece of the story. The sound tracks (and variation from reactors) are second to none.

Overall the light / sound / shaker integration is amazing and I would say best (self proclaimed) I have ever seen in any pin. In addition, I added a sub which elevated to another level as parts of the room rattle when ball goes SDTM and that bass drop hits.

Lastly, the designers active participation in the threads to help owners along just speaks passion that clearly correlates to end product.

I felt the focus here is perfecting simplicity while staying off the mainstream vibe of what all manufactures are producing today. With that said, thank you for the experience. #Crushed It
1 year ago
I can’t get enough of this game!

Simple layout and easy to understand rules. Music and sounds that are the BEST in pinball. Amazing light show.

Probably one of the best modern day multiplayer pins.

My wife said it’s never leaving… that warrants a high grade on its own
1 year ago
Honestly.. the most simple game.. but that's what's awesome. Love it. Great sound system.. music and lighting.
1 year ago
I can't stop playing it. It's so "simple" but yet so difficult that the simplicity of the rules make it fun. There's enough area for improvisation with the scoring and multiball to keep things interesting. Co-op is great. Music is amazing. One of if not the best light shows in pinball. Almost everyone who comes to play at my house ends up gravitating to this over the other games we have. I only wish the display/animations tied me in to the game a bit more -- they're too abstract at times to make much sense. Bolted to the floor.
There are 194 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 8.

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