Total Nuclear Annihilation

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Game Design: 7.887

Artwork: 7.646

Sounds/Music: 8.769

Other Aspects: 8.285

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Found 216 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 216 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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17 days ago
This game is pure pinball at its finest. Nothing like it. The old saying easy to learn difficult to master applies here. This game is fast and fun. A great departure from the modern period of games. It will get your adrenaline pumping and plays best turned up loud. The music is awesome. Light show is fantastic. It’s the best original theme game to come out since the 90’s. Co op mod is great as well. If you haven’t had the chance to play TNA I would seek one out. It’s beauty and simplicity work hand in hand
59 days ago
Beautiful and addicting pinball machine
89 days ago
Theme is crazy cool. I like that it's simple. Not sure if I'd get bored of it if I owned one. Wish the display graphics were interesting. They are fairly bland and boring. Gimme some artwork or characters. Music and light show is great.
3 months ago
Fun, unusual music with great sound quality, & smooth bouncy feeling. It may be the least Zany pinball I’ve experienced so far - which I highly value as a person allergic to many flavors of zaniness. The graphics do not exactly remind me of total nuclear annihilation, but I’m glad about this. A favorite!
4 months ago
TNA is an awesome game but it's not for everyone. If you like retro video games, this is it: simple, clear objectives requiring precise execution with mistakes brutally punished. Overall the game is very polished - reminds me of the quote: "perfection is not when there's nothing left to add, it's when there's nothing left to remove".

The brutal layout yields short ball times which are perfect for social play, including with non-pinheads thanks to the very easy-to-explain rules (plus there's co-op); played solo, it's a great test of skill. Flippers feel very good and great for learning live catches. Machine looks stunning with the artwork and light show, although some might be put off by the "exploding nuclear reactor" theme. And of course, if you like that kind of music (I do!), the sound package is just amazing.

It does look out of the ordinary compared to other modern games (no ramps, simple rules, weird theme) but honestly it really works - absolute cracker!!
5 months ago
Ok, so I'm considering the music integration and light shows to be a toy as well. It has to because this machine redefines what Audio means when it comes to pinball. Coupled with the lock and the reactor design, this really packs in some great features into an old, timeless design. The art is pretty and I really appreciate the 80s synth wave color scheme. I can hear the colors, and after dialing in my plastic protector colors, I can taste them too.

The lone deficiency is that the scoop shot could be more forgiving, but this is truly the Dark Souls of pinball and I love it. It's so unassuming, you walk right up to it... no ramps, no elevation changes of any kind and the next thing you know, she's stolen your wallet. Every drain is your fault.
6 months ago
Hard to rate this game. It's like a more brutal fish tales with a street level layout and inline drop targets. I love inline targets. It's rock solid raw pinball. My first game with co-op play, wow, every pin with any depth should have co-op!
6 months ago
Nhill pinball museum
7 months ago
Reminiscent of old school single level games, but modernized to be different. In a collection, it's a really nice addition, especially if you have longer playing games. I always need one fast and furious game, and this one really filled that need. I love the idea of trying to get to the 9th generator, and the beacon on top was always a joy to see. Music ramps up as you progress deeper, and it all really comes together. The game is a bit clunky, and it's the usual flat feeling Spooky flippers, but this game is one of the few I kinda regret selling.
9 months ago
Max points for theme, lastability, and sound.

Sound, original music, and light show are fantastic.

Points off for animations/art as well as toys and gimmicks. Don’t get me wrong- this game does not need toys and gimmicks! Animations are limited but complete and appropriate for this game.

Simple rules with consistent increasing difficulty with each successive reactor. New skill needed-over riding the auto plunge-very useful in other games as well!

One pin collection? Get a GZ premium. Two or more? TNA!
9 months ago
Nice single level game with a modern feel. This is one of those games that is simple, but it's not easy. Complete the keypad, start the reactor, destroy the reactor, repeat. I can see how some people might find the repetitive nature of the rules as a downside. It's fast playing and can be punishing, but balances that with fair, earnable ball save times. I find myself always reaching for the start button for "just one more game."
11 months ago
Best lights in pinball. Solid musical score too. A modern take on early SS classics for sure.
11 months ago
Played it on location many times, had to have it & still love it. We’re one of the dummies that paid $9k for the CE, but I couldn’t see buying a 5 year old game for $1k less. Amazing music & I don’t know that there’s a better party pin.
12 months ago
A throwback design to the EM days, very basic but with a modern retro synth vibe to it all. The pulsing techno music, the shaker, it's all very adrenaline pumping as the game shoots super fast and dangerous, you are always on your toes. It's not a big theme or have toys of any kind, but it's got fun and simple rules that is designed for skilled players to blow up high scores on. You gotta be fast as the balls fly back at you constantly at high speeds
12 months ago
uninspired in every regard. Plays like a fast take on an 80s solid state. Not much going on in the way of presentation either. I genuinely don't understand why these command the price they do. I do enjoy the sound and theming, but I cringe any time I draw this game in tournament play.
1 year ago
I've owned TNA for a couple years now. It's probably not a pin I'd have in a 2-3 pin collection, but it's a must-have in a 5+ pin collection in my opinion. It's just not like anything else out there and is a great approachable pin for newbies with a simple ruleset. The awesome music/sound system, great light show, reactor explosions and coop modes keep them coming back. As a more experienced player, it's a total butt-kicker. Mine is set super steep and the speed of play in unrivaled. It's a real test of what you've got and makes me a better player. Because of that and the approachability, I doubt it'll leave my colleciton for a long time.

For whatever it's worth, I've played one on location before which wasn't set up correctly and played like crap. Many of the negative reviews look like they played a badly set up example. I definitely get airballs occasionally off the flippers, but it doesn't seem to affect play too much.
1 year ago
I liked this game a lot. Super cool throw back style with a single level. Orbits and shots feel smooth. The scoop returns that ball faster than it gets into it. My big gripe though is with the constant air balls. I hit the glass from the launcher so many times that it was concerning. And the flippers also have no problem launching it up there as well. I will say I love the music and it really gets you pumped while you’re playing the game. It was a lot of fun.
1 year ago
total nuclear annihilation is a very basic yet addictive game.

the ruleset is very basic and simple but increases in difficulty the further you get into a game with the amount of things you need to shoot to destroy the reactor.

the game does have a few flaws that can be really irritating though, In my experience the scoop seems to be a nightmare to shoot when you are trying to start a reactor and sometimes the ball lock can act up a bit.

however the game is still VERY addictive and it will kick your *** again and again and you will keep feeding it the quarters to do so.

the sound design on this pin is nothing to wave a finger at, the soundtrack is one of the best I've heard from a modern original game in quite some damn time.

the siren on the game will light up the room when active and makes you feel like a badass every time it goes off.

9/10 would let TNA kick my *** again.
1 year ago
Very immersive experience with top notch music, not a cookie cutter Stern pin.
Super fun to play with easy rule set that is hard to beat.
1 year ago
This game surprised me quite a bit. The positive was the sound and retro-80's vibe from the animation. System I played had a shaker, I'm not sure if that is standard, but it added a lot to the game.

Overall, was fun and more interesting than the play-field suggested it would be. Very simple play-field, but with game dynamics made for a more interesting title than expected. I played this at an arcade and I've found myself wanting to come back to it, which is a good sign. However, I also felt it was a little to simple overall to maintain long term interest, but from other reviewers that seems to be very much a case by case basis, as usual!
1 year ago
For home use I would not buy it, way to repetitive and for me I don’t play it for hours straight. But playing with friends or competing this game is so much fun! The possibility to steal other built up MB and the quickness of the game and straight forward approach makes it a intense experience. If you have tons of games go for it, but I would not recommend it as a first pin. Music and sound quality is one of the best.
1 year ago
I love everything about this game and I have to agree with what has been said many times before. Easy to understand hard to master. It is fast and super fun. Great for having people over and the team mode is so good if playing with friends. The sound and lighting integration is spectacular. I think it is a masterpiece.
1 year ago
For a street level shooter with no ramps and no gimmicks this game is a SHRED FEST. Total blast. Great gameplay, excellent tourney table, great fun to session multiplayer with freinds. The stock sound package in Spooky games are next level bumping. Just a really fun, simple and surprising fun game that shows just how fun you can have without all the toys.
1 year ago
Has the looks and nice surprice to play
1 year ago
Rapidly ascending my list of best machines made in the past 10 years. A modern classic and true player's machine. Fast, fun, with a thumping soundtrack. Repetitive play but it still makes you want that next game pretty freakin' bad. Great to see an originally-themed and simple throwback to classic pinball design in this era of endless movie-themed video boxes.
There are 216 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 9.

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