Total Nuclear Annihilation (Spooky Pinball, 2017)

Total Nuclear Annihilation

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Game design: 7.964

Artwork: 7.784

Sounds/Music: 8.818

Other Aspects: 8.345

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Found 96 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 96 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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23 hours ago
Fast, furious, fun. Has some nice decisions to make and the throbbing bass really "ramps" up the tension. Although it has no ramps. But who cares!
1 day ago
Looks pretty simple but this is not a machine for the casual player. Tough shots to make at times, lengthy "story" to work through and unusual "split" playfield makes it a game that may take a while to get into but once you do there is a lot to enjoy with it.
2 days ago
Such an interesting concept with TNA, and I really appreciate it. It’s a bit basic, but the experience you get playing it, especially with others, is super exhilarating.

The sound package is beyond anything I’ve experienced in a game, even in games with after market boards, speakers and amps. The inline drop target bank with the ‘Danesi Lock’ is pure genius, and has great rules to support entering multiball, earning jackpots, and re-lighting multiball.

Ours is set up with super band rings except for white Marco rubbers on the kicks and yellow Pinball Life rubbers on the flips. Oh, and lightning flippers.
7 days ago
Pretty boring game. Very limited shots.
14 days ago
great game!!
It needs a "tournament play" setting in the software !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20 days ago
what a boring game......but it is fast! would never own and would only play again if it was free and the only game available.... but only a couple of times. not a top 100 game by any means
35 days ago
So fast and so much fun to lay!
39 days ago
I like the approach of modern technology with a classic playfield.
The sound is fantastic. The layout is decent but just did not connect with me. I like the ball lock feature. . . even if the next guy in line can steal it from me.
I'd compare this game to a car maker remaking a classic/vintage model. It definitely has a lot of advances over the original. . . but its just not the original if you know what I mean.
This is a great game if you have a bunch of people playing it in multi-player. I tend to be more of a lone wolf when I play but can definitely see the appeal with larger numbers. I was invited into a multi-player game recently at a show and it was much more fun than just playing alone.
41 days ago
Find it hard to understand how this rates in top 50 they have this in a bar in town that has 12 odd machines and every time I have been in there I personally have not seen anyone playing it I've played it 3 times with the missus a d I won't put another coin in it
44 days ago
It’s not like any modern machine and that’s a good thing. It’s brutal, fast and unforgiving. Linear rules, straightforward and simple but co-op and with groups is where this machine shines. Would not want in a small collection but in a setting with more than four machines would be perfect. The theme , art and display could have used some improvement but the music and light show are top notch.
48 days ago
Such a tricky game to's essentially a 70s/80s playfield layout but with modern technology. It totally works, and offers an immersive experience, but there really isn't much to shoot for at the end of the day so lastability might be an issue.

The pros:
Soundtrack is amazing, I was playing it in a tournament and tapping my foot throughout. Lightshow is one of the bestin pinball. Themeing is good and it really gets the adrenaline going! Alpha numeric score displays is a nice addition, as are little quirks like the ball save clock.

The cons:
In tournaments other players can steal your multiball, which is very annoying and very unfair. Perfectly fine in a friendly game, but in a serious tourny, this one should be avoided. No ramps is not necessarily an issue if they'd given more to shoot for, but compared to other games in the same price bracket there just isn't enough on the deck.

All in all, a load of fun and innovation, but I would never ever own it as there just isn't enough to it.
50 days ago
Very fun game, the lighting and music are amazing. Simple to understand but difficult to achieve ruleset. This game brings back the 80s feel and steps it up a notch with speed and exciting multiball. How many balls in play determines your score multiplier.
Really like the way the scoop kicks the ball back instantly if it is not lit. Brilliant !
56 days ago
I love playing TNA. The music and light show are the best in pinball for me. I'm not sure if it would get old in a home use environment or not it just depends on what you like in a machine. For location play it is my go to game even over more loaded up JJP and Stern games. Lot's of fun and has that "it" factor I can't place my finger on.
62 days ago
Awesome sound, some of the best I have heard. No ramps make for a unique experience. Reminds me of an updated version of scorpion.
65 days ago
Excellent music and addictive game play. Two thumbs up!
71 days ago
Very very good game
3 months ago
Really neat machine. Looks like a pretty plain layout at first but actually carries quite a few surprises with it.
3 months ago
This game had me at jump. As someone who grew up in the early days of SS, this game nails it. If you enjoy High Speed and games of that Williams era you will LOVE TNA. Fast, deadly, the sounds, music and call outs nail it. A few innovate features here and there (ball locks, CoOp) but the true glory of this game is the simple, fun, challenging layout. Scott has proven you don't need ramps and toys and other gimmicks to make a great game. Did I mention fast? Everything about this game requires your undivided attention or it's drain city. From the flipper plunges to the scoop, the balls will be flying fast and furious. I get why it's not for everyone. Younger players and those with ADD used to jumping ghosts and bluetooth will claim it's too simple. Less skilled players will get sick of watching the ball drain over and over, but make no mistake, there is plenty hear to see and do and more than enough challenge for even the most hardened player. Kudos to Spooky for bringing back the lost art of fast, fun, crazy pinball with instructions that actually fit on the instruction card.
3 months ago
It's hard to give this game less than excellent in any category. It is just hard to find fault with it anywhere. Like an old EM or early solid state, it is somewhat linear but it does what it does so well I don't think that's a criticism. And, within this linear goal progression, there are several strategies and options to pursue that still move you in the right direction. The music is awesome and fits the theme perfectly. The drop target ball locks are a fantastic innovation. The light show is beautiful, but not blinding. The brutal pace and lane change ball save feature keeps you on your toes. My initial gut feeling in the individual rating categories will probably put this at the top of my personal ratings. However, while a fantastic and unique game, I don't think it is the best game ever, so I will probably end up massaging the category ratings a bit to knock it below the time-tested all time greats, but I suspect it will earn a long-time place in my top 25.
3 months ago
I played a few games on this machine at Pintastic. What a cool concept! It wasn't intimidating to walk up to and play like some of its more complex (yet awesome in their own right) contemporaries. The sort-of reverse drop-target ball locks were very cool and rewarding to hit. Nailing a nice loop shot and banging it around in the upper playfield was also satisfying. I might have blown one reactor, and if not for a line of people patiently waiting behind me, I would have likely been glued to this thing for a while. It might be a kind of "one trick pony" type table, but that was a trick I wouldn't mind more uninterrupted time with.
3 months ago
Pretty good pin. Seems kinda basic to me without ramps, and overly repetitive. Music is catchy and it is fun.... just not enough for my liking.
3 months ago
One of the funnest games I've ever played.... especially group play.
3 months ago
Fun pin, i think it could become repetitive in a home environment. Great pin for a friendly competition.
3 months ago
The first time I saw this game was at TPF with the whitewood. It peaked my interest since I love games that are fast and challenging. When I found out that they were making them.... Games that last 45 minutes are great, but sometimes it hard to make time for them. If you know about this game you already know about the lightshow and music which goes over the top.

Think to truly appreciate what was trying to be achieved you have to like/ enjoy playing pinballs earlier games.
If you only like the new sterns, then maybe this isn't the game for you.
TNA is like an early SS game on steroids. It's easy to see that there was a lot of passion involved in the development and building of this game. Scott & Spooky did a fantastic job.
4 months ago
I like the concept of TNA but after a while it is too much wash repeat play to last. Fun to play here and there but no a keeper
There are 96 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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