The Who's Tommy Pinball Wizard

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Game design: 8.006

Artwork: 7.397

Sounds/Music: 7.679

Other Aspects: 7.835

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There are 101 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 years ago
wish music was not showtunes, but the who themselves, however the machine is still fun to play and challenging.
6 years ago
A great game with great sounds and music. The blinders are ace too.
6 years ago
Easily my favorite Data East pin, but tied with JP. Binders are awesome, music is great, there's a good reason why many say this is one of the best.
6 years ago
I have always wanted TOMMY, Excellent theme and music. Fun is the name of the game.
6 years ago
great pin the Tommy theme is cool but it sucks that its based on the broadway play. Its very fun very addictive love it one of my favorites.
6 years ago
I got to play this game finally, it had good flow, and some very satisfying shots. For the right price I would own it.
6 years ago
Excellent execution of the theme. Blinders are fitting gimmick and there are many great songs on the soundtrack (I didn't mind they weren't performed by The Who). Best DMD animations (granted maybe the weirdest also) I've seen in any machine. Many modes (some pretty useless though) and really tough but satisfying jackpot hit on the upper right ramp. I always get best points from video mode if I don't try to play it :-)
6 years ago
This is a classic pinball that will never get old and belongs in any collection. They didn't make a ton of them so finding a nice one is not easy. Prices should go up on these long term.

It is a FUN game, AWESOME music and highly collectible.
7 years ago
a fantastic machine ! great sound ! try it !
7 years ago
I miss playing this. Adifficult, but rewarding game that I remember not ejoying initially, you have to give it a chance the multiball on this pin is insane!
7 years ago
Excellent theme and music, interesting and challenging modes, decent wizard mode. Blinders are a fun toy. Still somehow a generic DE game having modes+wizard mode and a separate multiball. Anyway the best DE game there is.
7 years ago
Tommy is one of those games from DE that they gave quite a bit of love to and it shows. It's one of their best. But it still ranks as an average B/W game. I know some solid pin players who absolutely love it though.

The Pros:
A good PF layout and solid multiball rules with multiple stages to complete for big points. The everall gameplay is solid. I'd give this game a lower score if it wasn't for the Tommy blinders. That idea is just too cool and it's implemented really well. Think you can play pin? Start a game in Tommy mode. A great translation of the theme. The mirrorball topper with your and the game's reflection in it is great too.

The Cons:
The VUK on the right (sucker shot from the left flipper) kicks the ball out quite a bit when hit. DE games have a clunky feel to it. The game has to be maintained properly or it just is not any fun. Lots of modes, and some of them just seem to be filler. The video mode is a complete snoozer. Artwork is detailed, but still looks muddy. Would have liked to have tried the 6 bumper proto game.

The Takeaway:
A good game from a company that normally does not make them. DE's best game other than TFtC.

Update: I'm starting to get to know this game better. I think that the more I play it... the more I like it. This is a good sign. TftC is still DE's best table, but this is a fun game too. What is it with DE's good games having walls that drop on the PF? While checking out reviews on their review of this game the observation was made that the layout is based on Addams Family (again, as compared to JP) flipped/mirrored left to right. Other than the placement of the pops, the lanes, ramps and holes in the PF are very similar. Well if you're going to steal... steal from the best. I think DE should have given Pat Lawlor some money if not some credit for their best designed games other than TFTC.

This game's ruleset is better than I gave it credit for. Other than a few useless modes (and tAF and TZ don't have a few useless modes?) this game really makes the most of a dangerous layout. Getting to TOMMY wizard mode is truly worth it. The more I play it, the more I like it. I may have to find one and put it next to my TftC.
7 years ago
nice pin but not deep
7 years ago
I played this a few times at the local arcade and can't say that I really enjoyed it. Then I joined a pinball league and this game was selected which forced me to practice on it and learn more about it. I was surprised by the depth and features that Tommy offers and found the game play enjoyable especially the multiball. What I didn't like about it was the sound and music package. I'm not familiar with Tommy the album except for the hits played on the radio but I found the callouts and the voice used for the songs to be really annoying and grating after a short time. It has the lower quality DE music and sound which doesn't help anything either. Anyways a great game if you can handle the music,sound and unappealing artwork.
7 years ago
A real good machine. Interesting how the lack of seeing the flippers doesn't affect as much as you might think. Some interesting English characters and an absorbing game.
7 years ago
Owned this game for 8 years. Never got old to me. My wife hated the noise. I finally had to quiet things down and get rid of her, I mean, the game. An all time classic that belongs in every pinheads collection for a couple of years. Top 20 for fun and music.
7 years ago
I love this game. It is challenging, there's lots to shoot for and the art package is incredible. My only gripe would be that the scoring is a little unbalanced; the jackpots can really ramp up a score, even if the play beforehand has been poor. That really is a minor niggle though - this is awesome.
7 years ago
My favourite D/E pin. Love playing along to pinball wizard and so much to do on this pin. Would like to own one so I can get a real chance to experience all the modes and get to the wizard mode. Really like this pin. Seems it would get a higher rating if it were a Bally or Williams.
7 years ago
Tommy is a "players" pin in that it is very challenging. It takes practice to be able to make the shots and keep the ball in play. Lots of cool modes. Theme is great, and the Tommy Scoring that uses the blinders so you play as though you are blind (like Tommy) is great.

Music of from the Broadway musical and is not The Who, but is very good nonetheless. Music is very well integrated with gameplay.

I love the artwork on the playfield and cabinet, not so much on the backglass.

Overall a very good pin, one of the best DE DMD's out there.
7 years ago
I have owned this game for 10yrs now and still really like the looks of the pin from the yellow cab to the pinball topper topper that shows your reflection with the pinball wizard arrows poiinting at you. Like many people have said before, the blinders are one of the coolest toys put into a pinball machine. A game of Tommy is an adventure that seems much better if you are familiar with the Tommy 'history'. I would have preferred the Who to actually do the audio over the braodway version but that is my biggest gripe. Challenging modes, a tough right ramp and the need to smash a mirror makes this high on the 'fun-a-bility' chart for me
8 years ago
One of my favourite games. Great theme, music and flow. Topper is great. Never get sick of playing it and would probably be the last to go in my collection.
8 years ago
excellent game play and great the music and themes with a video mode... best data east game by far
8 years ago
The music is taken from the musical, not from the album of the Who - but still well-done. Plenty of variation "assignments" to be completed - after owning it for half a year, I still didn't play the "pinball wizard" mode.
Easy multiball. Unique feature: play "blind" like Tommy mode, when the flippers are blinded and you have a 3-ball multiball.
8 years ago
I'm a "the who" fan and i love this game also the outlines are way too open. The music is great and the modes are fun and i think the DMD animations are very stylish. I would like to own one.
8 years ago
Wish it was based on the album instead of the show.
There are 101 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 5.

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