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Time Warp

Pinside rating

This game received 46 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 6.910 /10


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This game ranks #282 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 6.909

Artwork: 7.394

Sounds/Music: 5.682

Other Aspects: 6.95

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Found 24 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 24 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 months ago
Maybe underrated? I think the artwork really gets your imagination going. "A Pinball Journey Into the Future And Past" - love it. 5 bumpers are fun. Kind of hard to figure out what you're supposed to be doing right away. The late 70s Williams sounds don't get old.

And, of course, the banana flippers. I've seen the blue ones and the whitish-yellow ones and have no idea which is original. The blue ones look great. If I owned this I know I'd be using normal flippers 90% of the time but I'd want the curved ones to use sometimes, and certainly for visitors. They take getting used to, I suppose, which I haven't been able to do in the few times I've played this at shows. The wife got a huge kick out of them though.

Evocative, fun game with a very low price point. Not the best from the period but hard to criticize.

*Wife approval* "Save the banana flippers!" she says as a rallying cry, after I tell her only two games had them. "Why do you like these so much?" I ask. "Well, I like bananas, and I like flippers..."
8 months ago
This game is a lot of fun. The flippers are just unique and could make any game fun.
Not sure why other variations weren't tried on any other game.
I actually like the art on this game. Except for the 1970s dude with the short mustache.
This to me is the big fail with this game … A caveman, a jungle dude , anything but this dude would of been better.
I have a hard time looking at it.
1 year ago
This game is very under rated. Its a lot of fun with great multiplier and if you know where to put the ball its a lot of fun. The sides are very easy to lose your ball for sure.
1 year ago
Pick up a Time Warp just so I could have a machine with curved flippers. Its actually a very fun and challenging game. Bullseye shot is almost impossible, i seem to hit when im not trying. I dont mind the art. All in all for the price I think it was a great title to add to my collection.
1 year ago
Totally underrated game! Have had for a few years and it is in great shape and plays well. Have to use the curved flippers or you are not playing the game as intended. Great sounds and with some colored LEDS in the back glass looks great. Wax it up and let it rip. Unique and fun game--if you can find one in good shape get it.
1 year ago
I think this is a fun and underrated machine. You must play this game with the banana clippers as it’s an interesting twist to playing pinball. The flippers can put a wicked spin on the ball allowing you to clear all the drops at once. Bullseye shot is really tough to hit, likely because of the banana flippers.

Won’t last in a small collection but definitely worth playing. It can be acquired on the cheap so I wouldn’t hesistate to grab one at the right price.
2 years ago
This is our first home pin. The game plays fast if you concentrate on the two drop banks close to the flippers. On the other hand, firing the ball through the pops into the upper playfield buys you a few moments to relax. I like the art and original theme; it looks like a backlit comic book with flashy lights. An average game for our family is a score in the tens of thousands and is over within 2 minutes. Lookout, the outlanes are drain monsters. I turned off the continuous background sound/noise and the game came with straight flippers instead of bananas. I think the straight flippers are the key to enjoying this pin in a small collection, changing it from an odd-ball pin to a fast traditional shooter. Overall, I'm happy with this pin and plan to keep it as our collection grows.
2 years ago
Classic game with good art. Bonus collect and banana flippers are cool. Sounds are NOT the best.
3 years ago
This is very fun with the curved flippers when you start looping the drops. I am currently restoring one and plan to update the flippers to modern bases and coils to get some extra power and control to make those curved flippers amazing!
3 years ago
Banana flippers!! makes for a challenging game and a great piece of pinball history. ugly backglass.
3 years ago
Good old game
4 years ago
This game made us a ton of money on route.

Great WTF 1970's artwork, eerie droning sound, and of course, the curved flippers (Williams never called them "banana flippers").

Curved flippers are the ONLY way to play Time Warp. There are 6,931 other pins with straight flippers, but only 2 games with the cool curved ones. If you just want to bat the ball around, pick any of those other games. But if you want a challenge, you've got to step up and get your ass kicked by the curved flippers. They allow you to put a wicked spin on the ball, sometimes clearing all the drops on the playfield in a single sweep.

There are some tough shots on the playfield. Getting up the right lane to the upper target is tough, and trying to shoot through the pops to get the ball back to the top of the playfield is for skilled players only.

You might not want Time Warp as your only game, because once you master the curved flippers, you can only transfer your skills to one other game (Disco Fever); but in a line up with a few games, Time Warp is a game you go back to again and again. Visitors playing the game for the first time squeal with delight as the flippers impart a strange spin onto the ball, "Are their magnets on this?" they always ask.

A great oddball game for those those who want to further their pinball skills past the everyday Italian Bottom games.
4 years ago
Time warp was the first game I purchased and I still have it years later!! It's fast and fun for the era and the banana flippers give it a unique feel. It's a bummer time warp gets such a bad rap.
4 years ago
Time Warp is a game I wanted to like and keep but there are certain elements that make it just fall short as a keeper in my opinion.

The most glaring issue I found after several hundred games is that this game is an outlane drain monster. The jet bumpers are littered in the mid/upper playfield and the closest two in the middle and left side like to send the ball right to the outlanes. Speaking of the upper playfield area I find it all but completely cut out from the actual game. If you get the A-B-C rollovers twice you'll light the special in the upper right of the PF (my favorite shot by the way). I think this maybe happened only a couple times in the hundreds of games I played/watched and most of your upper playfield action will happen on the plunge. Again, with the jet bumpers all over the mid-upper section and the saucer in the way it's too risky to even bother going for the upper PF. There are very little points in the bumpers and the A-B-C points and rewards aren't fantastic. Usually it's worth it to light each reward on the saucer then leave the upper PF alone.

I find the scoring unbalanced on this game as you’ll quickly find out the most optimal way to make big points is the right side 5-bank drop targets. Complete them several times with each completion getting you the juicy bonus multiplier and go for the challenging shot on the upper right to score big points (especially when bonus is worked to 5x/10x, it awesome hearing the sound count up all the points). The left bank is mostly a waste of time though even on ‘conservative’ it can be fairly challenging to complete it five times to get the left saucer free ball (very satisfying). The problem with working the drop targets is again the ball careening into the outlanes. I have to admit it can get pretty exciting working the lower playfield, slamming down drop target banks, having the slingshots help out sending the ball left and right, working up the bonus etc.

I find the sounds great in this game as I do for most of the early Williams solid states. My personal favorite is completing the 5-bank drop targets three times to get the special. The building up pitch of the background sound adds a bit of excitement for me. I find the art great with good coloration/design and I just think the cab art is just plain cool.

Overall though with the upper playfield being largely unnecessary, having only one real objective (five target drop bank), and the hideous outlane drain issue the game gets stale fairly quickly. It’s fun to turn over the six digit display a couple times but after that you might be ready for something new.

Note: There is programming glitch in this game where sometimes the outhole will fire twice and cut the background sound off. I find that it seems to mostly happen when draining on the left outlane when it’s lit but other types of drains will trigger it too.
5 years ago
I bought this game just because of the unique banana flippers. Then I later realized that I really like the simplicity of the game and the artwork.
I haven't taken the time to figure out all the rules yet, because I mostly spend my time trying not to let the ball drain down the out lanes.
I would probably get tired of it, if it was my only game; but in a collection it does well.
5 years ago
Awesome sound effects, reasonable art package, that is all that can be said for this game. Maybe that it is a nice Williams specimen for this era? The banana flippers are a complete joke. If you are a museum they are great, but if you want to play the game and have fun, you will tire of them very quickly.
5 years ago
Unique game with banana flippers. I got excellent play time out of this machine. Almost never drains between the flippers. Somewhat of a beginners machine but that's OK when you were a pinball addicted kid on a tight budget. Yes, I played this game extensively when it was new.
The play is a bit repetitive. 2 banks of drop targets and not a whole lot more. The right lane is a difficult shot. Unfortunately it kicks it out about mid PF. The upper PF is pretty difficult to access. On the upside, 5 bumpers provide decent action.
the artwork is OK at best. At least it doesn't interfere with following the ball.
6 years ago
I love time travel and sci fi themes. This has it all. Plus with five bumpers and banana flippers! Depending on what background sounds you're machine is set to the background audio can get a little intense...good and bad....but all in all sounds are great. Fun play!
6 years ago
My version features the banana flippers. They are really hard to master, but are an interesting gimmick.
6 years ago
Time Warp is a completely different game with the banana flippers. Everyone should try it once...just once though. It can be tough to make shots with them which leads to a frustrating experience.

However, with traditional flippers, this game is very enjoyable. Especially if you like drop targets. It's a blast hitting them! If it's set up right it can be a very fast game given the location of the drop targets so close to the flippers. I clear-coated mine and upgraded the flippers and it was so fast I thought I'd break something every time I played it.

Time Warp is a victim of the time it was released and suffers from lack of multi-ball or lane change. But, this adds to the challenge of achieving your A-B-C roll-overs. Kind of like Gorgar only less brutal. It has some good early solid-state sounds too (like Flash).

You can usually find one for a good price and it's worth putting some work in to get it working right. But, you can forget that backglass. They flake like crazy so you'll have a hard time finding one worthy of showing off. Time Warp will be the scooter in your garage. Fun to take for a spin but you don't want anyone else to see.
7 years ago
Time Warp gets a bad rap and the game deserves better. Here's why...

The Pros:
The game plays very quickly. Bonus and the right lane to the target at the top of the PF are key to scoring well on this deck. Especially with banana flippers, this is not an easy shot to make. Drop targets are well placed and when was the last time you saw a game of this vintage with 5 pop-bumpers. Give this game a new set of white rubber and a coat of wax. Action, action, action! The upper left saucer has great rewards that are timed... the lanes light the special, what do you go for?

The Cons:
Many of these games are beat up. It's hard to find one in good condition. Suffers from sticky drop targets at times. BG's seem to flake quite a bit.

The Takeaway:
Whether you like traditional flippers or the banana flippers to test your skills, this game when properly maintained, is a blast to play. Oursler outlanes (tm) keep you nudging and the angle of the drop targets keep that ball bouncing side to side. Backhand shots work best for these 8 targets. The Artwork may seem cluttered, but it works with the theme quite well. An underestimated table for sure. With nearly 9000 made you can grab one for a good price and play it every day!
9 years ago
Bannana flippers are cool
9 years ago
Not a big fan of this one. Don't particularly like the looks, sound or gameplay. Gameplay is pretty average and pretty slow. The banana flippers are cool as a change of pace but the rest of the game is forgettable even for that era.
9 years ago
I love the art and colors on this game. The backglass and playfield are nicely done. I enjoy the sounds as well, early SS with no speech, but the electronic sounds are cool. Gameplay is pretty good for the time, love the drop targets and 5 pops. Bannana flippers are fun, but I like it better with straight. I think I'll hold on to this one.
There are 24 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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