Theatre of Magic

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Game design: 8.613

Artwork: 8.571

Sounds/Music: 7.951

Other Aspects: 8.462

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Found 504 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 504 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 years ago
Pretty pin with many fun things to do and toys. Not the most difficult pin when you learn it in home use, but still a complete classic.
5 years ago
Fantastic game in every way. Magical toy, fantastic flow, great art and music, captive ball (a favorite feature) and terrific lightshow. This should be a top 5 game.
5 years ago
I just don't like the shot variety on the playfield. The loop is like a boomerang that flies right back in your face. The toys are cool. My wife likes the game, but I don't like it that much. I like the cabinet artwork but I feel the backglass is kind of boring as is the game itself.
5 years ago
in my opinion, the best pinball machine ever.
5 years ago
Needs better wizard mode
5 years ago
Beautiful but boring. Left loop all day if you're playing conservatively in competition. Lousy wizard mode, decent multiball, but overall just bad rules. Too bad as playfield flows very well.
5 years ago
Has that 'one more game factor' evidenced by the jerk who monopolized the pin for three hours before I got to play. But once I did, heck, I was all over that sucker! Such a good game. Pure pin, in the realm with Medevil Madness.

So much to like that's already been said, but here are a few highlights:

1. The tricks with the bash-toy/box. Only the Shadow's dissapearing-ball trick impressed me more;
2. Flow--this game has it!;
3. Multiballs were fair; and
4. The call-outs and theme are terrific.

I can't think of a single thing I didn't love about this pin, aside from the fat dude playing on a chair for three hours ahead of me. Sour grapes.
5 years ago
One of my tops 5 favorite games!
5 years ago
Now that I've completely shopped this game (topside and bottom side) and had it in my collection for about 6 months I can give an honest review. First off as everyone knows, the game artwork is amazing. I find few will argue with this. As for the lighting, I think the lightshow is also really well done. I used Comet LEDs throughout including the GI. I admit the strobing in the GI is annoying but I can deal with it until I install a GI OCD board. As for the toys, I'm a huge fan of magnets and think the were implemented really well into the gameplay. Especially the outlane magnets. The trunk is also a clever feature that takes a beating but provides plenty of entertainment on all sides.. And I personally love the soundtrack and special effect sounds. I have Pinball Pro speakers and I swear it feels like there's a shaker motor in the game when you hit the captive ball and the thunder strikes. Highly recommend upgrading speakers for this game.

Now for the gameplay. I have to admit once you get a feel for all the shots the game tends to be a bit easy. I have my outlanes opened all the way which helps add some challenge but it's not uncommon for me to hit over a billion every 5th game or so. The rules are fun, but not overly challenging and while getting to wizard mode takes some time, it's fun but somewhat anticlimactic. I really wish this game was a bit more challenging but there's something about it that keeps you coming back for more.
TOM is also a great game if you have kids because it's a very approachable theme with lots of cool features. I'm sure I'll be holding on to it for a while but could see it leaving my (very small) collection eventually for a deeper, more challenging game.
If and when I does go, I know I will have seller's remorse because it is such a beautiful and fun game.
5 years ago
Theatre of Magic is the game that started my hobby/obsession with pinball. I had only played this on the pinball arcade app before buying and having it shipped to my house. It’s everything I hoped it would be. The flow and smoothness of this game is the best I’ve seen. This makes for very fast loops and lots of combos. Notable features are the trunk (obviously), the magnets for the ball save, trunk and spirit ring, the trap door, vanishing ball, and “floating” ball above the pop bumpers. The multiball is relatively easy to obtain but hard to keep; and the light show sequence upon startup is my favorite part of the game! I think the artwork and dmd animations are awesome (even better with a color DMD). Finally, the music and sounds are great; there is no mistaking what you’re supposed to shoot for next. Overall this game is fantastic; easy for anyone to start playing and have fun, but hard to be good at without practice.
5 years ago
This one will be played over and over.
5 years ago
Always loved this game growing up, still has a hold on me. Would like to add one to my collection one day.
5 years ago
Imho nearly perfect!
5 years ago
I was considering buying ToM but I never played it before. I finally tracked down a machine about 70 miles from my home. Long story short, I am not getting it. The machine I was playing on was in terrible shape but I still got the idea of what the game could or could not be like.
It is fast and fun, nice art work. The backglass is really eye candy. Unfortunately the upper right half of the PF is covered by gadgets so you can't track the ball, that really irritates me. It's not a bad game, it is really fun, just not as cool as I hoped it would be even giving it credit for the deplorable condition that particular machine was in. A fair amount of shots to make but the flow and coolness factor are just lagging a bit in my book. But tastes differ, that's OK.
5 years ago
Beautifull playfield , great game and cool
Hard gameplay , just i don't like the final
5 years ago
Very simple pin and layout. Grew bored with it very quickly. Fun pin to play with the wife. Aggravating when ball would get stuck between magic trunk and post frequently.
5 years ago
Very nice machine, can be a bit easy...... need more time on it to see if I would add to my collection.

Update - Had a few games and love it, definitely adding one to my collection shortly....... lovely ramps and flow is amazing
5 years ago
Great machine all around! Ramps and loops are the best bit in my opinion! Rack them combos up!
5 years ago
amazing pinball....great musical ambiance, a lot of adrenaline with a game play very addict ...quick and fun fantastic ramps ! a dream !
5 years ago
Possibly one of my favorites pinball games. So much to do and see, simply amazing. From the multiple ramps, cool effects like the mirror in the back and of course the trunk and all it brings to this game.
5 years ago
Very fun game! I've played a few of these and every one I run across is poorly maintained. That being said, the trunk is a fun toy / target and the ramps and loop placement and hurry ups make for some great shots.

I plan to own one of these!
5 years ago
Unique theme really has appeal for me. Shot variability is good, but a little too heavily weighted to "hit the trunk" approach. Would love to add this to my collection one day.
5 years ago
Beautiful game the only thing wrong is the Wizard mode is kinda lame
5 years ago
Owned it for 6 months and enjoying the game. It's a very pretty game - beautifully drawn a colourful, and the cab art second only to MB in my opinion. The rules are quite simple, but enough variations in shots to keep it interesting. I don't enjoy fan layouts, and this one is close, but the fast trunk loop, trapdoor and trunk toy make for a bit of variety. Color DMD enhances the game well, and LED's for inserts blings it up well.
5 years ago
Owned one 1 year ago but sold has had some trunk problems but i missed this pin so much... and bought new one in mint condition.
TOM is such a nice pinball, very fast balls, nice ramp and trunk shots.
This is one of my most favourite game ever...
There are 504 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 8 of 21.

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