Theatre of Magic

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Game design: 8.606

Artwork: 8.554

Sounds/Music: 7.929

Other Aspects: 8.455

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Found 506 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 506 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 years ago
Some animation, including the "BOX" was not working, but I got the gist of the game. I have seen before but unable to play working model. I feel that if maintained could be fun for years to come.
4 years ago
When I first approached Theatre of Magic, I thought, "There seems to be an awful lot of empty space on the lower playfield." I thought maybe the designers were cutting corners or going for a minimalist style. But after I played it a few times, I realized what all that space is for: 2 speedy orbits, 2 ramps, the "box," and some other well placed features.

First, any game that does tricks with magnets (especially off the surface of the PF, e.g., on the side of the "box") usually wins some points with me for ingenuity (Dracula, X-Men, etc.). I found the skill shot challenging but fun to try for - I like how the release of the ball determines the prize.

I also liked call-outs ("I'm a great magician" - just me!!!), and the art.

The captive balls (usually another feature I like to see implemented well) are so-so, and the multiball was challenging for me.

I'd recommend this game to anyone, and I'll probably put it on my top 25 want-to-own list.
4 years ago
Very nice pin with great toys.
Sound and music is fantastic. Ball flow is perfect.

But the final of the game is very week.

But still a top 100 game
4 years ago
Very fast fun game.
4 years ago
An absolutely "fun" game above everything else. Sure, a few easy shots are to be found (as "easy" as pinball can be), but the flow is fantastic, the theme is amazing, and the game just begs for you to play over and over again. Oh, and back to the "easy" note.... good luck doing everything on this game, even if you do find that easy shot.

I never thought in a thousand years I'd have this one in my collection because every time I would see one for sale the price would be outrageous (for me), but thankfully an amazing pinsider posted one in 2015 for a doable amount with a color DMD installed and I just couldn't say no.

If you dig horror/magic, then this is the game to get. It's a beauty, with the most ingenious use of toys and magnets. I love it, and it fits quite perfectly in my haunted house arcade.
4 years ago
If she tells me I have the magic one more time...
But seriously, the flow to this game is one of a kind and is enough to make it stick around for now in my tiny collection.
4 years ago
When this game came out I thought it was the greatest pinball machine ever made.
I many ways it still is.
4 years ago
This is a really fun machine for both the novice and the expert. Lots of shots to make and great flow. The trunk is a great toy very fun to keep bashing it. If you see this pin give it a try in sure you'll like it.
5 years ago
This game is fun and fast to play, with great flow and combo possibilities. Probably the best flow of any non-Steve Ritchie game. I love the inner loop.

The art work is awesome and supports the theme just as good as any 90s DMD game. Unfortunately, the rules do no encourage completing modes, scoring is unbalanced, and it just seems like more of the same. "Shoot the chest", ignore the mode, repeat. Lame Wizard mode, then repeat.

Really a shame the software and rules are so bad because the game is fun to play, just no lastability.
5 years ago
very exciting game
5 years ago
Great game with deep ruleset, loaded with things to do. love the magic theme, the game looks awesome with a bunch of colour changing LEDS in the playfield.

One minor gripe might be that the game tells me "you have the magic" so much it sends you a little crazy, but I can live with that.

cabinet art is brilliant.
Playfield art is excellent
Backglass has the usual graphic of a girl with her boobs falling out...

This is a top 10 pin for sure.
5 years ago
This is very solid game, but for a supposed $5,000+ "Top 10" game I believe it's slightly overrated. The theming is excellent and the game is indeed fun - albeit not as deep as some of the other top titles. However, the sound is repetitive - and the ladie's incessant voice reassuring you that you "have the magic" is annoying, as others have mentioned. When compared to a game like TOTAN or MM which both have spectacular sound, this game falls woefully short.
5 years ago
Had this one for a few months on a temporary trade with a friend. Good flow, beautiful art package. But game play is what it's all about, and Theatre lacks in that department...I was pretty bored with it a few dozen plays in but kept trying to find the "magic" so I played a couple hundred more times. It's not there.
5 years ago
This game could be amazing if only the rules weren't so shallow. Killed only by a lack of depth in my collection. Perfect for beginners in my opinion. Callouts and lighting combine for amazing instruction to the user.
5 years ago
I love Playing this game when i see it on location but I can see this getting boring in a small collection.
With that said this game has amazing flow and pretty straight forward rules. It's just plain pinball fun
5 years ago
Had this game and really enjoyed it!
5 years ago
I really don't understand why so much hype for this game , I played it for my first time and was very disappointed . It's very repetitive . All the game play is based on hitting that trunk . Sorry but this pinball is awful .
5 years ago
Fun to play. Would like to add to my coollection
5 years ago
J Pop has always made "pretty looking game"

but functional games with a purpose

ToM took pinball to another level adding almost a Poetic spin on pinball bringing art and imagination into a amazing product

I loved the trunk and the use of magnets

when the ball is up in the roll overs and you look through the mirror its an optical illusion and you freak cause you think the ball is leaving the playfield - nice trick

overall the modes are good , very satisfying shots

ToM is worth playing or picking up for your collection
5 years ago
Fun at first but then gets repetitive.
5 years ago
This is one of those quality games you just want to play over and over again. It is my second favourite JPop game (after Tales of the Arabian Nights) and it definitely deserves a place in the Top 100.

- effective matching of the game itself (toys, sounds, modes) to the theme
- incredible artwork, really gives off the Theatre of Magic theme
- fantastic lightshow, ramps light up to indicate which one is the skill shot
- easy to learn
- outstanding playability, you can play for hours and hours
- game is full of surprises, just like a genuine magic show
- fabulous toys (particularly the trunk)
- lots of extra balls

- annoying multiball
- too many trapdoor shots
- lady's voice can get you on edge sometimes
5 years ago
This machine is by far one of the most difficult I have played in terms of getting to the endgame; despite this, there are lots of things to do, and basically every shot requires consistency in order to do them. It's a very fun machine, and pretty much the only letdown for me is that the organ music while you have no modes active can get a tad repetitive. Other than that, it's great, and I'd love to own it someday!
5 years ago
Very good game. The too many 'hit the trunk'shots. The multi balls are not very fun. You lose the balls too easily and don't get repeat balls when they drain I'm multi ball. Still, pretty addictive.
5 years ago
Cool game with decent flow... Fun to play. Nice artwork. Interesting theme.
5 years ago
ToM is one of those rare games that pulls off a unique theme with depth and quality. I like the funhouse-style countdown that you are always fighting against, and the trapdoor / quick shot opportunities are great practice for budding technical players. Music and sound are well matched, and the art package is worthy of the title. Laucher feels like a wasted opportunity for a cool skill shot, and the old "beat the target til something happens" mode select is a bit tiresome. Criticisms aside though, this is a sexy game that sounds, plays, and looks good with appeal for new and experienced players. Well deserved top rated game, and the reigning king of the "magic" pinball title. Owned a Pinball Magic and despite being totally different games (linear vs. mode), ToM feel more mature. One I'd own if I had the space and a good deal, but not one I'd overspend for.
There are 506 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 7 of 21.

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