Theatre of Magic

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Game Design: 8.622

Artwork: 8.529

Sounds/Music: 7.923

Other Aspects: 8.482

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Found 531 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 531 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 months ago
This game is awesome. I got lucky and stumbled upon one of these during a trip to a barcade.
I have heard nothing but great things about it. I actually got a free credit someone left on the machine so the first play was free. I don't think most people know about matching because there were 3-4 machines with credits on them when I walked into the place...ohh well more free games for me.

The trunk target/toy alone is so amazing. I hit it a few times and a hole opened up...ok cool. Then multi-ball started and things got crazy. I thought "Ohh that's cool, that's all it does". Then I hit another ball at the trunk and BAM it magnetized to the trunk...which then rotated 180 degrees. For a pin from 95' this thing is stellar. In terms of fun factor, I'd put this up against most modern pins any day of the week. I would say this is now 3rd in my top 10 games.
9 months ago
Might be the best pin ever, skip the licenses and go for quality.
9 months ago
One of the best pins ever made and a great game for players of all ages. I played this game for hours a day for what seemed like years before I bought mine. Kept it a long time and only sold it when I moved and didn't have space to keep. There is a lot to do and everything ties together well. This game never failed to please (except when the truck would act up) and you could never go wrong adding it to your collection if you have the chance.
9 months ago
This is my all time favorite machine.
It may be nostalgia but it has all the classic wants in a machine. The art is great, the Music is suspenseful and appropriate. From the others in the community I have talked to it is a fairly easy machine to keep running. My hope is to own one very soon
10 months ago
This is another outstanding game from Williams heyday in the 90’s.

Pros: theme integration, cool magnet effects, sound, art, versatility of the awesome trunk toy, number of shots, smooth play.

Cons: not much - there seems to be an occasional rare malfunction with the trunk, strong players might find the game too “easy”.
10 months ago
First played a Theatre of Magic pinball in the local bowling alley when I was about 16 years old right after it was released. In 2006 I was fortunate enough to buy one for my father who is a professional magician. It's a great machine, that, even 25 years later, is better than some of the modern pinballs coming out. This one will never leave our collection.
10 months ago
11 months ago
One of my favorite games growing up. Really want to own this one at some point.
1 year ago
Excellent theme. Fun to play. Silky smooth ramps. The trunk is fun to shoot. I owned a beautiful example but, in the end it was not a keep for me. The music and sounds are kinda repetitive. A remake with updates could be cool?
1 year ago
What a classic. There is something about this that has unique charm, character and excitement.
This era of pinball has had some spectacular titles. Theatre of Magic as a theme is brilliant and has so much fun and mystique. Heaps of brilliant toys - the reverse mirror at the top for the lanes is simply brilliant ! After adding the colour DMD it pops and I REALLY love this machine. It seems every time I add a Bally machine to my collection it becomes an instant keeper.
Great layout with so many options and so many NEW twists and turns.
1 year ago
It's a fun game. Great shots and i like the flow. But it gets a little shallow after owning it for a while.
1 year ago
All the loops and ramps feel too easy. Shoot it pretty much anywhere and it’ll go up something or another. The trunk mechanism is cool with the different unique sides.
1 year ago
Amazing game. I have only played on location but after sinking plenty of money into it, it never gets old. Great theme meets great rules and gameplay.
1 year ago
An all time classic. Even for terrible players like me. Mine is never gonna leave.
1 year ago
Love this game. Theme, sounds and gameplay keep me coming back.
1 year ago
Nice game! Grabbed it for the looks! Not a deep game, but the shoots are really nice!
1 year ago
Highly fun to play over and over. Takes time to figure out the combinations and unlock the various goals. The background music does not get old or monotonous. Shows how a game can hold your interest if it's well designed and thought out in terms of toys, etc.
1 year ago
One of the greatest pin ever in my opinion. The artwork is fantastic. The game is very fun and the trunk toy is very cool. I absolutely love the animation when you lock a ball for multiball.
1 year ago
I love the code, the way this game plays, and the look. It is one of my favorite games for so many reasons. Doesn't get as much love as it should.
1 year ago
Great game.The rules are easy to follow and the design flows well.The use of magnets in this game is well done.The magnet that saves your ball from draining is a great feature
1 year ago
I think I is a complex game but everything else is fun the toys are cool and if your ball goes down the outlane sometimes the magic pulls the ball back in and the rules are easy after you play it a few games
1 year ago
Artwork is among the best out there, game has flow and is really fun to play. Shallow ruleset is the only issue with this one.
1 year ago
Got to do a full cleaning of the Pacific Pinball Museum's game and wow does it pop once it's all polished up! I wind up taking photos of the bunnies every damn time I play. Tons of fun, lots of challenges.
1 year ago
Theatre of Magic was my "Second love game." After I had been playing pinball for a while, I really fell in love with this game. It's a killer theme with great modes. I love flowy games, and this one shoots like butter. From a kinetic feel alone, I'd play this game all day. That said as I've played more machines, the rules have felt a little lack luster, especially if you can hit that left orbit on repeat and blow the game up fairly safely. When I play now, I tend to just go for modes and play it a little more close to what I believe the designer imagined. Even then, I'm still able to just enjoy the game for how it shoots. I enjoy this game a lot, and I think it's really friendly to casual players. If you are looking for something for you and your non-pin friends to love, this would be a great bet. If you are a hardcore tourney player, I'd look elsewhere.
1 year ago
Just a overall great pin awesome theme shots and callouts
A must have pinball machine
The theatre is awaiting !
There are 531 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 2 of 22.

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