Theatre of Magic

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Game design: 8.598

Artwork: 8.542

Sounds/Music: 7.92

Other Aspects: 8.446

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Found 513 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 513 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 years ago
Who the heck thought of a "tigersaw"?

Doesn't matter, it's still cool as all getout.

ToM is a solid game with a fun theme, give it a few coins if you get the chance.
7 years ago
Fun! Best flow game I have. Trunk is super cool. Lots of modes. Many ways to rack up points. Best jpop game so far!
7 years ago
great game,really loved it,love the toys,very impressive right through,just had a heap of fun!!!! if trunk isn't working this game is dead in the water.. hit the trunk, hit the trunk!!!!!
7 years ago
Great game! Gameplay, artwork and sound are all solid. One of the best all around games
7 years ago
Not sure what people see in this. Utter and complete dog in terms of fun factor and longterm playability.
7 years ago
This is the best game I've played thus far. Probably one of the nicest cabinets. Sound is cristal clear, and just by listening you will know what to do next. Lots of nice features and animations, multiballs, locked balls, etc etc etc. This is a game Ive been playing for more than 10-years now, and still my favorite. An all round fun game that keep making you come back for more. Was looking for a nice one for a long time, and WILL NEVER SELL THIS GAME EVER!!!
7 years ago
best gameflow of any pin I've ever played
7 years ago
TOM is a solid game. The artwork on the cabinet is beautiful and playfield is better than average. When walking up to the machine, the layout just looks like fun to play. The game can be fast and flowy if you are able to hit your shots....the inner loop around the trunk can really generate a lot of speed for the pinball.

If playing a dialed in TOM, the ball times can get rather long...I have played several games over 15 minutes where I started to lose interest.

A good game to either have in a larger collection or to have for a little while before moving on to another title.
7 years ago
fun machine, but gets a little repetitive and easy after a while.
7 years ago
Beautiful. I'm not certain it will last in a small collection.
7 years ago
good pinball
7 years ago
The flow is incredible, and the shots are laid out very well. this machine has great ramps and killer toys! the only thing that really bothers me about this game is the ball launch... it was a total after thought as if it was forgotten about. If it simply had the same ball launch/ skill shot combo WCS had I'd rate much higher. Still one of the best tho..
7 years ago
This machine has great flow with the ramps and a fun toy to shoot at, but I just don't like the theme. It's not cool, and it's not corny enough to be campy. It's just kind of lame.

Despite the good flow, I can't really muster up much tension for the various shots. It tries to get all tense as the timers for the tricks count down, but ultimately they really don't matter much in terms of scoring, nor do completing the tricks have any affect on the Grand Finale (for a better ruleset, see STTNG, where you are encouraged to participate in the missions by potentially collecting artifacts that yield huge rewards if/when one reaches the Final Frontier).

so, in summary: great flow. nice layout. lame theme. mediocre rules. underwhelming climax.
7 years ago
I'll take TOM over almost anything, including MM.
7 years ago
It's perhaps the best looking machine ever made. The playfield is stunning and it has one of my favorite pinball themes of all time mixed in (and I'm not even into magic!).

Gameplay wise it's fun, although the rules are just too shallow to make it great. You find yourself aiming at the trunk more often than not and it doesn't utilize other aspects of the playfield enough. The shots become easy rather quickly and I imagine after awhile most players don't find it terribly challenging. And the wizard mode is horribly disappointing which is a shame for such a great theme.

There are still plenty of aspects of this game that are fun though, and it's a great addition to a big collection. But if this is going to be one of the only pins in your home, I just think you'd get bored of it too quickly.
7 years ago
One of my all time fave games, simply due to all the different modes you can unlock for multiball. And the sounds, man, the sounds!
7 years ago
Fun game - - this game has many fun shots and the fun factor is very high!
Played many great games on this machine.
7 years ago
Like a pretty girl that doesn't have much going on upstairs. Beautiful pin but lacks depth.
7 years ago
Shortest lived WPC game ever in my collection. Never regretted selling it. Beautiful game, but not one that made me want to come back and play more.
7 years ago
Great art, flow, and sounds. The trunk is a great toy, but surely takes a beating. Great use of magnets and mirrors. Classic Bally pin.
7 years ago
one of the better light shows I've seen in pinball, I'll turn all the lights out to play this one, they obviously took their time on making that just right where some of the sequences seem to pull you into the table or at least does a good job of disorienting your sight for a second, marvelous. nice ramp layout, good ball movements with a couple of neat tricks here and there makes for a solid pinball machine
7 years ago
Excellent game with great flow. Complete use of the theme with art and sound. Game looks great with LEDs to make the inserts pop. Highly recommended.
7 years ago
I feel TOM is the best looking B/W games out there. It is not the greatest player however. The rules just never grabbed me and it just seemed mundane.

I will say this, TOM has the best cabinet art of any pinball machine ever made IMHO.
7 years ago
OK, maybe the worst wizard mode ever? One ball? Or, if that's to harsh, the most disappinting and anti-climatic. Because it really should be MUCH better for a game that is otherwise a classic and now must be overated for eternity. You don't even have to finish any of the illusions, really do anything during an illusuon at all, to get to the Wizard Mode? Not good. My rating of the rules here heavily downgrades the final grade.

I also happen to think the female callouts - "you have the MAGIC!"..."you're aMAZEing" get very annoying. Maybe not as annoying as Rudy...but pretty darn close. So much so that I've decided the woman on the backglass kinda bugs me too. Which is why the backglass only gets a "good" instead of the overall "excellence" I've rated the rest of the art package.

There is a LOT to like about this game. Nice flow, cool shots, awesome toys. Another JPOP work of art that suffers because of a sub-par rule set.
7 years ago
Good game... that I would find repetitive if in my collection. Always a pleasure to play wherever I find it, though.
There are 513 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 13 of 21.

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