Theatre of Magic

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Game design: 8.6

Artwork: 8.543

Sounds/Music: 7.922

Other Aspects: 8.449

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Found 511 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 511 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 years ago
I really like this game. IMHO it is not too challenging. Shots are pretty basic, and it always comes down to a few key areas on the PF. Multiball is pretty easy, and constantly shooting at the trunk gets a bit old after a while. The call-outs get repetitive, especially since I don't necessarily think "I have the magic", but it is a great pin that everyone will enjoy. Not sure why it is so expensive, but appreciate it nonetheless. If you haven't played one you really should, it's one of those games everyone needs to play a few times.
6 years ago
One of the best
6 years ago
I like Pinball Magic better. Although TOM has some things Pinball Magic doesn't, I think Pinball Magic is more fun and challenging.
6 years ago
Para de los 10 mejores...muy rapido y divertido,ademas de ser uno de los mas bonitos
6 years ago
This is what I would call the first of the John Popadiuk trilogy of great, original themed machines, Theatre of Magic, Tales of the Arabian Nights and Cirqus Voltaire. Besides being pinball machines, they are beautifull works of art. Of all 3, this is probably the most balanced, more complete game, and for the reason, I can consider my favourite of the 3, and my all time favourite too because to me, its the complete package. If I could only keep one machine, this would be it.

Good :
- Cabinet & playfield Art is amazing
- Sound is very good. The announcers (male & female) is well made.
- Very well implemented magic theme
- Trunk is one of the best toys in all of pinball
- Amazing flow when you get things right
- Great light show
- Great mods available to improve the machine

- Grand finale is weak
- Some say its a bit easy
6 years ago
Machine is currrently 14 in Pinside 100 and I think it is underrated.
6 years ago
This is a great game. I've spent hours on it, love playing it! Scoring is easy but I feel for the general public this game is easy to pick up.
6 years ago
My favorite pinball machine ever created, been playing it since the day it came out. The beautiful play field offers a ton of shots, a deep set of objectives keeps every game challenging. The theme is consistent and timeless, play is quick but not ridiculously fast, and the sound is extremely well done for a game from 1995. This game with LED's is totally awesome, it lights up like a christmas tree.
6 years ago
This is a great game, however IMO is not sustainable in a small collection. I have 4 pins right now and pretty much can spank this one every time I step up to play it. So in short I log a couple games a month on this one and get to Grand Finale almost every time (3 ball). Art is awesome, sound integration is awesome, modes are awesome, pixels are awesome. This is a Pinball masterpiece IMO. Will never let this one go.
6 years ago
Best Machine Ever !
6 years ago
This is a game that definitely grew on me when I had a chance to play it at a nearby bowling alley. The game wasn't in great condition but it's a lot of fun. I enjoy the cheesy voiceovers for some reason too. "Hocus Pocus"... "Amaaaazing skill!"
6 years ago
This is the second time I have owned Theatre of Magic. I regretted letting it go the first time as soon as it left my home. It is a very fast pin with a great ruleset. Many have said that the entire game is "hit trunk, hit trunk hit trunk, rinse, repeat"...but there is quite a bit more to this pin. To play it correctly, and play it well takes quite a bit of practice. There are many shots that must be hit to beat the game. If set up correctly, this is a very challenging pin.
That being said, you can still score massive points by simply hitting the trunk over and over. The problem with this is: hitting the trunk at the wrong angle will take you SDTM often.
6 years ago
A pretty cool game, with all the toys and mechanisms. But, the theme feels a little bit too classy for me, and the music is a slight letdown. Fun game, but I wouldn't acquire one.
7 years ago
Theatre of Magic looks great and has a great theme. Who doesn't like magic? I enjoy how the modes are tied to different magic tricks.

I had high expectations when I went to play this game. However, I was let down. The modes are too repetitive for me and shooting the trunck repeatedly gets old. I may put a few quarters into one of these but it's off my list of pins to own.
7 years ago
didn't like the game
7 years ago
Very cool visual tricks. Several things to shoot at. Game is starting to show it's age compared to the newer Sterns but it will always be a classic.
7 years ago
Owned a TOM for 3 years. Loved it. One of the great ones that was not based on something else.
7 years ago
I own this machine and really love it. The machine is a classic for a reason.
7 years ago
Love it. One of the BEST.
7 years ago
Flow ... flow ... flow ....

When you get into the zone on this machine ... the combos keep coming. You feel like a pinball hero!

Awesome sound. It's as if Ann Wilson (of Heart) is talking to me while I play. "Shoot for the trunk." Now I just need those dudes from Weird Science to bring that smokey-voiced vixen on the back glass to life.

Yes, many people go for the Multi-ball on this one, but there are still great points to be had all over the playfield. Midnight Madness doesn't happen often ... and it rocks!

Very difficult to start all of the Illusions in a 3 ball game. I love a challenge.
7 years ago
Really like the theme and all the different modes. The basement is a cool feature. Have never reached The Grand Finale, but hope too someday. Wish there were more in my neck of the woods to play cause I really enjoy playing it.
7 years ago
Fun game with plenty of ramps.
7 years ago
Definitely a Top 10 table, should get more love than it does. Lots of cool toys on the playfield, multiple multiball modes, great theme & the best cabinet art IMO. The sounds are really outstanding.
7 years ago
Who the heck thought of a "tigersaw"?

Doesn't matter, it's still cool as all getout.

ToM is a solid game with a fun theme, give it a few coins if you get the chance.
7 years ago
Fun! Best flow game I have. Trunk is super cool. Lots of modes. Many ways to rack up points. Best jpop game so far!
There are 511 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 12 of 21.

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