Theatre of Magic

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Game design: 8.606

Artwork: 8.554

Sounds/Music: 7.929

Other Aspects: 8.455

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Found 506 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 506 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 years ago
Many faceted game, lots to do, lots of cool gimicks. I always play this machine when I see it and it is the next one that I would like to add to my collection. I have heard that they are difficult to maintain with many problems being the trunk. I still would not hesitate to get one if I can find one for the right price.
6 years ago
6 years ago
Magic box is usually pretty beat up, but when this game is working 100% it's a lot of fun! Too bad the wizard mode is only one ball after doing all that work to get there.
6 years ago
Theatre of Magic was a machine I kept coming back to on a visit to a nearby pinball arcade recently. The gameplay is fun, the layout is interesting, the design of the field and toys are well done- the mysterious cube/chest is the main feature and adds a bunch of variation to the gameplay so it doesn't become repetitive. One thing I did notice is that the left rail is set up so it can be shot at continuously over and over again if you do it right. Didn't bother me, just something I noticed. Theatre of Magic is a game I would love to have in my collection.
6 years ago
6 years ago
Wish the Grand Finale was better.
6 years ago
so many great tricks it's A perfect pin trunk,magnasaves,trapdoors,cool ramps,great mods avail.the total package.
6 years ago
will never give it away!
6 years ago
Pinball initially fascinating for the presence of that famous magic cube but then to gradually you realize that there's the monotony and you realize that most likely is a decidedly normal pinball and extremely overrated
6 years ago
Wicked fast! Plays very tough when on tournament settings. Not my cup of tea, but I can see why others really enjoy it.
6 years ago
One of my favorites of all time, a real classic. Set apart by not having to rely on any existing property, the level of originality and clever design really makes this machine unique. Plus it's beautiful and really ripe for amazing mods!
6 years ago
TOM is an art masterpiece. The mirror by the jet rollover lanes looks awesome. On art package alone, this and TOTAN are as good as it gets. Theme is cool, and I like the magnasave. Unfortunately, it all goes downhill from there for me. The sound package is not very good. The woman's voice and call outs get annoying very quickly. The trunk is not that interesting of a toy, and they break easily. I am not a fan of the inner loop behind the trunk. The game is too easy for good players. Underneath the good looks, I do not see an A quality title based on playability, but a very average one. IMO this is one of the most overrated DMD games of the 90's.
6 years ago
Fun game a little over rated and priced capcom pinball a much better value
6 years ago
The theme is interesting but the interpretation seems to be lacking something. The trunk toy as a focal point is just so-so. I feel they could have done some more interesting unique things with this theme. It is a pretty fun game to play overall though, and it did have me coming back to play several games on it. Playfield art is done well, as is the translite. Music is okay. Not a fan of the sound effects and call-outs. I don't think I'd want to own one, even if the price was great. You can get an idea for it on the Pinball Arcade.
6 years ago
I know others have said it, but the magic trunk is one of the greatest interactive toys ever built into a pin. The other, in my opinion, is the castle in MM. ToM is a fun game, but I felt like I had explored everything pretty quickly and it did not have the humor or fun of AFM to bring me back for more. Great pin, but it needs a lot of other options sitting next to it in a home environment.
6 years ago
Theatre of Magic is another good machine from Bally. Manufactured in the middle of the 'Golden Era of Pinball'. Very nice cabinet art. Even the aprov card go with the theme. The backglass art is also good but i recall it sort of freaking me out as a kid. It didn't make me want to put too many coins in it. This pinball is a bit too serious i think, or something. Not as much fun as it should be. Collectable and popular, but not my thing. Game plays pretty well and i like the ramps. I like the cleavage on the backglass a hell of a lot. Havent played it for a long, long time but never felt the urge to put lots of coins in this one. Understand why people like it. It's an interesting theme and the machine mathes it well. A good Bally/Williams pinball but not heir most fun.
6 years ago
This game may be the MOST beautiful game ever made...aesthetically. I loved this game when i was a youngster, however, i really do not go out of my way to play this as an adult. It is a fun game, but hitting the magic trunk over and over again doesn't make for a fun time. Apparently i don't have the MAGIC.
6 years ago
I see more people move this game in and out of collections more than most>
Good game, but not a long term keep. Always easy to find one for sale.
6 years ago
Original playfield layout and nice flow with a wide variety of shots. In addition, the trap door and magic box are nice features. However, the theme doesn't do it for me. In addition, the callouts, music, etc.. seem just too serious - I prefer a game with some humor. I can understand and respect those that really enjoy this pin but just not my style.
6 years ago
Love this game and going though a thinning of machines from 12 to 5 I have kept this over MM MB TOTAN AFM. I just love this game and find it challenging and interesting every time I play. I do not get bored this this title. A keeper for me
6 years ago
The one that got me hooked on pinball as a kid.
6 years ago
I really like this game. IMHO it is not too challenging. Shots are pretty basic, and it always comes down to a few key areas on the PF. Multiball is pretty easy, and constantly shooting at the trunk gets a bit old after a while. The call-outs get repetitive, especially since I don't necessarily think "I have the magic", but it is a great pin that everyone will enjoy. Not sure why it is so expensive, but appreciate it nonetheless. If you haven't played one you really should, it's one of those games everyone needs to play a few times.
6 years ago
One of the best
6 years ago
I like Pinball Magic better. Although TOM has some things Pinball Magic doesn't, I think Pinball Magic is more fun and challenging.
6 years ago
Para de los 10 mejores...muy rapido y divertido,ademas de ser uno de los mas bonitos
There are 506 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 11 of 21.

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