Theatre of Magic

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Game design: 8.606

Artwork: 8.554

Sounds/Music: 7.929

Other Aspects: 8.455

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Found 506 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 506 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 years ago
Beautiful game unbelievable artwork .
6 years ago
Great pin, deserves its place as one of the best pins money can buy, fun, fast and keeps you comming back for more.
6 years ago
Even know I don't own this pin, it's by far my personal favorite. So much cool stuff going on and just a blast to play. The different shots to make is just so much fun to me and my wife.
6 years ago
Perhaps, the most gorgeous pin ever created. The cabinet is done so well, it almost looks 3D. The trunk is one of the coolest toys ever implemented on a pinball. Used to drive 30 minutes one way just to play this pin after college in the 90's. My grail pin.
6 years ago
The first real pinball machine I came across which got me into the hobby, an excellent game with lots of great toys and gimmicks that will keep you coming back - especially the magic trunk!
6 years ago
One of my favorite machines. I like pins with no franchises attached. Stands on its own 100%. So many cool toys, ramps and hideaways makes this game awesome. I love the chest cabinet and the backglass art is great. Classic feel to the game play. Simple but a ton of fun!
6 years ago
I love the theme and the art, a great pin to have in the collection to introduce new players to pinball. Smashing the trunk gets repetitive.

Update: Game is too easy and gets repetitive so i've lowered my rating.
6 years ago
After spending more time on this game, I found myself enjoying much more (like when I first played it). It also resonates really well because after leaving I wanted to go back and play it some more. *** I recently had a good go with a copy of this machine in really good condition and I now have to amend my review (again) for the better. This is a really great machine with a great, nicely linear or progressive rule set some really great shots to boot. VERY fun to play.
6 years ago
Awesome game. Absolutely needs to be in the top 20. Flow is amazing. Toys are super cool. Upgrade to gold tiger saw and you're going to love it even more. Seeing the trunk magically grab your ball out of mid air, or the magnetic field saving you from going down the outside drain is truly amazing. Lots to shoot for besides just the trunk.

An awesome game to play and one that will remain in the collection for a long long time.
6 years ago
Too easy and répetitve. box box box and box
6 years ago
5's straight across the board. This machine does everything very good, Fun shots and theme. I mean, who doesn't like magic? Way better than MM not nearly as good as TZ though. A machine I'd love and be proud to own some day,
6 years ago
This pin easily earns it's place in the top 10 pins of all time.

It's fun, it's deep, it's challenging yet easy to pick up, and it's got some good depth as well. The toys and ramps are perfectly placed and complement the gameplay well.

It's got the most beautiful cabinet art of any pin, and the playfield is gorgeous as well. The back-glass is nice too! The music fits beautifully and the sounds are spot on.

Definite recommendation for a pin if you're considering one for your home.
6 years ago
very fun game over all. very challenging to even the skilled pinballer. hard game to get all of the modes and multiple ball locks and overall a great game for its time.
6 years ago
Another great looking machine that integrates the theme well. The ball just flows on this machine. Some say hitting the trunk is a little repetitive - I say most games have a toy like this. Some say a little to easy - I say maybe, but great fun. That's what its all about ! Seems to really appeal to the ladies for some bizarre reason. Average wizard mode, but hey - how often do you get there ?? A good one for non pin heads as well. Don't play it as often as I used to but when I do I have a ball !
6 years ago
Great cabinet art (in top 10 of all time for me). Great music/sound. Trunk is interesting as is the ramp magnet. Game flow is also good. Decent game over all.
6 years ago
This is a great B/W classic. Of the JPop three (Cirquis and Tales being the other two), this one is my favorite. It is beautiful with a great theme and flow. Also, this game has some of the best magnet use -- spirit ring, trunk, and out lane saves. However, it is not the deepest game and may suffer in a small collection, but it is one I enjoy owning and playing regularly. But I think I'd get pretty bored with it if it was my only machine.
6 years ago
I've only played TM a few dozen times on location, and can see how it may not be deep enough to hold up in a small home collection. But the overall theme and play are excellent. It's in my top 10, and would be the first Popadiuk pin I'd buy.
6 years ago
I have recently added this game to my collection and I couldnt be happier! My example has been re-done and the playfield re-cleared and looks beautiful! The LEDs installed make the game look fantastic and the simple, yet effective mods are a nice change to add. I really enjoy the theme and think game play is dead-on. Play is ultra smooth, I havent played a smoother game. Ive heard hitting the trunk gets repeditive and lessens the game... I totaly disagree, in fact when I play, hitting the trunk isnt even my 1st priority, I prefer to go after "theatre" and "midnight madness", I also really enjoy hitting the "basement".

Overall, ToM, in my opinion has the nicest cabinet decals Ive seen, has a beautiful layout and mods look and feel at home, including LED's. Im not a huge fan of the backglass but hey, no big deal.

I should add, its a big hit with my wife and my 4 and 6 year old daughters! They all love the "magic" theme.
6 years ago
Theatre of Magic is one of the most fun games for beginners, and I think the value of that cannot be overstated. This is such a fun game with so many cool gimmicks.

I was blown away the first time the ball stuck to the side of the trunk or was magically saved from the outlanes. Shooting into the trapdoor is one of the most satisfying shots I know of. I love watching new people play, and I just wait for the machine start doing tricky things. Even after a hundred times, I still love pretending to be confused when the ball vanishes. "Where did it go!?!?"
6 years ago
This game is truly one of the greats. This machine has a smooth polished feel from start to finish, and an absolutely wonderful flow. I'll embellish later...
6 years ago
Finally got deeper into this game when I was I South Florida I like it...
6 years ago
Picked up a beautiful condition TOM last saturday 11th Jan 2014. Even though it was more than I had budgeted, my son's and I are having a lot of fun playing this.
The artwork, music, toys and the great JPOP rules make this game a real pleasure to play.

I recently had become a Stern-aholic, but now I own this I'm back in with the Bally crowd!
6 years ago
Easy to see why this game is a classic. It is beautiful, polished, and full of many extras that other machines seem to have left on the cutting room floor. Some will complain that it's too easy, but for my money it's challengingly but not overly so. I can actually complete modes on this game, which is nice for a change. You will be bashing the trunk frequently, but at least that repetitiveness is kept in check by the very real possibility of draining sdtm with each shot. And truthfully, there's a lot more to hit than just the trunk to have a successful game. Captive Ball for Vanish, Ramp targets to light basement, left and right orbits for Theatre and Advance Clock. Always lots to do.

The game plays fast and fluid with very little to slow it down. The center loop is super fast and rockets back so quickly that it's easy to miss. Great ramps, loops and orbits will keep you busy. The center staircase to haunted basement combo is extremely satisfying when you nail it.

The toys have a great "wow" factor. Trunk multiball is neat (and begins with a fantastic light show), Hocus Pocus magna save is fun (though does miss when the ball is really moving), captive ball, mirror trickery near the pops and spirit ring all are interesting and unique.

The Phantom of the Opera-esque organ music is exciting and catchy. Call-outs are generally good, though I think the male voice could have been better. Animations are excellent, though the video mode sucks (luckily you won't be seeing it very often).

Cap this all off with some of the best playfield artwork (evil bunnies!), translite artwork (yeah, her arm is kind of wooky, but hey, boobs!) and cabinet artwork in pinball.
6 years ago
I have sought after this game for many years. It is more simplistic in terms of gameplay. The pin has very smooth flow and is fast. The theme is great and immersive. Cabinet and playfield artwork is second to none. Music is great. This is one of my all-time favorite pins. You can't go wrong with this one.
6 years ago
Fun to play, great design, over rated because of the heavy repitition. Many other games have much more lastability. After 5 to 10 games It feels like you know everything about the game and don't need to keep playing it so much. Great job with the artwork and magnets
There are 506 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 10 of 21.

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