Theatre of Magic

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Game Design: 8.636

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Sounds/Music: 7.871

Other Aspects: 8.496

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There are 545 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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39 days ago
Fun machine to play. Themed very well. Lots to shoot at and can have good flow at times. Wish the lighting was better in spots (more due to what was available when this machine came out.... Could use LEDs). But a true classic.
71 days ago
An all time classic, the sounds are what I often think of when I hear pinball. The ladies voice and narration as you play is just sublime and the gimmick shots with the magic involved as so much fun. And it's not really gimmicky, it's really just so well implemented all the magic "tricks". An all time classic
74 days ago
It's the House of Magic game. Has lots of neat efx like high scores and mystery values that are secret. Will your bonus go up and what are other effects ? Sounds like another pinball but has had lots of replay. Did the grand finale in the end and had fun with this title. If your a newbie and like gamefaqs then give it a whirl. This game used to cost a whole dollar and more.
83 days ago
Amazing pin, with great scoring modes, animation, toys, all around great game! Would LOVE to own one one day.
88 days ago
Played a couple of times at The Pinball Office and also lots of times on the Williams pinball app.

It’s too easy on the Williams Pinball app and a little boring. More challenging in real life, and very flowy, but I’m not especially wild about the theme.
3 months ago
I've owned this game for around a month and it keeps getting more and more addicting. The game flows amazingly and the music tempo matches the play with great accuracy. There are many features to this game that are beautifully designed but I would say for me the trap door is my favorites. Multi-ball is a bit easier than other games I've played but once you get used to it it is adaptable. Lighting could be enhanced (which I did) but acceptable. The flashers can be a bit overwhelming and actually blind you momentarily (even with normal incandescent bulbs) but I've began to get used to that too. Love the eddy magnets (Hocus Pocus) in the in-lanes.

Just an amazing game. For something designed in the mid-90's it definitely holds it own to modern day games. A true keeper.
5 months ago
One of the very-best of the 90s WPC games. Fantastic theme, and deep rule set. Toys are fantastic, including the levitating ball and the rotating trunk. Great modes, perfectly integrated with the Magic theme. Shots flow fantastically well. I'd include this along with MM, MB, and CV as the best of the WPC games from the 90s. Highly recommended. Let's hope Chicago Gaming chooses this as a title to remake; it's just as worthy as MB and MM.
5 months ago
one of my favorite all time games!
6 months ago
This is a great game with shots that really flow. For an older title it has a lot going on with it. In the end I think it tends to lean to the easier side of game play but it's a winner in my book. A pinball classic!
7 months ago
Good machine
7 months ago
one of the best from the best era of machines. Not a big fan of too much video screen or center buttons. Really fun shots and great rule set. Every collector needs this game. Should have never let my brother buy the one I found him lol
7 months ago
If I hear one more person saying how great this game is I will scream.
Theatre of magic is a great game!
Who said that? What? I did… what’s wrong with me?
I recently stupidly played one on location and I have to admit it’s not bad.
You see, back in the day, I hated this machine.
It wasn’t one in particular, poorly set up or worn out in one location, it was every one of them I came across.
I didn’t enjoy it.
It didn’t help that this is one of the Williams Games where they had a saggy Naggy, a disembodied female voice that tells you where to shoot the ball and what to hit and where to go and how to play. That is a good reason not to like it, but there was something else, it just didn’t play very well.
It was years later that I figured out that it wasn’t the game that didn’t play very well, it was me.
This is a skill shot game and I was trying to play it like attack from mars or medieval madness where you whack at the ball and hope to God Something Happens.
The drains are vicious though, and I never seemed to get anywhere or get to play very long before my money was spent and the game was over.
It looked pretty cool but it wasn’t very exciting. After a couple dollars I would walk off and play something I knew that I can get some fun out of.
Because it looked interesting I always gave it another try, only to fail of course. I could’ve probably “fallen in like” with it if I had tried it on a pinball emulator of some sort but none of those are accurate or realistic and any way or form. I only play emulators of pinball machines that I know intimately, then I sit there and bitch and moan and complain about how totally inaccurate virtual Pinball is. Especially when somebody or the company is always telling you how accurate and perfect and great and totally realistic it is.
Anyone ever play Pinbot on farsight’s Pinball Arcade? It make the Nintendo cartridge from the 1980s look amazingly accurate in comparison!
That might be a slight exaggeration but come on now the real machine isn’t silver and grey colored!!!
The Wifebot knows they are unrealistic but still enjoys the virtual pinball games on home videogame consoles, especially when she doesn’t want to go down to the game room or play something we don’t own. This is fine because there is no way I am ever buying her a real medieval madness machine!!! Enjoy the fake one on the tv honey!!
But I am way off topic. Back to where we left off, in the 1990s, theater of Magic did not work for me on a quarter by quarter basis. At $.50 per game, I would’ve gone broke trying to get good at it, and Addams family already tried to bankrupt me just a few years earlier.
On FreePlay though you can whack at it over and over and over again until you figure out what the heck is going on and get good at it. I love modern admission fee only arcades!!!
Well whack at it I did, for a good couple hours and guess what? I was having fun and getting somewhere too!!!
Don’t read too much into that last sentence.
In the end, theatre of magic won me over, 25 years too late. Give this one a try or twenty, preferably without quarters!
10 months ago
I fell in love with this game from the first time I played it. I like the way it plays and the theme is excellent. Hard to find as it is one of the most desired pinball machine. However, it is simply the best one despite the high price tag. This pinball machine is highly collectible.
11 months ago
I have owned this game since 1997. It’s a fast playing game for sure.
11 months ago
Quite an interesting and fun game. The wizard mode is lackluster and score can be abused if you are skillful. Cool game though.
1 year ago
I love working my wat through all the magic tricks. It’s definitely one of the easier machines to play.
1 year ago
Will update later after more gameplay. Have owned about 3 weeks now and had some time to digest. Feel i'm able to rate more easily now-a-days having been in the hobby a while. The game is beautiful especially with the right lighting. There is a very significant difference in gameplay depending of the level of incline, not always the case in some machines. Have to set it hard enough to be fun but easy enough to hit the orbit/ramp shot. Many satisfying shots with appropriate rewards. Should be in my collection for a while, maybe years... Very similar to JPOP's CV, but with its own uniqueness. Now, gotta go hit the trunk one more time!
1 year ago
My all-time favorite pinball machine
1 year ago
Incredible pin! One of the best looking and tons of fun. This game is smooth! If you like flow, you'll love Theatre of Magic.

Magic Trunk is a great toy
Very good DMD dots
High quality speech and music
Magnets... ramps... tiger saw :)

Great game
1 year ago
Super fun game, really fluid and great ball speed. Game play is definitely worth the time spent.
1 year ago
Really enjoyed playing this on location. Would definitely be a keeper if I were to add it to my collection.
1 year ago
it's not my favorite theme, but this pinball is easy to learn.
1 year ago
I will own this game one day... At the moment my experience is limited to a friends house and virtually.. Pinball machines should aspire to have this much content crammed into a machine.
1 year ago
I think this is a very good game. It might not be as great as it looks, but it definitely has some cool aspects. The theme is great, and it's probably a little hard to live up to it. It's a little repedetive sounding overall, but that might just be what keeps me into it. You're always trying to do something magical. And there is some good variety on the table. It seems very difficult to get the wizard mode consistently. Maybe I'm just not great at the board, but 8 illusions can be tough. I think it's difficulty has held it back a little over the years. But I could be wrong.
1 year ago
This game is very nice and the game flow is one of the best... TOP pin
There are 545 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 22.

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