Theatre of Magic

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Game Design: 8.632

Artwork: 8.528

Sounds/Music: 7.911

Other Aspects: 8.493

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Found 535 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 535 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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38 days ago
My all-time favorite pinball machine
42 days ago
Incredible pin! One of the best looking and tons of fun. This game is smooth! If you like flow, you'll love Theatre of Magic.

Magic Trunk is a great toy
Very good DMD dots
High quality speech and music
Magnets... ramps... tiger saw :)

Great game
52 days ago
Super fun game, really fluid and great ball speed. Game play is definitely worth the time spent.
58 days ago
Really enjoyed playing this on location. Would definitely be a keeper if I were to add it to my collection.
72 days ago
it's not my favorite theme, but this pinball is easy to learn.
86 days ago
I will own this game one day... At the moment my experience is limited to a friends house and virtually.. Pinball machines should aspire to have this much content crammed into a machine.
3 months ago
I think this is a very good game. It might not be as great as it looks, but it definitely has some cool aspects. The theme is great, and it's probably a little hard to live up to it. It's a little repedetive sounding overall, but that might just be what keeps me into it. You're always trying to do something magical. And there is some good variety on the table. It seems very difficult to get the wizard mode consistently. Maybe I'm just not great at the board, but 8 illusions can be tough. I think it's difficulty has held it back a little over the years. But I could be wrong.
3 months ago
This game is very nice and the game flow is one of the best... TOP pin
4 months ago
Theater of Magic is just flawless until the wizard mode. The game would have perfect with a meaningful wizard mode.
4 months ago
Been after one for a while and finally added one to the line up This one was a routed machine (for decades). So lots of work to go but love it already. It’s a classic - the art work the different attractions (magic trunk, Spirit Ring, magna saves). Add a few mods and LED’s, shaker and color DMD - this is going to rock!
4 months ago
love it
4 months ago
Love this theme! Great overall game. One of the all time greats. Especially love the spinning magnetic box.
5 months ago
What a beautiful turd of a game. The game is stunning to look at. The flow is excellent, but the ruleset is boring. It is shallow by 90s B/W standards. It really kills the game for me. Currently own this title and after a week have seen everything there is more than once and am ready to get it out of the house.
5 months ago
So magic
5 months ago
I’ll never sell that one. Has been the first pin where I reached wizard mode. Always good memories
5 months ago
In my collection for 20 years and will not leave (unless I get an offer I can't refuse).

ToM sets the standard for smooth, fast shooting, combo shot games. Skill shot isn't terribly difficult, but there are others that take practice, especially the tiger saw captive ball and right orbit (advance clock). Balls come back to the flippers quickly, particularly with the center loop shot.

I think the sound quality, call outs and music are excellent. The theme integration in all aspects is great.
5 months ago
I bought this machine for about a week ago and played at least 50 games on it. It's really hard to reach the ultimate goal and that's exactly what I like about the machine! Lot's of variety, excellent design, very nice to play. It's quit the opposite of MB!
5 months ago
Theatre of Magic is an all-time pinball classic. The game has unbelievable flow which is only interrupted by some of the best magnet mechs ever built. The trunk mash toy is always fun to hit and balances out the smooth butter-like ramps. The music and art are top-notch. The only knock on this game is it has a limited amount of modes which aren't that difficult to beat. The wizard mode is somewhat lacking too. That said, when you beat the game some of the luster dies. However, take a break from it and you will find yourself coming back for more.
6 months ago
Only the call outs get repetitive on this game, very fast and fun. All the magnets are well done for the theme, watching new players play it for the first time is always fun. What already hasn’t been said about this title. Incredibly fun to play.
6 months ago
Always a fun machine. Has enough rules to be interesting without being overcomplicated. Artwork is unspectacular but not bad.
7 months ago
Classic game, way ahead of it's time. The idea of the trunk setting up each of the Magic tricks is great. The multiball magnet start is fantastic.
7 months ago
Great game! Only for medium to advance players in a deeper collection. Pinstadium lights a must on this game. Will not leave my collection. Will be remade. Great value.
7 months ago
One of my favorites I've owned.. smooth gameplay.. hitting orbits is such a smooth feeling! Love it.
8 months ago
Like many people on here, I am a very big fan of the Williams WPC and WPC-S board games. This system really diversified the electrical capabilities of pinball machines for this era and allowed for more of everything. More, more , more. This philosophy worked out fantastic for some games...and not so much for others (Johnny Mneumonic anyone ?).

Theater of magic becomes one of the best of these games. Its ability to allow multiple magnetic interactions in the game were revolutionary . The rule set is actually more vast than many users give it credit for ( 4 primary objectives : Spell Theatre, Multi ball, Midnight Madness, and Illusions ).But what I like about this game is that it plays like a Porsche. Fantastically smooth shots every where on the field with the big clock loop and the two stair loops. Of course the trunk is fun and essential, but hitting the tiger saw captive ball within the time limit is TOUGH ! The sound ROM is so well developed and the call outs are actually , dare I say, surprisingly upbeat and positive in vibe. An absolute masterpiece in the marriage of a theme to a game. Too bad the tiger saw cost too much to put in at production. Just like the planet ring in DM...sometimes Williams abandoned what they thought would eat up their bottom line.

Conclusion : there has never been a purely objective pinball purist who put this game in their collection and come away underwhelmed. It stacks up against all the other amazing WPC games ( FH, TZ, AFV, & MM which are the others at the top of the class). Is it easier to multi ball than MM or WWH2O.....yes.

BUT... the grand finale is very hard to complete and ranks up there with some of the best modes to complete in pinball. Probably the last elite game that has a descent cost / fun ratio ( I put Spiderman at #1 for that BTW). I have owned this game twice...the only game I have ever sold and repurchased. The only one! :)
8 months ago
Game is neat but I find it quite repetitive. Good not great in my humble opinion. Way better games out there for the same price point.
There are 535 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 22.

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