Theatre of Magic

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Game Design: 8.627

Artwork: 8.518

Sounds/Music: 7.861

Other Aspects: 8.485

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Found 574 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 574 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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63 days ago
A fun game, good theme with some rewarding shots
84 days ago
Theatre of Magic is a wonderful game.

The layout is very nice with a big emphasis on flow which I really like. The trunk is a superb feature and the trap door is so much fun to hit. Often, when I played these on location the trunk doesn't register hits which is a shame. In order to appreciate this game the trunk needs to be working perfectly otherwise it is no fun at all since it is the key feature.

In general the rules are easily understandable and the modes are fun to play. The multiball is very enjoyable too.

The artwork on the entire game is very good and it suits the magic theme very well.

Playing the game is always a lot of fun and playing that multiball, even locking the balls feels like magic. Especially that last ball you "throw" against the trunk.

Overall this is an outstanding and classic game which will entertain every player who enjoys the theme of magic.
3 months ago
The king of flow! Or at least, the game of flow. One of the best games for EVERYBODY, experienced and novice, with easy to pick up rules & amazing ramp shots. While it may be a less interesting game for more seasoned players, Theater of Magic is a well thought out game with a perfect theme. Definitely worth popping quarters into if seen in the wild!
3 months ago
One of the classics! Beautiful game that has aged rather well. On the down side I think the call-outs becomes very annoying after a while and the gameplay becomes quite repetative after a few games. There are some good and tricky shots sure, but I would not buy this machine for a home environment, its one of those games that I think is best played on location (if you can find it)
3 months ago
Very nice game ! We want to play with a long time
3 months ago
Man...I love this pin. The theme is just cool and for games of that era this one was just a winner. The shots are fun and fast, the magic box mech is super fun and intuitive. The ramps are fun to shoot and progression through the game has solid achievements that will keep you coming back for more. I played this on location and found myself devoting a whole afternoon to this pin. This is one I can see lasting awhile in a home environment that would appeal to novice and medium players for a good long time.
3 months ago
If I was trying to get someone into pinball who had never played before and I could put them on any game, I would start them on Theatre of Magic. It's easy to understand, not too difficult and there are many targets that are immediately satisfying and makeable for a beginner. It's instant fun. Like bash toys? Hit the disappearing trunk. Like ramps? Lots of them.

For seasoned pinheads there's a lot to like too. The bash toy and ramps are always there, but there's enough depth to keep you coming back to see how far you can get.

Having said all of that, there's something missing and I'm not quite sure what it is. I enjoy it whenever I play it, and yet whenever I'm at an arcade with Theatre of Magic in the lineup it's not one of the first games I want to play. It's like having ice cream for dinner: it was delicious and I'm full, but I didn't have a meal. I'm not sure why I feel that way, but for whatever reason it's one of those games that is great, and yet not one of the greatest ever.
4 months ago
Top notch cab. Lots of fun. Love the magnets in the lane and on the side of the trunk
4 months ago
This is one great oldie but greatie!! Fantastic pin with so much fun and longevity in the pin world. Simple game in the rules department which is very nice and refreshing compared to the modern pins which sometimes feel like The Odyssey when playing them! Great music and theme, a bit of a quick pin and drains if you don’t keep up, great toys. It is no mystery why this pin from the 1990’s continue to be a top game. Music and call outs can be repetitious
5 months ago
I tried to like this game, it presents well and the first games seem promising, but the interest quickly wanes, the shots are not of a great variety and the overall rules not exciting, we are satisfied with shoot in the trunk and nothing more. Some good ideas but insufficient overall.
Magnetic ball savers could probably be a good idea if it worked better, the flaw has been partially fixed with totan returning a ball when the ball saver isn't fast enough
5 months ago
I played this game at a show before it started to fill up so I did get to appreciate the sounds. This game is fun but I am not sure about the lastability (likely not a word). The trunk is for me the best feature. If I see it in the wild I will play this game every time.
5 months ago
This was a game that I was first introduced to on a virtual cab. This is one of my boyfriend’s favorite all time pins. The rules were very easy to comprehend but don’t let that fool you. It’s a fast game but not impossible. It draws you in and makes you want to keep playing. The theme is awesome and inviting to everyone. The artwork is tasteful and subtle. I wish I had this in my home collection. Original TOM pins are so expensive and not always in great condition. I have my fingers crossed that CGC decides to remake this one.
7 months ago
Played this pin during 2023 TPBF so I was unable to to rate the sounds and music.
7 months ago
Lastibility is an issue for me with this machine although it shoots like butter. The trunk is a great toy when working and I enjoy the music and callouts.
8 months ago
Almost half of the gameplay is just hitting the Magic Trunk, but other than that, its an awesome pin!
8 months ago
I've been owning this machine since 2008. It's a high end restoration from Treasure Cove. Being a professional master magician myself this one is close to my heart.

The game as not aged well compared to today's extremely deep rulesets table. Beat that one in less than a week and get a little bored of it afterward. I kept it because I like the layout and the fluidity of the shots, this playfield (especially with LEDs) is gorgeous.

Some illusion/magic is built into the gameplay/playfield. Very well done. The center loop never fail to amaze and challenge the player with it's ridiculous speed, one of the best shot ever !

I've had lots of problems with the subway locking mechanism, always needed some adjustments. I've never raised the playfield of a game this much in my life.

I don't like the "trapped pops" design which have the ball comes out of the pops zone very slowly without any challenge or excitement at all. There is no wizard mode, which is a bummer. I would not recommend owning it if you have less than 5 games in your collection. If you find one in great shape in an arcade, it's worth every cents you'll put in it.
8 months ago
I played this game when it first came out when I was 17. Loved it, always wanted it. Today, 27 years later, I finally got it. Love it even more now than I did back then.
10 months ago
Even in the top 30, this game is still underrated. I could only deduct points in categories where it's starting to show it's age. Such a great game, combined with the perfect amount of 1990's cheesiness. Refreshingly nostalgic, with great flow.
10 months ago
Addictive game. One of the best pinball of the 90’s
11 months ago
The first nice pin I ever owned. Game sucks you in like the good ones do. Wish I would have kept it!!
11 months ago
Very durable theme, a top 10 game for sure.
12 months ago
I really enjoy all aspects of the machine, while not one for a "A" player due to the ease it can be beat, this is an excellent game to have in the lineup to introduce people to pinball. The layout and callouts make it so easy for people to learn there is more to pinball than just hitting the ball around.
My biggest issue is the backglass art is so soft and looks pretty bad compared to the rest of the artwork package.
1 year ago
cant say madevil madness or attack from mars is that more fun.. in the game hall i find this game as much fun as attack from mars..
played to much attack from mars now.. i am more directed to this game.. i think the ratings should be higher for this game looking where other games are.. but thats just my opinion
1 year ago
Fun machine to play. Themed very well. Lots to shoot at and can have good flow at times. Wish the lighting was better in spots (more due to what was available when this machine came out.... Could use LEDs). But a true classic.
1 year ago
An all time classic, the sounds are what I often think of when I hear pinball. The ladies voice and narration as you play is just sublime and the gimmick shots with the magic involved as so much fun. And it's not really gimmicky, it's really just so well implemented all the magic "tricks". An all time classic
There are 574 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 23.

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