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Game Design: 8.577

Artwork: 8.242

Sounds/Music: 8.01

Other Aspects: 8.623

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This is "The Walking Dead (Premium/LE)".
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There are 192 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 years ago
What a blast to play!! Can't stop playing this machine. My only wishes are that the crossbow is featured more in the game and more callouts! Artwork on the LE is gorgeous with NO large AMC logos. Rust rails fit the crate theme perfectly and backglass/translite is superb looking...Definitely the best looking machine over the premium and pro artwork overall.
6 years ago
Well, I finally got the chance to play the LE at the Game Exchange in Denver. I also heard the news that they will be producing a Premium version of this table since the title has sold so well. After playing the LE for about a half dozen games, this is a good thing.

The Pros:
A fantastic layout with wide open shots as well as tight orbits. JB must be taking lessons from The King because this game has FLOW! Drop targets that MEAN SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO THE ENTIRE GAME!!! A skill shot that requires... skill (Rollovers are way sweet!). The extra ball shot to the shooter is not really easily hit by the left sling. You have to shoot the short, tight and valuable shot. One wide, steep ramp, on the left and lots of tight accurate shots (through the pops!) all around mean that skillful play is required. The music pax on this game is tense and makes every shot more nerve wracking than it should be. The combo system on this game is righteous and making the combo shots feels a real accomplishment. I need more time on this deck as... I don't know the rules yet, but I will say that reading the rulesheet on this apron made a big difference in understanding the game's priorities. A great game that is easy to understand? Cool! One last thing... this game has the best match sequence EVER! I really like the upgraded LED light show. Spinners are always a good thing and the drop target in front of Woodbury lane is a nice touch. Bicycle Girl with the rising ramp is a nice feature, but I'm not sure what it really adds to the game, will see more as the rules are completed/flushed out. The art package on this deck is a noticable improvement over the PRO. The color scheme looks like it came from old chemically imbalanced film stock. This deck looks GREAT! Let's see what happens with the Premium version of this table as well. The Austin Powers Crossbow works as it should (let's see how it holds up on location) and you can make all the shots on the table with maybe the exception of the Woodbury lane. Still learning the rules on the crossbow, but this is a really nice toy that incorporates into gameplay and works as it should.

The Cons:
Bash toy... again? Switches on the well dweller didn't register half the time with direct hits, probably in need of adjustment. The Skill shot needs to be tweaked from the launch lane to hit the target at the top of the skill shot figure 8. Steep ramps will require fleeeper mechs to be nice and crispy at all times. Sometimes the magnet in front of the barn doensn't pulse and can drop the ball SDTM! The doors on the barn are liable to break. This seems to be more of a matter of poor engineering as compared to bad play design. Hopefully Stern will release more burly brackets or some type of a physical fix for this issue. Not as much of an issue at home as on the street... but still, could have been executed better than it has been. Score for the toy reduced accordingly. The other thing I noticed about this design that didn't work as it should was the left ramp. The ball would skip at the break in the ramp and fly into the crossbow ramp behind it. Kinda cool, but also kinda crummy. Will probably be an easy fix with a sheet of plastic over the upper part of the ramp to keep the ball on track and in the proper trajectory from an otherwise silky smooth plastic ramp experience.

The Takeaway:
Release version software was really solid. Will update again when this game's code is refined. I already like this game better than 'Tallikuh (With it's "finished" software) and I think this game will rank as Tron +1 for me. It's still not AC/DC, but then again... will any game ever be that incredible? Kudos to Stern, John Borg and his entire team for creating a fantastic game. People quoted Gary Stern as saying "This theme is too gross, women won't play it." Gary, if this is true, thank you for reminding yourself that the primary demographic of pinball players are young men. This game with the premium/LE features (when tuned) puts this deck up alongside Tron and StarTrek for the quality of play that this table generates. Solid!

Update: The doors on the barn are liable to break. This seems to be more of a matter of poor engineering as compared to bad play design. Hopefully Stern will release more burly brackets or some type of a physical fix for this issue. Not as much of an issue at home as on the street... but still. The game hasn't been out for 2 weeks and the big toy is failing from operating as it was intended. Score for the toy reduced accordingly.

Update v2:
The more I play this game, the more I respect it. One complaint that I hear about this game is that it has not flow, that is not true. I will say that the flow on this game is uneven comparing the left side of the PF with the two narrow lanes and the wide ramp as compared to the right side with the tight shot through the pops and the narrow ramp. However, I see this as a good kind of a variance in asymmetrical pinball design. You must consider and play the table differently from many angles. I am not sure about some of the rules, especially the combo rules. However, hitting the inlane doubler on a combo shot with Bicycle Girl showed up as an 8.4 million + 1 million for BG. I gotta learn me some combos on this table!

Update v3:
The newest version of the software is an interesting adjustment. The refining of the rules has eliminated the prison/well walker stack, but has greatly increased the scoring opportunity of Blood Bath multiball stacks. I'm also surprised how much the lane/ramp modes can be worth with a 2x PF + 2x lane multiplier. 15-20 mil a shot. WOW! This reminds me of the 3x multiplier on WPT. Ya gotta cash that shot in right quick! This game now has a HORDE mode and lots of smaller adjustments that are not readily apparent until you put some serious mileage on this table. Thus... more mileage! So gits out and play this game. It's a solid one and in my opinion, a design that is going to age well.

Update v4:
This game is frikkin' DANGEROUS! There are only 2 shots on the PF that are safe. And those ramps are not the most generous "safe" shots either. The biggest targets in the center of the PF are sucker shots. All orbits go in or out of the danger pops! The drops are dangerous at any angle and the Woodbury shot has been known to mystery eject at a dangerous angle back towards the flippers. The new software is very well done and solid play is rewarded with excellent scores. The new Multi-kill code in particular is evidence of this theory in practice. Is this game an exercise in ball control and shot accuracy? Yes. Is it a good operator's game? Yes. Is it a good competition game? Yes. Do most players dread playing this table with good reason? Yes. I guess this deck really is representative of The Walking Dead.

Update v5:
Playing this game with the button on the lockdown bar makes a huge difference in strategic game play. The more I learn about it, the more of a game/decision changer it is. In fact, I have found myself hitting the lockdown bar on the pro a few times when it would make a difference on the Preem/LE. I really like this deck and the added strategy (and admittedly easier gameplay) makes this a great addition to an already challenging and contemplative game.


Update v5.1:
Blood Bath, Blood Bath, Blood Bath. Rinse and repeat. Is your ball saver lit? Go for Blood Bath. In multiball? Go for Blood Bath. Not sure what to do? Go for Blood Bath. Timed drops and dangerous shots, that is the name of this game. Everything else worthwhile eminates from there. Lane/ Ramp modes are lit from the drops, that's how you get most of your multikills rolling. You have judge risk/reward with EVERY SHOT. This game is only slightly less unforgiving than BSD for missed shots. Is your game on? It better be. Because you are going to have to earn your big scores on this table. I frikkin' love it!

Update v6:
I played a copy of this game where the bicycle girl ramp was replaced with a pro ramp.


Set up this way, this may be stern's finest ruleset, ever.

Update v7:
So I finally got a copy of this game (pro) for myself. And the more I played it the more I realized that the layout was very similar to World Cup soccer. Now, I love World Cup soccer it's a great game and wouldn't you know the people at Stern took a lot of similarities in the layout and the shots and turned it into this table and give it Fantastic rules. The audio upgrade is an absolute must and this may be Stern's best pro version of a game out there.

Scores upgraded accordingly.
6 years ago
great game very fast
6 years ago
TWD LE has a great modified fan layout with an excellent variation of long and short shots. The killing zombies premise works great and IMO it's the best serious monster themed pin since Bram Strokers Dracula. There are a lot of game play toys on the LE too, more than any other Stern. It's a challenging game that keeps increasing in fun as you understand the rules. Great job Stern!
6 years ago
This game is a blast!!
6 years ago
This game has great flow,it's well lit and had an immediate code release which was awesome.
6 years ago
While the game isn't quite completely finished it this point, I am expecting a whole lot more for it to be sustainable in my collection. I have played this game many times on location, and it does have a replay ability factor, but it fall short in almost every way concerning the license. One of the coolest things about this game, is the cabinet artwork. The game itselfis little lacking voice overs from the actors. Although board created a fun layout, and very unique, this game is not his best. In a collection of my 40 favorite pens this would be one.any collection with my 20 favorite pins this would not be one.
6 years ago
Surely, this is NOT the worst pin in the world, probably not the best either. I am over the fact stern kinda wasted the license. No voice work from the actors? No animated (or better yet LCD screen) Rick blowing up zombies with his six shooter? No Beth taking a shovel to the head of a zombie? No famous episode moments? (The well zombie doesn't count, that didn't move the story or characters at all).

I think they would have been better off making this a generic horror game other than spending the money on the license, this would have probably taken off close to a thousand dollars a machine.

Enough complaining...

Gameplay is ok, way too many SDTM drains in my opinion...several shots and the plunge lead to way out of them...I'd say there is a 1 in 9 chance you can't save it. Not because you misplayed it. But because that's how it is setup...encountered this on pro and LE versions.

DMD animations are top notch (but hey you have the license, USE IT!). Would have liked an LCD screen...or at least a full color DMD....FREDDY had a red DMD twenty years ago...this is nothing new.

crossbow is a neat feature. I don't miss it on the pro though.

Usually if I like the theme I give gameplay a pass, I love TWD but gameplay falls short for me. Not bashing the game at all. Just think it is a missed opportunity. I have been a few places with pros and LEs and I find myself playing the other pins and passing on TWD each time.
6 years ago
I dont own one so I dont have to sugarcoat the fact that this pin is a dud unless callouts or actors voices from the show are added. If AC/DC or Metallica had music from a cover band, people would hate them. The Walking Dead pin is like the new girl in town, everybody loves her. I dont understand why Stern would pay for the license then not have something to connect the show to the pin for the casual player.
6 years ago
We would recommend this game to any pinball player. Finally, something that is a little bit different. We have just got the pin and just love playing it!
6 years ago
While The Walking Dead's default callouts & audio package do it no favors, programmer Lyman Sheats came through with several code updates & saved this pin from mediocrity with another incredibly brilliant ruleset. Runner-up credit goes to designer John Borg for one of his most unique yet punishing playfield layouts to date. I haven't been this pissed off playing (in a good way) since Borg's Iron Man. As a bonus, Pinsider Cleland created a revised sound package that included remixed music as well as actual callouts from the show's characters.
6 years ago
I know it's the honeymoon phase, but I really think this game has top 10 potential with such a cool layout, music, lighting, theme, etc...The shots are so satisfying. I think it's very difficult to design a game that feels unique and open and with good flow at the same time. I really like the extra magnet, drop target, BG target, color changing inserts, and fish tank with the LE. I think Borg loaded the bases with this one...I'm ready for Lyman bring em home.
There are 192 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 8 of 8.

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