The Walking Dead (Premium/LE)

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Game Design: 8.581

Artwork: 8.243

Sounds/Music: 8.015

Other Aspects: 8.623

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "The Walking Dead (Premium/LE)".
The other version is: The Walking Dead (Pro) (regular version)

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There are 192 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 years ago
wow this table is tough the full-length ramps and the variaitions of shots are fun but wholly cow its not a long ball game need to work on the out lanes and the contain drain problem
6 years ago
Not a fan of this game.
6 years ago
IMHO the best Stern ever made (with color DMD)
rules are perfect !
6 years ago
I'll echo what I said for the standard. I've played both versions and I don't see the extent of differences that would give this game two different rating slots (or is it three?)... I can't figure out why these Stern games should get different slots (and therefore multiple spots on these lists) for games that are essentially the same with some added toys and trim features. Doesn't make sense. Anyway -- the game is ugly, its got some real neat rules and programming but the playfeild design has poor flow and the ball gets stuck often.
6 years ago
I wonder if TWD is a case of trying too hard - too many involved in designing/adding to the game, too many ideas crammed in. For me the playfield is way too busy, while the cabinet art is surprisingly dull. On top of that the game seems to drain for the hell of it - maybe this can be helped with tweaking. Not a machine I'd want in my home (not a show-piece at all) & after a few plays it didn't draw me back.

Edit. I had a further 10 games or so on my mate's TWD. I'm still not impressed but during multiball did find myself having fun. The music is good, not as good as AC/DC or METLE - but good. The callouts are terrible - just awful - redneck voice that cheapens the game. The bash toy is ordinary & the playfield remains too busy. The cabinet remains dull to my eye & the ball drains at times when on any other game I would say it's not my fault. Slight upgrade in ratings for fun, music, gameplay & playability, & larger upgrade for theme & lastability. I will return again if I find more positives or the game really grows on me - super expensive game so it at least deserves a fair trial.
6 years ago
The fix for the left ramp finally came out and has made the ramp smoother. I love this game. The theme and art is awesome. The code is still new and the game will only get better. I am a little disappointed about the orbit shots. The left orbit shot stops on a pop bumper and the right is difficult to make. The outlanes are a killer. This game is made for individual who can control the ball. If you are a player that just like to shoot without any purpose, this is not the game for you. To be successful in this game, every shot has to have a purpose. Random shots will eventually end with your ball in the outlane.

I love the skill shot. It's unique because it is a timing shot, very different and very fun.
6 years ago
I was hoping to love this game..drained too much for me to play very many game.
Maybe a bad night.
6 years ago
This game should be a lot better than it is. All the elements of a really good game are there, but it is just a so-so game to play. It feels like Stern rushed this one out the door. Maybe a future software update will amend the fun factor.
6 years ago
A very fun game but long term yet to be proven. Its not quite polished enough yet.
Toys are fun but it gets expensive to add things you want.
6 years ago
Ill have the Premium what is for me the best version of this wonderful game.
Awesome rules and amazing layout.
It keeps you going, one of the best Stern games of the last decade !
6 years ago
I am one of those guys that is obsessed with horror. I make horror films, I build haunted houses and my house/arcade is basically as scary as it can get. However, I do hate zombies. I feel they are overdone. They are a cheap way of building a story and are rarely used in a unique way. Well, this game has changed my mind about them. I now love zombies... well at least pinball based zombies. This game is super friggin fun and super friggin challenging. It's my first Stern, and the first I bought brand new in the box. I feel like a crazy person, but I had to go for it. The art is the main reason I went LE. I didn't want actors/key art on the side of the cabinet, and felt this would sit perfectly next to my Scared Stiff, both having the crate sorta vibe. The shots are super fun, the lighting is absolutely gorgeous, the scoring is spot on, and the flow keeps me coming back for more. The voice acting is the only downer, but it only drops it a few points in my book as the rest of the game is brilliant. Just watch out for the outlanes. They are deadly!!
6 years ago
Nice artwork and not much else. From the launch the ball runs along the rail and drains right through the middle. Wow, now that's exciting. Did they ever make a prototype and play on it? I guess not. Once you get the past the launch and drain part the game is so-so at best. Poor game flow, not much to shoot at. Overall a huge disappointment.
6 years ago
I must say I have owned & played a lot of pins & this pin is right at the top. It's a blast shooting zombies! Super cool dots, crazy awesome sound FX & music, & the playfield layout is hard/rewarding/& unlike anything I've ever played before! Love the skill shot & Woodbury shots! Every one of the modes are well done & are a ton of fun to play!
The code is pretty damn good for being this early & I know it's only going to get better. The call outs are really good. But I would really like to see them add some of actors sound clips from the show, that is needed. I would love to see one of the actors do custom 'Call outs'. Imagine Merle talking trash to you while you play, just like the General did in Avatar, it would put it over the top!
All in all I think this pin could be one of the best pins Stern has put out over the last 5 years, it is unbelievable! I just want to keep pushing the 'Start' button!
6 years ago
Cross bow doesn't work well and the backglass is really a translight. Otherwise the game is great. I love the call outs, the people complaining about them I'm not sure have really spent much time with the game.
6 years ago
Fun , tough game. Fish tank topper looks cool. All about zombies.
6 years ago
A very intense and addictive game with two or three tight shots. Overall a really FUN game.
6 years ago
This is the zombie game to get .. walking dead theme but general zombie enjoyment
6 years ago
My favorite pin and I have some great ones.
6 years ago
The game is a lot of fun. It keeps you coming back for more. Recommend!!! The code releases have made this game awesome. I am so glad I have a mint LE machine. This game is great. Get one if you can. The machine is officially a 10. The best coded machine to date!!!!!
6 years ago
I updated my rating after now playing a while the latest SW 1.41.

At early SW I was not sure what I should think about it.
But now, when all Modes are avaiable and you know what to do the pinball rocks.

I modified the switches from Well Walker and prison head to very sensitive so it makes now
fun to hit because the hit count. :)

The SDTM are annoying but can mostly avoided with some fine adjustments.
The left ramp unfortunatly works sometimes not perfekt but its ok.

The atmosphere is good and it makes fun to play. He will stay.
6 years ago
I love this Game ....
6 years ago
What is good? Amazing dots. Great sound effects. Phenomenal music. Good layout. Great magnet action. Solid theme integration. I like the call outs on latest code a great deal. Lots of modes and solid stacking.

What is not good? The mirrored translight does not look as nice as a mirrored backglass. The light show is not as good as the one on Star Trek. The left ramp is STEEP, can interfere with flow but does add a bit of excitement in its own right.
6 years ago
I've played an LE about a dozen times so this is only my first impression. The play field design seems average to me. The long ramps feel like SS and are satisfying. The toys look nice but are a let down when it comes to interaction.. The Well Walker is sized right and is not really in the way like Wolverine. Seems more like the Hammer in METLE. I think the dots, music and LE cosmetics are great. And the mirrored back glass is fantastic. The call outs are fine but the voicework is lame. For a fan of the show the theme integration is a real disappointment. There's enough here that it's already a fun, challenging pin. But for me, it will ultimately come down to Lyman and the rules. They are only decent now but will likely end up making this a very good machine.

Edit: With the updated rules, I bought an LE and it's excellent. It's unique and with proper set-up the playfield design issues are far outweighed by the challenge and outstanding rules.
6 years ago
This game is massively challenging and addicting. It is fast paced with a great set of rules that keep you coming back for more. My wife, two daughters and all their friends are addicted (I can't get a game in). The lighting, sound and animations are great. Skill shots are a must on this game or you will be punished. I've added the shaker motor which enhances the game, but I feel should have been included for the price. The dual magnets and crossbow features are nice enhancements as well. There are, and will continue to be, many mods for this game. The code is great, but I anticipate it getting even better. This pin has a great theme, I'm confident it will become one of the great pins.
6 years ago
I started out giving this a terrible review - because of the poor game play of the Pro version of Walking Dead - I mean really, really bad. However, I then realized this review is for the LE version... duh.
I have since had an opportunity to play the LE version and it rocks. The difference in the two games is night and day. The LE version is an example of how Stern really put a lot of extra thought and toys and deep rule set into the LE version, while skimping on the Pro version. In all fairness, I think Stern should rename the Pro version to Rotting, Stinking, P.O.C. Walking Dead and LE to The Fun, Good (Smelling) version of W.D. With a price difference of 3 grand, I guess I see why the LE version is so much better. I just placed an order for one - please arrive before Christmas.... Now I need to get rid of Iron Man or Lord of the Rings to make room. Any buyers?
There are 192 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 7 of 8.

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