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Game Design: 8.576

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Other Aspects: 8.623

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6 years ago
I'm writing this based on code available as of October 2015.

-Plays very well thanks to the last couple code updates
-Good theme, with mostly decent art
-Shots feel good
-Seems to be pretty deep

-Toys are just ok
-Default voice/callout package (which is what you're gonna get on location) is rubbish
-I HATE HATE HATE that feed out of the pop bumpers. There are fair ways to shorten ball times; this one feels obnoxious.
6 years ago
I could not stop plugging quarters in this game!!! Great layout, bright lights, just a blast to play! Highly recommend this game!
6 years ago
I hated this game when it first came out because the actors voices weren't used. HOWEVER - an awesome pinsider has tediously replaced most of the callouts with clips from the show. The DMD animations are some of the best Stern has ever done, the music is great, love the layout. There are a ton of cool mods now too.
6 years ago
I am basing my ratings on the LE and custom code w/ actor call outs (1.28).

This game rocks! I was skeptical of getting this one as I am not a huge fan of many of the Borg titles, including Metallica and Tron (can't stand Tron!). Borg nailed this one down with the flow, fun factor, animations, and whatever else. I honestly did not watch the series, but just started to so I have better understanding of the game, etc. The game keeps me coming back for more ... it has some unforgiving drains, like the left outlane - annoying, but I like challenging games and short ball times. Very smooth ramps and long ones too... very cool. The Woodbury shot is a nice touch to put you back in the shooter lane to pick your award that you will get if skill shot is successful.

The bicycle girl hurry up mode is cool and fun, animations are great. Make sure you get the field update kit from stern that includes a mylar and some foam pieces that go under the ramp... I got mine before even getting the game. I put this on before even playing my first game.

I also like the crossbow concept and the fact that this is not over used, like the cannon in AC/DC.

The fish tank heads are a nice touch on the premium and LE. Collecting these are fun and really like how the DMD animations tie into the game play.

My favorite mode so far is clearing the prison yard and getting multiball. It is so cool when you take out each walker with the shots made. Very well done!

I honestly cannot say many negatives if any so far on this game. Although I just got it a week ago, but I can pretty much have a good feeling on how it will last in my collection. When I got Tron I wanted to sell it the next day :-)
6 years ago
I've had TWD LE since it was released. With the recent code update and the 3rd party sound replacement, this one's a keeper. Something about it keeps me wanting to play just one more game! I haven't scratched the surface, rules wise... still have a lot left to discover. I don't see TWD leaving my collection any time soon.
6 years ago
Found it challenging, I wasn't super engaged when playing it. I'm not a Walking Dead fan, but I have watched it enough to get the story here. I can take it or leave it.
6 years ago
My rating is for the Premium version with the actors voices added in the software and with the latest code from Stern as well. I think people need to revisit this game with the new code from Stern and with the actors voices added and I bet at least a few people would probably change their minds about this game.
6 years ago
Sold my MB and kept this game. Big fan of show and pinball browser and code update made this my fav game...And I was going to sell it 2 months ago...LOL
6 years ago
Its a good game, really enjoy it thought the left ramp lifting up to reveal the bash toy for bicycle girl is a flow killer a couple of extra toys from the pro model crossbow is a good idea but can be hard to see past, personally don't think the price tag between the pro an LE is worth it, at all... but you cant go wrong the new code in the walking dead is killer.. for me the pro is the way to go on this title ..
6 years ago
Hard to play. Don't love it from the first beginning on but now I can't leave my fingers from it. Have no time left to play our T2 and TF LE.

Rules, dot animation, music, cover the theme very well, great atmosphere

Vocal, not a floating game like startrek

Update 1.41 fantastic lightshow. Code complete imo.
6 years ago
This pin did not live up to the hype for me and I can't figure out why it ends up in tournament play so much.
The well zombie bash toy ruins the flow of the whole table.
The animations are cool but the rest of the presentation seems slapped together.
6 years ago
I always liked the machine but waited to buy it because of the rather mediocre ratings, until I just wanted to have it in the line-up. This was just before the new code updates were released but when I had it in the gameroom the v1.24 update came out.

What can I say: this machine has it all. Flow, tight shots, bashing, great rules, many multiballs, great stacking of modes, great lightshow (except Bycicle Girl but I modded that), HORDE !!, great looks, great mods available which I like, with the unofficial Sound upgrade the sound is also great. Fun factor is very good after you learn some of the rules. Before getting to know the machine, it can be somewhat of a drain monster but actually that is not true. It is just a hard game.

I never expected this but this is by far my favorite Pinball, and I own Metallica and Woz also. Will be the last to leave and the software is not even done yet !
6 years ago
This game is great! I played TWD back with original code and can see how people got a bad taste but with the new code it's a total winner. No regrets, will not sell. This is my favorite pin now and gets the most play, and I have ACDC even! Once people play this new code this one will be moving up the list.
6 years ago
Okay, I have owned this game for 6 months and have about 500 plays on it, so I feel it's time to give it a review.
Game Design:
This game is well laid out. It has two great ramps. The one on the left needed the Stern repair kit (which they sent out quickly and for free). The left one is a bit clunky and the right one is smooth as silk. Both are incorporated well in the machine. It has a standard fan layout with two great bash toys that both result in multiballs. The 3 main toys are well incorporated into the LE. They are the Well Walker who leans back and shows his guts, the prison with opening doors and a Zombie inside, and the Bicycle Girl Zombie under the left ramp. The game flows well and the rules can make the game quite addictive in an Iron Man sort of way.
I really feel the art package on the LE is a 10. The toys are realistic and well made. The mirrored backglass fits the theme and does not look like a "cut and paste" job. The dots are incredible. By far, the best that Stern has ever done. Thae cabinet and armor all tastefully bring the theme together perfectly.
Again, a place where this game really shines. The only bad point was the lack of callouts from the show in Stern's code. Well, that's been fixed by some great people and so I have to give it the highest rating based on it's availability and I am rating the play of my game. The music is intense and fits the theme. Of course, you have to add an external sub to get the full effect. The red lights are awesome especially once you reach Horde mode.
This game is just plain fun. I admit that I do not watch the Walking Dead so I reduced my score on Lastability. But, I laugh, I cry, and I want to play over and over whenever I get a chance on this game. Horde might be the most fun you can have on almost any pinball machine ever made. It is intense (you need a shaker and sub). The game starts pulsating in your hands, the lights go red, you are told you must kill the Zombies or be killed yourself, the Horde approaches, layer after layer of them, you must make the shots, OR YOU DIE!
6 years ago
This game was so so for me until the new code hit and now I love it, it plays like a different game, will be in my collection one day soon.
6 years ago
With the new rules set this game is REALLY fun to play. I have owned all of the latest (since 2011) Stern games. This is the best from them. Absolutely. It was very nice game out from the box but now it is much better. Fantastic game.
6 years ago
I have to admit, while I like Zombies and campy horror as much as the next guy, something about this pin just didn't attract me... in a room full of classic DMDs, some early SS, and a WOZ, this was actually the last one I tried. I was pleasantly surprised by a fun romp!

The lighting and playfield art is terrible: too much bright white gale and unimaginative photoshop work does not a classic make. I didn't care for the repetitive show dialog callouts, but the sound effects were meaty and amusing. The animations were funny though, and I'm still cracking up over the "walker pileup" bonus... good thing I racked up 25 plus because that is some downright cartoonish delight.

What sucked me in was the shot layout: lots of tight shots with good flow, and a few really tough ones. Having to strafe the zombie from the right flipper to hit the prison doors was fun... and that Woodbury shot to unlock multiball and extra ball is one of the tightest risk-reward-timing shots I've encountered; you're not punished for missing it, but you risk a center drain every time you line for it. Nice! Sadly I could never quite figure out what to do with the crossbow lock; you get one quick sweep to choose your target so make it count!

All in all, I ended up having more fun with this than I ever thought by looks - proving the old adage a stinky looking game an still be fun. It's a shame the art is so uninspired, but some LED mods could make it less garishly white and more enjoyable. Still, I'd play it again as is...

(Played the LE at Zanzabar in Louisville, and since I managed to GC it I guess I'm qualified to rate!)
6 years ago
i like pinballs , i like walking dead, but i don't like this pinball
they could do a great pinball with this theme , the new code don't save him
6 years ago
Rating based on 1.24 code. Love the feel of the shots. When you hit them, they are very smooth. Its a very punishing game with great one more game feel. New code really polishes this game a lot. Outstanding dots. I don't mind the different voices at all, but I wasn't big into the shows. All this game needs now is color chaning GI lighting and the game will be complete.

All in all, this is a fast, brutal, unforgiving , FUN game. Very Borg. My only gripe is that it is a bit too unforgiving of a game for the depth of code that is there.
6 years ago
I'll start at the beginning with this pin. Playfield layout is typical Stern and a little disappointing (2ramps, bash toy, magnet X2) Like Metallica, X-men, etc... So I was not instantly loving that aspect of the game. It plays really fast though, with some fun combo's (tight loop to right ramp gets that ball screaming!!) and relatively easy multi-ball modes to initiate. I like the skill shot, as well as the woodberry shot is pretty tough and the crossbow is a pretty cool (but hard as hell to complete) feature. There are some definate missed oportunities here in a ball lock mode (really Stern? WTF?), scoops, bumper placement, etc. The rules are easy to understand with good callouts for shots and should only get better with future code updates. The bicycle girl lifting ramp is cool, but I don't think it's enough on a LE machine selling for as high as 10 000$ in Canada. The artwork on this machine (as on any machine) is subjective, but I think it is amazing! Zombies everywhere! What else could you want?!?! The crate cabinet reminds me of Scared Stiff, and has the lastability as far as a good looking machine goes. The playfield artwork is great with areas to customize and mod the sh*t out of which is sweet. And hands down, no contest, I think this game has the best DMD animations of any pin out there. Soooooo badass. I know a lot of people were crying that Stern did not go to an LCD screen line WOZ of personally I like the DMD aspect of pinball, makes it feel more like I am in the arcades of my youth! The music is bang on, the callouts are nothing to write home about with the hillbilly talking instead of TWD cast (see "Missed Opportunities") but I find both are never too much, but rather just enough. Lighting is great other than around the bicycle girl, but with a little mod thats also fixed.

Quick rundown of pro's vs cons.

Amazing artwork (playfiled and Cab)
Great music
A few tough shots (Woodberry, combo's)
A few fun combo's (left ramp to left loop, right loop to right ramp)
Challenging to complete (My best is 84 zombies killed)
did I mention the AMAZING F'N DMD ANIMATIONS!!!!

Gets annoying when ball sits in pop bumpers for half your game the SDTM drains on you
So much missed potential (No ball lock, generic Stern desing w/ 2 ramps, bash toy, etc, no actors voices)
You should get more on an LE for the price (Topper, mods, extra SOMETHING worthwhile)
Too hard to get crossbow activated and hit all the shots (could be fixed w/code)

All in all I love the theme of this game as I am a huge Zombie Walking Dead fan, but put another theme in place of it with crappy artwork and whatever DMD animations and I would pass. I think the whole package is what sells this one. Nothing to ground breaking as far as shots and playfield goes, but never the less I think this is one to keep in a collection as it has the same effect on me as BSD does in the sense that I have a few bad games and want to light the piece of junk on fire and then I have a great game and I am right back into it hook line and sinker. Plus did I mention KILLLING ZOMBIES DMD AN........
6 years ago
Overall I find this game to be enjoyable to play and challenging. The game rules are well thought out with multiple modes and challenges that create a game within the game. I agree with some of the other feedback that certain other features (especially a ball lock feature) would have made this game even better. That said, it plays very quickly and unlike others I actually enjoy the call outs and find them entirely consistent with the show itself. It would have been nice to have the actual actors perform these, however, and without that it somewhat cheapens the experience. I have not had the same experience with ball drain frequency that appear to be an issue with some. I feel that the fish tank feature score to low and is less significant to the game than it should have been. An additional multiball from completing this feature would be a nice change. This game goes fast and it is very difficult to master as several of the key shots are at difficult angles.
6 years ago
I can't get enough of TWDLE, this is the first pin I have ever played that makes me feel as part of the adventure!
6 years ago
In the interests of full disclosure on this rating in case of suspected bias, I currently own a TWD LE.

Pros: Awesome theme, artwork done just right, interesting playfield layout, beautiful playfield, code not too bad at present, the music is great, and I actually like the callouts (though most people don't), opening Bicycle Girl ramp is innovative, and it's a fun game. Great modes and theme integration. Cool gruesome dots showing zombie heads getting blasted or stabbed in a good dozen different ways.
Cons: IMHO it takes more dialing in than Avengers. SDTM drains can come from all over, prison doors, tunnel shot, left ramp, right ramp, etc. Adjusting for one makes others more likely. I've got it tolerable now, but I still seem to get at least one cheap SDTM drain per game. Also, the pops placement lead to lots of action, sometimes the skill shot doesn't clear them, regardless of ball launching technique. Supposedly the scoring is a little unbalanced at this point, but I'm not good enough to worry about it. Everyone wanted WD series actors to do the callouts, but I'm one of the few who like the current guy doing them. The crossbow feature doesn't have the power to launch a ball up the left ramp, even a dead center hit. The game didn't come with a shaker and will probably surpass Tron in aftermarket mods. I wish the prison doors led to a ball lock, but instead it's another zombie head to bash which leads to lots of SDTM drains.

I'm glad I bought it and it's definitely fun, but this is another you should play before you pay. The ramps are interesting and take good hits to make; they also return the ball to the same flipper that made the shot. The most satisfying shots on the game are to combo the left ramp with a follow up shot to the Riot or Barn lanes. The Woodbury shot is unique to my experience and sends the ball back to the shooter lane for a small bonus, and in my case, a short pause permitting me to grab a sip out of my drink. I've installed a shaker, the Stern heads in aquarium topper, a guard tower mod, a couple of signs, prison fence with orange el wire on the sides, and a piece of train track with boxcar. So, it's where I want it now, but getting there took another $1,000 and most of the mods should have come with the game given LE prices....IMHO of course.
6 years ago
TWD LE is unique, diverse, and loaded. Blast to play. Ramps are swanky. Do I love Bash toys...not necessarily....but this bash toy is one of the better bash toys of them, the lit guts detail is a fun touch. It's these details that make LE's irresisteble to me. This pin has a lot of toys, bells & whistles....I appreciate that. If it were a car it's fully loaded. And the flow is great, a bit of everything. Great compromises IMO. Something for everyone.

Solid. Something I've noticed about some of the new Stern pins is they feel rock solid and are fast. This exhibits both of those qualities. Hits the ball with authority.

Can I whine about a few things?...sure...though this board does a great job of that...

>why isn't Bicycle Girl lit?!...
>Crossbow? Cool touch but calling something a crossbow is not enough... Still love the feature.
>fish tank....yet where's the bubbles/water?....this is a box Still a cool feature.

Can I applaud some features...YES:

>True to LE form, thanks for amping up the more generic zombie version. I love that about LE's. Like Star Trek being more about space fiction. I'm a horror fan but have not started The Walking Dead yet, so I appreciate an awesome zombie/horror pin.
>Some pins have sex appeal. This one has that. Beautiful lighting, and unique variety of notch.
>Sound is awesome.
>Animations awesome.
>Ramp uniqueness is always appreciated. They feel so good to hit...silky long through the machine returns....and the ramp lift is a great touch.

I can go on....but I have 6 superb pins and this holds up. I still love playing it.
6 years ago
Fun, Fun, Fun. I dont get the criticismfor this game. its pretty awesome. great shots, themed well great sounds that go along with the game. yes it needs code, like all STERN games. but, this ones a keeper!
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